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𝘕𝘰𝘵𝘦𝘴 (BakugoxblackFemreader)


You transfer to Class 2A sooner or later you met a hot headed blond boy named Katsuki Bakugo. But a note keep slipping under your door who could it be you ask... Read for more :D

Daddy issues
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Start writing here…Before anything I just wanna let you know ion like Uraraka so you already know what imma do in this damn book :) and if you got a problem with that then don’t fucking read it :/

Also your a 2nd year sooo 2A... And a bit of character development cuz why not🤷🏾‍♀

You have four siblings:

Kalen-Age 21
He’s the oldest and moved out 3 years ago. He has a different mom but the same dad and he’s a famous doctor. He’s a lady man and you haven’t talked to him since he moved.

Tyson-Age 17
He’s protective, chill and fun to be around (Lowkey your fav) He doesn’t find interest in hero stuff. Rather become a pro football player cuz he doesn’t find his quirk that interesting.

Andre Age 17 (a twin)
He’s a big ass flirt and its annoying, sometimes you guys fight like hate and love type thing. Always dreamed of becoming an hero but goes to a different school.

Diamond-Age 4
She’s is a handful always messing up everything also has a smart mouth. Dad left when she near her first birthday, never told her what dad was like since she would ask so many questions.

Mama- A hardworking single woman has a well paid job. She mostly works her night shifts so its just you guys all alone. On every full blue moon she will spoil her kids😃

Dad- We will get into him later on in the story along with your quirk😉

Shiori Sora- Your best friend since you guys were little. You guys barely hang out much since she been busy most of the time.

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