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She's Mistreated|| K. Bakugo x Reader


Y/N is the daughter of the villain Dabi, and is determined to move past her father's expectations. She runs away from her abusive father, and finds herself in Musutafu, Japan where she becomes Izuku's sister . Y/N now stands at the gates of UA, in hopes to become a hero and stop her father once and for all . Art isn't mine, credit to the originals! @-SleepyKacchan- does the editing! I will try and publish a chapter once a week ~ Started: 12/24/20 Ending: --/--/--

Romance / Action
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~ Character Backgrounds ~

Y/n Midoriya - Todoroki

Alias: (Y/n/little flame/little one)

Vilain's Daughter & Hero in training

Hero Name ~ N/A

Age ~ 16

Height ~ Up to reader

Hair Color ~ Up to reader

Eye Color ~ Up to reader

Quirk ~ Cremation ~ Allows her like father to control and manipulate Blue flames . The extent of her quirk is hot enough to set forest on fire and burn people to a crisp like ( her father). But she learns to control it better than her father and uses it for good instead of evil . She attends UA High with her brother and best friend .

Weaknesses ~ If she uses to much flames, then her skin will burn (much like Dabi/Touya)

Y/n's Father ~ Dabi/ Touya Todoroki

Villain in the League of Villains

Age ~ mid 20's

Quirk ~ Cremation

Weakness ~ Overheats

Y/n's Birth Mother ~ Ayame

Dabi's one night stand and love

Age ~ 20's

Quirk ~ Quirkless

Weakness ~ N/A

Y/n's Adoptive Mother ~ Inko Midoriya

Age ~ 42

Quirk ~ Attraction of small objects

Weakness ~ Unknown

Y/n's Brother ~ Izuku (Deku) Mioriya

Hero in training/All Might's Successor/ Bakugo's rival

Hero name ~ Deku

Age ~16

Height ~ 166cm (5'5 1/4")

Quirk ~ One for All ~

Weakness~ If he goes over his limit, he can injure himself. (break bones, exhaust...)

Y/n's Bestfriend ~ Katsuki (Kacchan) Bakugo

Hero in training

Hero name ~ Dynamight (MANGAAAAA)

Age ~ 16

Height ~ 172cm (5'7 3/4")

Quirk ~ Explosion

Weakness ~ If he uses bigger explosions with no gear, he can strain the muscle in his arms

Y/n's Family ~ Shoto Todoroki

Hero in training

Age ~ 16

Height ~ 176cm (5'9 1/4 ")

Quirk ~ Halfcold / Halfhot

Weakness ~ Overheat/Freeze

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