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wish | tsukishima kei

: friends.

oikawa created a chat.

oikawa named it 'nope squad'.

oikawa added tsukishima, kunimi and kenma to 'nope squad'.

oikawa: have fun! and no, you can't leave!

oikawa left the chat.

tsukishima: so i go onto my phone and find this-

kunimi: are you karasuno's tall middle blocker?

tsukishima: yeah. are you seijoh's tired-looking number 13?

kunimi: yep.

kenma: yo.

tsukishima: how does oikawa-san even have your number?

kenma: must be the power of kuroo's social media.

tsukishima: makes sense.

kunimi: i've tried leaving but it won't work, so i think we're stuck here for the rest of our lives.

tsukishima: well now what?

kunimi: you guys seem chill. wanna be friends?

kenma: sure i guess.

tsukishima: you don't seem like an over-obnoxious ball of energy, so sure.

kunimi: nice. now let's add other people who can relate to us.

kenma: kk.

kenma added akaashi.

akaashi: ?

kenma: scroll up.

akaashi: ah right. can i add people?

tsukishima: sure.

akaashi added ojiro and shirabu.

akaashi: i know these two from interhigh, btw.

ojiro: 'nope squad'? I see i've found my tribe.

shirabu: can everyone introduce themselves? i'm shirabu kenjiro, second year, shiratorizawa's setter.

tsukishima: tsukishima kei, first year, karasuno middle blocker.

akaashi: akaashi keiji, second year, fukurodani's setter.

kunimi: kunimi akira, first year, aoba johsai wing spiker.

kenma: kenma kozume, second year, nekoma's setter.

ojiro: ojiro aran, third year, inarizaki's ace and wingspiker.

tsukishima: aren't you a top 5 ace?

ojiro: yup.

ojiro: kk imma add someone cause she'll bring some hype up here.

kenma: go ahead.

ojiro added l/n.

l/n: yo.

ojiro: hi l/n, we need hype because this is the chat where once you enter, you may never leave.

akaashi: wait, I can't leave??

l/n: lmao apparently not. and hi, i'm l/n y/n, second year, and inarizaki's manager.

kunimi: yo, but I feel no hype.

ojiro: first appearances deceive. I learnt that the hard way.

l/n: ain't that the truth. my past view on suna, and my present view on suna are so different, they may as well be different people.

shirabu: suna's that bendy blocker, right?

tsukishima: lmao 'bendy blocker'

l/n: lol, and yeah.

akaashi: so basically, if we add someone, they won't be able to leave again?

kenma: correct.

akaashi: well wow.

tsukishima: the question is 'since when was oikawa smart enough to program a group chat to do that?'

kunimi: i guess we'll never know.

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