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hopeless romantic [bakugo katsuki fanfic]


✧ ೃ༄*ੈ✩

The man's laugh was so loud, it disrupted the entire club. The woman next to him looked irritated by his presence.
Katsuki was intrigued by the woman. She looked like an angel sent from heaven.

He walked towards them. The man roared with laughter over the sexist joke he made that caused the woman to roll her eyes. "She's not interested in you," Katsuki said, "Leave."

"Eh? Who the fuck are you?" the man sneered.


He stared at Katsuki with a nervous look. Not wanting to mess with the well-known gang leader, he walked awake. "Tch, whatever. She was wasting my time anyway." He grumbled.

The lady brought the wine glass to her lips. "I could've handled the situation myself." She spoke. Katsuki glimpsed at her eyes. He was taken aback by how innocent they were. Everything about her wanted Katsuki to pin her down and have his cock deep inside her.

"You looked like a damsel in distress, princess." He said. They locked eyes for what it seems like an eternity until she pulled on his tie to make him closer to her. "How about I make it up to you for helping me?" She whispered in his ear. Katsuki smirked. "Careful baby girl, you don't know who you're messing with."

The girl rolled her eyes as if she hasn't heard that before. "Try me."

══════ ∘◦❁◦∘ ══════

Loud moans filled the hotel room. Katsuki thrust into the girl roughly. She arched her back, feeling the tip of his cock hit her spot. "Fuck daddy, I'm gonna cum!" Hearing this made Katsuki pulled out of her and decided to tease. His cock rubbed against her wet entrance.

She whimpered and began to squirm under him. "Quit teasing me."

"Beg for me then." he husked. His lips touched her neck and left multiple marks. Her moans were silenced by his lips while he rubbed her clit. They broke away from the heated kiss, leaving a trail of saliva. "I need you." She begged with a vulgar expression, making Katsuki snap within.

He penetrated his large size into her cunt. The intense gaze from him made her more aroused. Her loud moans were music to his ears. "You're such a dirty slut aren't you?"

Her eyes went wide as he moved at a faster pace. Her nails dug deep into his skin, leaving bruises and marks along his back. "Y-Yes, Daddy!" Katsuki let out deep guttural moans as he felt his climax approaching.

"I-I'm going to cum-"

"Not yet baby girl." He growled. The girl jolted as his hand came down on her ass. He pulled out and released it on her stomach. She trembled from the orgasm she was feeling. Katsuki wiped off the sticky substance off her stomach and lit a cigarette.

He peered over at the girl and offered her a cigarette. "I don't smoke." She denied. Katsuki shrugged and let out his last puff of smoke.

He had neglected the meeting he needed to attend and quickly fixed himself. Before he could open the door, the girl's voice spoke softly. "Leaving so soon?"

He turned to face her. Her face was stained with run down mascara and plumped lips that were bruised. "Sorry doll, I have something to attend to." He didn't want to go to the meeting. He wanted to stay in the comfortable sheets and smell her sweet scent. Except he knew that if she got too close to him, everything will collapse.

He opened the door but came to a stop from her cry. "Wait!" she shouted, "At least tell me your name."

His ruby eyes gazed at her innocent ones. "The name's Katsuki Bakugo." Then, he closed the door and walked into the night.
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