satori: siblings conflict


tendou satori, a mysterious boy that you meet at your mothers job. chemistry between you? maybe. siblings? uh, possibly.

Erotica / Romance
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part one

satori book part 1

my mom yelled out to me.

"well it's not my fault that you're forcing me to come"! i yelled back.

"watch your tone"! she yelled back.

i rolled my eyes knotting my laces and standing up off the couch.
"i'm ready". i said monotonely to my mom as she walked into the living room.

"okay come on". she said rushed. grabbing her keyes off the table.
in the car i looked out the window and wondered what it'd be like to finally move out and have a place of my own.

i was taking a gap year between highschool and college, but that meant working for money to buy my own apartment.

i would be glad when the day finally came.

"fix your face". my mom said sternly, applying her lipstick as she drove.

"why are you trying to look sexy for your boss"? i asked. she gave me a stare and hit my shoulder.
"i'm trying to look professional". she said.
yeah... like a professional porn star. i thought.

"you should have put on some makeup". my mom said adjusting the rear view mirror.
"for your boss"!? i questioned.
what a perv.

"no idiot, for his son that you're meeting today".
i rolled my eyes.
"you want me to get dressed up for a 12 year old"? i asked laughing.

"his son isn't 12 he's actually the same age as you".
my mom said.

my eyes widened. "i thought you said he was twelve"! i nearly screamed.
"y/n stop screaming"!

"i didn't say he was 12 i was probably talking about my friends son, but you wouldn't listen now would you"? she said.

i turned to face the window again.
whatever i bet he's not even cute.
probably some snot nosed, small brain who thinks having a CEO dad makes HIM the big shot.
i smiled to myself. i was so witty.

when we pulled into my moms parking space, she nearly fell getting out the car. she rushed to open the back seat and grab her bag and binder full of papers.

"slow down". i whined opening my door and squinting at how bright it was outside today.

"speed up". she replied already heading towards the entrance of the giant glass building.

her work was a pretty place, and she had a huge office. i just didn't take interest in being around her all the time. especially when she was in her working attitude.

when we entered the building my mom was greeted by her assistant and i was left to fend for myself like always.

we would arrive, she would be greeted, and i would wander around looking for loose change, and free snacks in the break rooms.

it wasn't so bad, sometimes people left dollars behind on the counter.
coming to a place filled with snobs had it perks, they forgot their money all over the place.

my mom was well paid, and our house was pretty average.
but most of the workers here were loaded, they had mansions and country clubs for their weekends alone.

that type of loaded.

i took the elevator to the floor above my moms.
the observation deck.

when my mom works nights, sometimes i tag along to sit in this area and stare at the open city below me.

it was beautiful.

there was also a huge fish tank in the middle of the floor, with all kinds of unique fish.
it was a place i felt peaceful.

i walked over to the giant plush couch that sat in front of the huge glass window, getting comfortable.

i threw my head back and looked at the ceiling.

i'm bored. UGH

i pulled out my phone and started to text my dad.

me: hey.. at work with my mom.
last week was fun. let me know when i can see you again.


dad: yep. i had fun spending your 17th birthday with you.

me: :)

i put my phone away.
i didn't have the heart to tell him that we actually celebrated my 18th birthday.
he always forgot those kinds of things.
it didn't hurt anymore though. i was used to it.

when my mom and dad divorced a few years back.
my dad decided he would move half way across the world and start a new family.

he finally took the time to get me a flight to see him. and i spent an awkward 6 days with him, and a lady with 2 kids i'd never met before.
she tried to be inviting, but i knew i didn't belong in their space, there was no place for me there.
and it was really awkward listening to the kids whisper about "the strange lady" on the couch.

after watching the moving cars on the street for 20 minutes. i had to use the bathroom.

i stood up and stretched my legs.

yep, so quiet i could hear my bones cracking.
no one ever came up to this floor because there were no offices on it, the business workers had no time to just sit and watch the city.

they were the ones running it.

i walked out the glass activated doors and down the hall, pushing the elevator button.

it took a minute but the doors finally opened.

i was very startled to see a tall and thin, red haired boy step out of it. he was wearing headphones and he didn't even give me a glance. he was listening to music on his phone so loud i could hear the background vocals.

he smelled sweet like expensive cologne, and just as the doors closed i heard him start to hum some of the song out loud.

he was going to the observation deck too?
i've never seen anyone go up there except me.

the doors closed all the way. and i could still smell him.

well he's certainly infatuating.

(song: "planet b"- khotin) /recommendation for readers experience 🤍

i washed my hands and then used the air dryer to blow the water away.

my stomach was grumbling and i was starving.

i opened the bathroom door and walked back down the hall. i guess i could go back to the deck... but that strange boy might still be there.

whatever, it's not like he owns the place.

i pushed the elevator button and stepped inside.

when the doors opened, i actually felt butterflies in my stomach.
that mysterious boy didn't even look at me, what's he up to?

i walked back through the automatic glass doors and saw the red headed boy standing up and looking out the window at the city below.

his back was turned to me and he still had his headphones in. so he didn't notice the doors open.

what should i do now? i'm usually alone up here.

i walked over to where he was standing and stood a few feet away, looking down at the city as well.

he finally noticed me and did a double take.
then he pulled out one of his earbuds and looked at me with his eyebrows raised.

"are you following me"? he asked.
"w-what no? i'm always up here". i said.
"i've never seen you up here before". he said shaking his head. "i come here often". i said leaning on the bar in front of the window and looking him in the eyes.

"are you a worker"? he asked.
i furrowed my brows.
"no". i said.
"i thought you were too young to be one". he said scratching his head.

"i'm 18". i said.
he looked at me and subtly but not so subtly
ran his eyes over my figure ending at my hands.
"are you nervous"? he asked.

"how would you know"? i asked back.
"i'm pretty good at analyzing people, and you're messing with your hands a lot, you must be nervous". he said.

i raised a brow. "oh yeah? and what if i just have to pee"? i asked. he smiled.
"you just went to the bathroom". he said.

i was confused. "how do you know that"? i asked.

"the elevator makes a little ding for every floor it travels and when you got on it only made one, meaning you were on the faculty and bathroom floor, and since youre not a staff the only reason would be that you needed to use the bathroom". he concluded. i was heavily impressed. except...

"my mom works on that floor, i could have just went to see her". i said slyly. even though that wasn't the case, he didn't know everything.

"touché". he said grinning. "i'm 18 too". he added.

now my eyes traced his figure. he was really tall, and he was skinny but he had great muscles.
he must play some type of sport.

"what sport do you play"? i asked.
he looked at me with intensive eyes. they were mesmerizing and somewhat made me afraid. but i'd never been scared of anything, certainly not a boy.

"i don't play one". he said firmly.

"you're lying to me". i said scooting a little closer.

"and how do you know that"? he asked.
"you're not the only one who can analyze people". i said.

he smiled. "i play volleyball".
"is that why you're so good at body language"? i asked.

"no, that's just a gift of mine".

he was mysterious in a way that made me want to know more about him.

"what's your name"? i asked.
"tendou satori". he answered.

that was even a cool name he had.

"and what about you"? he asked.
"what? you can't analyze me to figure it out"? i teased.

"is it y/n"? he asked.

my eyes shot open and i stood straight up.

"how did you know"?! i asked shocked at him.
"i can read your mind". he laughed.
i stared at him in awe.
"my dad told me i'd be meeting his secretary's daughter today, i didn't think i'd find you up here, but you do look just like your mother".

i shook my head.
"you almost had me there". i said.
but- wait... this is the CEO'S son!!!???

"wait- you're the son"? i asked.
he nodded. "i've always just been his son to everyone". he said looking down with a half smile.

"i mean- i mean.. you're tendou". i said.
his half smile grew a little wider and it made me blush.

"that's me". he said stretching his arms.
he took a lollipop out his hoodie pocket and unwrapped it, then he popped it in his mouth and laughed.

"you should have seen the look on your face when i said your name".

i was feeling a bit embarrassed now.

"whatever". i said shyly now trying to fathom how the CEO'S son wasn't some stuck up prick after all, he had an actual sense of humor. and not to mention, a unique complexion that was irresistible to stare at.

"see you around". he said turning and walking out the glass doors, tossing the candy wrapper in the trash can.

i stared at the door as he walked out and got into the elevator.

he was right. there was a little ding when it changed floors.

it was getting dark outside. i had been sitting on the couch and pondering about tendou for the last half hour.
where he came from so suddenly, and why i'd never seen him before if he was really the CEO'S son.

i felt my stomach rumble and grabbed it.
geez okay okay. i thought standing up.

i'll find myself some food since my mother has abandoned me in this rich man wasteland.

after scavenging for 10 minutes i found a vending machine on the floor below my mothers.
it was in one of the MANY break rooms. it was a lucky find.

i took out my phone and popped it out the case, revealing my secret spot to keep money.

i only had 5$ but it was enough for some candy.

just before i put my money in the machine i heard a voice behind me.
"you know you don't have to pay if you know the trick". i quickly turned around to see tendou.

i raised an eyebrow. "is it a secret code"? i asked.
"something like that". he smiled and came closer.

his eyes could burn holes into me if i wasn't careful.

"where did you come from"? i asked.
he looked at me like he was trying to figure me out completely.

"where did you come from"? he asked.
"a hole in the ground". i responded. he snickered a little. "if you came from a hole in the ground, then i must have came from the darkest underwater cave".

i giggled unexpectedly. finally a boy that didn't look at me sideways for the odd jokes i made.

"so whats the trick, im starving". i said impatiently.
"this". he said pulling a key out of his pocket.
"so that's the perk of being the CEO'S son ". i said.

"ah yes, a lifetime of emotional neglect, but atleast i get free snickers". he said laughing and opening the machine.

he must have some real issues with his father.

"parents will do that to you". i responded thinking about my overbearing mother.

"you're mom seems pretty nice though". tendou said. "the keyword there is SEEMS". i said back.

we ravaged the machine and took as many snacks as we could carry.

(song: "feel it all around"-washed out )

me and tendou sat on the couch in the observation deck. stuffing our faces with chocolates and chips.

"where did you go earlier when you left me here"? i asked. "i went to go tell my dad i met you, like he'd been asking of me all day".

i looked out the window. "and did you tell him your thoughts about me"? i asked.
he seemed a bit surprised at that question but he didn't loose his cool.

"i did yeah". he responded.
the butterflies were back. what is it with this boy?

"what did you tell him"? i asked curiously.
"i told him you were intriguing". he said.
i looked at him and tried to see through his words, and into his feelings. but all i saw was a mystery.

"and you will most likely tell your mom about me". he stated.
i blushed a little. "i'll tell her you're intriguing". i said. he grinned.

"i believe you will". he said.

"should we find our parents"? i eventually asked noticing the sunset.

"okay". tendou said walking behind me to the elevator. his cologne filled the small space, in a good way. it was relaxing.

we stepped off and ahead in a meeting room we saw our parents talking with one another, they were flirting and it was painfully obvious.

"look at them". i said a bit disgusted.
"tell me about it". he said back.

we walked into the room together and our parents smiled at one another.
"i'm so glad you too got aquatinted". my mom said.

i looked away from her.

"as for you son, you could stand to show more open arms to our guest". the CEO said.
"tcsh". tendou clicked his tongue.

"he's been very good to me". i said in response. making tendou and his father look at me a bit surprised.

"well then, if that's so.. nice work son". the CEO said.

tendou stared at me and i tried to avoid eye contact.
it was too much to handle.

finally my mom and the CEO stopped their disgusting little flirt convo, and we were able to get in the car.

i let my aching feet rest and closed my eyes.
thinking about the day id had, the boy i'd met.
tendou satori... sure was something.

that night i laid in bed wondering, about the way tendou spoke, not common but not arrogant.
it was impressive how allusive and evasive he could be, yet still keep the conversation interesting.

he said he played volleyball, i bet with those analyzing skills of his. i'd never really been into that sport, but i'm sure he could make even volleyball interesting to watch for me.

whatever. i thought turning off my light with my remote. i pulled the covers over my head and closed my eyes to sleep.

i sat on a rock in the middle of the ocean.
alone. i knew i was dreaming.
the dark water continued to rise.
like every night.
i would drown here in the ocean. while i screamed for someone to save me, and no one was around to hear it.

i had this dream quite often actually.
but i never got used to the sensation of dying.
most people wake up just before they die in a dream, but for some reason i feel every second of agony like it were real.

i've just gotten better at staying calm and letting myself die.

the fog started to roll in. "right on time". i say out loud to the bare water.
trying to keep myself calm and remember that i would wake up soon enough.

i told my mom about these dreams, i've been having them since i was a small child.
dying every night, only to wake up and realize i still had to keep going.

this was just an average night for me.
and somehow, just before i drowned, there was a peace in feeling like i was all alone out here.
no one to bother me.
just me and my thoughts.
and the water that now touched my thighs.

covering the surface of the rock. i slowly sank and closed my eyes.
my lungs filling with water, as i did my best to hold my breath. eventually giving up and letting my mouth go wide, no screams. no tears.

nothing could be seen or heard, from a girl drowning in the ocean.

i woke up and gasped for air.
feeling exhausted like every morning.
dying only to wake up to hell again.

"y/n i'll be leaving soon"! my mother shouted from downstairs.

my eyes went wide.
i could go with her to work today, maybe see tendou...
i shook my head. this boy made me actually willing to go with my mother?

what was he doing to me? he was just a nice change of pace from the bland and boring life of a girl like me.

i jumped out of bed and threw on sweats and a hoodie, and cursing my mother silently as i ACTUALLY put on lipgloss and mascara to please a boy.

who knew i would become such a girl like this.

to put on makeup. i squinted in the mirror and pointed at my reflection. "don't get caught up". i told myself. then i gave myself a smile and left the bathroom.

my moms eyes went wide now.
"are you coming to work with me today y/n"?
i gave her a silent nod and she smiled.
"do you want me to teach you about business"? she asked excitedly.

i shook my head to stop her accusations of me ever wanting to follow in her foot steps.
"i want to see tendou". i whispered.

she looked me up and down. "looks like tendou wasn't as stuck up as you thought".
she said smugly. "not anymore that you are". i replied with my own smug look.

she flipped her hair and started to walk out the door.
i followed her and looked at her hair bounce around.
my mother was beautiful.
but beautiful people often had more flaws than ordinary people.

tendou told me yesterday that i looked just like my mother. does he think i'm beautiful?

what does he see in my mother that he sees in me?
and if so fact so, should i change something?

these questions would bother me all day. but i didn't have the time to stress out when it came to that, what i had to worry about was pleasing my mother enough to keep her off my back.

in the car my mom put on the disc player and listened to old music, off of a cd my dad made for their honeymoon. she did this every morning.

it made me feel bad for her actually, my dad had a new family and a new life. and my mom was stuck in the past thinking about what could have been.

but, she must have been moving on somehow. because she was getting dressed in the morning, putting on makeup and heels, and prodding around with her boss.

which made my sadness for her turn more into concern and disgust.

"i see you're wearing lipgloss and mascara y/n". my mom said looking at me.

i didn't say anything. "was it the makeup i bought you for your birthday"? my mom asked.
"yes". i replied. "the makeup you threw at me and said you would never use"? she smiled.

"i asked you for sketchbooks and pencils, and you still went out of your way to buy me something only you wanted me to have". i said upset looking down at my feet.

"i want you to be a woman". she said sternly.
"i don't want to be a woman like you". i said back.

she cleared her throat and turned up the volume on the radio.
there she goes, avoiding conflict by ignoring it completely. which is why dad left her.
why dad left the both of us.

she was the root of my issues, but the only person i had to depend on.

i wonder if these were the same problems tendou faced with his father. as he mentioned they didn't get along well.

when my mom finally pulled into her parking space.
this time i was the first one out of the car.
"you're sure excited". my mom said.
i kept walking without turning back.

i entered the building and my moms assistant was already by the reception desk, looking over my shoulder and probably wondering where my mom was. since she always came in before me.

"excuse me where's ms l/n"? the assistant asked me.
"she's coming, do you know where i can find tendou?" i asked.

the assistant adjusted her glasses. "mr satori is probably wondering around somewhere". she said flipping papers on her clip board.

i nodded and just walked away.
she was no use to me.

i guess i could go up to the observation deck and see if he was there.

when the elevator dropped me off at the top floor i went through the glass doors to see the observation deck empty.

i was flushed with disappointment.
i guess i had been excited to see him.

i took my usual seat on the couch watching the city and humming songs to myself.
lonesome as could be.
about an hour had passed of being alone up here.
my phone was about to die and i had nothing else to do. all the songs i knew had been sung.

i stood up and walked out the room and down the hall. there was one more room on this floor.
but it wasn't a office, it was passed the elevator and it was a plain room with nothing in it.

not even a couch to sit on.
it was completely barren. i'm guessing it used to be some kind of break room or maybe a personal top floor office.

but now, i went there when there was absolutely nothing better to do.
i would do tumbles, cartwheels, flips and such.
since my mom forced me into gymnastics during childhood. i had these skills that i didn't need.
so sometimes i used them to play around.

i went into the room and put my phone on the floor.
the room was desolate, but it was also huge.
meaning i could tumble freely.

i threw my arms up and then ran full speed sending myself into a series of tumbles. ending nicely and feeling proud of myself.

i continued to tumble for several minutes.
my stamina was fine, so i just had the problem of feeling slight dizziness.

i prepared to send myself for another series of flips and cartwheels. i threw my arms up and ran forward, doing a few flips and then a round off, in mid air almost i caught a glimpse of a figure in the doorway and my foot slipped, causing me to fall and land on my butt.

i shook my head and looked up at the figure.
it was tendou...

"how long have you been watching me"? i asked.
"a few seconds". he said.
i raised a brow.
"a minute or two". he admitted.

"why didn't you just come in"? i asked standing up.
he walked into the room and looked around as though there was going to be something to see.

"i didn't want to bother you". he said shrugging.

"i was looking for you earlier". i said a bit embarrassed.
"i heard from your moms assistant, that's why i came up here". he said smiling.

"where were you". i asked stretching my arms.
"in my office". he said, like that wasn't a weird thing to say.

"you have an office"? i asked shocked.
"do you actually work here"? i followed.

"no, but i told my dad i wouldn't come to work with him if i didn't have my own place to chill".
i was kind of amazed.
he had his own office in this big important building.

"can i see it"? i asked.
"my office"? he questioned.
"what's else"? i asked raising a brow smugly.

he smirked.
"what"? i asked.
"hm, nothing". he said smiling and turning towards the door.
"follow me". he said sticking his hands in his hoodie pockets.

i thought, following behind him.

we stopped at my moms work floor.
"you're office is on this floor"? i asked startled that he shared it with my mom.

"it's a huge floor you know, me and your mom are on completely different sides".
i nodded. "yeah i know it's just, there's like 12 other work floors yet you're on this one".

he looked back at me briefly.
"my dad only puts higher paid people on the top floors".

"but he doesn't pay you". i said raising a brow.
"he gives me allowance". tendou said back.
"how much"? i asked.
"2000 a week". he said.
i stopped walking and tendou turned around when he noticed.

"what's wrong"? he asked.
"you get THAT much money"?! i asked.
"i barely use it". he said.

i started walking again but all i could do was stare.
he might not have acted like a typical CEO son. but he was rich as HELL.

we walked across the entire floor, all the way to the back. down several long hallways, until we finally reached a pair of dark oak double doors that stretched to the ceiling.

"these doors are huge". i said looking up in awe.
"30 ft up". he responded as i gasped.
"i can't even open them myself". he said. which made me gasp again.

"how do you get them open then"? i asked confused.
he pulled a button out of his pocket and held it down. the doors began to open themselves.

they opened outwards which was unexpected.
and tendou grabbed my waist from behind so that i wouldn't get hit by them.

woah. magnificent.
i blushed immediately. realizing tendou was holding me from behind. he let me go.
"alright come in". he said passing me.

i followed behind with my mouth open.

his office was no workplace at all.
he had a giant window with an even better view than the observation deck, a fully stocked fridge and an entire kitchen, a giant bed by the window, a tv the size of the wall, big fluffy rugs over the white marble floor.

"it's beautiful". i said in awe.

"it's okay, i mean this stuff is expensive but it's not my taste". he said.
"oh really? what's your taste".
i asked.
"anything red". he said smirking.
"like your hair"?
"yeah like my hair". he said.

"did you dye it that color"? i wondered.
"it's natural". he said walking to the fridge and taking out a gatorade... a red gatorade.

me and tendou walked around his office as he mocked his dad and pointed out the coolest buildings we could see from the window.

we ate snacks until our stomachs cramped, and we tried to see what would happen if we microwaved a pizza roll for 20 minutes.

we ended up having to call the maid to put the fire out for that one.

now we were laying down on our backs next to eachother on the giant bed.
the bed that was SO big, yet we layed so close.

we stared at the ceiling in silence.
"i have fun with you". tendou said.
"we just met yesterday". i said giggling.

he looked at me and i looked at him.
those eyes were so.... attractive.

it felt like we were leaning in.
was i leaning it?

i couldn't tell.

we stared at eachother in silence, and it was now apparent to me that our faces were growing closer.

pieces of his hair were falling in his face, and his lips were slowly parting from one another.
it took me a second to realize mine were doing the same.

were we about to-

"and this is satoris office, well- he doesn't do much work". the CEO said blasting through the door with my mother close behind him.

me and tendou both shot up. my heart was racing and i fixed my hair back a little.

"oh yoon you're too much"! my mom said laughing at his awful joke.

they finally noticed us.
"oh were- we interrupting something"?
the CEO said turning to us.

"no". we both said quickly with emphasis.

the CEO and my mom continued to talk.

me and tendou looked at one another and i knew i was blushing.
he slightly smiled and looked down at my hands.

"are you nervous"? he asked.
"why would i be". i said.
"hm, i thought for sure you would cover up again by saying you had to pee". he laughed.

i shrugged. "i forget to lie". i said.
his smile widened, and i blushed harder.
i turned away and he grabbed my shoulder, making me face him again.

"don't hide your blush, i told you i liked the color red". he said with a sneaky look on his face.

my eyes went a little wide seeing his hand on my shoulder. "sorry". he laughed as he put his hand down.

"it's- fine". i said.
my heart was racing.

"dad get out". tendou said to his father interrupting him and my mothers conversation.
his dad gave a side eyed look at him.

"shall we continue this conversation maybe, in my private office"? the CEO asked my mother making her giggle and walk in front of him.
he was clearly watching her ass.


me and tendou kept playing around, but i felt the tension now.
before we were interrupted by our parents, it seemed as though me and tendou were about to share a kiss.

i shook my head. maybe not. i do overthink things a lot. and he obviously likes to joke around.

"how long have our parents been flirting like that"? i asked tendou who was sitting on the edge of the bed. as i sat on the inside of it close to the window.

"for a while now". he said making a grossed out face.
i shivered. my mother... and his father.
no way in hell.

me and tendou spent another hour just talking and hanging around. until we finally noticed how late it had gotten.
"how come my mom hasn't stopped by to get me"?
i asked tendou.

he looked at the darkness outside.
"you're right, it's getting dark". he said.

"do you think they're-"? tendou asked with his eyes wide. i made a confused face and he made a circle with his fingers and stuck another finger inside it.

"NO gross"! i laughed throwing a pillow at him.

(what satori did)

"whaaat why else would they stay so late"? he asked.
"unless"... he said laying down to look at me upside down. "unless what"? i asked.

"unless they think we are". he said smirking.
i blushed. "what, no". i said.
"maybe they're giving us privacy". he said doing the hand sign again.

i blushed even harder.
"y/n don't be so serious". he said sitting up and laughing.

"i thought you were intellectual". i said looking away.
"would you prefer if i said intercourse"? he grinned.
i looked at him quickly and fumbled with my hands.

"nervous"? he asked.
"a little". i said back.

he squinted.
"look at you, telling the truth. okay let's go find them". he said.

me and tendou got up and left the room to search.

we walked around the entire floor and finally heard voices coming from one of the break rooms.

"are they doing it"? tendou asked from behind me.

i ignored him and looked around the corner.
my mom and the CEO were talking.
the were sitting next to eachother holding hands on the table.

"i think it's for the best rin". the CEO said to my mom. "how will she react though"? my mom asked back.

"she might be upset, or she might be overjoyed. and tendou will probably enjoy the company". the CEO said.

what are they talking about?

"any clue"? tendou asked.
i shook my head.

"let me see". he said moving in front of me to look around the corner.
"hello son". the CEO said monotonely.

what how did he know.

(don't roast the picture. there wasn't one on google so i had to draw it omg 💀)

"i know you're there, unless there's floating red hair by the door". he said.

"dang it". tendou whispered.

we both walked in the room and looked at our parents.

"were you listening to our discussion"? my mom asked me. "tcsh hardly". i responded.

she brushed a piece of hair behind her ear.
"don't lie to me y/n". she said.

"we don't even know what you guys were talking about". i said upset.

"we were talking about"... my mom stopped and stood up. and the CEO stood up as well.

"moving in together". the CEO said.
me and tendou both gasped looking at eachother .
"WHAT"?! we said in sync.

"we know it's a lot to process, but we believe that we should be able to be together". my mother said.

tendou grabbed my hand and dragged me down the hall, leaving our parents calling after us.

"where are we going"?! i asked being pulled.
"the observation deck". he said back.

we reached the observation deck panting. and both went to sit ourselves on the couch.

"i can't believe him". tendou said throwing his head back.

"i can't believe her". i responded.

we looked at eachother and a sad feeling seeped in.
if our parents liked eachother, that would mean... me and tendou could become step siblings.

how could i... like my brother.

"it's not that i wouldn't want you to move in it's just, i don't want to become siblings". tendou said looking at the ceiling.

"that's exactly what i was thinking".
i responded.

wait- if we were just friends i think we'd be excited. but i think we both just admitted we like eachother as more than just friends.

"it does get lonely around the house though". tendou said. i looked at him and admired the moonlight glowing off his face.

"same". i said.

"maybe it won't be so bad". he whispered.
i watched the way his eyes moved over me, the way his hands played with the edges of his pockets.

"tendou, do you think it will be ok"? i asked.
"will what be ok"? he asked back.
"you know, living together". i said shyly.
"i think it will be fun". he smiled.

the sensation was back.
the feeling that we were slowly creeping towards eachother. his hair spiky but still soft, i could see how soft his lips were, how his eyelashes fluttered everytime he blinked.

"y/n what do you think". he said casually putting his arm around my shoulder. our faces inching ever so slightly.

"i think- it will be exciting". i said.

he smirked and his eyelids were half lidded with focus.

he slowly placed his finger underneath my chin lifting it up.

"are you analyzing me"? i asked.
"i already have". he said back.

we both leaned in and touched lips.
i was hesitant but i put my hands on his face.

we pulled back to take a breath and stared at eachother. we didn't say a word. but we leaned in again for another kiss.

"tendou". i whispered.
"are you feeling lustful"? he asked.
we leaned in to kiss again and he put his tongue into my mouth making me hum.

"i can tell how you feel". he said lightly placing his hand around my neck as we kissed.
"i can already tell what gets you going". he whispered giving my neck a slight squeeze.
i clenched my hands on my thighs and kept kissing.

"i know what you like". he smiled into our kiss.
i blushed as he tightened his grip on my throat. but i didn't stop him.

"you like it don't you"? he asked like he already knew the answer.
i nodded and he laughed slightly.
"i know". he said as we continued to kiss. our tongues rubbing.

we heard the elevator ding and quickly pulled away. wiping the saliva off our lips and scooting apart.

me and satori separated and instinctively pulled away from the kiss.

my face was burning and my stomach had butterflies. "they'll be here, trust me". the CEO said from down the hall.

i caught a glimpse of satori slightly smiling and licking his lips.

my mom and the CEO came through the glass doors and stopped to look at us with crossed arms.
"there you are". my mom said staring me down.

i avoided eye contact and stayed seated on the couch looking out the window.

"i don't even know what the big deal is to be frank with you two, you seem to be the best of friends". the CEO said shrugging us off.

"we're great friends". satori said standing up and walking closer to the giant glass window.
it made my stomach grow even tighter.
he was teasing me so obviously.

"so what's the big deal? can't you two share a roof"? the CEO asked back.
"i don't see why not... especially after me and y/n have become so attached to one another".

"why can't you be more accepting, like tendou"? my mother asked me.
"why can't you ever think about me first"? i snapped back. she scoffed.
"we're riding home with kaido and tendou, and you will get in the damn car and shut your mouth for once". my mother said turning around and walking out the doors, as the CEO followed her.

i furrowed my brows. what a bitch.

i suddenly realized i was alone again with satori.
it was... nerve wrecking.

he didn't say a word. he only walked through the sliding doors and called out to me from the hall.
"come on". he said.

i gathered myself and got in the elevator with him.


"sooo". i awkwardly said softly.
satori looked at me like i was a helpless baby bird that had fallen out it's nest.

staring down at me with confusion and a slight smile. "yes"? he asked.
his voice got a bit raspy sometimes. it was so cute.

"uh- about the"... my words wouldn't come out.
"the kiss"? he asked.
i blushed and nodded.
"it was a little goodnight kiss, it was harmless". he smiled.

"i can give you a goodnight kiss every night you know, it will help you sleep well". he said.
i fumbled my fingers looking at the floor unable to believe this was happening.

i'd never even kissed a boy before.
but he made it so easy to go with the flow.

oh my god. that was my first kiss.

i looked up at satori.
"that was my first kiss". i said on impulse.
his eyes widened a little and his smile got bigger. then his face returned to normal.
"is that so"? he asked monotonely.

i nodded.
he leaned back on the rail behind him and slid down a bit so that our heads were level.
then he spoke into my ear.
"i hope i can have a few more of your first". he said.
my heart dropped and my legs started to wobble.

"oh wait". he giggled. "you're so bad, no no, i meant like the first time seeing your new room, and the first time seeing my house". i let the embarrassment sweep over me.

"of course". i nodded and smiled.
"and the first time you have a bad dream and need to come lay in my bed with me". he said as the elevator doors opened and he walked out with his hands in his pockets.


i finally found my mother and the CEO and caught up to the fast paced satori.

we walked to the front of the building and a few men in suits escorted the CEO out the building and stopped us by the limo parked in front.

my jaw dropped.
"is this how you go places normally"? i asked.
"a limo is just a unconventional car". satori responded opening the back door and letting me climb in. he got in after and shut the door.

"wait what about our parents". i asked noticing how they didn't get in.

"me and my dad take separate limos to and from his job, cause sometimes in the mornings he has important calls and he says i'm too much of a distraction".

my jaw was hanging even lower now.
"once mine pulls off his will pull up. they'll be right behind us". he said casually.

"what- have you never been in one"? satori asked.
i shook my head. "my mom said she would never waste her money on a limo, even when i begged on my 9th birthday".
he smiled. "well what's mine is yours now".
i smiled back and tried to stop myself.

"how far away is your house"? i asked.
he took his phone out his pocket and ignored my question for a while. until he pulled up a youtube video of a volleyball team playing at some competition.

"it takes me until i watch this video. by then we're there". he responded finally.

"why would you watch a volleyball video over and over, don't you know by now what's going to happen"?

"i guess i'm just self absorbed". he said.
wait huh?
i took a closer look at the phone screen and realized it was a video titled. "THE tendou satoris greatest moments 😍".

for some reason the heart eyes unsettled me.
i forgot he told me he played volleyball. but i wasn't aware he was actually good at it. and i certainly wasn't aware that he had fan girls.

"so even though you don't play anymore, does anyone ever come up to you"? i asked.
he looked at me. "all the time". he said.
"you should know of all people, when we first met i had to pry you off of me. i understand you're a fan. but it was excessive love". he followed.

i rolled my eyes. "good try, but i don't even watch volleyball like that". "if you knew me while i played with my best friend ushjima, you'd see we were a power duo".

"oh a power couple". i giggled.

when the limo pulled into the gated house i thought my eyes must surely be mistaken.
this couldn't have been a house... it was more like a highschool.

there were hedges in front and ladies with clippers trimming tiny leaves off the sides like in the fancy movies.

there was a water fountain spewing up water with colorful lights and a man made river flowing around the house with baby ducks floating about.

this wasn't real. it couldn't be. it was so perfect.

"satori your house is amazing". i said with my face pressed to the glass of the car.

"it's only amazing now that you'll be here". he responded. i looked at him.
"it's too quiet around here". he followed up.
i nodded. "well yeah your rooms must be like a mile away from eachother".
he smiled. "we did choose to keep our rooms on the opposite ends of the house".

when we had finally gotten out the car and walked to the door i stopped at it.
"your dads limo should almost be here right"? i asked. "it's fine, they might actually be stopping by your house first to get some of your things, but i have a key".

he reached into his pocket and pulled out the ring of keys. the same one he used for the vending machine.
"you shouldn't keep all your keys in one place".
i said. he looked at me and stuck the key in the door without having to look at the entrance.
"it's ok, i can find anything i need". he said pushing open the door with one hand.

i took a peek inside and gasped.
the beautiful white marble floors only complimented the stone and glass walls.
the light blue accents with vases and flowers in them.

"go in". satori said behind me.
i took a step inside worried my outsider shoes would soil the entire house.

"don't be shy". he said.
i walked inside and stared at the mural painted ceiling.

the door was even expensive.

"this house is everything i ever dreamed of". i told satori. he smiled. "i couldn't say the same, but it's becoming a lot better".

he walked me around. showing me the luxury home i would soon call myself to be living in.
the kitchen had 3 stoves for the (3 maids) satori mentioned.

the dining room was as big as half my house.
the carpet in it was so thick and fluffy it must have been $12,000
oh wait- i just heard satori say it was $17,000

the house was a one story house but it was so wide. filled with endless hallways and crazy design features. it was really, a millionaires house.
the CEO was a multimillionaire. And now i was to live with him... and his son.

finally satori said there was much left to explore, but for now he wanted to show me his room.

i smiled and followed him down the dark hallway at the back of the house.

when he opened yet another expensive door to reveal... wow.
he had red LED light strips going around his entire room. this room was HUGE.

his tv was like a movie screen.
his bed was a high up pillow filled bed with fluffy sheets and a big blanket.

he had a shi- shira- sh- shiritorizawa?? poster on his wall. i couldn't read in this red light.

his room was clean and tidy.
he had a rocking chair AND a couch in here.

"come see my bathroom". he said grabbing my wrist. it flustered me a bit but it was fine. i love how excited he was.

he showed me his beautiful bathroom with the same marble floor, and the big rug.
the crystal clean space and the... HOT TUB!!!


this was insane.
"sorry your room has a bathroom just like this except for the hot tub".
he said.

"oh it's ok". i responded.
"you're welcome to use mine anytime". he said.
i licked my bottom lip and nodded.

"there's a lot more to see in this house, but for now let's go to your room". he said.
i got a bit excited myself.

i expected another long walk but my room was just up the hallway. it made me- happy that his room was close.

"how do i already have my own room"? i asked.
"they must have been planning this for way longer than we'd known eachother".
i looked down. it made me angry when my mom didn't tell me things that's would affect me.

"i've never been in your room, my dad just told me where it was today. i've seen the maids taking things in there for a few months now, but i wasn't interested in it until i found out who would be in it". he smiled. it made me smile a little too.

we stopped at the door and i took a deep breath.
when i opened the door i was shocked.

the white marble floors i could now call my own.
a GIANT bed with lavender sheets and a white comforter. a huge window right by my bed looking at out at the city below. this house was a little ways up a cliff after all.

the white walls with a lavender accent wall behind my bed. the nightstand by my bed encrusted with diamonds. that had a bowl of candy on it, and a small box. i opened it to reveal a golden necklace.
"oh ive got one they say our names". satori said.

tears were almost in my eyes.

i walked over to the glass door closet that was stocked full of new clothes, all of which seemed really expensive.

the same gigantic tv on the wall.
the room smelled like lavender too.

the giant metal fan on the ceiling that looked like it cost more than my old house.
with the word love hand crafted into one of the blades and embezzled with diamonds.

there was a fluffy rug by my bed too.

i walked into the bathroom to see a beautiful tub and shower already full of bath products. and a light up vanity for a mirror. that had 2 sinks.

underneath the cabinet were combs, brushes and hair products. and... tampons. ok-

i turned to satori and smiled widely.
"do you like it"? he asked.
"OF COURSE"! i shouted back.

ok mr CEO i'm definitely not mad at YOU.

after taking in the many wonders of my new room. i sat myself down on my new bed and satori took a seat next to me. "it seems you like this new space". satori said.

i nodded. "of course i do, i'm very greatful to your dad". i replied. "don't be grateful to that piece of garbage until he shows some real compassion, it's easy to spoil someone when you have all the money you could need, but you can't pretend to love someone". he said looking out my bedside window.

i closed my eyes and layed down on my back.
"it sure is nice to have money though still". i said.
he shrugged his shoulders. "it comes in handy".

he layed down on his back as well and we looked at eachother.
i was feeling a warm feeling.
a feeling of peace and happiness but also a bubbly and tingly kind of feeling. the kind i only got when i looked at satori.

"about earlier". i said out of no where.
"what about it"? he questioned.
"what was that kiss really about"? i asked.
his eyes searched my face almost like he didn't know what to say.
"i thought i told you-" "yeah but i want a real answer, we both know that wasn't a good night kiss". i said.

he smiled. "obviously". he smirked.
my stomach was bubbling.
i have to scream.

he took a deep inhale.
"i don't know what it was about, but i do know you kissed me back". he said.
"and the choking"? i asked with a raised brow.
"are you kink shaming me"? he asked jokingly.
i shook my head. "come on satori i want real explanations". i said. "you blushed". he said.
"huh"?! i exclaimed confused at his choice.. and lack of words.

"you were blushing the whole time y/n, i took that as a sign you didn't want me to stop".
i started to blush as of now.
this boy- what the heck is so special about him?

"i was only blushing because"- i stopped talking.
my choice of words would really make or break the situation. but i didn't know how to phrase them.

"i was blushing because you touched me, anyone would blush at that". i said.
he stared at the ceiling.
"but you didn't stop me, you blushed like you were embarrassed, but yet you never showed any refusal to my touch".

i didn't know what to say.
"i- i don't". i was stuttering like an idiot.
he stuck his finger in my mouth and my eyes went wide.

"hhmmgh". i struggled to speak.
"shhh- you're a good girl, you don't deny me, but you can't hide in that shell forever y/n, i know what you're thinking, and i know what to do about it. but i'd rather take my time playing this game. i do like to analyze people after all. and you intrigue me quite a bit".

i raised a brow.
fine if he wants to play, i'm making the rules.

i bit down lightly on his finger.

"hmm- y/n you're trying to be naughty aren't you"? he smiled.
i bit down a little harder and he pulled his finger out my mouth.
"you want to play with pain"? he asked as he leaned down to bite my neck.

i gasped and i opened my eyes all the way.
his hot breath was melting me from the inside out.
"satori". i whispered with a voice filled with questions.

"yes"? he asked back.
"what are you doing"?
"i'm playing with you".
he licked down my neck and i wiggled underneath him.

"if you move too much you might excite me". he said. my face was burning hot.
"you know... playing volleyball really coordinated me. i mean- for example i could touch you anywhere i needed to without even looking. wanna see how cool that is"? he asked.

i took a gulp as he placed a hand on my thigh and squeezed it so tight i thought it would pop.
"agn". a moan escaped my lips and i quickly used both hands to cover my mouth.

"wow. that's a naughty way to play". he grinned.
"i didn't mean to". i said.
he leaned down to speak in my ear with a soft and deep voice.
"i want to see what else you can do".
he sat back up and stood up.

"i'll leave you to look around the house and explore a bit, you can also come to my room anytime you'd like. no questions asked". he said as he left out the door, closing it behind him.

i was left nearly panting.
what was that?
and when are we going to adress the big issue... that we might soon be actual siblings. related by family ties. forced to call off this little thing we have going.

i didn't know how to feel.
i should feel disgusted with myself that i could potentially be liking the touch of my brother in a sexual way. but he didn't feel like a brother.
i mean we just met a few days ago.
and somehow i already felt so attached to him.

i flipped over onto my stomach and closed my eyes.
with my legs hanging off the bed that i was leaning over. a dirty thought slipped into my head on accident.

me and satoris two naked bodies.
his on top of mine. pushing me repeatedly into the bed as he slid in and out of me.
our moans loud, but unable to be heard from all the way across the house the CEO wouldn't even know.
the bed creaking as he thrusted into me with all his force, moaning for me. as i rolled my eyes back in pleasure and took every inch of him with a scream.

i opened my eyes and snapped myself out of it. sitting up and rubbing my head trying to clear that imagery from my mind.
what the hell, i don't even know where that came from.

i exhaled sharply.
that was quite a daydream.

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