oikawa: just best friends?


the sequel to “ushijima: the silent freak” oikawa was always trying to get between you and ushjima, can he? and what happens when things get complicated.

Erotica / Romance
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part one

Oikawas POV:

When I opened the door. I cracked a joke only to come face to face with a sobbing y/n standing wet in the rain.

My mind began to race. Was she okay?
Why did she come here?
What's going on-

She embraced me and I realized when she hugged me that it didn't matter what the problem was.
I was going to be there for her.

I brought her inside and closed the door.

"Take your shoes off and sit on the couch".
I instructed her. Not wanting her to catch a cold.

I went to the hallway bathroom and grabbed a towel.
Bringing it back to her and wrapping it over her shoulders.

"I'm going to make you hot chocolate". I said without waiting for a response.

I went to the kitchen and put a cup of hot chocolate in the microwave to heat up.

When I came back to the living room.
Y/n sat on the couch with a blank expression on her face... like she was lost or something.

I took a seat next to her.
Even when she had been crying and standing in the pouring rain. She still found a way to be beautiful.

My beautiful... best friend.
Ever since training camp we had made that vow to each other that we would from now on be close friends.

"What's going on"? I asked with the softest tone I could.

She took a while to look up at me. But when she did it looked like she was so sad I almost wanted to wrap her up in my arms and never let her go.

( song: "lovely"- Billie Eilish)

"I-". Her voice was raspy and cold.
She was so.. different right now.

"Ushjima". She managed to whisper.
Upon hearing that name my heart swole up a little. What did he do? Did he break her heart?

That's just like him. That piece of shit. Ushjima wakatoshi.

"He's gone". She then whispered.
Her voice was shaky now. Like she wanted to cry again.

"What do you mean"? I asked. Scooting closer to her trying to be a shoulder to cry on.

"He's gone- he's left for Osaka". She said.
It looked like realization hit her. Her eyes became wider. And she put a hand to her mouth.

I wrapped my arm over her shoulder.

"What do you mean he's gone"? I questioned.

Her face scrunched as she let out a cry.
She let her body go and leaned into my chest.

I couldn't help but feel guilty.
Y/n was here heart broken. And all I could think about was how much I felt her leaning into me.

"He moved away". She nearly screamed through her crying.

My eyes widened now. He moved?
So suddenly?
My grip on her shoulder tightened.

He left her here alone?
What a jerk.

"It's okay y/n, I will stay with you forever".
I said.

It didn't help her crying any.
But I could feel her lean into me more when I said that.

Her wet hair touched my neck.
The emotions I felt were such a mix I couldn't pick up on any of them.

All i wanted to do was make her feel okay.

She clung onto my arm. And let herself go completely.
Crying like the guy had died or something.

But he did have her wrapped around his little finger.
That jerk.
Ugh I hate him so much.

Look... he's left me with a mess of a best friend.

I looked down at her shaking.
I wanted to help.
I wanted to-

The microwave beeped loudly.
Abruptly interrupting my thoughts.

She sat up and wiped her face.
Showing me that it was okay for me to get up.

I grabbed the hot chocolate and brought the cup over to her.

"Careful it's kind of hot". I warned her.
She took it with both hands.

"Thank you Toruu". Hearing her say my name always sent a shiver down my spine.

But just for this one time- I wish it didn't.
I felt awful gaining personal feelings from her suffering.

But how could I help it when she was here with me.

My best friend y/n.

When she had finished her hot chocolate. I told her to wait for a minute.

I went upstairs to my room and grabbed a pair of my sweatpants and a big t-shirt.
I came back down and handed the clothes to her.

"Change, those wet clothes will get you sick".
I told her.

She nodded.
"Where's the bathroom"? She asked.
Her voice wasn't as raspy anymore.
But she still sounded pretty upset.

I pointed down the hallway and she went to change.

What the hell is wrong with me?
She my best friend.
And on top of that she feels awful.

I'm a horrible friend.
She just basically broke up with ushjima.
Everyone knows long distance never works out.

So why... WHY does that make me feel the slightest bit happy. Happy that she's available.

Awful. Tooru you are awful.

Regular POV

(Song: "Will he" - Joji )

When I went to the bathroom I took my cold wet clothes off.
Oikawa was nice enough to give me some of his to borrow.

I still felt terrible.
But oikawa was making me feel a little better.

I put on the sweats and shirt. It was pretty comfortable.

I left the towel he gave me hanging on the hook on the bathroom door.

What a best friend I am. Interrupting his sleep after a long training camp to comfort me over someone he hates himself.

I balled my clothes up and came out the bathroom.

"It's still pouring pretty hard, I don't mind if you stay over". Oikawa said.

"Thank you oikawa, I'm sorry for being such a bother". His face lit up and he raised a brow.

"What are best friends for"? He smiled.

It took everything I had, but I was able to smile back.
"May I please put my clothes in your dryer"?
I asked.

He nodded. "Sure. It's a little past the bathroom in the back room".

I thanked him and walked back down the hallway.
I would surely have to do him a favor some day for this hospitality.

I put my clothes in the dryer and walked back out to the living room.

Oikawa was layed out on the couch and he yawned wide before he realized I was watching him.

"Oh. I'm getting pretty tired, my room is just upstairs the first door, don't worry about messing up my bed or anything". He said.

Wait huh? He was going to let me sleep in his bed and take the couch for himself?

"Oikawa I can take the couch, you deserve to sleep in your own bed".

"No y/n, go lay down. I'm fine". And with that he closed his eyes.

If I wasn't so tired I would have stayed up all night fighting him on this.

But... it was thoughtful. I guess I will accept the offer.

His bed was so soft.
He had one of those super thick mattress foam covers.

It made the bed lighter than a cloud to lay in.
I must admit. This felt nice to finally relax after such a stressful week.

I took my phone out of the jogger pocket.

I wonder if ushjima is asleep.
I decided to send a message.

Me: hey, I miss you already. How was the flight?

I hit send.
I don't want him to feel bad. So I'll try to keep the conversation light.

Ushjima: good. I miss you too.

Hm. My heart was a bit sad.
Ushjima had really opened up to me at the training camp. But over text, it seemed like he had kind of closed back up.

He was already kind of awkward at times in person.
But over text. He had never really been able to communicate well.

Probably because he had a chance to really choose what he wanted to send. So the conversation didn't flow naturally and immediately.

He probably overthought a lot about his responses making them seem vague and bland.

It seemed like when we had first met again.

We spent the next 20 minutes texting about his flight. And how the lady next to him kept bothering him with questions about the under 19 team.

Finally, he told me he was tired and would call me tomorrow. I agreed and put my phone down on the nightstand next to oikawas bed.

Oh yeah, I certainly didn't tell ushjima I was here.

For all I know he might be on the next flight back just to punch oikawa again.

I thought back to that day.
They have so little in common. But somehow I ended up dating ushjima and being best friends with oikawa.

How ironic.

I felt a little more comfortable now that I had talked to ushjima. And confirmed that he was still thinking about me.

I decided to turn in for the night.

Oikawas POV
(Song: "buttercup"- Jack Stauber

I could barely sleep.
This couch was so much more cramped than sleeping on my bed.

I would have just slept next to y/n if these weren't the circumstances. But I also couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't try anything weird.

I can't even trust myself around her.

I heard the dryer sing it's little song.
Letting me know y/n's clothes were done.

Well- since I couldn't sleep anyways. I decided to just get up and grab them for her.

I stretched my arms as I walked down the hallway.

When I opened the dryer I scooped her clothes out.
But.. something fell out of the pile as I closed the dryer door.

Uh oh. Her bra.
Oh god tooru get it together. What's wrong with you it's just a bra.

Plus she was soaking so-

I slapped myself across the face.
Gross oikawa.

I quickly picked it up and slipped it into the middle of the pile of clothes.

I gently walked upstairs. But they creaked anyways.

I hated these stairs. It's so hard to sneak out when moms here.

I cracked open my room door to see y/n peacefully sleeping in my bed.

She was wrapped around my body pillow.
Probably dreaming of ushjibaka.

I couldn't help but smirk though.
She looked so adorable.
So cute.

Get it together.

(Song: "the loser"- Zach Farache)

I walked in trying not to make too much noise and sat the clothes at the end of the bed.

She was so cozy. And wrapped up in my huge blanket, she looked tiny.

Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up early to make her breakfast.

Unless.. she leaves before I even wake up.

Well then in that case I'll have to stay up all night so that she can't sneak out on me.

I snickered to myself.
Crazy tooru.

Why does this girl make me loose my cool so much?
I'm so cool, and charming.
She should be going crazy just to be in my home.

I'm oikawa tooru. Dammit.

But she's not like my fan girls.
She's actually worth it.
That's why I lo-

I looked at her one last time and shut the door...
That's why she's my best friend.

I left back downstairs and layed on the couch.

Even though I had that training camp I still couldn't peacefully sleep knowing y/n might need me at any time to console her.

So I spent the night going between restlessness, and scrolling through my Instagram feed.

The things I do for you y/n.

I smiled. The things I do for her.

Regular POV
(Song: "hey kids"- Molina)

When I woke up. I realized I had been wrapped around oikawas body pillow... just like how I used to wrap my legs around ushjima at the training camp.

My heart started aching.
I decided not to wallow too much.
I grabbed my phone.

Me: good morning, I know you're probably tired but
I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you.

I sent the message.
It wasn't read, so I decided he must have been tired from traveling and put my phone back in my pocket.

I sat up and saw my clothes at the end of oikawas
Aw thanks. He left them there for me to change.

But since it's Saturday I'm sure he won't kick me out right away.
Maybe I'll just hang out for a bit. Since I have nothing else to do.

I took my phone out once again.
Since my mom worked the night shift she probably got home at around 5am this morning and went straight to bed.

I'll just text her that I left a few minutes ago and I'll be back later.

Me: mom I left the house. I'll see you later.

Mom: okay fine. Next time text me before you leave.

I rolled my eyes.
For someone who barely raised me she really does act controlling sometimes.

Oikawas POV
I barely slept last night.
So at about 7am I just decided to get up and make breakfast.

My back was hurting from sleeping on the couch and my muscles hurt from practice.

Thank god we had 3 days off now.

I made waffles and bacon.
Then I made a plate of toast and buttered them the way my mom did.

It wasn't fine dining but I'm sure y/n would like it.

(Song: "cherry hill"- Russ)

When y/n came down the stairs she still had my blanket wrapped around her.

"Good morning". I said while I took the last pieces of bacon off the skillet.

"Hey". She said back.
She came into the kitchen and walked over to me. Making me tense up.

"Mm it smells great". She said enthusiastically.
She seems to be doing a little better.

"Yeah and there's plenty". I added.

She patted my head and then left the kitchen to sit on the couch.
When she was out of view I touched my head.

Why did a touch like that make me so nervous?
My mom pats my head all the time.
It doesn't make sense.

Wait- she was still wearing my clothes.
She must plan on staying for a while.
YES. finally I have time to talk to her without you know who getting in my way.

Just to make her feel at ease I said.
"Hey y/n it's okay if you stay a while".

I heard her shift around on the couch.
"Thanks oikawa".
I smiled.
Regular POV

Oikawa came out the kitchen with two plates and set them on the table in front of the couch.

"Do you want to watch tv or something"? He asked.

Why did he seem so weird?
At the training camp he was so dominating and bold.

But in his own home he was just a little softy.
I Guess I have a lot to learn about him then if I'm going to call him my best friend.

"Sure". I responded.
He picked up the remote.

When he turned on the tv the first channel that came on was a college volleyball game.

What else was I expecting.

(Song: "self care"- Mac Miller)

"We can watch this if you want". I told him.
His face lit up. "Really, my mom makes me change the channel if she catches me. She says I'm obsessed with volleyball".

I laugh a little.
"That's not a bad thing". I tell him.

I turn to watch the game but I can see him staring at me out of the corner of my eye.

"Is something wrong"? I turn back and ask.

"N-no I just... people don't normally accept how much I like volleyball".

His voice was quieter now.
I wonder what happened with that subject in the past. I won't ask.

"That was so good". I tell oikawa as I eat the last piece of bacon off my plate.

He watches me stuff my face. And he smiles.
"Thanks, I just do what my mom does".

I put my plate down softly.
Oh yeah.

"Oikawa how is your mom doing"?
I ask. Remembering how at the training camp she announced that she had cancer, and then left.

He seemed a little taken back by the question.
But pulled himself together.
"Sorry if I'm being invasive". I apologize for bringing that up at breakfast.

"No it's okay. She's doing okay. The doctor said things aren't getting better... but they're not getting worse either so".

I nodded my head.
"I know she can beat this".
I assured him.

He gave me a smile.
"I mean she raised you, and you're a problem child".
I added.

He scrunched his face.
"Heyyy". He said as I laughed.

Oikawas POV
(Song: "falling for you"- peachy)

After y/n made fun of me more for being so difficult I sat there watching volleyball with her.

It was so cute how she compared my serves to the ones the college guys did.

"WOAH did you see that, that guy almost served as good as you"! She said jumping in her seat.

I grinned at her.
She thinks my serves are that good?
That guy would have taken my arms off if I tried to receive that.

I guess after hanging around volleyball boys so much. She's actually come to enjoying the sport.

"You would have definitely beat them all". She smiles as the game ends and the camera shows both teams shaking hands.

She thinks I could match college players?

"I don't know, they were all pretty solid players". I rubbed my neck.

"Don't be humble oikawa you're a great player too".
She said as she stood up.

"Can I use the bathroom"? She said pulling the oversized shirt down to hang freely.

She still hadn't changed out of my clothes.
But... I didn't mind.
They looked great on her.

"Yeah go ahead". I replied.
She smiled and turned away to walk down the hall.

Y/n was the best.
The house has felt so lonely ever since moms been stuck in the hospital.

And dad couldn't give a damn about her while he's gone on his business trip.

So having y/n here really made the house lively.

Regular POV

when I came out the bathroom oikawa had already turned on another volleyball game and seemed pretty invested in the match.

"Y/n you should have seen how long this rally has gone on for, its been like 6 minutes and neither side is letting up".

He seemed so excited over it.
Oikawa really did like volleyball.

(Song: "Chinese new year"- SALES)

"Y/n you should totally sleep over again. We can have a real sleepover and invite some other guys too"!

Oikawa practically jumped off the couch.

"I don't know, won't your parents be mad that you invited so many people over"?
I asked.

He grinned. "They'll never know".
There's that mischievous oikawa I know.

I grinned back.
Maybe a little party could get my mind together.
"Let's do it". I said.

He pulled out his phone.
"I'll send a group message". He said.

"Wait- how many people are gonna come sleepover"?
He didn't answer he just smiled.

"A bunch". He replied sticking his tongue out.

I raised a eyebrow.
Oh god. How crazy is this night gonna be.

After a few hours of helping oikawa clean his house a little.
And driving by the corner store to buy a lifetime supply of snacks.

We had finally prepared enough.
"The first few people should be here soon". He told me.

"And who is that"? I asked.
"Just wait and see, they should come here as a group I believe".

I shook my head. "Tooru oikawa you are something else".

He gave me a peace sign.

We sat on his couch insulting each other until the
Doorbell rang.

"Finally". Oikawa said clapping his hands together and standing up.

(Song: "hotel room service"- pitbull) I recommend playing this for good party vibes.

Oikawa opened the door and Tanaka, nishinoya, hinata, kageyama, sugawara, daichi, and asahi came inside.

Nishinoya immediately started screaming that this would be a party and Tanaka yelled at oikawa about how big his house was.

~events that happened~

• iwazumi, kuroo, kenma, lev, kindaichi, and Yamamoto arrived.

•kuroo snuck alcohol from his moms house to bring

• kenma tried alcohol and went to the bathroom to throw up

• oikawa got hit by iwaizumi for almost drinking the sake

• asahi prayed in the corner

•Tanaka threw chips in the air for nishinoya to catch in his mouth

•we had a huge pillow fight while kenma hid in the bathroom still

•daichi dared Suga to text his crush and we watched
As daichis phone lit up?

• Tanaka Drank the whole bottle of sake

•Tanaka went to throw up

• lev and nishinoya had an arm wrestling competition that nishinoya won

•kenma finally came out the bathroom

• I stayed far away from kuroo and oikawa made sure he didn't come near me

•iwaizumi told us embarrassing stories about oikawa

•Suga and hinata had a arm wrestling competition that sugawara won

•kageyama hit hinata and gave him a nose bleed

•oikawa fed my drunken self chips

•nishinoya passed out on the floor

•kageyama went home

• Suga and daichi went home along with kuroo and kenma

•nishinoya and Tanaka decided to spend the night

•Yamamoto and iwaizumi decided to spend the night

•kindaichi and lev decided to spend the night

•asahi went home

•me, oikawa, kindaichi, iwaizumi, nishinoya, Tanaka, lev, and Yamamoto decided to play would you rather

• we played never have I ever.

•nishinoya was the first out, followed my Tanaka

•the question was "who's lost their virginity"
And everyone looked at me shocked when I was the only one to put a finger down.

•iwaizumi fell asleep

•nishinoya and Tanaka made pallets on the floor and fell asleep

•me, oikawa, lev, kindaichi, and Yamamoto went to oikawa's backyard with big blankets and layed on the grass

•we watched the stars

•I noticed oikawa was watching me most of the time

•I slowly drifted off in the cool air as the other boys layed on their backs talking

~end events list~

Regular POV
(Song: "can't get over you"-Joji)

When I woke up, I felt so dizzy.
My head was pounding. I drank a lot of sake yesterday.

I sat up and rubbed my head.
I was on oikawas bed.
And oikawa was to the right of me knocked out.

I smiled. He looked like a little baby.
I couldn't miss this.

I took my phone out my pocket so I could take a picture of him sleeping.
But when I looked at my screen I saw several messages from ushjima.

Ushjima: hey sorry I didn't see your text. This practice here is pretty intense, but I'm ready for the phone call now.

10 minutes later

Ushjima: hey. I don't know if you're busy.
Call me when you can ok.

15 minutes later

One missed call from Ushjima

3 minutes later
Ushjima: okay I think you may be busy I'll leave you alone for now. Uh- I just wanted to hear you voice.
I- I miss you. Okay call me later.

I immediately felt bad.
I didn't even think to check my phone last night.
I had completely forgotten about the call we scheduled.

We're still in the same timezone.
And it's only 1:00 pm.
But he might already be at practice.

(Song: "wish"- Diplo ft. Trippie Redd)

I decided it would be best to text first.

Me: I'm so sorry. I didn't check my phone all last night.

It only took a second for my phone to buzz

Ushjima: no worries. I just got a little worried that you had forgotten about me lol.

Lol? Ushjima never says that seriously.
I'm sure he feels sad.

Me: im sorry about that.
Why don't we make time for a FaceTime tonight? I promise I won't forget.

Ushjima: okay. I won't forget either.
My practice ends at 7 so I'll call you at 8

Me: love you

Ushjima: love you too :)

A happy face? I guess he picked that up from satori

I put my phone on the nightstand by reaching over oikawa.

When I shifted my weight he woke up.

"Goodmoring". I snickered.
He looked like a baby being born.

"What time is it"? He asked rubbing his eyes.

"Oh no, I'm sorry"! He said jumping out of his bed.

"What's the matter"? I ask confused.
"I brought you here when you fell asleep and I was going to go make a pallet in the living room, but I guess I couldn't resist laying down for a minute".

He rubbed his neck. "Why are you sorry? It's your own bed". I laughed.

"I wanted you to be comfortable and have your own space".

I smiled. "Thanks but I don't need special treatment". I responded.

"I'll always treat you the best". He said bringing his hand up to his forehead to salute me.

"Nerd". I said throwing a pillow at his face.
"You're a nerd". He said throwing it back.

We got into a pillow fight and war was on.

(Song: "wish you were gay"-Billie eilish)

Oikawas POV

Me and y/n layed on my bed panting.
We had been pillow fighting for about 10 minutes.

I was a mess. She hit harder than iwaizumi.
"That was so fun". She said laughing and staring at my ceiling.

I looked at her laying next to me.
This girl.

I didn't even know what to say.
"I feel so bad, ushjima called and texted last night and I was too drunk to even realize".

Ugh. Ushibaka. Why did she have to bring him up at a good time like this?
"Well- at least he's thinking about you I guess".
I tried to say without sounding bitter.

"Of course. We love each other". She said smiling.
That was a blow to the chest right there.
But why? Why did her saying that make me feel so upset.

I know I had feelings for her but... that's over.
We're best friends now. And it's great.
It's perfect.

She brought a hand up to my head. And started fixing my hair by combing her fingers through it.

It felt good. But it also made me nervous.
"Sorry, I really messed up your hair tooru".
She snickered.

When she used first name basis it really drove me crazy. "It's okay". I said looking into her eyes.
"Is something on my face"? She asked snapping me out of it.

"N- no". I stuttered.
"Let's go check on everyone downstairs".
I decided to say to finally get out of this situation.

She popped out of bed and wrapped my cover around her shoulders. Leaving the end to drag on the floor.

"Why are you bringing my blanket"? I asked her.
"Because this one is so soft, it might be my favorite blanket in the world". She giggled.

I love when she laughed.
"Yeah whatever just don't let it drag so much".
I said.

"Meh". She said sticking her tongue out at me and walking out anyways.

I'm the one who taught her that. Psh.

(Song: "attention"-Joji)
Oikawas POV

as we walked down the stairs the mere sight of y/n with my blanket around her. And the messy hair I gave her from pillow fighting. Made me feel so weak.

It was like I was at the brim of reaching her.
And as a best friend I felt awful that I could think to try and make her love me, when her boyfriend moved away.

But... as just being myself. I can't help but feel this way. She's so precious to me.
And her smile makes me melt every time.

When she calls me tooru, when she fixes my hair, when she sticks her tongue out at me like I do to her.

Those small things make her the most beautiful girl in the world to me. And I don't know if I can handle just having her around as a best friend.

But... I have to. I can't mess with her relationship. She already told me this morning that she's still in love with him.

"Oikawa". Y/n called to me.
Oh we were already at the bottom of the stairs.
"Come look at nishinoya". She said laughing.

"What's going on"? I laugh back walking over.
Nishinoya was laying on the floor shirtless and one of his hands were on Tanakas face.
Then one of Tanakas legs were over nishinoya's torso.

"They sleep so rough". Y/n smirked.
"Y-yeah". I stuttered.
"Are you still tired"? She asked me.
"A little bit". I covered.

"Okay go lay down I'll come chill in there too once I make everyone leave". She smiled.
I just said that so she wouldn't question why I stuttered, but... I guess that's okay too.

(Song: "work out"- j Cole)
Regular POV

when I came up to oikawas room after finally kicking all the rats downstairs out.
He was sitting on his floor and looked at me when I walked in the door.

"Why aren't you on the bed"? I asked jumping on the bed myself.
"I don't know, last night was an accident but I don't know if it's a.. appropriate for me to lay next to you".

"You sound like a loser tooru".
His face lit up. "Wh- WHAT"!
He said standing up.

"Do you want to fight"? He asked me.
"I'll beat you up". I laughed.
He smiled and then got onto the bed.

I grabbed his arm and pulled him down. He fell next to me.
Then he pushed me over towards the wall
And I grabbed his waist to roll over him and to the other side of the bed.

"That's not fair"! He said.
"Throwing a tantrum"? I asked.
He tried to grab my arm again and instead I grabbed both of his.

He started trying to fight me off.
I sat on top of his stomach and pinned his arms down.

"I win bitch". I smiled in victory.
I looked at oikawa and he was blushing.

wow he was as red as a tomato.
"You're blushing". I teased.
His eyes went wide.

"N-no I'm not s-shut up".
He said pushing me off of him.

Oikawas POV

what the hell y/n
Oh my god.

Shit shit SHIT

Regular POV

"I'll be back I gotta pee". Oikawa said.
I cringed. "Ew why do you have to say it like that".

"What the hell am I supposed to say, tinkle"?
I laughed. "I guess so". I joked.

"I'll be back".
He told me as he walked out.

(Song: "earned it"- the weekend)
regular POV

15 minutes later

Oikawa finally opened the door to come back.
I had been playing games on my phone and started wondering where he was.

"It took you long enough".
I said sitting up.

He looked sad?
"Are you okay"? I asked.
He looked at me. "Uh- yeah I'm fine". He smiled and rubbed his neck.

"We should order a pizza and eat before I have to go home". I suggested.

"Whaaat you can't stay again"? He begged.
"No my mom will have a fit". I told him.

"But maybe later this week, I've been enjoying the company". I said.

"Okay then". He smiled.

"You took forever"
I complained.
He looked away from me. "Sorry". He said with less energy.

Weirdo. "So let's order this pizza, come here we can customize it". I patted the open space on the bed by me.

Oikawa walked over to me slowly and sat down sliding onto the bed and laying back.

Oikawas POV
what did I do?
What the fuck tooru. She knows, she knows.

No she doesn't. She asked what kind of pizza I wanted. She's acting normal.

"Do you want pepperoni"? Y/n asked.
"Uhh- sure". I said blankly.
She started making the pizza on her phone.

I can't believe myself right now. I thought those days were over.
"What about olives"? She asked.

"N-no not olives". I said focusing on my inner thoughts.

I'm so stupid.
I hope she doesn't have to-
"And then do you want any bell peppers"?

"Yeah get those". I responded.
"Okay it's done". She said breaking me away from my thoughts.

"Alright let's order this thing".
She smiled.

Oh my god what did I do.

Regular POV

after we ordered the pizza and enjoyed our fair share. I felt pretty full, and really happy.

It was 7:30 so by the time I got home it would be time for me and ushjima to FaceTime.
I can't wait to talk to him.

Before I left I wanted to use the bathroom.
When I asked oikawa he looked concerned and let out a hesitant yes.

He even asked if I was sure I really had to go.

When I went to use the bathroom I sat on the toilet...
and noticed the towel I dried off with was on the floor instead of on the hook.

Hmm? I thought I put it up there for sure.
Whatever. It probably fell down.

I walked out and gave oikawa a hug goodbye.
He seemed less concerned now.
He probably didn't want me to go.

But I needed to get home.

Oikawas POV
when y/n left. I let out a deep sigh.
I guess she didn't notice.

I went to the bathroom to get rid of my Shame.
I took the towel off the ground.

I'm glad she didn't think to try and pick it back up.
It was a sticky mess.
I couldn't help myself, knowing she dried her body off with this. Made it irresistible to not use it.

I- I'm disgusting.

(Song: "Marlboro nights"- lonely god)

Regular POV
as I finally reached my house I ran inside.
It wasn't that far a walk, but I ran the whole time.
I was gonna get to talk to ushjima today.

I'm so excited.
I flung myself onto my bed and pushed the call button on his contact.

He picked up after the second ring.
My face went pink. He was so cute.
He was laying there on his bed shirtless after a long practice, his hair was still hanging in his eyes.
And he was actually smiling.

"I MISS YOU". I screamed at my phone.
"I MISS YOU MORE". Ushjima said excitedly.
Wow. I had never seen him make such a happy face before.

"I have good news too"! He said sitting Up in his bed and coming closer to the camera.
When he sat up his abs tightened and I couldn't resist taking a screenshot.

"Why did you screenshot"? He asked with a smile.
"Oh- you know". I said hiding my face.
"Pervert". He grinned.
"Maybe". I replied.

"What's the good news"? I asked dumbfounded about what it could be.

"I don't have training from the 3-8 you can come spend a couple days with me"!

Wow awesome. "I'd love too oh my god". I say without hesitation.
"Where are you staying"? I asked.

"The school gave me my own apartment, and my parents live near by".
"Your own space huh". I said with a Evil look In my eye.

"Yep, and I don't have any neighbors, the apartment is built in a way that no one is disturbed". He returned the evil look.

"I can't wait". I said with a smile.
"Me neither". He said.

(Song: "sex money feelings die"- lykke li)

After some more talking, and some playful banter.
I noticed a lustful look in ushijima's eyes.

I realized how much I missed his touch.
And how much he probably missed mine.

He was in the middle of talking about how intense training has been when I cut him off.

"Ushjima". I said lowly. "U-y-yeah ?". He said startled at my sudden outburst.

I felt nervous to suggest such a thing.
I- I shouldn't. He might be weirded out.
"You can tell me". He said caringly at the screen.

I took a deep breath. "Well it's just, I've missed you in more ways than one and- I really just.. want to see". I started to mumble.

His face blushed a little. "I know what you mean it's okay". He said. Did he? I wasn't very specific.

But just with that. An already shirtless ushjima stripped off his shorts as well.
My eyes went wide. Wow. That was... a big buldge.

"H-how did you know". I asked swallowing my spit.
"Just a feeling" he said with his deep voice.

Even over the phone, his voice still sent a shiver running down my spine. It was intoxicating.

He looked into my soul through the camera lens. And pulled his dick out.

He smiled at me through half lidded eyes.
There was nothing stoic about this...

"Take off your shirt". He demanded.
I was shook in my core.
But I always listened when he spoke like that.

I removed my shirt. And he bit his lip.
I can't believe we're doing this, it feels a bit weird over the phone.

"Take your shorts off too". He said full of lust.
I slid my shorts off and tossed them aside my bed.

He started to stroke himself in his hand.
I watched astonished.
He really wasn't embarrassed. But... it did make me feel a type of way to watch.

He moaned and it made me clench my legs together.
"Bra". He said moaning heavily.

My face was hot. It was like the first time he talked to me again. My body was burning all over.
But I took my bra off.

I grabbed at myself trying to entertain my boyfriend sloppily jerking himself to me. His breathing was heavy and it made me want him even more.

I took off my underwear without any direction and hesitantly started to rub my clit.
"It's okay, this is great". He reassured me.

He started moving faster. Oh- he was enjoying this a lot. I'm sure he's wanted this for a while.

I rubbed myself watching him, shaking every time he moaned. I loved it.

"I can't wait to see you". I said fingering myself for his eyes to see.

"Hu- m- me too". He said breathing harder.
"I'm gonna"- ushjima was cut off by his own orgasm letting out a final moan as I watched cum shoot towards the screen.

It made me crazy. Him panting. I screamed his name and let myself go. Soaking my sheets and tightening up as he sat watching the screen with a hot red painted across his face.

"Ushjima- I'll save this face for you". I said filled with the heat of my own cum.

"I look forward to it". He said catching his breath.

This - was going to be an amazing vacation.

(Song: "young dumb & broke"- Khalid)
Regular POV

when I woke up I stared at my ceiling for a while.
I had to go back to school. Ughhh. I rolled over and hid my face in my pillow.

Oh yeah, suddenly the thought of Janae popped into my mind. So much I hadn't told her. So much I had yet to explain.

God, I hope the math teacher moved to Paris since I've been gone. But, atleast ill get to see hinata, and I can finally hang out with Oikawa again.

(Remember the schools are combined, it's aobajohsai, shiratorizowa, and karasuno)

It's gonna feel weird not having ushjima by my side in first period. I really miss him around.
After getting dressed, I waited outside for the bus to come. And when it did I got, on taking my place by Janae.

"I feel like we haven't talked in forever". She smiled.
"I know, I have been out for a while". I said.
We spent half of the bus ride laughing about how someone got into a fight in history class while I was gone.

Then I realized now would be a good time to tell her things she should know as one of my bestfriends.
I carefully explained the time I spent with ushjima, the relationship I developed with Oikawa, and all the crazy things that happened at camp.

She seemed head over heels excited for all the news I gave her. "REALLY, I would have totally punched that kuroo dickhead in the face". She said recalling the story I told her. "Yeah, I wasn't thinking straight".

"I'm so excited that you two got together, I knew it would work". She grinned. "So.. have you guys". She raised her eyebrows suggestively.

"Oh god stop". I blushed. She leaned down and then looked back at me. "But have you". She whispered smiling wider. Even though I was blushing. I managed to give her a small nod and look away.

"Oh my god"! She screamed. Making other students look at us.
"Shhh". I warned her.
"Sorry". She laughed. Wow, I really did miss her.
When the bus pulled into the school parking lot. Me and Janae both got ready to get off.

"By the way". Janae whispered in my ear.
I looked at her. "I lost it too". She squealed.
WHAT?! I've only been gone for a week or so.

"Who, when, where"! I was going crazy.
Even though I had as well, it still felt weird to know that she had.

"I'll tell you in first period". She snickered.
Wow, now I couldn't wait until class started.
I want to know who this mystery boy is.

1st period~

When class started I was surprised to find we had a substitute teacher on my first day back.
But- now I could talk To Janae about this v-card snatching boy.

"So who". I eagerly said looking into janaes eyes.
"His name is yutaka". Hmm, I've never heard of him before.

"Well you have to tell me all about it, and I have to meet him". I said ecstatically.
"Of course". She laughed.

"When"? I eyed her with a grin.
"3 days ago". She smiled. "But wait- Janae I thought you already lost it"? I asked curiously.

"Never". She stated. "What about that advice you gave me for ushjima"? I raised a brow.
"I read it online". She smiled.
Well.. I should have probably done research myself too.

The rest of class she described what yutaka looked like and when I could meet him.
Apparently he was on the basketball team.
I was excited to see who it was.
(Song: "vow"- sales)

As the bell rang, I remembered that since Janae got moved to regular math, and ushjima has moved away. I would need to find someone else to eat lunch with now.

Hmm, alright.
I pulled out my phone.

Me: trashykawa, can I eat lunch with you?
Oikawa: yeah, for sure

Me: thanks :)
I put my phone away.

Janae smiled looking over my shoulder.
"Sooo, that oikawa guy and you have sure been down a bumpy road, are you guys really friends now"? She asked.

"Yep, he was there for me when ushjima left".
Janae looked at me with a little more of a serious expression. "I don't mean to invade but... it kinda sounds like he likes you as more than a friend".
I blushed.

"Yeah, a bestfriend". I covered. She smiled. "No-"
I put my hands up to my ears. "Nanananna". I started humming.

"You're so childish". She laughed grabbing her bag.
"I have to go now". She said standing up and waving at me.

I waved back as she walked out the class.
What does she mean? She doesn't even know Oikawa like that... who is she to say he likes me?

I thought back to the multiple confessions he's made to me, that I turned down.
Well... now it's different. I told myself.

I grabbed my bag and started walking to the cafeteria.

What table did he sit at? Oh yeah. He sits with kageyama, hinata, tsukishima, and yamaguchi.
Since we all have second together.

And iwaizumi and kindaichi often came over too.

When I neared the table, oikawa stood up.
"Sit by me". He smiled.
I blushed thinking about what Janae had said, and quickly shook the thought away.

I walked around the table and sat down next to him trying to make the blush in my cheeks fade away.

"Hey". Hinata smiled at me.
"Hey hinata, I missed you"! I said leaning over the table to pat his head.
He blushed a little himself.

"Yo". Kageyama said lazily, sipping milk out of a box.
"Hi tobio". I said returning the lazy energy.
"What's up". Oikawa asked, returning my attention to him.

"Nothing special". I replied poking a fork in the gross cafeteria food.

"I hate this food". I said sticking a tongue out.
"That's why I pack my own bento". Oikawa smiled.

"Want some"? He asked. Uh- I don't know if I should. But I was starving and I couldn't go all day without eating anything.

"Okay". I said in a whisper.
He scooped up some rice and meat on a fork. "Ahhh". He said. "You don't have to feed me". I blushed.

"Come ON". He furrowed his brows.
Fine. I opened my mouth and he fed me the food.
The table had all eyes on us.

"Mmmm"! I exclaimed a little louder than I should have. "It's really good"! I was surprised by the flavor of the food. It tasted so good.

"Really? I made it myself". He said proudly.
WOAH REALLY. "it's so good, your cooking is amazing". I continued chewing the big bite of food.

Oikawas POV
y/n was even cute when she was eating.
I'm glad she liked it, maybe this will show her I'm boyfriend material.

I smiled at her. (The smile he made) 😖🥺🥺

I let her eat the rest of my food, even though she argued against it saying I needed my energy for volleyball.

It was nothing. I told her.
I ate a big breakfast anyways.
I got her to agree to come to my practice after school, and then we could hang out at my house for a while.

"We can watch more volleyball games". She laughed.
"Absolutely". I laughed back putting my hand to salute her.

"That's a bit odd". Tsukishima annoyingly interrupted.
"What is"? Y/n asked like a innocent baby bird.

"Going to his house alone". Tsukishima responded.
She rolled her eyes.

"Its a bestfriend thing, you wouldn't understand". She said.

I smiled. Yeah... a bestfriend thing.
I liked it.

This is going to sound so weird. But it's for the feeling of the story. Ok. I'm going to add notes to tell you how to breath. I really want you to feel how oikawa is feeling. Maybe you will understand his POV.

(Song: "locket"- crumb)
Oikawas POV

2nd period
~list of events~
* soft breathing

- when we got into class y/n moved to sit by me and the rest of the boys
- yamaguchi was having a panick attack because tsukishima called him annoying

- y/n looked really pretty today
*breath a little heavier
- hinata tried to give himself an arm hickey

- kageyama ignored tsukishima

- y/n laughed and I couldn't take my eyes off of her
*breath a little deeper
- kageyama tried to stab hinata with a pencil

- I accidentally tore my math sheet in half

- y/n really was gorgeous
*take big deep breaths, heat up
-the teacher warned kageyama not to try and attack hinata

- tsukishima laughed at him

- yamaguchi started talking about yachi

- I watched y/n listen to his story

-I noticed y/n was even prettier than before

- y/n laughed and grabbed my arm to see if I was paying attention
*hold your breath

"Oikawa did you hear that"? She said laughing.
What going on? I feel weak, and a bit dizzy.

I looked at her but I couldn't even talk. It felt like I couldn't even breathe when I was around her anymore.

I- I felt disoriented. "Oi"! Kageyama said reaching over the table and pushing my shoulder.

Huh? "Y-yeah". I said blinking and looking around at their faces staring at me.
"Why are you zoning out like that"? Kageyama asked.

I came to my senses. "No, I'm fine baka " I huffed.
"You're the one who looks drugged out". Tsukishima murmered covering his mouth.

"Shut up four eyes". I said blowing hair out of my face.

"Do you feel alright"? Y/n asked. Giving no warning before placing her hand on my forehead and feeling for a fever.

I blushed and kept my eyes down.
"I'm fine". I said, mad at myself for making everyone look at me.

"your head feels fine". she smiled brushing hair out of my face. my blush deepened and i looked at my shoes.

"you're blushing". hinata chuckled.
"no i'm not"! i said defensively. i grabbed my ripped math sheet.

"i'm gonna go get a new paper". i said standing up and walking to the front of the class.
as i walked to the front, plenty of girls stared at me... i mean.. i am tooru oikawa, the greatest setter of all time.

but, i didn't feel like being harassed by my fan girls today, and they were really everywhere.

as i walked to the front a girl grabbed my shirt. "eee you're touching him". her friend squealed.
"yes"? i asked disinterested.

she just smiled "i can't believe i'm touching you". i saw tears forming in her eyes. what the hell is wrong with these people?

i gently... well maybe not so gently took her hand off my shirt and let it fall back onto the table.

i finally got to the teachers desk and traded my torn paper for a new one.

i made sure to go around the crazy girls desk. i don't want her grabbing me again.

when i sat down, y/n was sitting with a dropped jaw and looking at me.

"what's wrong"? i asked. "you really do have fan girls like that". she smiled.
"well yeah". i smiled back.

"she just grabbed your shirt"? y/n tilted her head.
"yeah, they like to touch me". y/n just kind of looked in shock.

"he's not even that good". i heard kageyama whisper.
"shut up tobio". i said sticking a tongue out at him.

the rest of class went by a little too fast, i barely had enough time to fill out my paper.

(regular POV)
after going to third and fourth period.
i ended up in my fifth class talking with nishinoya and answering his questions about how ushjima just suddenly disappeared.

then, after a long lesson the bell finally rang.
"wanna come watch karasuno practice"?
nishinoya asked packing up his backpack.

"sorry, i told oikawa i would go to his practice today". i said.
"so you're best friends with him now"? nishinoya raised a brow.

"well... yeah". i answered packing up my bag as well.
"just be careful". he said in a serious tone.
"what? why?". i asked.

"obviously oikawa has some attachment to you, i mean he doesn't really invite girls to his practice, they sort of just show up. he might even like you or something". i shrugged. "that's what janae said but he hasn't even done anything". i said mostly reassuring myself.

"he's just respecting that you're technically still dating ushjima, but if he gets impatient, which he will, i don't know if you'll be able to resist his charm".

"his charm"? i laughed. nishinoya furrowed his brows. "for real y/n! he can have any girl he wants. he's not being serious with you. but when he wants he'll have you in his arm".

"okay then". i said a bit ticked off.
"i need to go now". i followed grabbing my bag.
and walking away from nishinoya.

what does he even mean?
it's not like he's gonna cast a spell on me. i rolled my eyes. and started walking towards the gym.

(song: "in my head"- bedroom)
regular POV

as i walked towards the gym, i thought about nishinoya and janaes words to me about oikawa.
how could he like me?
i know we've had a bumpy road so far, but things have honestly changed.

he's being genuine and friendly.
i know he cares about me, and he wouldn't do anything to ruin the friendship we have.

right? "watch it bitch". i hear a girl say as she bumps into my shoulder and her books fall out her hand.
"w-what"?! i say a bit tempered.

"you bumped into me"! i argue.
"you're on the wrong side of the hallway"! she yelled back.

i look around... i am on the wrong side.
my face heated up. this was sort of my fault then.

"i'm very sorry". i say red faced. i get on the ground and help her pick up her books.
"just watch where you're going". she says back without yelling, as she blows hair out of her face.

"okay, whatever". i respond shoving her books in her arm and walking away a bit quicker, feeling overwhelmed.

a few people in the hallway gave me weird looks. and as i continued walking away the embarrassment continued to grow.

when i finally reached the door to the aobajohsai gym, i relaxed a little bit.
i pushed open the door and walked into the team split into two, doing passing, and receiving drills.

i sat down on the bleachers and took deep breaths.
"alright take a break". oikawa said with his captain voice. it always shocked me, he was usually cheerful with a light tone.

but, when he was in the zone like that, he didn't try to come off as cheerful... he kinda looked scary.

"oh y/n"! oikawa yelled jumping.
i looked at him and stood up. "i'm glad you really came". oikawa smiled walking towards me.

"yeah, what are friends for"? i said not thinking much of watching his practice.

"iwa-chan said you weren't coming". he pouted like a kid and crossed his arms. "iwa-chan"? i said puzzled.

"oh! iwaizumi you mean?"
oikawa smiled. "sure, you can call that buzzkill iwaizumi".

"shut up trashykawa". iwaizumi said smacking oikawa on the back of the head.
i couldn't help but giggle.

"agh!- when did you come over here"? oikawa asked rubbing his head.
"here". iwaizumi said handing oikawa his water bottle.

"hydrate". iwaizumi flatly said, and walked away.
"i will not". oikawa whispered, and stuck his tongue out at iwaizumi behind his back.

then he stopped talking and drank the water.
"you two are something else". i smiled.
"hm- oh me and iwa-chan have been friends forever".

"cool". i said looking around the gym.
"well i gotta go back". oikawa smiled and waved.

i gave him a wave and went to sit back on the bleachers.

~ my phone buzzed.

ushjima: hello, i know school just got out for you

me: hey 🤍

ushjima: i can't wait until you can visit

me: ME TOO! it's gonna be so much fun

ushjima: yes, see you soon. love you.

me: love you :)

i sent my text and smiled. and then i frowned.
i can't wait to see him, he doesn't sound the same over text. his messages are still so boring.

~ for the next few days i anxiously waited.
until the day finally came, it was time to see ushjima.
the flight was short but rough since i didn't sleep much thinking about how happy i was.

and when i saw ushijima's face light up when i came out the airport gate. it was the best sight i could see.

~ in the car
ushjima put my suitcase in the trunk of his car.
"so they gave you a car too"? i asked amazed.
"well, my parents still had to pay a little for it".
he said.

when we both got into the car and closed our doors.
i looked at him. "so-" he started.

i reached over and grabbed his face.
we closed the space and touched our lips together.
i wanted this for so long, i couldn't wait.

"wait-". he questioned. i cut him off again and kissed him. he put his tongue into my mouth and i grabbed a fistful of his hair.

he smelled so good. his cologne. and his hair in his eyes. it was mesmerizing.

he pulled back. "we have to wait, i don't know if this is the best place". he smiled.
i felt impatient, but i nodded.

he drove off and i could tell he was speeding by a mile or two.

the drive was short. but i'd never gotten out of a car so fast in my life.
"do you wanna get your suitcase"? he asked.
"leave it". i said already walking up the apartment steps.

"aren't the rooms separated"? i asked.
"yes, my apartment is the one upstairs." he answered.

we walked up the steps and reached the door.
he scanned a card in front of the keypad and it lit up.
"it's open". he said.

we looked at each other.
then grabbed each other with force and started to make out.

he opened the door behind me and led me inside.
he dropped his card on the table by the door and shut it with his foot.

(slight smut warning)

the kissing only intensified.
he started kissing my neck and my legs became weak.

he lifted me off the ground and i wrapped my legs around his waist.
"i missed you". i said as he left marks on my neck.

"i missed you too". he said quickly and out of breath.
he bit my neck a little and i rubbed my crotch against his.

he let out a heavy breath and walked over to a wall, holding me against it.
ngh- i moaned as he pulled my shirt off.

he started sucking on my nipples as i tried to move away. but he was too strong against me.

"ushjima". i whispered.
he undid his zipper and pulled out his dick.
then he put me down. "take your pants off". he said with one arm on each side of my head, pressed against the wall.

(song: "better"- khalid)
regular POV

"take off your pants". ushjima demanded. my face began to feel hot. i looked down at him... he already took it out- HAS IT GOTTEN BIGGER?!

i looked back in his eyes.
then i slipped my pants off and stood there in only my panties.

he put his hands back on my face and we started to kiss again. my back was pressed against the wall and his body was so warm against me.

i slid my back down the wall. "what are you doin-ah".
ushjima tried to ask, but i had already slipped his member into my mouth.

i fit the entire thing proudly, and held myself from gagging. i looked up at him. he just stood there breathing heavy and looking at me with wide eyes.

then i started (please jesus💀) sucking on it.
"agn, y/n". he moaned still holding his arms out to the wall.

i started going faster. and he moved himself in and out of my mouth. "ah". his moans were so low but i could definitely hear them.

"fuck". he whispered putting his hand on the top of my head. ushjima barely curses, so i knew this was good.

i pulled it out my mouth and listened to the pop it made coming out.
"do you like it"? i asked making puppy eyes and looking up at him.

he just nodded. he looked hypnotized.
i used my tongue to lick circles around the tip.

as he moaned and thrusted into my throat.
"not yet". i said as i pulled it out my mouth and held it in my hand.

"agn". ushjima moaned in frustration.
i stood up. "you can't cum yet". i said putting my hand on his chest.

his face went back to normal and he picked me up again.

he walked into the kitchen area and set me down on the island in the middle.
"wh-" before i could ask what he was doing he brought my legs to the edge and dipped his head down.

he moved my underwear over with his finger and dug his tongue into me. "ushjima"! i screamed startled.

he kissed my entrance and used his fingers to play with my clit. i dropped my head back not being able to contain this feeling.

i started to moan and he responded by reaching up to grab my breast. i grabbed fistfuls of his hair and pushed the back of his neck down.

he started sucking on my clit and i bit my lip.
"don't stop". i panted. he stuck a finger into me and continued.

"agn ush-iji-ma". i struggled to say as i started breathing heavier and a tight knot formed in my stomach.

he let his tongue go from inside me to licking my clit.
kissing and rubbing quickly.
my legs were shaking and i could feel the heat of my entrance rising.

letting cum run out and onto ushjimas tongue, which was licking it out of me.

the sight of him pleasuring me, made the experience even better.

he looked at me. i was a panting mess.
then he took my soaked underwear completely off.

i still hadn't recovered from my orgasm but ushjima stuck his dick into me anyways.

sending vibrations through my body.
"yes". i screamed without telling myself to.
ushjima moaned loudly this time and pulled my legs over his shoulders.

the counter was cold on my back before, but now that i was sweating it felt nice.
ushjima started thrusting, i could feel the pulsing of my entrance from all the stimulation.

he started going faster. making me moan for more.
he held my legs tighter and went faster and deeper.
he was breathing heavy and he let out another moan.

it felt so good. i used my hand to rub my clit myself.
and when he saw that i could tell how much more excited it made him.

he pulled out quickly and grabbed me up.
"come on". he said deeply.

i held onto him and he walked into his room.
he put me on the bed and layed me down on my back.

"turn over". he said with shaky breath.
i did as he said and he came down on top of me.

he wasn't putting his full weight on me.
he put his arms to the side of my head and layed flat on top of me, slipping his dick in as he came down.

"agn". i moaned. "you're so tight". he whispered making me blush. he waited for about 3 seconds before starting to thrust into me.

this time hitting deeper than before.
"fuck"! i screamed, glad he didn't have neighbors.

he started moving faster and i could feel his chest hitting my back.
his legs touching mine.

he brought one of his hands from beside my head. and lifted me a little, he put his hand onto my vagina and started fingering me from the front, and he fucked me from the back.

it was too much to handle. i came again sending cum running onto his sheets and down to the base of his dick.

ushjima pulled out and turned me over.
sticking his dick between my breast and thrusting into them as i licked the tip.

he came over my face and it surprised me.
he moaned loudly and thrusted one last time, i licked his tip again and he moaned as the last of his cum found its way down my throat.

regular pov
(song: "daddy issues"- the neighbourhood)

when i woke up in ushijima's arms i felt a wave of happiness rush through my body.
i recalled the night, it made me shake thinking about how aggressive ushjima was.

i turned in his arms to face him.
he fluttered his eyes and opened them.
he sleepily stared into my eyes. i giggled not being able to control it. he made a faint smile. "what's funny"? he asked.

"nothing". i responded playing with his hair.
he sat up and pinned me down with his body.
his face hovering above mine.
he leaned down and kissed my neck. it felt good but at this rate i would be wearing turtle necks for a week.

he sat back up and i forced my tired body to sit up as well. "are you hungry"? he asked with his cute serious face. "yeah a little". i said.

he smirked. "i'm surprised. i thought i filled you up pretty good last night". i blushed and he walked out the room shirtless.

woah. did he learn that from satori? that was a... really sexy line he used. i've never heard that before.
my blush was burning my face.
he did fill me up last night. i laughed to myself.

i stood up. i must have been so tired last night. i'm pretty sure i fell asleep naked. but here i was wearing a huge t-shirt, and panties... no bra though. i smiled... ushjima probably tried to put on my bra and couldn't do it.

i scratched my head and walked out the room yawning. when i came out i saw ushjima in the kitchen cracking an egg.

he looked so cute as a cook. i snickered.
he was making pancakes and he had flour all over his face. and shirtless chest.

"ushjima how did you get so messy"? i asked raising an eyebrow and giggling.
"oh- i don't know". he said in all seriousness.
i busted out laughing.

i walked up behind him with a napkin i tore off.
"keep cooking". i said as i used the napkin to clean off his chest and face. "you got some here too".
i said reaching my hand down to grab his dick.

he smiled. i smiled. "keeeep cooking". i said again.
"i just wanna watch". i followed.
he poured his mixing bowl into a skillet and started making the first pancake.

my hand was still grabbing his dick.
i used my finger to play with the tip through his pants.

he kept side eyeing me.
"is something wrong"? i asked with wide eyes.
he looked down at me. "n-no". he said blushing.

he flipped the pancake.
i put my hand inside his pants and was now playing with him through his boxers.

he kept moving and looked like he was having a hard time concentrating on the pancakes.
"need help"? i asked. i slipped in front of him. between him and the stove.

and pressed my butt against his crotch.
i took the spatula from him and flipped the pancake.
"this ones done". i said. i put it on the plate next to the stove.

"i'll do this one". i smiled. i poured some batter in the pan. still pressed against ushjima who had his hands on both sides of me on the counter.
i was closed in with him.

he started slowly grinding against me.
just slightly.
i used it as a opportunity.
from the front i hiked up his long shirt that hung over my body.

and it brought it up in the back. exposing my panties. ushjima removed his hands from the counter and put both on my hips.

he was pressing me into the oven handle.
"flip it". he said.
i used the spatula to flip the pancake.

as i did. i felt his hand bring my panties down from the back. my knees felt weak.

as i watched the pancake he kept grinding against me from the back. his hard dick left me shaking in anticipation. my underwear were around my ankles.

he still had his shorts on. but i could feel everything.
the pancake was done and i moved it to the plate, pouring another batch into the pan.

he pulled his shorts and boxers down.
chills ran through my body.
he ran his tip up and down the folds of my entrance.

it was silent except for the cracking of the pancakes being cooked.

he slipped his dick in quickly and then pulled out.
i moaned surprised.
he slipped it in again and pulled it out all the way.

"flip it". he said deeply. i flipped the pancake.
he slid his dick in again but this time when he tried to pull it out i moved my body back with him. "leave it". i whined.

he took his hands placed on my hips. and instead wrapped them around my waist tightly.
he left it in.

after a few seconds i could feel how big he was.
all of it just sitting inside me.
i moaned feeling the pull of my insides.

he pulled out. "nooo". i whined.
he snickered. "ushjima". i turned my head to the side to see him. he bit his lip.

he slid it back in and i looked him in the eye.
i turned back to face the pancakes and he started thrusting.

i almost fell. he wrapped his arms around my waist tighter. practically holding me up. we were standing up straight making him feel even bigger.

he was going fast and i was holding onto the stove handle. i picked up the spatula, and tried to pick up the pancake to move it to the plate.

but my hands were too shaky. ushjima didn't stop fucking me and instead took the spatula from me. and moved the pancake himself.

then he leaned his head over my neck to grab the bowl and pour the next pancake into the pan.

spilling some over the edge.
"ush-ushjima yes". i said cumming.
he let out a shaky breath and i felt his cum run onto the back on my leg.

"looks like i'll be the one to clean you up now".
i blushed and he laughed.

me and ushjima had eaten our breakfast in a pleasant silence. every time we accidentally made eye contact we both couldn't help but to smile.

i'm so crazy about him, i can't even stop myself from letting him see my smile.
"were the pancakes good"? he asked me picking my plate up and taking it to the sink.

"very good, i like the recipe we used". i said trying to give him a flirty line this time.

he looked up at me and smirked. "yeah it's unconventional but it gets the job done".
i laughed.

"i have to go to the market today, since i won't have time during the week to go".
he said. "i'll come too". i said smiling.

"no it's ok, the market i go to is always crowded and it's too much of a hassle to get in and out by myself, let alone making sure you don't get swallowed by the crowd.

i nodded. "oh ok, i'll just chill in your bed then". he smiled and leaned over the counter to kiss my head.

~ after he got dressed and left for the market.
i went into the bathroom.
he sure did leave me a mess every time i thought i could stay clean.

i looked in the mirror.
my hair was a mess. "you look crazy". i said to my reflection in the mirror.

then i lifted my arm. wow ok i need to take a shower right now.
i took off ushijima's huge shirt and left my damp underwear by them on the floor.

my bra was probably on the floor in the living room still. unless ushjima put it in the washer.

i pulled back the shower curtain and turned the handle.

after feeling the water every 10 seconds or so, when it was finally warm enough i stepped in.

the hot water hitting my stomach felt nice after the traveling and long night, not to mention this morning. i was aching all over.

i grabbed the wash cloth i brought in and was surprised to see there was a woman's body wash in the shower.

aw how sweet ushjima thought about my showering needs.

i poured some on the cloth and admired how good it smelled. like something i had never smelled before.
it was sweet like honey with a lemon smell as well added.

i would definitely buy this kind from now on.

when i finished my shower i wrapped up in a towel.
and realized my suitcase was still in ushijima's car.
since i was too impatient to bring it up last night.

oh well. i shrugged. he won't mind if i slip into another one of his shirts.

i walked out the bathroom and sure enough my bra was hanging on the inside of his door handle. which i didn't see before.

i grabbed it and clipped it. now for underwear.
hmm, i wonder how ushjima would feel if i wore his boxers.

oh whatever, i snickered. i bet it will be so funny to him to see my small figure in his loose hanging boxers.

i went to his drawers and opened a random one to start searching for the underwear drawer.

the first one i opened seemed like it was just jeans, and the second one i opened seemed like his sock drawer so... hmm this one must be the underwear drawer.

i opened it and ah ha! found them.
i rummaged through seeing if any of them were smaller than the others. the smaller the better for me to wear.

but... i saw a pair of pink underwear tucked in the bottom of the drawer.

they were lace and they looked really expensive.
i don't wear pink underwear!
okay y/n calm down, there's a reason for this.

think about the kind of guy he is... he wouldn't- no of course not ok.

i lifted up the underwear and they still had a tag on them. oh thank god, ushjima probably didn't know my underwear preference which was darker colors.
and thought he could surprise me with these.

i put the underwear back relieved.
and grabbed a pair of boxers.

i'll pretend i didn't see them so i don't ruin his surprise.

i flopped into his bed and started scrolling my phone not knowing how to pass the time.

regular pov
(song: "yeah right"- joji)

i must have dozed off waiting for ushjima to get back. because i awoke to the sound of the front door closing.

i sat up and rubbed my eyes.
"y/n are you up"? i heard ushjima call to me.
"yeah". i called back walking out to the living room.

i was startled to see a pretty girl standing there with him. she had long blonde hair and her body was amazing.

wow ok, i don't know who she is. but i look a mess in front of her.

"uhh". i started. not knowing what was going on.
"oh y/n this is my friend lynn i really wanted you to meet her".

i blinked. what? he should have atleast told me he was bringing someone here.
she waved at me and smiled.

"uh hi". i said smiling back.
"you put on my shirt"? ushjima asked looking at me.
"oh well yeah, i didn't have my clothes". i said.

"oh yeah they're still in my trunk". he said rubbing his neck.

"can you get them? i don't want to go out in this". i asked. ushjima looked at lynn and looked back at me. "it's not that far". he said.

wh- what. what the hell. he basically just said to get my own damn clothes.

"she can't go out like that, be a good boyfriend". lynn said with a harshness in her tone.
i didn't know who this girl was. but i liked her already.

"ok i'll get them". he said holding up his hands.
"lynn don't mess with her". he said.

i turned to her, as she stared at ushjima with a cold glare. "i won't so go". she said.
it sure didn't seem like they were friends.

ushjima hesitantly walked out the door and when he closed it lynn turned to me in a panic.

"you listen, i am a girls under 19 volleyball player, i met ushjima at camp about a month ago, he told me he was single and we hooked up. a few weeks ago, he left his phone on the bench and i was helping with practice. i was going to decline the call when i saw your contact name was "y/n" i was curious to who this girl was, just then when the call didn't get answered. you texted him that you couldn't wait to see him and you missed him and yada yada... anyways. he's a cheater and a liar.
we aren't friends. and i threatened that i would find you on social media and text you everything.
i told him i just wanted to meet you to see what you looked like and make sure i was prettier.

that was a lie, i just wanted to tell you this in person and this is how i was gonna get to you."

the words that poured out of her mouth were almost incomprehensible. all i knew was that tears fell down my face.

i don't believe it. i will not believe it.
lynn saw my tears and instinctively went in to hug me.

i will not believe this girl. i won't believe her.
she hugged me... and she smelled like the body wash in ushijima's shower.

she smelled like the body wash.
...i- no- ushjima wouldn't...
"wh-wha". i couldn't get my words out. and started to hyperventilate.

"come look". she pulled me up by my arm and into ushijima's bedroom.
she yanked open the drawer.

"last time i was here, it was after i found out. i told him i was too tired for sex, when he went to the bathroom i planted these for you to find during your visit."

i gasped, as she pulled the pink underwear out the drawer. everything was moving in slow motion.

"i'm sorry to have to tell you all this, but i can't stand cheaters and i won't be a side bitch".

i fell to the floor. my legs just stopped working.
after all that time with him.
all those i love you's.
all those meals shared
all those joked told.

he... cheated on me.
wh- what the fuck.

"do you want me to drive you to the train station"? lynn said crossing her arms. i wasn't mad at her. she was doing a good thing by telling me.

"or are you gonna stay"? she asked looking a bit disappointed.

"no, i'm leaving right now". i said. she smiled.
"girl- fuck him, you're worth more".
i looked her in the eyes. "you saved a lot of my time". i said.

"we are meant to be treated like queens, he is a douchebag, and i'm not talking to him after this either".

she helped me stand up and my life played before me like a movie. as i walked towards the door with lynn
i felt heart ache, and the feeling of being empowered all at once.

ushjima opened the door.
everything was still slow motion for me.
he came in looking nervous and looked up to see me and lynn walking.

his eyes went wide.
i grabbed my suitcase out his hand and didn't make eye contact.
my tears were flowing heavier. but my face was neutral.

i thought i was going to faint.
lynn grabbed my hand as we passed him and it made me feel a little better.

ushjima tried to grab my arm and say something.
but lynn reached across me and slapped ushjima in the face.

he backed up and put his hands to his face.
"fuck you". she said smiling. and not turning back.
i did turn back however.

to see ushjima standing there with a confused look on his face. not tears, just confusion as to how he could have gotten caught.

"you suck". i said. gathering the last of the remaining energy left in my body, i managed to smile at him. like the boss bitch i was.

and lynn kicked the door back with her foot. slamming it closed with ushjima inside.

my boss bitch mentality quickly dropped.
my smile was gone in an instant.
and i didn't feel empowered.

as soon as that door shut my tears poured heavier.
and lynn helped me stand and walk down the hall

i- i don't know what to do with myself.
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