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You heard your name being called ." Y/n we are going to be late for class if you dont hurry up" sighed Suga."I'll be right down " you siged as you straightened out ur uniform. You ran down the stairs seeing ur bestfriend for almost 3 years waiting for you at the door " you ready y/n " he smiled at you . You nodded while putting on your shoes.


You are a second year at karasuno high school . It was lunch time you sat in the gym eating your food when a somebody tapped your shoulder causing you to look up . " oh hey Noya " you smiled . "Why are you eating alone in the gym " he said with a frown on his face sitting down beside you . " I wanted to be alone " you sighed . He gave you a glare and patted your head " Is it because you have to go home later " he gave you a sad look " yes I dont wanna "your eyes started to feel up with tears as u covered your face . As one of the managers for the team most of them knew your situation with your stepdad , he was extremely abusive to you and your mother never cared . She always called you a whore and slut when you went over and it broke your heart.


It was after school not and you were walking to the gym after your class and saw the guys standing outside waiting for you to unlock the door . " Y/n hurry your ass up " screamed Tanaka ,you smiled and started walking slower and slower to piss him off with the key in your hand . Then you felt hands slip around your waist you instantly started blushing as you realized it was kageyama. " put me down you milk drinking asshole " you screamed ass he started walking towards the gym you kicked your feet trying to get out ,but you just gave up " stop squirming beautiful " he said as he sat you on your feet " you blushed and hit him playfully knowing you two had this kind of relationship but never took it further. You unlocked the door and the all basically ran you over as you opened the door . You got there water bottles ready and sat down waiting for Kiyoko and Yachi you were always first .


Y/N you heard someone scream behind you and you turn around to see Noya running towards you."what Noya " you said sheepishly rubbing your eyes . "Wanna come to a party tomorrow night "he said with this eyes sparkling as he look at you " Suga honey are you going " you said to the great haired boy ,he shook his head yes " yes I'll go " you said rubbing your eyes . "Suga can you drive me to my house " you said with a sad face as he ran towards you "yes let's go now y/n its gonna be ok it's one night " suga said while hugging you at his car .
Then you walked it the house that was hell to you ."hello little whore"............

Hey guys it's me sorry if this is bad gotta get used to it also sorry if it's short. If you have any questions message me
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