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You've really gotta stop letting it get to your head man. I bet she didn't even realize what happened."

"Says the dude who is literally heads over heels for Yaoyorozu-san after rescuing her.", Kosei shot back. Awase flinched and sighed in defeat.

"You got me there. But just because you like her doesn't mean she likes you back... I know from experience.", continued Awase. It was kind of obvious that Todoroki and Yaoyorozu from Class 1A were sparking feelings towards one another.

"I know... I just... get lost in my head a lot. Having ADHD doesn't really help with the daydreaming.", the brunette sighed. It was silent for a little while after Kosei's comment.

Awase sympathized for him. He really did. He really didn't want to see one of his closest friends get heartbroken like the one he was setting himself up for.


"Anyways,,, is it just me or has Kodai-chan been acting strange? Showing emotion almost?"

"Uhh- I think it's just you Awase? She seems completely the same to me. What do you mean?", Kosei replied.

"Well, not much. But sometimes when she's talking to me I swear I see her making actual facial expressions. I'm not joking. I can't even explain the facial expressions?! Nervous.. almost?", the black haired boy responded, clutching his backpack straps as he continued to walk to the dorm rooms.

"Kodai-san? Nervous? I'm not sure it's probably just you.", Kosei scoffed, followed by a giggle.

"Yeah maybe I'm overthinking.", Awase sighed as he opened the door to the 1B dormitory.

"Are you kidding me?", Honenuki sighed as he watched Tsunotori and Komori scream the words to a shoujo anime opening. Rin was giving Kendo one big ponytail braid like his own, Tetsutetsu and Fukidashi were in the kitchen and Kuroiro and Tokage were in the background from what he saw from the glass door. Everyone else was probably in their rooms or around campus.

"I'm gonna go and play a game or something now. See ya."

"Yeah see ya Awase...", Kosei sighed. He went up to his room to change his clothes and maybe take a walk to the park to cool down a bit.


As he walked towards his room, he thought about what Awase said to him. "...doesn't mean she likes you back." Kosei sighed. Obviously not. She only knew him as the dude in 1B she caught during the Joint Training Exercise. Maybe he should try to get over her ASAP while whirring away in the depths of obscurity. At least it's safe from rejection there?

'I guess I'll stay in my little corner crushing on her until I get over it.'

After snapping out of thought he heard two people talking, probably at the top of the stairs. He recognized the voices to be... Kodai-san and Awase?

"Oh shit, sorry about that Kodai-chan! Want help?"

"I'm okay. You go ahead.", she replied with her ever stoic face. Wait... no? Awase might have been right, Kosei was not good at reading the room but Kodai-san was most definitely nervous.. Maybe... or embarrassed? That wasn't his business anyways.

"Hey Tsuburaba!", Awase greeted as his friend came up the staircase into his view. Kodai nodded her head as a greeting.

"Oh hi Kodai-san! Hey Awase.. again.", Kosei responded. He noticed Awase and Kodai were picking up a bunch of books and pencils scattered on the floor, probably what Awase was apologizing for. He bent over and started helping the two remove everything from the floor.

After they picked up everything from on the floor Kosei handed the stuff in his hand to Awase and the latter handed everything to Kodai,, and Kosei could've sworn on his limbs that he saw Kodai blush at that very moment.

As he walked away the only thought that came to his mind was...

'Everybody's falling now huh?'


It was Friday evening and Kosei decided he wasn't going to leave the dorms unless he had to, so he just threw on a green T-shirt he had lying around and some beige shorts. Now,


Literally the worst part of school, and no Kosei does not take criticism. And this homework was literally on the worst topics in one of the worst subjects...

Algebra. It was god damn algebra. How are people like Honenuki and Tokage good at this?! Isn't the alphabet for English class? Complaining about it wasn't going to get it done, that's for sure.

And so started around 50 minutes of painful mind-wracking and Googling, before Kosei just decided to put it down for now. It was due on Wednesday anyway.

After putting up all the maths books onto his desk, Kosei grabbed his phone and unlocked the balcony door. He plopped himself in his beanbag chair that he had placed out there and turned on his phone.

He didn't really do anything though. Just scrolled aimlessly on social media and open and closed apps continuously. There wasn't really anything to do.


An hour passed and Kosei had watched around 20 videos on a Canadian man raising ants, but that was about it.

'I wonder what Tsu- no, Asui is doing right now? Wait- what? That's creepy Kosei. Snap out of it.'

The brunette sighed, burying his face in his palms. How did he manage to fall for someone because they wrapped their tongue around their face??


Speaking of someone, Kosei could have SWORN he heard her just now.

'W-was that.. A-asui?!'

"Thanks Setsuna-chan. This one? Kero." It was definitely her. He could tell from the croak at the end.. but why was she in 1B dorms?! On the boy side?! Who did she come to see?!

"Yeah that one right there, see ya Tsu!"

At this point his face was a deeper shade of red than Kirishima's hair. But was just the thought of her being in proximity of him what caused that for real? Not really no, it was the small bit of hope that she was coming to see him that caused him to freak out and spiral like that.


Kosei Tsuburaba felt his heart stop when he heard a faint knock on his door...

"Tsuburaba-kun? Kero."

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