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In which a dumb girl joins a boys and girls volleyball club, sneak into other schools, be the definition of high, and have many lover. All haikyuu characters are owned by Furudate any other persons character belongs to them and ill mention them if i use them other then that my oc's and y/n (only a lil for y/n) are mine

Erotica / Humor
Age Rating:

Chpt.00 This really doesn't have a meaning

Harshly. Another soft knock is heard and she opens it with a frown.

"L/n-chan what do I have to do to for you to be my girlfriend" The taller boy whined looking at the girl in front of him.

"Idiot! Be more chill! Brings some flowers or something geez.." She angrily pokes her small pointer finger towards the 10 year old in front of her before pulling back and closing the door again.

What seemed like an hour for 8 year old y/n was actually 5 minutes when more knocking was heard. Y/n opens the door again only to feel completely flushed when she see's the 9 year old with a small childish bouquet of flowers blushing harshly at her and a wiggly smile to accompany his face.

Y/n took the bouquet wordlessly with a smile then looking up at the the boy walking away and putting the flowers in the house before coming back.

"Silly, fine~ you may be my boyfriend!"

Timeskip tingz

Y/n gave Himo (her boyfriend) a tired look. It was funny how their relationship lasted long mostly because Y/n's relationships didn't last that long but she enjoyed him till the one month of them dating hit now she was in a pouty mood and just had about enough of him.

"Hey Himo I don't want to be your girlfriend anymore. You're boring." She states with a blank stare at him. By this time her room was filled with flowers, stuffed animals, and candies collected from him that he gave along their relationship.

"B-But Y/n-chan I'm turning 10 soon you can't-" Himo sputtered attempting to negotiate with y/n with no avail.

"Himo..I don't care...anyway later Himo-san.See you at school." The girl then hoppped on her bike and rode home unaware of the other boys in Himo's class just witnessed this.

Y/n L/n, the girl who broke many hearts at a young age and still a heart throb to many. This was a unimportant snip of her past and now we reach her present days, a dumbass memester, a gamer, volleyball player, pothead, and possible criminal.
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