Truth Or Dare


Truth Or Dare is a fun game, but this is a little different, something happend, there is 3 books of this because there's a lot of chapters

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Truth Or Dare

Today my best friend was outsode with me and we were walking around. It was 12pm but we didn't notice, so we went home. But before we got inside....someone came and kidnapped us. So we tried to get away and we knocked him out and we went back home so we played truth or dare "i dare you to go down to the basement and go touch the wall" said my best friend, so I went down to the basement and touched the door. At least I tought I did, IT WAS MOVING!!! "SOMEONE IS IN THE BASEMENT" I yelled so I ran upstairs and closed the door and called the cops, and the cops didn't find anything, so we moved out with my mom and puppy😱
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