kuroo tetsuro: live a little


kuroo was always thought to be cool, i mean he’s a captain. BUT, he’s actually just a big nerd. he couldn’t imagine a girl on top of him.

Erotica / Romance
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part one

kuroo book part 1

it sure was getting cold.
"one more ride, come on y/n"! kiyomi complained.
i rolled my eyes. she always had that damn look of wanderlust on her face.
how could i deny her?

the carnival lights gleaming in her eyes.
the smell of delicious treats in the air.
it really set an atmosphere of wanting to continue.
"fine. just one more though". i said as i took out my phone.

it's already 9?! i said i'd have kiyomi home by 8.
ugh- her parents were gonna be on my ass again.
"kiyo it's 9"! i cautioned to her.
"it's fiiine, they're probably sleeping anyways".
i contemplated what i might be lectured about this time.

kiyomis parents hated me.
but they couldn't stop her from being my best friend.
they said i was a negative influence on her- yeah right. she's the one who bought a dildo dressed up as her mother.

i held back my laughter thinking about her stuttering over the counter as the cashier showed no interest in intercepting the transaction.

oh yeah- then again she did only do that because i told her she needed one for the experience.
i turned to her.
"kiyo did you use that dildo"? i asked.
her eyes went wide and she hushed me as we caught disturbed glances from other people walking.

"no". she whispered.
i furrowed my brows.
"you're never gonna get dick that way". i huffed.
she started walking faster.
"come on i see the ride".

i sped up behind her and walked with disinterest.

when we reached the line, i was frustrated to see how long it was.
"kiyomi come on! you couldn't have chosen a shorter line"? i questioned.

"whaaat, this is the one where you sit in a big boat and it rocks you like crazy".
i smirked.
"you know what else could rock you like crazy"? i asked.
she looked irked and didn't answer me.
"a BOYFRIEND! you need to get one asap". i said bumping her shoulder.

"why do you care so much"? she asked.
"because i want to be able to relate about sex stuff with someone". i said watching the ride start with other people on board.

a big group of boys approached behind us in line, all laughing and talking.
i turned my head to see better, and holy shit-
these guys weren't bad at all.

they were all wearing some kind of matching uniform though.
which creeped me out.
guys that dress together, sleep together.

i poked kiyomi in the side and she winced.
"hey look, you can take your pick from them". i snickered.
she looked over them and i saw her blush.
"which one"? i asked.

she leaned to whisper in my ear.
"the super tall one". she squealed.
"WOW, YEAH THE TALL ONE"? i asked loudly.
she turned around embarrassed.
and the group of boys stopped talking, looking at me.

the tall boy used his finger to point at himself.
"me"? he asked.
i nodded.
"yeah my friend was asking how tall you are".
i hit kiyomis arm and she turned around with an awkward smile.

"you don't have to say". she timidly replied.
the boy smiled down on her.
"i'm 6'4". he said.
"woowww 6'4"? i asked back.
she chose a good one huh.

"you hear that kiyo"? i asked.
she looked at me with murderous intent, and then smiled back at him.
"yeah yeah- uh sorry to bother you. i just couldn't help but notice". she almost whispered.

"it's fine, i get asked a lot". he laughed.
she laughed back tensely.
my eyes got their own glimpse of a hottie, a tall black haired boy who was staring my way.
ooh-la-la. i could take a bite of that for sure.

"what's your name"? i asked.
he looked at the others and then decided i was asking him. "uh- kuroo". he said clearing his throat.
he stared at me and he seemed kind of nervous.

"nice to meet you kuroo". i said sticking my hand out.
he took a moment and then stuck his hand out and shook mine. that's right emo boy- touch me.

"so what's up"? i asked leaning back on the side railing. a few of the other boys smiled and i could tell they were used to attention some what. but he didn't have a girlfriend. i just knew it.

"we're just hanging out". the tallest one said.
"i didn't catch your name tall man".
he laughed.
"tall man? i'm lev haiba".
"isn't it nice to meet lev haiba"? i asked kiyomi.
she nodded shyly and turned away.

please speak up kiyomi. show them how funny you are. who knows, maybe one will ask you out.

"i've been trying to leave, but baby over here won't let me". i cooed at her as she flinched away.
"oh- oh are you two together". lev kind of whispered.

i giggled. "no but if we were you wouldn't have to whisper about it".
i grabbed kiyomi by the waist and the boys looked taken by surprise.

"you'd date me right kiyo"? i asked getting dangerously close to her face; just giving them a show. she smiled, "i tried already".

i laughed and grabbed her face to push her back.
"that's true". i said looking back at the dumbfounded group.
"kiyomi here is bi, but somehow we're just best friends, i guess it's mostly because her parents despise me".

"stop saying that". kiyomi whined.
"it's true though". i said putting my hands up beside my head.
"why do her parents hate you"? lev raised a brow.
wow it's easy to make people interested now a days.
"oh- just because they say i'm a bad influence".

"i don't see how". another boy with spiky brown hair said. "it's probably because of this". i rebuttled.
pulling up my left sleeve to reveal my tattoo of the words (fuck you bitch) in katakana.
"it's a nice touch don't you agree"? i asked.

i looked up to see i had peaked the interest of kuroo again. hm- yeah i was right. he sure was a hottie. maybe i could get his number?

"wow, when did you get that"? another boy with longer dyed hair asked.
"about 4 months ago, when i showed kiyomis mom she started praying for me".
they laughed.
"a blessing is a blessing". kiyomi said crossing her arms.

"she won't get a matching one with me". i pretended to be hurt by it.
"come onnn get a matching one". lev smiled and side eyed her.
he was totally checking her out.
couldn't blame him though- kiyomi was sexy.
in another life i'd get with her.
but i was too far into being her friend, and nothing could ruin that.

"no way, my mom would just die". she stated.
yeah- she probably would.

"hey we are almost at the front"! i exclaimed seeing how quick the line had moved.
"finally". kiyo whispered.

we walked up to the front and then i turned around to face the boys again.
"your name"? i asked the brown haired boy.
"inuoka". he said casually.
"and you"? i questioned the dyed hair one.

i nodded.
"i won't forget".
"so kuroo, you have a girlfriend"? i asked curiously. he blinked a few times surprised.
and some of his friends patted his back.

i had a knack for making people nervous.
"no". he said looking around.
"do you want one"? i asked smiling.

he furrowed his brows and licked his lips.
"uh- i don't know. maybe one day".
"what's wrong with today"? i asked.
lev budged his arm.
"im too busy for that". he said looking at his wrist watch.

hmm. boring.

"what about you lev"? i asked.
"oh so i'm your second choice"? he asked laughing.
"not for me, for her". i said pointing at a wide eyed kiyomi.

she was turning pink.
"me? i'm not allowed to date". she said looking down nervously.
"secrets make friends". i replied.
"that's NOT the expression"! she answered back.

lev chuckled.
"you are pretty".
she glanced up and tried to contain her smile.
"i am"? she asked back.
he nodded nonchalantly, "i mean-yeah".
heh got you bitch.

"i guess i could give you my instagram or something". she said softly wiggling her legs.
she is just filled to the brim with anxiety.

"yeah sure". he smirked at his friends.
he took out his phone and handed it to her.
i peeked over her shoulder.

hm- he's got quite a bit of followers, 13.3k and he was only following 74 people.
"hey can i see that real quick". i asked reaching to grab the phone from kiyomi.

"you guys all friends"? i asked.
they nodded confused.
cool this will only take a second.

i scrolled through his following list annnnd-
kuroos account was right here.

huh? he has 11k followers yet he only posts memes and cursed pictures of his team mates.
what. a. nerd..... i'll take him.

i remembered his account name and then handed the phone back to kiyo.

"sorry kuroo but it looks like she's got you".
kiyomi giggled turning the phone around to expose what i had searched.

kuroo blushed and parted his lips.
"i'm not a stalker". i smiled.
"just interested".

i took my phone out and immediately followed him so i wouldn't forget.

"pressure". kenma whispered smiling.

"oh shoot it's our turn". lev said noticing we were holding up the line.

getting onto the ride, i was especially surprised to find myself sitting between kiyo and kuroo on my left.

hm- he smelled good.
i wonder if nerd boys use good cologne.
"ready"? kiyo asked me with bright eyes.

i exhaled sharply.
"it's so adorable when you're excited". i said.
as more people filed into the ride, the benches we sat on became more compact.

this was one of those loose rides, where you would be tossed around a little if you weren't heavy enough. but somehow you didn't fall out.

by now, i was sitting with my arm pressed against kuroos and this direct contact sure was getting to me. i could feel his arms were strong against mine.
haa- please pin me down.

"when is it gonna start already"? i asked annoyed at the wait.
"be patient y/n, it's almost full".
i sunk in my seat a little and waited.

kuroo was silent next to me.
"i wonder how these things even work". i rambled to kiyomi.
kuroo looked at me, "actually the ship swings from a pivot, and it's bolted into the track below. making it seem like your freely swinging, when really it's just rolling. then the operator just uses the torque to control it". he said.

mkay. yeah. sure.
"how do you know all that"? i asked crossing my arms. "common knowledge". he said.
"that is so not common knowledge". i retorted.

he smiled a bit and i swear i saw fangs in that mouth of his.
"youve got fangs"? i asked.
"my canines? why wouldn't they be sharp, that's how predators would hunt their prey".

i touched my teeth with my tongue.
"mine aren't sharp". i said.
he looked down and smirked.
"guess your prey".

he checked his watch again and turned away.
huh? prey? no no no, im the strongest one here.
this nerd.

the boat started slowly swinging with no warning.
"woah". kiyomi said bumping into me.
"watch it lightweight". i said pushing her up.

the rocking got more aggressive and i was doing my best to keep myself up.
no way i would fall on this baby ride.

oh- damn.
chill on that torque bitch.
"why is she making it go so rough"? i laughed to kiyomi.
"oh no- i'm not doing a sex joke with you". she turned away, and then fell into my arm. making me fall into kuroos arm.
he didn't budge.
"sorry". i said sitting up.

"you need stronger abdominal muscles". he said back. "are you tryna work me out"? i asked back. he looked shocked and then turned away blushing.
why can't he just say yes.

"i'm gonna pee". lev laughed.
i started laughing too.
i like lev, lev is funny.

"it's almost over". kuroo stated.
"how do you know"?
"the automatic slowing process is happening to stop us".
"booo, i hate going slow".
"it's so that we don't break our necks".
"oh- well ok".
i sat back in my seat as the ride got slower- and slower.

"AGAIN"! kiyomi screamed.
shes literally 7 and i love it.
"no kiyo, i reallly have to get you home now". i said as she whined.

"it was nice meeting you guys". kiyomi said smiling at the boys, mainly at lev, as we stood by the exit of the ride. "nice meeting you too". lev answered.

"yeah thanks for teaching me the proper way to ride, kuroo". his eyes went wide and his ears turned red.
"what man"?! lev asked messing up his hair more.
"the torque"! he said pushing his friend away.

"anyways, we gotta get going". i said as we waved.
they waved back and me and kiyo left.

"oh my god he's so into me". i said talking about kuroo. kiyomi side eyed me. "he's as into you as i'm into schoolwork".

"but you- love to do schoolwork kiyo".
"aw man- did i mess up the sarcasm again"? she asked. "yeah you did". i said leading her to the parking lot.

"i said 8 and its 9:45"! ms wan said.
"i'm sorry, i know i know. it's just kiyo realllllly wanted to ride this boat thing and-"

"i don't care, the driver is responsible".
mrs wan said closing the door in my face.
hm :/ i rolled up my sleeve and pushed the (fuck you bitch) on my arm towards the door.

"take this, take this fuck you bitch all over your front door"' i whispered. then i bucked at the door.
"slamming the door in my face". i muttered turning around and falling off the weirdly placed porch step. busting my ass.

"damn! you cursed me"!
i heard mrs wan laugh loudly from inside.
WHAT THE?! was she watching me from inside?!

i stood up intimidated that i had put my tattoo close to the peephole of the door. iiiiii hope she didn't see that.

i got up and scurried back into the car.
i'm not gonna let her throw water at me again.

hot water!

my apartment was cozy. but the bathroom was one of the biggest spaces.
i gladly would take a big shower over a big closet any day.

my skin was joyous to feel the steamy water running over my body.
finally- the past week i had to stay with my cousin because the water wasn't working here.

and damn- that girl cannot get hot water in that shower to save her life.

"i wonder if a stalker is watching me". i said out loud. if someone was there i had to alert them that i knew....
okay i'm just talking to myself. good.

i used my favorite body soap and lathered that shit up good. the one thing i knew, was that it made me smell soooo good. and it was super cheap. so i could use as much as i wanted.

i turned off my room light and jumped into my bed before some hob-goblin could snatch my ankles.
no way i'm dying like that.

i took out my phone because i got a notification.
(kuroo followed you back: click to see more follow suggestions).
he followed back. he must be obsessed with meeee.

let me just check my inbox.
along with the many message request i should see kuroo trying to sneak his way into my DMS.

and- i have no message request.
nothing from kuroo either.
i actually- haven't gotten a notification in 6 hours.
oh wait- i got an email from papa johns for a free stuffed crust pizza with the purchase of a large 3 topping pizza. yeah, time to cry.

okay so what should i say?
>hey kuroo<
no way too creepy.
too many y's

>remember me?<
nah. kinda pedo vibes
>give me that dick kuroo<
hm..something tells me i might not get a response.

okay okay.
>hey :)<

ugh- i threw myself back onto my bed and waved my legs in the air.
why am i getting so nervous over a nerd boy?
i mean i met him at a carnival with his boyfriends.

well. i guess that's where he met me too technically. but he's way nerdier.
why isn't he fawning over me.
"periodic table this pussy boy".
i said picking my phone back up.

nothing. it's been atleast 15 seconds and he hasn't opened it?
is instagram broken?
why isn't it seen yet?

this is record time, what's he trying to prove here?

eventually, after no reply i fell asleep waiting by my phone like a simp.

damn it.

*beep beep beep
"fuck you beep man"! i shouted waking up and turning off my annoying alarm.

i hate waking up at 7 am.
i'm in this program where i take my classes on a college campus, and it's supposed to give me points or some shit.
but turns out it just makes me wake up earlier, and drive further. to learn the same thing with a bunch of college kids that stare at me in the hallways.

i got up and started to get ready.
i wasn't even aware that i had pressed snooze twice. because i was missing 14 minutes of my time.
now i had to rush.

i decided to wear some old outfit i've worn for a while. but i didn't have time to put something new together.
i brushed my teeth and just let my hair be- hair.
who gives a fuck if i brush it.
mind your business hoe.

i grabbed my bag and my phone, oh wait- charger too.
then ran out the door and hopped in my car.

i was immediately bombarded with blasting music. i had jhené aiko playing last night while i drove home. and she did not pause for the early morning.

i turned down the radio, and turned up the heat.
i guess i can scroll for a bit while i wait for my car to warm up.

i saw an instagram notification, so i opened it and jumped in my seat when i saw kuroo had messaged me back. YES.

he replied.
kuroo >hey sorry i was asleep

what should i say?
i guess i could ask my real question.
>why'd you go to bed at 11?

i put my phone down but it immediately buzzed. i picked it up and it was from kuroo!
looks like he's got free time on his hands.

kuroo> it's good for my body

i know what else would be good for that bodyyy.

me> lame. i go to bed late
kuroo> maybe that's why you can't ride the kids boat without falling over

huh?! does he think he's funny?
what do i even say?

me> whatever i have class at college. looks like i'm the smart one.

kuroo> what college?
me>provisional studies japan
kuroo> oh you mean the school that's ranked at 9th in japan when there's only eleven?

i- he's a nerd nerd nerd nerd.

me> whatever. i'm smart
kuroo> *enough

i rolled my eyes. but i couldn't take them off my screen. who does he think he is? all high and mighty just cause he knows how the carnival ride works.

kuroo> got to get to chem, you can text me later.

woah- i can text you later?
are you inviting me to your house?
kuroo.. i have to keep an eye on you.

when i pulled up to kiyomis house, she ran outside and hopped in the car panting.
"where were you"?? she asked.
"chill, we're gonna be on time". i said backing out the driveway.

she sighed and leaned back, feeling the warm air.
"lev texted me". she said excitedly, turning to face me.
"really? what did he say"?
i swear if they fuck before me and kuroo i'm gonna lose it.

"he said hey, and that he thought i was pretty, and nice". she was almost drooling over this boy.
"what did you say"? i asked knowing she was gonna be shy.

"i just said thanks, and said he was really tall".
i slapped my forehead.
"that was your cue to call him hot kiyo". i lectured.
she faced out the window.
"it's too awkward".

finally getting inside the school i realized i only had a few minutes to get to my anatomy class.
and damn- it was all the way across this wing.

i did that awkward run walk thing, because id rather die than be caught sprinting in the hallways.

but maybe i should have considered it today. because i was tardy, and i had to damage my attendance card even more.

i think kiyomi had some history class. but it didn't matter because it was literally at the front of the school. lucky her.

i buried my head in my arms as the teacher talked about something weird.
i was still so tired.
i couldn't sleep, waiting until my last moment to see if kuroo would text last night.
what a pain.
class was boring today, but i did notice the notification i got 30 minutes ago.
i had to wait to answer, because the teacher was very strict on phones.

kuroo> learning about nitrous oxide is probably my favorite unit.

ugh. NERD!
if he wasn't amazingly hot, then i wouldn't understand how he had friends.

me> you like school? couldn't be me.

i put my phone away and left the classroom.
meeting kiyomi in front of the door like always.
"we got to discuss the connection between science and the evolving historical scale of it, today". kiyo said.
i rolled my eyes.
"how many nerds exists? why do i know them all"?

like always, class wasn't any fun.
but, atleast kiyomi was coming over to my apartment.

i unlocked the door, and she walked in, walking straight passed me and invading my bedroom.
"boo you whore"! i screamed running in behind her and jumping in the space beside her.

we flopped on the bed and sighed.
"lev should be facetiming me soon". she smiled.
"REALLY"?! i asked shocked.
she smiled even wider.
"i told him when my class ended and he just said he'd facetime me".

"hm, i wonder if kuroo would facetime". i wondered.
she shrugged, "why don't you try".
i blushed just a tiny bit.
idkkk. it would be embarrassing if he declined it.
i can't even tell if he likes me or not.

soon enough, kiyomis phone started ringing and she got all giddy and nervous.
"what do i do"? she asked.
"answer it dummy". i said reaching over and clicking answer for her.

she quickly fixed her hair, and got all weird about how to place her phone.
lev smiled at the screen.
damn, all these boys are fine huh.
"hey ki". he said.
ki?! he has a nickname and kuroo hasn't even sent me a dick pic yet- well, i guess those could be a little different.

"hey lev". she giggled.
aw- i'm gonna be lonely.

i took out my phone and hesitated.
should i instagram video call? or is that cringe.
i have to get his number...
and what do nerds love?
corny pick up lines!

hm, it seems like he's into science.
time to google.
ok this one seems good.
but- i swear if he sent me this i would run. i'm only sending it because of his... nerd.

me> hey kuroo, do you have 11 protons?
kuroo> sodium?
me>you're sodium fine
kuroo> did you google that-
kuroo> lmfao i bet you can't recite the second line of the periodic table.

i would recite ANYTHING for that diiiiiiiiick
shit! why am i attracted to this boy?
is it cause he plays hard to get?

me> so can i get your number?

i crossed my fingers as kiyomi and lev rambled about something.
i hope he doesn't reject me that easy.

kuroo> 210-781-0511
HA-? he gave it to meeee!!!
wait, unless it's a joke.

i typed it into my phone.
here goes nothing.

after about 4 rings, it picked up. and i saw a confused kuroo driving.
his phone must have been on some stand for the dashboard, and he was changing his gears quickly as he sped down some road.

damn baby, when did you get so fine?
"hello"? he asked slowly.
"kuroo you answered"! oh- no that's too fan girly.

"well i mean, you called me".
i turned the phone at kiyomis screen.
"look who fell in love". i said as he glanced at his phone. "is she talking to lev"? he asked.

i nodded.
atleast he wasn't being all quiet.
"why are you facetiming me"? he asked.
"well. geez, i was just bored". i said softer.
what's his deal.

"don't you have other friends? i could have been in a meeting". he kind of smiled and it sent shivers down my spine.
"i just- wanted to check on you". i lied.
"you wanted to check on me? for what"?
i looked around.

he was wearing a tight black shirt and DADDY!
i wouldn't forget this image.
"can't i be nice"?
"you just want romance, you don't wanna be my friend". he laughed as he turned a sharp corner.

my face was heating up.
he didn't have to say it-

"so what"? i asked.
he raised his eyebrow and looked at his phone.
someone was getting heated.

"sorry to break it to you, but i don't have time to date".
i propped my head up with my hand.
"why not"?! i asked disappointingly.
"i have school, and i'm so behind on work".

i grinned.
"i could totally help you with that".
he licked his teeth.
" i don't think you can". he laughed.
"HEY! i'm so good at... school".

"sure you are". he mumbled.
"what class is it for"? i asked.
"mainly all of it is physics, and then some of it is advanced bio".
yeah there's no way in HELL i could do any of that.
"i could TOTALLY help, come over right now"!
he looked like he was thinking about it.

"could you actually help with work or are you lying"? he asked. "cause that determines my answer".
i looked down.
hm-"yeah i can help".
don't dig a hole y/n. you wanna flirt, not make him fail.

"whatever, i'm so backed up with stuff i'll take my chances".
my stomach got all tingly.
kuroo is gonna come over!!!

"can you get here now"? i asked looking at the wide eyed kiyomi beside me.
i put my finger to my lips.
kuroo sighed.
"like, in 2 hours".
he said.
"it's gonna be like 8 though".
"better to go late, after i've finished other chores".
i smiled and tried to hide it.


"sounds gooood". i said grinning wide.
"mkay, well then text me the address and i'll be there later to work".
i like how he added the- to work.
he probably knows what i really wanna do.
but he figured he could use some help.

"kay BYEEE". i said hanging up and flipping out.
kiyo started quietly screaming as lev was talking about something on the line.

"you're so bad". she whispered.
making me bite my lip and get all excited.

i know. ;)

"go, GO"! i said practically pushing kiyo out the car.
"bye bitch"! she said slamming the door.
then she turned around and made a humping motion towards the car.

i rolled down the window.
"I HAVE TO SHAVE"! i said as she turned around.
"he's not gonna finger you"! she screamed back.

we will have to see about that.

i drove away quickly. i didn't have much time to get into shape.
i had to change into something more comfy, and maybe- shave down there.

but i mean kiyomi is definitely right.
he's not gonna do anything.
but- if he doessssss-

i took the quickest shower ever, and then threw on some black joggers and a black tank top that showed my cleavage a lot.

let me seduce you science boy!

i waited on the edge of my bed, shaking my legs and making clicking noises with my mouth.

he said he was on the way over 30 minutes ago.
where are you nerd?

i walked across my room and stood in the mirror.
damn these pants make my butt look big.
i arched over and shook my ass... yep.
hot as fuck.

*knock knock
AH- i ducked on the ground like he could see me.
then i crawled out my room and stood up at the door.
taking a big breath.
why am i so nervous?
it's not like i haven't had a boy over before.
maybe- it's because i know he's not here for sex. but that's my challenge anyways.

i unlocked the door and opened it.
ohhhhhh myyy.
kuroo had on grey sweats and that tight black shirt from earlier.

he was holding a poster board and a bag.
"come in". i said a little shyly, stepping out the way.
he didn't seem to notice my cleavage. so when he wasn't looking i shimmied my top down just a littleeeee more.

"i figured you were lying about being able to help me, but you CAN help me make this poster". he said.
hm, "yeah sure, i can do anything". i said leading him to my bedroom.

he didn't respond to that.
"it's fine to sit on my bed". i motioned.
"we can work on the floor". he replied.
he put his arm on the ground and his muscle buldged- shiiiii.

then he sat down and sighed.
"what is this poster for"? i asked, sitting down across from him with the poster in the middle.
"i have to design a poster about an element and basically just write a bunch of information on it, the teacher was pretty vague but i get the idea".

"so what's in the bag"? i asked.
he grabbed it and dumped it out.
hm, glue, stencils, pens, color pencils, letter stickers, and a ruler.

"okay so what element are you choosing"? i asked.
"it doesn't matter, you can pick if you want".
me? you want me to pick your element daddy?
i pick- the element of surprise!

"how about gold". i said.
he smiled. "you would pick that".
"HUH? i almost picked iron"! i argued.
"but you didn't though". he said putting his finger up.

tsk. yeah right, he didn't know what i was gonna choose.

"so should we get started"? i asked leaning forward with lusting eyes.
he kept his own eyes down, and didn't look at my shirt one bit.
DAMN.. so he's an assss maaan. 😏
i see you kuroooo

"actually! i have an old paper thing that i made on elements, we can use that as an outline".
i stood up as kuroo leaned on his hand, with his elbow propped on his thigh.

i turned around and walked over to this dresser type drawer thing? i kept a bunch of stuff in here.
but at the bottom- i kept papers.

i bent over and made sure to show just how much i could bend!
i opened the drawer and ruffled for the old paper.
ugh- knowing him he's probably not even looking.

"i can't find it"! i whined.
i finally turned to face him- and he was blushing.

i sat back down.
"sorry, i thought i had it". i shrugged. i really did.
"it's fine". he grinned and my heart stopped beating.
"i know about it already".
he was too fine.

"put it there". kuroo said pointing at the corner of the poster.
i started copying down properties of gold in the corner as he was drawing a diagram of the configuration.

"i need a snack break"! i complained falling back and playing dead.
"it's only been an hour". kuroo replied
"yeah, we've been working with no breaks". i didn't think a poster could be so difficult.

"fine, it's your house not mine". kuroo said still drawing.
"want a fruit snack"? i asked.
"sure whatever". he said shading the molecules.

i went to the kitchen and first, jumped in the air.
second, screamed silently.
third, got some fruit snacks and 2 waters.

i went back in my room and put one the bags of fruit snacks by kuroos leg.
he finished the last part of shading, and then picked up the bag.

"hm- i've never had these". he said.
"WHAT?! they're the best snack ever"!
"not with all this artificial stuff". he said looking at the back of the bag.
"just eat it"! i demanded.

he opened the bag and it looked so tiny in his hand.
then he stuck his finger in it- *gulp
he made eating look hot.

the bag was so small, and he was struggling to get one out. he was practically fingering the bag as i watched clenching my legs together in awe.

"kuroo". i laughed.
i grabbed the bag from him and grabbed his hand.
then i turned it over and dumped them in his hand.
he parted his lips.
"i thought i was the dumb one".
he ignored me and put one in his mouth.

"do you like it"? i asked.
"mm- yeah". he said eating more.
he looked hella cute.
ughhh. why was i crushing on someone who didn't show it back?

"do you... want another bag"? i asked.
he nodded.
"guess artificial flavors don't taste too bad then".
i laughed.

"kuroo, that's your 6th bag". i said watching as he dumped the fruit snacks in his mouth.
"i'll buy you more". he laughed.
nah bae, i'll take a different form of payment.

"your stomach is gonna hurt". i said.
"i'm made of steel". he replied looking for another bag. "actually you're made of atoms". i said back giving him nerd energy.

"can i have more"? he asked.
how was he hot and adorable at the same time.
i sighed. "you ate my last bag".
his eyes went wide.
"i need more"!
"you have an addiction". i said looking at all the empty bags surrounding him.

"don't worry i'll buy more". i laughed.

2 weeks later.
when i offered to help him on his history paper.
he was pleasantly surprised when i presented him with a box of the fruit snacks.
"thank you"! he said taking it in both hands.

this was his second time coming over.
but in between the break, we had texted a little more casually.

sadly he still hasn't been in my pants yet.
but this time, kuroo did sit on my bed.
and i helped him brainstorm how to write his paper.

it took us 40 minutes to finish it, but it was pretty decent.

kuroo was already done with half the box of his fruit snacks.
"slow down". i joked.
"not possible". he said grabbing another pack.
"hmm- someone likes to stuff his face". i smiled.
"stuff your own face". he argued tearing open the bag

i wanted to jump on top of him so bad.
"are you gonna help me with that"? i asked testing my luck.
he side eyed me and kept eating his fruit snacks.
"come on"! i said

"what do you want from me"? he asked monotonely.
"hm- clitoral stimulation". i said with lidded eyes.
he nearly started choking.
i hit his back and he coughed.
"you good?" i asked watching him pant.

"i'm fine". he said grabbing another bag.
"don't ignore meee". i complained.
he scooted away a little.
"i cannot- give you that". he said looking away.

"sure you caaan". i said looking him over.
he was turning red.
"i thought you were popular". i muttered.
"that doesn't mean anything".

"i thought all boys liked that stuff". i said.
"guess you're wrong".

i leaned forward curiously and he wouldn't make eye contact with me.
"you don't like sex"? i asked.
"okay that's enough". he said standing up.
"i'm gonna get a water".
"whatever". i sighed as he left.

come on kuroo, be horny with me!

"SNOW"! i exclaimed looking out the window in my room.
"shit". kuroo fumbled with his bag.
"thanks for helping me with my paper but i should really go before i get trapped here".

i furrowed my brows.
what's that supposed to mean?
"sure you don't wanna stay"? i asked.
he backed up.
"i'm..ok". he said as he walked to the door.

aw man. we could have been locked in together if i didn't say anything about the snow.

when he left, i took off my shirt and hopped in the bed. oh well- it can't be helped.
time to please myself.

i got under the covers and slid my hand in my pants. god my fingers were cold.

kuroo you tease, why wouldn't you just help me out.
i softly moaned as i rubbed myself.
i knew exactly what to do to make myself feel good.

i thought about kuroo touching me. being all nerdy and explaining why it felt good.
ugh- he would probably whisper to me about the way stimulation worked or something. all the while sending me over the edge.

kuroo right theereeee.
i gasped as my pussy got even wetter, and my fingers started slipping inside.
haa- i wish he could have stayed.

*knock knock
i jumped. my heart was throbbing from being shocked so much.
probably my old lady neighbor, telling me she accidentally got my mail again.

in this apartment complex, mail was delivered in the boxes by our doors, and packages were left in the front.

i walked to the door annoyed that i had to stop.
she WOULD come now.
i flung open the door already prepared to take my mail and close it back.

when i saw kuroo standing there disinterested.
his eyes went wide and i realized i was shirtless, my lacey bra exposed to him.

"oh sorry". i said letting him in.
he wouldn't look at me.
"where is your shirt"? he asked.

i was all sweaty.
"i took it off". i answered obviously.
"sorry to surprise you like this, but they closed a lot of the roads".
i gasped.
ahhhh- kuroo.. can stay!!

"why are you breathing so hard"? he asked.
i got embarrassed immediately.
guess i shouldn't tell him what i was doing.
"no reason". i said walking to my room.

i picked up my shirt that i had thrown to the floor and slipped it back on.
kuroo tried his best not to turn red.

"sorry for interrupting you". kuroo said standing by my room door.
"what are you talking about"? i asked curiously.
i was turning red now.

"you're sweating and panting, your shirt was on the floor, it smells like that certain smell in here".
oh god- i was hyperventilating.
"what are you trying to say"? i asked shyly.
"it's perfectly normal to... do that, and i'm sorry for getting in the way".

oh fucccckkk.
no daddy, you came just in time.
"are you gonna make it up to me"? i joked.
he rubbed his neck.

wait- why is he actually getting awkward.
"i don't know what i could do". he said playing with his hands.
was he actually taking me seriously.

"kuroo are you for real"? i asked.
"i don't want to be a pain, and i do need help staying here tonight". he said.

"so you'll fuck me"? i asked sitting up. he turned bright red and put his hands in his pockets.
"w-well i don't think going that far is fair, i don't- think".
i laughed.
"we don't have to". i interrupted.

i got an idea "you coulllld"- i grinned with sexual intent.
"you could um- finish what i started".
would he?
i would loveee that.
"what were you doing? self onanism"?
"huh"?! i asked creeped out.

"were you fingering yourself"?
i nodded red.
"yeah -so".

kuroo bit his lip.
"i don't have sexual desire to do that, but if i can stay the night then i'll do it".


i sat underneath the thick covers of my bed.
with kuroo next to me on the outside.
he was looking really nervous.
but i can't lie and say i wasn't too.

"you sure you wanna do this"? i asked.
"the least i can do". he said looking down.
my body was getting hot with him laying here next to me. knowing he actually planned to touch me.

"mkay well you can take my pants off". i giggled.
"huh? no way, foreplay wasn't part of this".
he argued.
i sighed. "fine, but the less you do, the harder it's gonna be to get me off, and we're gonna be at this all night".

kuroo huffed.
"fine". he sat up and grabbed the waist of my pants, yanking them down aggressively.
damnnn boy- getting a little handsy.

"ah- you're so rough". i whispered.
i couldn't lie and say him being aggressive didn't turn me on a little.

"want me to be gentle"? he asked not looking at my underwear as he tossed my pants to the ground.
"i'll probably have you change a lot".
he sighed again.
ugh- just stick your fingers in.

"try not to get too hard". i laughed spreading my legs apart. my black underwear were already wet.
"let's just get this over with". he said quietly as he tried his best not to look.

"aw come on, atleast pretend to be excited".
"it's just a pattern that stimulates you and the shock value makes you think it's pleasurable".

i shivered. i kneeew he would break it down like that. and god- i don't know why it turned me on like crazy.
"you THINK it's pleasure? poor kuroo it sounds like you've never had a good orgasm before".
he turned away.
so shy-

"come on, do it". i whispered grabbing his arm. he turned back to me red and jittery.
he hesitated to put his hand against my panties, and lightly start to rub.

the way he used all of his fingers to do something different was making my head go numb.
"ah- woah how do you know how to do this so good"? i panted closing my eyes.
"it's anatomy". he responded.

"mmm ok". i said moaning at how much tension there was.

he continued to rub against me, making my legs open and close around his arm, as i took deep breaths.
"mm, keep going there". i whispered as kuroo grazed over the my clit and made circles around it.

i opened my eyes slightly to see his burning red face, with intent eyes watching his own hand touch me.
mm- he was so cute.

i wish he planned on fucking me.
but sadly i couldn't see him wanting to.

"ahhh- faster". i panted, arching my back.
as kuroo started to rub my clit vigorously.
"mm- you like doing this don't you"? i asked biting my lip.
kuroo didn't answer.

but his face gave it away.
my legs were shaking and i couldn't stop moving.
"take the panties off". i whined.
he grabbed the fabric and pulled it down over my thighs.

then he used the back of his finger to run up my folds, flipping it over and running back down between them.

i trembled. "mm". i moaned softly.
my vision was getting blurry.
kuroo hadn't said a word.

he suddenly stuck a finger inside and made me jolt. "fuuuck". i whispered, grabbing onto his arm for support.
his hand was kind of shaky, buzzing inside me as he pumped in and out.

i spread my legs wide and held onto his arm as it went up and down.
he now stuck a second finger.
"fuck baby"! i moaned.
i heard a low growl from him that made my eyes open quickly.

he was watching me with interest, even though he looked shy.

"mmhmm- you like it"? i asked.
he slightly rolled his eyes and turned away again.
"fuck, fuck". i whispered under my breath.

i felt it building up.
"tell me when you're gonna cum". kuroo said.
ahh- so he was getting turned on.
"wanna hear me moan for you huh"? i asked closing my eyes and biting my lip.

"just tell me". he said lowly.

i kept shaking as he pumped in and out, thrusting his fingers deep inside me.
"ah- daaaddy". i moaned as he used his thumb to flick my clit around.

i hesitated. feeling myself getting hot all over.
i licked my lips.
his hand playing in my pussy like it was for fun.

"i'm cumming"! i announced as i felt a hand slide underneath me.
kuroo quickly dipped down and used both his hands to grab my thighs and pull them close to his lowering face.

as i came he pushed his tongue right onto my clit and rapidly lapped at it. so unexpected.
i pushed his head down as i gasped.
"FUCK- DONT STOP"! i screamed at this new sensation.

he was eating the cum out of me, and i suffocated him in my pussy while i struggled to breath myself.
"ahh-AHH". i shook uncontrollably.

he had a tight grip on my thighs as he ate me out.
my eyes rolling back while he fingered and sucked me.

"ah KUROO"! i screamed
he laughed, making my whole body perk up.
his hot breath entering my core as i creamed all over his face.

"damn y/n". he whispered subtly as he kissed at my clit. "huuu". i struggled to catch my breath as my orgasm stayed steady.

"mmMMM". i scrunched my face.
he had 2 fingers inside me, and his tongue swirling through my folds.

"ahh". i panted lowly.
he started breathing harder as i grabbed onto his hair.

"you cum so much". he whispered suprised as he licked me clean.
i didn't know what to say. i put my hand to my mouth and held it tight.

closing my eyes as i finally finished moaning.
he slapped at my pussy with his fingers a few times and then kissed it.
then he sat up and fell back beside me.

as i panted feeling overwhelmed and very... shocked.

me and kuroo sat in silence for atleast 3 minutes.
"so um- you got a little more involved with that then you had said you would". i whispered.

"to pay you back for those fruit snacks".
he said.
HUH?! that was the best orgasm i think i've ever had... for packs of gummies?

we need to make this deal more often.
i turned to him.
"did it atleast turn you on a little"? i cooed.
he smirked for a second.
"you'd never know".

"atleast tell me that". i whined.
he used his pointer finger, and thumb. and held them up, showing a tiny space between them.

"a little"? i asked.
he nodded once silently.
"sooo what am i supposed to do to turn you on? if that doesn't do it, then i don't know what will".
he laughed again.

"that's not your job". he said looking to the side.
"sleep in here with me". i said suddenly.
kuroo smacked his lips.
"why, so you can touch me in my sleep"?

"huh?! wha- me?! no-" i said defensively.
"i'll make a pallet on your floor". he compromised.

it was silent a little longer.
"so- how did you do that so good"? i asked.
kuroos red face that was fading, stopped in its tracks to return.
"i told you it's basic anatomy".
he scoffed.
"but you did that shit sooo good". i bragged to him closing my eyes.

"mkay, well glad it worked".
he rebuttled.
he is so- DAMN.
"you sure you don't wanna sleep up here"? i winked down at kuroo wrapped up on a pallet.
he shook his head. "i'm fine".
he turned away and closed his eyes.

damn bro- no goodnight? even the homies get a goodnight.

i took out my phone and sneakily started texting kiyomi.
me> bitch wake your ass up
kiyo> wasn't sleeping
me> kuroo fingered me
kiyo> 😟- pause
me> believe me?
kiyo> not really

me> *sends a picture of kuroo laying on the floor
kiyo> why isn't he in the bed?
me> he just did it so he could sleep here. lucky the snow trapped us in together.
kiyo> wowww. y/n you never waste any time

me> you should get locked in with lev
kiyo> i- don't knowww
me> maybe he'll be good at it like kuroo. cause DAMN he was doing all types of magic flip trick shit, and then he got down below me and ate me out.

kiyo> okay so i need to go to bed after that
me> boo you lazy slut
kiyo> goodnight ❤️
me>🖕love you

i put my phone down and looked at kuroo on the ground. hm- would he mind if i "rolled off my bed" and accidentally ended up on top of him?

yeah he probably would.
"sppp, hey are you sleeping"? i loudly whispered.
kuroo sighed and turned to me with his eyes closed.
"i'm bored".
"then sleep". he said.
"i want to do something elseee". i whined, dropping my leg down by him and stepping on his stomach lightly.

"get your foot off of me". kuroo yawned.
"come on, you already fingered me, you can sleep in my bed ya know".
he pulled the cover over his head.
"it's way more comfortable"... i tempted.

still nothing-
"it's made of memory foam".
kuroo pulled the cover down with open eyes.
"the insulated fiber that also adjusts to match the suiter perfectly, with an optimal layer of quilted texture in the middle so it's not too firm, not too relaxed"? kuroo asked.

"shut your nerd ass up". i said as kuroo immediately stood up and climbed into my bed.
"that was so unnecessary". i mumbled.

i moved over to the inside of my bed and let kuroo take the outside.
i closed my eyes, until i heard ruffling.

"what are you doing"? i groaned.
"making a pillow barrier between us so that you won't accidentally end up on me". he said.
"those pillows won't hold me". i muttered.
kuroo inhaled and then started stacking more pillows in the center, even sacrificing his own to add to the wall.

after a minute of silence.
i flipped over on my back, and raised my leg straight in the air.
"what are you- UGH".
i smacked it over kuroos torso, trapping him beneath my thigh.

he went silent.
is someone blushing?
i started rubbing my leg over his stomach.
"what are you doing"? he asked.
"trying to get you going". i responded with interest.

"this is not sensual, you're just rubbing my stomach". "you want me to be sensual"? i questioned feeling my stomach get all twisted.

"i'm just saying THIS, isn't it". he laughed.
"what about both legs"? i asked throwing the other one over the pillow wall and trapping him.

"no, this isn't sensual either".
hmm. tough nut to bussstt.

i pulled myself up by flexing my core,
and sat on his stomach.
he wheezed.
"careful, i used to have asthma"! he said sporadically.
i giggled. truly a dork.

then i put one knee on each side of him, and straddled over his torso while he stared at me.
"why are you sitting on me"? he asked.
"i like the way it feels". i said.
the feeling of his breathing stomach rising and falling between my legs and lightly caressing my entrance.

he grabbed my thighs and i squeaked.
"ah- getting a little grabby"? i asked.
"just balancing you from being thrown off the side of the bed". he replied.

oh we were pretty close to the edge.
"gravity doesn't affect me". i boasted.
"it doesn't"? he smirked.
"no". i said sternly crossing my arms.

"WO-AHHH"! i was thrown off the bed and landed right on kuroos pallet.
"KUROO"! i whined at him.
he was uncontrollably laughing.
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