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before you start, I wrote this a while back; and I wasn't one to write historically or whatever. so, this is basically put into a storyline more modern than the naruto shippuden one :))




IZUNA : 23

[NAME] : 23


I slipped my sandals over my feet, walking out of the quiet room.

"( y/n ) ! good morning!" a smiling face popped up right in front of me.

I kicked him right in the chest before I could realize. "i- . . izuna!"

a messy head of hair stormed into the hall. "what the hell are you two doing?!"

I jumped a good six feet away. "GAH! nii-san! How are you??"

He only glared, pointing down at the sprawled out Izuna.

"My chest hurts, ahhh..."

"Help him up."

I waved my arms all over the place. "WHAT! But! He did it to himself-"


I chuckled with fear, shuffling over towards my squirming twin. Giving him a hand, he aggressively pulled himself up.

Madara crossed his arms around his chest, smiling. "Good, now lets go eat breakfast."

I mocked him with my hands behind his back. "LeT's gO eAt BreAkfAsT-"

"Like you totally didn't make me lift up izuna's heavy ass body..."

"aniki, [name] is mocking you."

I glared daggers at his snickering face.

Madara turned around, having his arms across his chest as always. "Oh really now?" My face formed with fear when I felt my body being lifted off of the floor.

"aha- madara put me down I'm afraid of heights-"

"No, I don't think I will."

He started running up and down the stairs.

"madara I swear- I'm not kidding-!"

I could hear izuna's evil chuckling, I couldn't even react I felt my stomach start to churn.


"oh- that's just disgusting sis . ."

"Oh wow you were serious..."

"why would I even lie about that?!"

"Whatever, izuna's cleaning it up because it's his fault this ever even happened." I huffed, running back upstairs to wash my mouth with max aggressiveness

β–¬β–¬β–¬γ€Œ ΰ­¨ΰ­§ 」▬▬▬

i walked away from Izuna who was going to start annoying me in ten seconds. I shuffled behind a pillar,standing behind it.

peaking, I noticed him start to look behind him. "Wait, but I just saw her...hey aniki? did you see where [name] went?"

"no, I haven't. but go look for her, we're meeting someone quite soon . ."

I turned around, getting a face full of stiffness.

"Oh, sorry kid!"

Looking up, I noticed it was a tall guy with gorgeous long brown hair. 'oh he's . . kind of good looking . .'

I stared into his eyes, losing track of time.

"Oh there you are madara!"

Snapping back into reality, I turned back towards my brothers and jogged towards them.

izuna being who he is scooted closer to me. he started to annoying poke me with his fingers. "I saw you sis...!"

Feeling a little heat on my cheeks, I shoved his finger away. "I don't know what you're talking about!"

Devilishly smiling, he turned towards big brother.

"aniki? [name] has told me she has grown an infatuation with the man!" he said, his eyes darting directly at the stranger.

Madara glared at the stranger, grabbing my head and pushing me behind him. "No more looking for you [name]."

"what the hell- why do you always listen to izu? he's an idiot . . !"

Huffing, I turned away and stared at the small shop.

"Hashirama, this is Izuna and [name] they're twins."

'oh . . so his name is hashirama . .'

"Really? They are totally polar opposites..."


I escaped Madara's hand, standing beside him. "Hey, who's this guy anyway?"

Izuna shuffled next to me, also looking up at Madara with curiosity.

Hashirama answered before big brother could. "Well we're best friends of course!"

Me and Izuna swapped glances, turning away from the two 'bestfriends' and chuckling.

Turning back around, we wiped the smile off our face. "You mean to tell me, Uchiha Madara has a bestfriend?"

I didn't fail to notice the small tint of pink dusted on Madara's face. "and why in the hell is that hard for you two to believe?"

"are you really asking us that?" the two spoke in sync, staring at their ekder brother with an eyebrow raised.

Hashirama gasped in excitement, jumping in front of us. "t-twin telepathy! that's twin telepathy madara!"

Izuna and I stepped a couple steps back, putting our left hands up. "hashirama-san, take a couple steps back, you're getting too close."

Hashirama fangirled, "Madara, this is absolutely awesome. Can I teach them how play pok-"


"But I didnt even get to fini-"

"I said no Hashirama!"

"Aw man you suck."

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