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In love with the enemy Kaminari x Reader

Mission: I’m the traitor is ago

It’s been a few weeks since the UA entrance exams and you’ve been pacing around in your room in the hide out.

“Y/n can I come in” you heard Kurogiri ask from the other side of the door.


“Listen Y/n this is a big mission and very dangerous be careful not to leak information about the league or where we’re hiding”

“I’ll be extra careful about what I say Kurogiri the league is like my family and I don’t want anything to happen to you guys” you said then Kurogiri handed you a letter “What’s this” you asked with utter confusion.

“Open it and you’ll see, I’ll be back in a bit” Kurogiri said while exiting your room.

You slowly opened the letter for a small disk to fall onto my bed with a projection of All Might. ‘What makes him so interesting anyway’ you thought as you watched the projection.

Once the projection was over you ran down to the bar where Shigaraki was playing a game and Kurogiri was cleaning wine glasses. “Shiggy! Kurogiri! I got in!” you yelled with excitement.

“Shut up I’m trying to focus” Shigaraki yelled trying to focus on his game.

“That’s good Y/n and we didn’t even need to do anything to help you” Kurogiri said cleaning the last wine glass.

“Don’t forget the mission your meant to be on, your meant to be gathering information on the school so we can put an end to All Might” Shagraki said placing ‘father’ back on his face.

“Oh I won’t Shiggy but I need to go and get some uniforms but first I need to go change.” you said bouncing around the bar.

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