kenma kozume: let’s play


a shy boy? absolutely not. don’t let rumors cloud your judgment. but when you get entered in a gaming tournament with him, can you work together?

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part one

kenma book part 1

nekomashottie: exactly, i hate it. it's like.. if you're gonna ignore my advice then don't ask for it bitch.

nintendo-hoe: EXACTLY- i hate when people expect me to care about their problems. like... i barely care about my own.

nekomashottie: lmao, well ok. i have to get to practice so talk tmmr?

nintendo-hoe: like always. <3

nekomashottie: ... is typing

nekomashottie: <3 ;)

i clicked out of the chat and my heart fluttered.
4 months of talking to someone, even when you've never seen them in person, can make you feel a bit attracted to their personality.

you kind of start to imagine what they look like subconsciously, and fall for someone who's nothing like you expected.

nekomashottie, was his gamer tag.
i assumed he was a he because that's what he told me, not sure if someone would lie about that though.

we had met in a game lobby, i remember having my mic on and talking with the people before we played this game called gun-zone/ final war.

one of the boys talking was so funny, he was trash talking another player, it seemed maybe they knew eachother in real life.

it was really funny and i friended nekomashottie.
when he added me back, we started to chat privately and for some strange reason, i can still hear his cute little laugh from the only time we played with our mics on.

he knew my name, y/n.
but i didn't know his.
he said he had social anxiety and when we discovered we would both be going to the same school next year, since i was transferring from out of state, he preferred not to tell me his name in case we ever crossed paths.

i'm not sure how the topic of school came up, but it was hard to get him to talk again once he found out i could possibly be coming in contact with him for real.

but eventually he opened up again, and now we don't discuss personal details within our lives.

again, we had been talking for months now, and everyday i looked forward to getting online at 6 and playing games with him. and then chatting until he had to log off for practice.

i don't know what sport he plays, but i'm sure it's something that doesn't involve standing out much since his anxiety is so bad.

i stood up from my gaming chair and stretched my legs. i would probably play on my nintendo switch once i ate dinner.

i actually wanted to play it right now, i was obsessed with gaming, and of course being a girl everyone always thinks it's for attention.

when in reality the only reason i'm eating dinner is because i skipped lunch to game longer.

not saying i skip meals regularly to game or anything.
~ that is what i'm saying

i walked out of my room flipping the switch off as i left. my hair was all over the place but i couldn't be bothered to fix it.

walking into the kitchen i smelled wonderful food.
my mom was a fantastic cook, and my dad was... well he tried his best!

my mom gave me a smile as i peeked into the pot to see boiling noodles.

"ooh i love when you make the spicy ones". i said giving her a peck on the cheek.
she was shorter than me and i often called her a baby for her lack of height.

"did you have fun on the game thing"? she asked.
she did her best to engage with me, and talk about the things i liked, but i could tell she knew nothing about the games i played, or the internet in general.

"i did". i said laughing at her wording.
the game thing~ *ha

"the food is ready, i just have to set the table, so please grab your father. he's been working all day". she said to me.

"okay". i agreed nodding as i started to walk off and navigate to my fathers private study.

our house was quite large, in fact not to brag but i would say our house was well over average.
that's thanks to my hard working father.
he spends so much time in his office it's like his bedroom.

i even caught him sleeping in his office chair one time. he had been so exhausted he couldn't bother to make his way to him and my mothers room across the house.

i lightly tapped on the sheet covered glass. and waited for my father to ask "who's there"?
i said "me". with my faint voice and he told me to come in.

i opened the double doors and walked into the large study, instead of a bright overhead light he had a soft orange light lamp in the corner, it was peaceful in here. and his incense burner made the room smell like fresh firewood.

it was a bit cold, the overhead fan was on full spin and my father still dressed up in a suit and tie even though he worked from home.

"how was your day my love"? my father asked as he glanced up at me from writing on a stack of papers.
his square glasses gleamed with an orange tint.

"it was great". i said.
"the food is done". i added.
he smiled and clicked his pen.
then he removed his glasses, setting them on the dark oak desk and stood up with pace.

"are you hungry"? i asked laughing sarcastically.
"i sure am". he added coming around the table and giving me a side hug before leading me out of his office and closing the door behind him.

walking back into the kitchen, my mother had already set the dining table and poured our glasses.

"i made this fresh juice today". my mom said as she now topped off her own glass.

"can't wait to try it". my father said with a smile. as he gave my mother a kiss on the forehead and we all sat down at the table to eat.

we bowed our heads in unison and blessed our food silently.

it might be a sin, but during the blessing i usually just recite a part of my favorite song in my head, and then pretend i did the blessing.

not because i wasn't greatful for the food, just because it was awkward to talk to myself in my head, and i didn't really know what to say.

we all opened our eyes and started to eat, as my dad talked about how great sales were going and my mom talked about purchasing some more seeds for her garden.

everything here was pretty perfect.

people might get jealous, or feel weirded out by our daily interaction.

but honestly we're only like this because we've only had eachother.
we used to be so poor my mother only had one pair of clothes because she sold them for food.

my father had no job.
and i didn't even know what a gaming system was.

i was 6 when my dad struck gold.
his sales pitch that he had given 3 years prior.
had finally gotten approved. and it did so well he became one of the top leaders of japan's highest ranking business.

a company called GAMECORE.
it sold video games, electric sets, computers, and launched new things everyday.

people from all over the world sent cash to the business in exchange for new games and consoles.
it was amazing.

now we lived in lavish and harmony.
knowing the hardships of living with nothing but eachother, only made being rich that much more satisfying.

i could have anything i wanted, but i appreciated it so much more.

the reason i moved here to japan with my family, was because i got bullied so bad at my old school for being "the poor girl".

i couldn't bare to spend another year there.

now maybe at nekoma i can finally have a new start, and be someone else.

the invisible girl preferably.
no one needs to know who my dad is, it only brings out fake friends.

after dinner i thanked my mom again as i stood up and headed back to my room.

after my dad announced he was rich, we went a little overboard that first day.
my room was filled to the brim with games, controllers, a custom built pc, posters, shelves lined with action figures and manga.
my bed was huge, and the comforter was a huge light gray fluffy blanket, with pillows and sheets to match.

it was my actual dream room.

i jumped up to check my computer.
after his practice was over, nekomashottie usually sent me a goodnight text, and sometimes he would talk to me for a while if he wasn't too exhausted.

i can't believe at first i didn't realize we would be going to the same school, i mean he has nekoma in his gamer tag.

i'm dumb for that one.

i wonder who he could be?
i hope before we graduate at least i get to find him out. i giggled, it probably wouldn't take THAT long for him to admit who he really was... but then again he did say his anxiety is severe.

i hopped online and opened the chat to find a new message from 3 minutes ago. just in time.

nekomashottie: hey y/n, practice was good as usual. wanna chat? i figured since tommorow is the first day you will be coming to my school there's a few things you should know about the place.

~i smiled

nintendo-hoe: that sounds great. i don't want to look lost on my first day.

nekomashottie: we've already been in for like 6 months now, so it won't be as chaotic as the first few weeks, every year the first few weeks of school are just awful.

nintendo-hoe: why is that?

nekomashottie: because my friends like to welcome everyone back and they tried to hug me once. i almost threw up.

nintendo-hoe: dead asf !😭 do you not like hugging your friends or something?

nekomashottie: they're too invasive.
anyways, first thing you should know is that the cafeteria gets crowded quickly. so you shouldn't be late to lunch if you actually want to eat.
second thing is, if you happen to take ms carols science class, she will give you a passing grade as long as you answer atleast half of the problems.

nintendo-hoe: i'm not sure if i'm in a science class, but that's good to know.

nekomashottie: and the third thing is that our school has a volleyball team, and you might see the captain around a lot, at our school people treat the team pretty good, but don't get mixed in with them because the captain is trouble. he always tries to date the new girls.

nintendo-hoe: wow ok. i'll make sure to stay away from the volleyball team.

nekomashottie: i hope you have fun tommorow. make a friend or something. but not too many because that's overbearing.

nintendo-hoe: lol ok. goodnight <3

nekomashottie: is typing...
nekomashottie: <3 goodnight

again i felt these butterflies.
i wonder if he responded with the heart simply to match my energy, or maybe because he thought it was friendly, or if he did so because he'd fallen madly in love with me and is now obsessed.

whatever the case may be, i yawned in my hands as i realized in order to be well rested for tommorow i should probably go to bed now.

i climbed into my bed deciding to take a shower in the morning, and used my remote to turn off my light.

i took out my phone and instinctively started to scroll through instagram watching those weird satisfying videos, when i realized i was supposed to be sleeping and put my phone down.

i closed my eyes and eventually fell asleep.


my alarm started to play at full volume and i jolted up, doing my best to find my phone while i was still 3/4ths asleep.

i turned it off and unknowingly layed back down closing my eyes. that stupid alarm. i'm not waking up.


another alarm.
i angrily sat up to turn it off and realized i knew myself too well.

i had 6 more alarms lined up to go off within a minute of eachother. simply because i didn't want to oversleep and ever have to rush to get ready.

i dragged my lazy carcass out of bed and flipped on my light, scratching my head as i longed to be back in bed.

when i went into my bathroom and looked in the mirror, my eyes shot open realizing... it's my first day at a new school!!!

this is my chance to reinvent myself and maybe be popular for a change.
i frantically started to undress, realizing i had so much to do if i was going to go to school trying to make an entrance.

at my old school, i had been the poor loser that no one dared to talk to. the rumors made about me weren't even half as bad as things actually were. and now that i had all this money to blow, i was sure as hell going to use it to feel better about myself.

i turned on the shower and took my hair out of its rubber band so that i could wet it. (listen i'm making your hair curly because y/n never gets to have curly hair and i have curly hair, and it's to be inclusive. and don't say "straight hair is inclusive because you can flat iron your hair". because well then you can curl your hair. imagine it's curly for whatever reason you want or pretend it's straight anyways. but i'm writing it as curly~ thank you)

i stepped into the glass shower and started to rinse water through my curls.
i grabbed the shampoo and started to scrub, all the while imagining in my head what i would wear for my first day of school, something that would make me stand out in a good way.


as i hurried out the shower, dripping wet with a towel wrapped over my shoulders, i stepped out of my bathroom and back into my room.

i shivered as i tucked under the towel to put on my underwear, the cold air in my room felt unbearable compared to the warm water.

i put on a matching black underwear set, and started to let myself air dry as i used the towel to wrap my hair.

going back into the bathroom i applied lotion and deodorant, smelling my arms to make sure i smelled fresh.

walking back into my room i opened my closet to find a shirt, what should i choose?
should i display myself as the sexy girl?
the quiet and cute type?
how about emo?

i giggled to myself.
i could never pull that off, my personality didn't match it.

i didn't want to seem shy on my first day, i wanted to seem approachable and sweet, while also maintaining a certain cuteness about me.
that's the way i saw the popular girls at my old school.

they weren't so much sexy, as they were really nice and attractive personality wise.

i pulled out a black lace type shirt, and took a pair of blue jeans off a hanger. then i grabbed my white tennis shoes and a pair of socks out my drawer. then i went back and grabbed a blazer type jacket to add some class.

i walked to my bed holding everything and sat down, rushing to get ready so i had time to do some light makeup.

i slipped on the jeans, and then the shirt.
squirming to get the clothes over my freshly showered body, it was a struggle to say the least.

then i bent down, feeling the pressure of the tight pants cave into the fat on my stomach.
i grabbed at it, sitting in that gaming chair takes a toll on my body.
whatever i'm sexy anyways.

i slid my socks on one by one and then my shoes, tying the laces tight with a double knot.

then i stood up sliding on the jacket and taking the towel off my head, tossing it to the floor and speed walking back into my bathroom. i brushed through my hair, putting products and decided to wear it in a high ponytail.

i looked in the mirror and noticed the dark circles under my eyes from staying up every night.
i definitely should get some healthier habits.

i started to do some natural makeup, covering up blotches on my skin and putting on blush to distract from the blankness of my face.

then i put on some mascara, a pair of diamond earrings my dad had recently bought me, and a thin golden necklace that said my name.

i was ready for my first day. (your outfit, minus the purse, plus a backpack)

i left the bathroom, grabbing my backpack and my phone (which i slipped in my back pocket) from my room.

i walked down the hall and into the kitchen to greet my mother who was already making breakfast for my dad.

"what time is it honey, where are you going"? she asked. i smiled. "mom, it's my first day of school remember"? she giggled and put her hand to her forehead. "that's today? i had forgotten".

i walked over to her and gave her a hug.
"so short". i whispered. she tried to jab me in the stomach but i moved away just in time.
"too slow". i said sticking my tongue out as she grinned.

"would you like me to drive you"? she asked turning back to face the stove.
"no thanks, i'll drive myself". i said excitedly, one thing i loved the most about our new lifestyle.

was the fact i had my own car, and not just any car, a Rolls Royce with the stars on the roof.
my dream car.

i've had it for a few months now, but i'd never gotten to show it off on account that i didn't have any real life friends.
only online ones.

"i should get going". i said already heading towards the door.
"don't you want breakfast"? she asked.
"i'm not really hungry, i'll just get a coffee on my way". i replied.

"okay". she agreed as i reached the front door and grabbed my keys off the key rack.

i walked out, closing the door behind me and walking into the driveway.

i had been driving for about 10 minutes, listening to the talk show host on the radio.
it made me feel more mature to listen to their podcast, than to listen to music. i wasn't sure why.

i saw the coffee shop in the distance, the drive thru wasn't too busy, and there was still 40
minutes until school actually started.
i just wanted to get there early to scope out the place.

nekoma was only about 5 minutes from here.
if i didn't have a car, i could probably walk it in 30 minutes or so.

i turned into the parking lot of hause koffee,
and pulled into the drivethru.

after placing my order for a small cup of mocha frappe, i waited patiently as the line moved.

eventually, i made my way to the window and paid my money to a girl that seemed almost the same age as me, maybe slightly older.

she handed me my mocha and then leaned forward a bit like she was going to talk to me.

"i promise you we have all been there before, and i mean this in the nicest way possible, school is a cruel place and i just.. uh- we seem the same age and i thought i should tell you that you might want to maybe put on some lipgloss, or maybe some um.. chapstick... not to be rude at all- just trying to uh".

i reached my finger up to touch my lips. they were so dry and cracking it felt like broken glass.... the coffee shop girl just told me my lips are dry.

i smiled and cleared my throat with a hot head.

"uh- t-thank you". i said before immediately pushing the gas and driving away.

oh my god. that was the most embarrassing thing ever. like- i'm glad she said something. but just why me? why today?

i reached into the holder next to me, grabbing lipgloss and smearing it on resentfully.
laughing at myself and then feeling even more embarrassed.

my heart raced as i pulled into a parking spot, the school standing in front of me in all its glory.
nekoma high school.

i stopped the engine, and noticed students that walked by on the sidewalks, pointing at my car and making surprised faces, trying to see who could be inside.

a small crowd was forming as i tried to build up the courage to step out. i grabbed a pair of dark shades for that extra effect. *inhale
*exhale... okay.

i grabbed my bag from the passenger seat and opened the car door as even more students took pictures and recorded my car.

they watched me as i stepped out, and my head was spinning. i could hear them whispering things like, "who is she"? "is she new"? "is she rich" "look at her car oh my god".

it made me feel so... so cool i guess.

i closed the car door hard, and jingled my keys as i locked it.

people were watching as i walked towards them in my black gucci sunglasses, and my designer outfit, to step on the sidewalk next to them.

they moved back but continued to stare at me.
someone grabbed my arm and i turned my head quickly, "i'm- im sorry are you new"? this shy looking girl asked as people went silent to listen to what i would say.

okay y/n, be nice, that's gonna make people like you even more.
"yes i am". i said back softly, pulling up my sunglasses to show my eyes to her.

she smiled and i heard more murmurs about the cute new girl, and the rich new girl.
that's was me?... good.

i walked away from the crowd with a grin on my face, and a swing in my hips.
taking long strides like a model in order to be perceived as one.

as i reached the front door to the school, i became even more nervous seeing giant, noisy crowds of students all gathered at the front on the school, waiting for the bell to ring.

i took another deep breath as i swung open the first set of double doors. in this area, there was a door to the front office, and then ahead were another pair of glass doors to enter the front of the school.

i moved to the side and swung open the front office door. feeling completely embarrassed when i realized how dead silent it was in there.

here i was standing in a runway outfit, and the receptionist stared me up and down.

i quieted my presence, and walked towards the desk.
the lady gave me a half smile and then sighed looking down at her computer.

i guess she didn't plan on helping any new students today. "name"? she asked with a harshness in her tone that made me feel like i was in trouble.

"y/n". i said back.
"okay do you need a shedule"? she asked.
i nodded. "use your words". she said aggressively.
i was taken aback, and almost started to stutter.

"uh- um yes please". i said removing my sunglasses, now feeling foolish, my false sense of self confidence leaving my body all at once.

"when it prints from that copier go and grab it". she said as the phone started to ring.
i nodded awkwardly and then stepped to the side as she picked up the phone.

"how can i help you"? she asked with a dull manner.
i pulled out my phone, 35 minutes until class started.
maybe i could find someone to talk to quickly, so that i wouldn't eat lunch alone.

i heard the office door click, and turned my head to see a boy swinging it open.
he was tall, slender but well built, he had rough hair but somehow it looked good on him, he wore a red track jacket over a black shirt, and black pants.

he had his backpack slung on one shoulder, and he stared at his phone as he walked passed me, he smelled good.

who was that boy?
he sure was sexy as hell.
and he didn't even give me a glance.

"what do you want today kuroo"? the receptionist asked smacking her lips as she hung up the phone.
was she done with the call, or did she just hang up on someone?

so kuroo was his name... ok.

"come on ms g, don't be so cold". he said leaning forward on the counter, his two canine teeth were really sharp, i couldn't help but stare when he opened his mouth, he looked like a wolf.

and his voice was so- weird.
it was deep like a boy, but he talked in a flirty tone.
who does that? not to a front desk lady especially.

he must be that type of boy, the type that flirts a lot.

"are you gonna grab your paper or what"?
the lady said snapping at me as i stopped zoning out.
i blushed feeling attacked.

i turned to walk up and grab my paper out the printer on the side of the desk. and as i did this kuroo boy started speaking to me.

"you new"? he asked.
i grabbed my shedule and turned around looking him in the eyes, "uh- yeah". i said standing up straight.

he smiled and i got nervous butterflies in my stomach, my first 5 minutes at school and i think i already had a crush.

"i'm kuroo". he said reaching out his hand.
i stared at it until i realized he wanted to shake hands. oh snap- i reached out my hand and smiled back trying my best not to seem weird.

"i'm y/n". i replied.

"cute name". he said pulling back his hand and grabbing a slip of paper from the receptionist.

"thank.. you". i said as he turned and walked out of the side door into the main area of the school.
before the door shut all the way i heard loud voices and yelling, then as the door shut it went silent again.

"sound proof wow". i said to the receptionist smiling.
she didn't smile back and instead looked down at her computer muttering under her breath.


i folded my shedule and slipped it in my back pocket with my phone, then mentally prepared to be seen again. and walked out the front office.

walking into the front area of the school, i caught several glances, from both boys and girls.
my heart was beating out of my chest and i did my best to keep my composure.

a few people had apparently already heard about my car, since people posted it on their stories.
and now they were calling me the rolls royce girl.

i tried to appear tough, and at the same time beautiful. all the while inside i was dying to be somewhere where no one could see me. it was a lot of pressure being around people again.

"damn look at her fit". some boy said with a fist over his mouth, as his friends laughed and cheered him on to come and talk to me.

i walked faster, wanting to avoid being catcalled.

i didn't look anyone in the eyes really, but i could see them staring. all of them seemed to be staring right at me, even though most of them probably didn't even notice.

i walked down a side hallway where people were standing and talking by lockers.
i walked, trying to figure out who could be a potential friend.

looking over peoples faces and trying to evaluate the way they stood, the way they laughed with one another, how they were dressed, if they were overly loud or energetic. i did this to make sure i could fall in with the right group of friends, because honestly... sometimes choosing the wrong friends puts you at the bottom of the chain immediately.

i came across the doors to the library, it seemed way quieter in there.
i decided to just hunt for a friend in my class before lunch, and then bam, instant lunch buddy.

i flung open the library doors, and saw a few students reading together, some using computers and others talking with the librarian.

actually, i guess i did have a reason to be in here after all.

i walked over to one of the librarians who was checking the date on a book in her hands. and i cleared my throat so she would look at me.

"how can i help you"? she asked warmly.
"hi, my old school said they would give you guys an id picture of me, and i was emailed that my id would be waiting in the library for me on the first day".

she smiled and nodded. "i'll go check on that for you, what's your name sweetie".
her voice was so sweet, she was the first person in this school that made me feel cared for today.

"my name is y/n". i said returning the same warmth in my voice. "lovely, give me a few minutes"? she asked. i nodded again and walked away.

i guess i can look through the books.

this school had a huge library.
the shelves were tall, and the rows extended front to back, running across the entire length of the library, if you entered an aisle.
you might want to be sure that's the one you want to walk down, considering once your in the middle it's a little bit of a inconvenience to walk all the way around to the next one over.

i instinctively knew where to go, the g section.
for gaming, and game developer books.
to get inside the mind of a video game developer was truly something.
i loved reading about them almost as much as playing their games.

i walked down the long narrow aisle, focused on finding which title stood out to me the most.

as i glanced over the book spines, walking down the aisle at the same time, i spotted two alluring eyes peering at me from the other side of the shelf.

as soon as i had seen them, they were gone.
but they were almost engraved into my memory in less than a second.

(original artwork. don't make fun of me i tried my best omg. i just wanted to show you what it looked like)

two hazel, big and bright eyes, cat shaped and focused on me as i walked by. as soon as i realized i was being looked at, the eyes disappeared and i kept walking like i hadn't seen them.

that was creepy.

i didn't find anything on this aisle. so i decided to go to the next one over and see who had been glaring at me.

when i peeked down the aisle, there was no one there. i even checked the few beside it, trying to catch whoever it could have been. but there was no one close enough. they must have left immediately after i'd seen them.

"y/n i have your id". the librarian spoke from the front. i adjusted my backpack on my shoulders and walked back to the front of the library. thanking the lady as she handed me my id, which i stuffed into my backpack. no one needs to see my awful photo.

i waved at the nice lady as i walked back out the double glass doors and listened to the bell ring.

i pulled out my phone and it read 8:30.
i didn't even get to talk to anyone but oh well.
i then pulled out my shedule and saw that my first class was in p215.

a class in the back of the school, and it looked like the first class i had was history.
with a man named mr hawkins.

i put my shedule and phone back into my pocket and started to walk down the hallway to find the room.

i ended up walking up a flight of stairs, that's not something i was going to look forward to everyday.

when i reached the room, i was hit with the memory that i was the only new student in the class, it wasn't the first day for everyone, only me.

i walked in as i caught stares and whispers.
"good evening". a man said stepping in front of me and startling me.

"oh uh hi.. mr hawkins?". i asked.
he smiled. "that's me". he said as he put his hand out.

i stood confused. "your shedule young lady".
my eyes went wide as i realized. "oh sorry". i said taking it out and handing it to him for him to inspect.

he verified i was in the right class and sent me to sit at a 4 group table.

the only other person sitting at it, across from me was some boy with headphones on, it didn't look like he took much interest in me at all.

and my adrenaline started to die down since no one was talking about me anymore.

just as the tardy bell rang, the door swung open and... kuroo, was his name?
kuroo walked in.

running a hand through his hair and sitting down NEXT TO ME. not noticing i was there.
he was on his phone again.

i sat in my seat with a hot head, as next to me sat the boy from earlier. kuroo.

he said i had a cute name, it still kind of made my heart jump.
i side eyed him and waited for him to notice me, but it looked like he was texting.

the teacher hit the board with his ruler.
"alright kuroo, put the phone away". he said as he adjusted his tie and pulled down the projecter screen.

kuroo sighed and slid his phone into his pocket.
then he looked over to see me sitting to the right of him, and his eyes searched my face as he leaned forward a little.

"hey i remember you". he said as i blushed backing away from his face a little.
"we met this morning". i said back.
he grinned. "right... what's your name again"? he asked. "y/n". i said in a whisper as the teacher began to lecture.

"right, right". he whispered back nodding.
"you're new here"? he asked.
i nodded taking a journal out my backpack to copy the notes the teacher was writing down.

"yeah". i said now getting a mechanical pencil and pushing the led out.
"oh, those are new notes, you need the old ones first". he said in my ear (which made me feel all tingly), as he slid his journal in front of me.

"use my journal, and i'll take these new ones today, we can meet up later and i'll give you today's".
my eyes went a little wide.
meet up later?
he was a flirt wasn't he.

"i can just take a picture of them". i whispered giggling as i took out my phone to take a picture of the screen.

he smiled slyly. "so i guess you don't want to hang out later"? he asked.
"w-well i- i don't"-
he smiled even wider.
"you're just like my friend kenma".

"who's kenma"? i asked.
"i just told you he's my friend, you need to listen". he said leaning closer to my face as i heated up and tried to tuck my head into my shirt. if i could just disappear.

"thanks for the notes". i said interrupting his invasion of my personal space, as i started to frantically copy notes down from his journal into mine.

"don't mention it". he said sitting back up and sneakily pulling his phone out under the table.

i caught the quiet boy in front of us staring at me, and when i looked at him he looked down.
he pushed his headphones into his ear more and sulked in his chair.

"y/n". the teacher sort of shouted.
i turned my head quickly facing him, thinking i was in trouble.

"yes YOU, little lady come and introduce yourself to the class". oh god he was one of those teachers.

i hesitated to stand up and everyone in the class stared at me, some of them smiled, most of them were expressionless probably wishing they didn't have to sit through my introduction.

i walked to the front of the class, trying to remember how stylish i looked right now, i couldn't just be shy my whole life.

"i'll ask a few questions, and then i'll choose people from the class to ask a few questions, sound ok"? mr hawkins asked. i nodded to agree.

i stood in front of everyone ready to be interrogated.
"so, first, tell us what you like to do for fun". the teacher said.

"um- i play a lot of video games, i have a big collection, and a custom built pc that i did myself".

the teacher smiled. "that's interesting, what about sports, do you play or.. i don't know, watch any sports"?

i thought about my answer and then started to speak. "i don't play any sports, but if i had to learn one i guess it would be like... volleyball"?
my answer came out more like a question.

"well we have a girls volleyball team if that's something you're interested in".

"no thank you". i giggled.

"ah i see- you'd be interested in playing on the boys team eh"? he said winking and elbowing my arm as some of the class laughed.

oh god please stop.
"no i just"- "what do you say kuroo, can you let a girl on the team"! the teacher shouted towards the back of the classroom as kuroo looked up smiling and girls waved at him.

my heart stopped.
t-that's, the captain of the volleyball team?!
the first thing that came to my mind is nekomashottie telling me to stay away from them.

"maybe just this once". kuroo said, joking that i could join. my face went red.

the teacher turned back to me. "well if the captain allows it, looks like you're on the team". he said laughing at his own joke.

i tried to make my blush leave my face, and avoided kuroos stare, i could feel it from all the way over here.

"alright, does anyone have questions for ms y/n"? the teacher asked.

some boys hand shot up and the teacher called on him. "yes caden"?
"is it true that you have a Rolls Royce, because i saw it on snapchat". he said.

i smiled. "yes it's what i drove here in".
the class shared its oohs, and ahs.

"are you rich"? some girl asked as the class went silent wanting to hear my answer.
"i- i don't know, i guess so". i said not knowing this feeling of being adored.

"do you have a boyfriend"? that caden boy asked, as his friends hit his shoulder laughing and he burried his face in his arms.

"um- no". i said.
"alright! that's enough. y/n you can go back your seat, thank you for sharing". the teacher said as a few students awkwardly clapped.

i walked back clenching my jaw and trying not to feel overwhelmed.
being the center of attention in a positive way, opposed to a negative way, felt so much different.

i actually liked it.

i took my seat, immediately feeling shocked and cautious of this kuroo boy now.
i guess nekomashottie was right about him flirting with new girls.

"so, you're rich huh"? kuroo said smiling as he came close to me again.

i controlled my breathing as i felt his body heat.

"i don't know". i said trying to turn away.
"you single"? he asked.
i turned back quickly, is he gonna ask me out?

my stomach started to twist.
"yeah". i said eyeing him.
"you like video games for real"? he asked.
i raised a brow.
"yeah for real". i said like it was obvious.
he smiled as he ran his tongue over his two sharp canine teeth.

"alright". he said sitting back up and pulling out his phone. i thought he was done talking, but instead he tapped me and handed me his phone.

i blushed. "put your number". he demanded.
my eyes were wide and i thought i must look so nervous right now.

"my number"? i asked making sure i heard him right. "duh yours". he said grinning.

i took his phone into my slightly shaky hands and put my phone number it in.

"thanks". he said looking at it.

my head was moving at 1000 miles a minute.

after the first period bell rang, i awkwardly said goodbye to kuroo. as i felt the pressure building in my stomach walking out the door.

why had he gotten my number?
did he think i was cute? funny? hot?
i thought to myself as i navigated through the busy hallway trying to get to my next class.

i mean really, i just gave it up like i wanted nothing more than for him to contact me, what was i thinking.

i finally found my next class and walked in the door.
this was mrs. yuuns math class.
the room was half full with students, as more continued to file in and find their seat.

i heard a few whispers about the new girl standing by the front door.

since mrs yuun seemed not to notice me, i walked by the desks and approached her sitting at her computer.

she looked up at me and then smiled, "wonderful to have you here y/n, you can take a seat wherever you like, the students chose their seats on the first day". she, adjusted her glasses and went back to vigorously typing on her keyboard.

ok then.
i turned and started to look around the room for somewhere to sit, i felt so nervous knowing i was the only new person in class.

looking around, every table had atleast 2 or more people sitting at it.
i was going to have to talk to new people if i didn't want to seem strange.

oh wait- in the back there was a table with no one at it. i smiled. looks like i can have some peace of mind after all.

i walked towards the back, feeling my ponytail swing, and a certain happy feeling around me.
not being teased or called names for this long, it was sure a change of pace, and a nice one at that.

just as i reached the table, a pale hand slapped the top of it, as a tall boy sat down in one of the chairs and shook the desk as he did.

my eyes went a little wide... to see a boy this tall.
he is certainly foreign, his face is so defined and unique, he is almost beautiful.

well- he is beautiful.

i grabbed onto the chair i was going to pull out, and slowly dragged it leaving space for me to slide it in.

the boy sitting next to me stared holes into the side of my face, and i turned to him gulping.

"hey". he said unexpectedly.
"uh- hey". i said back clearing my throat.
"you're new here"? he asked.
i nodded. "yeah- i um- just got here today".
he smiled. "i'm lev haiba, but you can just call me lev".

i smiled back. "lev? are you russian"?
i asked. he smiled. "yeah actually, no one here has been able to guess, what gave me away?". he asked rubbing the back of his neck.

"i'm not from here, so i can tell your slight accent is russian". he nodded. "oh cool, i guess we're both foreign then". he started to take textbooks out his backpack, and i eased up. he seemed really nice, and despite his shocking height, he wasn't all that intimidating.

"wait i have an accent"? he asked turning to me.
"you guys all have the accent not me". he said laughing.
"vwait i halve an aexent"? i asked back mocking him and laughing.

"hey"! he said slightly tipping me over.
"ok ok". i said smiling as he shook his head.
this guy is cool.

as the teacher lectured about the endless theory of pi, i was startled when my phone vibrated in my pocket.

i pulled it out and the notification was a message from an unknown number.
i instantly blushed... this must be kuroo texting me.
i can't believe he was actually serious about wanting my number.

unknown: hi

what should i say?
i don't want to sound like a loser.
me: hi

there, playing it safe. just let him start the conversation.

unknown: am i interrupting your class?
the butterflies in my stomach just wouldn't stop.

me: no it's ok.
what should i say, i have nothing interesting to add.

unknown: ;) you're such a hottie, i saw you in the hallway today.

WHA- i set my phone down and shivered as i realized how good it actually felt to be complimented by a boy.
i picked it back up and started to type- when i got another message before i sent mine.

unknown: ignore him.

wait- what?

me: is this kuroo?
was this really just some prank message, or someone random?

unknown: this is kuroos phone, he just handed it to me and said to talk to you.

now i'm even more confused.

me: so you and kuroo are in class together then?
i asked wanting an explanation.

unknown: yeah, he said he wanted me to text you because he thinks we could be friends, but he won't even tell me anything about you.

me: oh.. well kuroo just took my number from my first period class.

unknown: um ok.

it seems that he didn't really know what to talk about either.

unknown: hey this is kuroo again, my friend is being shy but how about you eat lunch with us today? get to know each other better?

eat lunch with kuroo? is this a dream?

me: uh- yeah sure i'll text you then.

unknown: great :) see you soon.

i couldn't believe it.
my first day here and the captain of a sports team was already texting me and asking me to eat lunch with him. what if... there is no friend. he just wants to eat lunch with me.

i blushed and fantasized about it my seat.

i took another peek at my phone.
i guess i can change his name from unknown to kuroo then.

wait- that's such a weird name i don't even know how to spell it.

k- e- r-0?

i scrunched my nose, and turned to lev.

"hey lev i know this is totally random, but do you happen to have an idea on how to spell kuroo"?

his face lit up.
"kuroo, what do you want with him"? he asked.
i was taken aback, so he knows kuroo?

"yeah it's just, i've got his number but no contact name and i don't have a clue how to spell it".

"it's k-u-r-o-o". he said back staring.

"thanks, you uh- seem to know him".
i said. he shook his head smiling.
"of course, that's my captain".

wait... huh.

as i walked to third period, i was utterly shook at lev being on the volleyball team, making kuroo his captain. i even showed him the text, and he started uncontrollably giggling saying he knew exactly who kuroo was getting me to talk to. but he wouldnt tell me who it was.

i found my third period was ms. orcs chemistry class.
and after a lengthy explanation of her class expectations for me, i was sent to do work alone.

this class had single person desks lined in rows across the room. now, for real this time i could focus on some real school work.

*buzz buzz.

i jumped at my own ringer. and reached into my pocket to pull my phone out.
the blush id been fighting all day, now returned.

unknown: hey. still coming to eat with me?

... *tingles

me: yeah
kuroo: okay. we eat on the roof so just grab your lunch and head up. you'll see us, we're the only ones.
me: um- the roof
kuroo: yeah, the team likes it up there.


me: the whole team ?!
kuroo: yes oh my god. just be there after third period.

i put my phone away and burried my head in my arms. meeting the whole team was so embarrassing.
and to top it all off i'm dressed like i want to be the next top model, so laying low is kind of off the table right now.

i anticipated the moment the bell would ring.
students gathered, crowded by the door. waiting for the last few minutes to waste away so they could leave to lunch.

while i stood by the door nervous, with a racing heart and a headache.
i mean.. i had met kuroo of course, but what if his team didn't like me?
what if they thought i was annoying.
or what if... they start to pick on kuroo and say we're dating.

if they teased me i wouldn't know what to do.
i'd probably be a nervous blushing mess.


a loud bell echoed and the door flung open, sending kids rushing to the cafeteria and me walking slowly behind them as more filled the halls.

*deep breath
okay- so i have to go to the roof then.
where are the stairs?

i walked through the hallway looking for... AHA a stairway.

i started to walk up it, realizing my legs were already tired from the day.
i held my backpack tightly, like the straps could hug me back and tell me it was okay.

i finally made it to the top, and pushed open the metal door to reveal no one at all. i stuck my head out the door and looked side to side, but there was no team.

i closed the door feeling defeated.
so.. it was a prank after all huh?

i turned around to walk down the stairs.
i could probably still find someone to eat with i guess.

just as i made it to the bottom of the stairs and rounded the corner.

i came face to face with kuroo, and... the entire team following behind him and looking at me.

"where are you going"? he asked laughing.
"i didn't see you.. so i thought-".
"geez, we didn't get our lunch yet, can't you be patient for us"? he asked laughing as some of his team mates did the same.

he pointed to the stairs.
and i turned back around with wide eyes as i obeyed and started to walk back up the stairs.

nekomas volleyball team behind me.

once i opened the door and walked out onto the roof.
i felt the sun hit my face and bathed in the warmth.
as i watched the boys file out one by one.

kuroo, some blonde tall boy, OH LEV, a few other boys, and then... who- is- *cue sexy music

a boy that was the same height as me, he had blonde hair that was black at the roots, he was wearing a black t-shirt and black joggers, but it couldn't have looked any better on him.
he was thin, but he clearly had defined muscles in his arms, and... his eyes... those cat eyes i- i saw them before haven't i?

i watched as the team took seats on the ground and i did the same in between kuroo and a stranger.
across from lev and next to lev... that boy.

i could tell i was gawking at him. so i tried to stop being so creepy.

he was quiet, he hadn't said a word, just watched.
and as i stared at him, he looked up. and we locked eyes.

i quickly looked away and felt my ears burning.

"HEY"! lev shouted from across me, getting my attention. "hey". i said back.
"i'm glad we have a class together". he said smiling.
i smiled back, and uncontrollably kept glancing at the cute boy next to him.

i couldn't help it.
i just HAD to say something. so-

"i think i saw you in the library this morning". i said looking directly at the cat eyed boy, i got so nervous when he made direct eye contact back.

he nodded. "yeah i saw you". he said.
i did my best to smile cutely.
"um- i- i'm y/n, nice to meet you". i said stretching out my hand.

his eyes lit up, and his lips parted like he just had a revelation.
he looked shocked.
"is something wrong"? i asked.
he shook his head.
"no it's nothing at all". he said back.
ok then.

"wow you're actually getting kenma to talk". lev said as kenma slapped his head.

"so you don't talk much"? i asked.
he shook his head no.
"why not? you have a nice voice". i said.. and a nice face.. and body.. oh no i'm loosing it now.

"a nice voice"? he asked as the team got silent.
they were all listening to us.
was it really that rare that he spoke to people?

"yes, your voice is nice to me". i said reassuring him.
he slightly smiled. not much- but i definitely saw it.

"uh- thanks". he said taking his backpack off his shoulders and pulling out a bento.

i was surprised to see he made his own lunch- unless his mom did it for him.

i took my backpack off and pulled out my own bento as well.

"wow, you two are the only ones that pack those things". kuroo said making everyone laugh.

"well i- i just figured if i started packing my own lunch, i wouldn't have to talk to people in line- OR hear them talking about me or anything. honestly avoiding people is my hobby". i said struggling to get my bento open.

i looked up for a split second to see kenma staring at me so hard, it looked like he could see right through me.

he glanced away but i still got all tingly and warm inside.

"you sound just like kenma". kuroo whispered.
that really made my stomach jump.

i was introduced to everyone else, and we started to eat and talk about "last weeks game" and "janet pings new phone with the clear back".

it was fun to have friends again- in person.

but i did keep getting sidetracked on watching kenma. the way he ate so softly somehow.
the way he stared at people so intently when they were talking.

he was just- how do i put this...... hot as.. hell.

after we all finished eating.
it was time to say goodbye, we all still sat in a circle on the ground.

"hey what's your next class?"
kuroo asked me curiously.
i frantically took out my shedule.
"uhhh.. looks like- mr deans english class".
i said.

kuroo started cackling and the team followed along. "that's too perfect". he said.
"i know right, like bring out the cameras already". lev said laughing.

"what's so funny"? i asked.
kuroo turned to me. "it's nothing, but uh- you and kenma have the same class so maybe you guys can sit together"? my face turned red.
"uh-um". i turned to kenma to see him looking at me with no reaction.

"kenma"? kuroo asked his friend.
"sure". he said back.
my body was warm, i don't know what made him so attractive, but right now i'd like- do anything for him.

the bell rang, and we all stood up.
some of the boys already making their way back out the door.

i quickly stood up and fixed my tank top, then looked up to see kenma waiting by the metal door and staring right at me.

"are- you waiting for me"? i called out.
he nodded and looked down at the ground.

i walked towards him and he held the door open and let me inside. then we walked down the stairs in silence.

"so uh- is the teacher nice"? i asked trying to make small talk. he hesitated to speak.
"yeah i guess he's fine".

"cool". i said back trying not to be annoying.

we walked through the halls in even more silence.
until finally,

"kuroo said you like video games".
"are you kidding, they're my life, i literally can't go a day without them"
he smiled.
"yeah? what's your favorite one"?
"this one game called gun guard".
his eyes opened wide.
"really? i love that game"!
his voice was getting louder, and it made me feel like he was starting to like me more.

"woah! i play jump start, kid warrior, house of rule, the shadow mission".. i turned to see his face looking surprised.
"i love those too". he said actually showing his smile now. i blushed and looked forward.

"this is the class right here". he said walking in a door.
i turned and walked in, students were sitting at the two person tables, side by side.

kenma had already walked all the way to the front and sat at one of the desks by himself.
should i follow him?

the teachers desk was at the back of the room strangely.

maybe he won't mind if i sit with him. i started to walk forward when i heard whispers behind me.
"hey, you shouldn't follow kenma around like that, you're not really his type". some girl with blonde hair said.

"what"? i asked back confused.
she smiled and her friend started to giggle under her hand, i walked closer to her and leaned down.
her eyes opened a bit and they stopped laughing.
"i wasnt following him". i said.
they started to elbow eachother and smile.

"good, but just so you know my friend here is going to ask kenma out, so stop trying to get his attention". she said.

"y/n, you can sit here"! a voice said behind me.
i turned around to see kenma staring right at me.
pointing to the seat next to him.

everyone in the class had wide eyes.
i guess they had never heard kenma talk that loud before.

before i walked away.
the blonde hair girl grabbed my wrist.
i turned back aggressively.

"what did you do? he never lets people sit by him".
she asked.
i pulled my hand back offended she had touched me.
you know what- i came to this new school and i'm not getting walked over again.

"first off, do not touch me. this outfit is probably worth more than your mortgage, if you continue to harass me i will tell my dad, to buy your dads house and turn it into his new office space.
second off, whatever i do is MY business and you two look like you would love to meet me after school and kick dirt while i drive away in my rolls royce".

i turned away and started to walk towards kenma.
my stomach was twisted.
i felt dizzy... standing up to people was nerve racking.

just as i sat down kenma looked at me.
"oh- i thought you were gonna sit with them instead, i was kind of sad". he said.

that took me by surprise.
"they said that you didn't like people sitting by you". i said as i now took a seat to the right of him.

"no, i just don't usually like people". he said.
wait so- does that mean he likes me then?

just as a got a little more comfortable next to him.
i got a text message.
it was from kuroo.

kuroo: are you and kenma getting along?
me: uh yeah i guess. we're sitting together so
kuroo: that's great! you should invite him to sleep at your house. i'm sure he'd love it.
me: what?! no
kuroo: its worth a shot.
me: do you need something?
kuroo: just making sure you like him that's all
me: yeah he's fine. you're being weird.
kuroo: bye bye chibi-chan

i rolled my eyes and put my phone away.
why was kuroo monitoring us?

"so do you play online with a team"? i asked kenma.
he looked up from the book he was reading.
"uh- yeah i play online mostly". he said.
"that's cool - um if you ever want to... my gamer tag is nintendohoe". i giggled. "sorry i know it's a weird name". his eyes were wide open and he put his hand up to his mouth.

"wha- is it my gamer tag?! does that offend you"?!
i asked. he looked so taken aback.
"y-you're, that's your game tag"?
i nodded. "yeah, uh what's wrong i"-
"no, it's nothing i- i'm sorry". he put his book back up and his face turned bright red.

what- what did i say?
was my username obsceen?

i put my book back up and continued silent reading.
he didn't agree to add me back so i guess that was a no then.

after the bell finally rang, kenma told me he would see me later and said he was heading to 5th period volleyball practice.

i said goodbye and waited for him to get up until i left. he was really weird about my gamer tag, so i guess we weren't as similar as kuroo thought.

my fifth period happened to be gym, i'm so happy i bought a sports bra in my bag.
it would be just my luck if i had forgotten it.

i headed outside and walked the gravel path until i reached the girls gym unit.

when i walked in, there were several girls already dressed and stretching, and plenty more going into the locker room.

i followed them and found a spot in the corner, where i put on my black spandex shorts, and a tight fit black sports bra to match.

then i sat quietly in the gym as the coach walked out to announce today's activity.

"today we will be doing a mile run". she said as girls sighed and a few of the athletic ones energetically praised her.

personally i think i was in shape of terms of being able to run and stuff, but you wouldn't think i was some sports star, the reason i loved these shorts was because it held in my stomach.

honestly, i'm not looking for a six pack.
as long as i can escape a kidnapper i'm in shape enough.

i stood up and followed the crowd out the door.

we met at the track, and i rubbed my shoes on the black rubber realizing this was one of the more expensive tracks that felt a bit bouncy.

the coach put her whistle in her mouth as we all lined up. and when she blew it i took off.

i started somewhere at the back.
but after my first lap, i was second place.
there was a huge gap behind me and the other girls. but the girl in front of me was close, i felt like i could beat her if i wanted.

after the second lap i picked up my pace and passed the first place girl, now taking it for myself.
by the third and fourth lap, i was passing people in doubles and leaving them behind me again.

it felt good for people to be shocked as i ran past them multiple times.

i finally reached the coach and she congratulated me.
"since there's a lot of girls still running, would you mind taking this letter to the boys coach"?

i nodded and smiled as i took it for her.
my breathing was fine it seemed.

i stepped inside and felt the cold air hit me.
i don't get it- i never run and i feel perfectly fi-agghneee

i got on my knees next to the door panting and instantly broke out into a sweat.
*gag oh my god my lunch is going to crawl out of me.
what the fuuu-
why did i run! why did i do this! *wheeze.
my throat,.. ITS SPICY*ehhh

i stood up panting heavily, feeling my throat struggle to take in air as i slowly walked towards the boys gym.

their gym was inside the main building.
and i limped down the hall, my body was failing me.

i finally reached the boys gym and opened the door, the volleyball team was standing around and chatting, and as i opened the door they looked at me. i was panting and sweating. and wiped my forehead as i walked in.

i looked around with blurry vision as the gym slowly faded into silence.

i saw kenma from in front of me approaching, he was doing that little jog thing and took my hand. startling me as he pulled me out the gym.

"wait wha-".
he dragged me a little and the door closed behind us.
"wait what are you doing"? i asked.
"why are you here"? he asked back ignoring my question.

"my coach wants to give your coach this". i said holding up the letter.
he took it out my hand.
"okay". he said.
"wait why didn't you let me take it"? i asked.

"because you're not allowed to enter the boys gym in... a sports bra". his eyes quickly glanced down and up again as i realized my cleavage was tearing through this thing like 2 cantaloupes.

i blushed and folded my arms.
"i'm sorry". i said backing up from him slightly.
"it's fine, like... just bring a shirt next time".
i nodded. "yeah". i said awkwardly.

"i'm not body shaming you or anything, it's just the rules. they don't bother me at all". he said slightly mumbling as he waved and smiled. walking back into the gym with the letter.

my blush spread. my whole body was on fire.
kenma... that's all i could think about for the rest of the day. kenma telling me my tits didn't bother him?
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