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y/n l/n a second year at inazarki high who is known to be the stoner and class slump. she meets suna where they become quick friends and start to hang out with each other. will they end up catching feelings for each other or not. read to find out. tw: mature language mature content mentions of drugs i do not own the haikyuu character at all, they don't belong to me

Romance / Drama
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It's the first day of my second year at Inarizaki High, I was kinda nervous but I really shouldn't be it's nothing new just a new year. I got up a little earlier than usual. I get out of bed making my way to the bathroom to take a shower. I connect my phone to the speaker in there. I hear my mom knock on the door.

"Y/n, sweetie I'm leaving for work now, have a good first day of school!" She yelled over the music, I turned it down so I could hear her.

"Bye mom, love you!"

"Love you too!" I heard the front door close and the car engine start. I turn the music back up and continue with the shower. I wanted to have a little sesh before school started and decided on meeting up with my best friend Danielle. I get out of the shower and throw on some sweats and a hoodie and texted Danielle.
me: hey meet me at our spot in 10

dani: ok, let me get dressed first

me: make sure to bring your uniform and we'll change at my house.

I grab my stash that I had hidden under some board in my closet. I make my way downstairs, putting my shoes on, and walking to where Danielle and I usually hang out and smoke. I see Danielle sitting against a tree with her knees pulled into her chest. She looks up to me and smiles.

"Hey, can you believe we're second years already," I say as I slid down the tree sitting in a crisscross applesauce position. I pull my bag that had my blunts and a lighter in it out of my hoodie pocket.

"Right, one more year and we're out of this hell hole." I bring it to my lips lighting it and taking a big inhale. Feeling the smoke going down my throat, I pass over to Danielle and she takes a big hit as well. I can already feel the weed taking action. We keep passing it to each other taking big hits and havening some small talk.

I look at the time and we only had 10 mins to get back home and get to school. "Danielle, shit we're gonna be lateee." I slur my words a little trying to get up. I grab Danielle's hand trying to bring her up so we can get home and get dress.

"Oh shitttt, really." Yeah, she's gone.

"Yes, now let's goooo." I grab my things and her hands and we run towards my house. We arrive at my house, I quickly open my front door. We enter and hurriedly take our shoes off and run upstairs to my room. We get our uniforms on and put some eyedrops in our eyes. We spray a whole bunch of perfume on to help with the small.

"Who gives a fuck, just write a fake doctor's note or just say there was traffic," Danielle says as she checks her uniform out for any wrinkles. "I don't get why the skirts are so short though?"

"You're right tho, I shouldn't give a fuck." I check my uniform out in the mirror. "Yeah, why are the skirts so short?" We shrugged our shoulders and made our way downstairs to put our school shoes on. We head out to my car, opening the doors to get in. I plug in the aux to my phone as my playlist started to play and the first song that came on was Swim by Chase Atlantic. We put our seatbelts on and I pull out of the driveway.

"Y/n, do you think we can get some food or something?" Danielle asks. "There's a McDonalds right there." She says as she points to the McDonalds on my right, I change my lanes quickly to make sure I don't miss it. We hop into the drive-thru waiting for our turn.

"Okay, what do you want?" I turn my head to her as her face brightens up.

"Sausage mcgriddle, and a large caramel iced coffee," She says, I couldn't help but laugh a little. We order our food and get back onto the main road and on our way to school. I pull into the parking lot, as we finished our breakfast sandwiches and all we had left was our coffees. I get out of the car grabbing my bag and phone, we walk toward the front of the school.

"My first class is this way, okay meet me on the roof for lunch." I say pointing to the direction in which I was headed

"Okay loveeee." She says turning to walk to her first class.

"Have a good first day, love youuuu." I say as we part both ways I could hear a faint 'i love you too'. I make my way to class 2-1, I knock on the door and the teacher was in the middle of a lesson. He turns toward me and opens the door for me.

"First day, and you're late, your excuse please." Everyone in the class was eyeing me down, my insecurities were getting the best of me and I was trying my best to block out their stares.

"No excuse just late," I say as I take my last sip from my coffee and throw it into the recycling bin.

"Okay, well you can take a seat then." I look for the only open seat that was in the back of the class next to a dark-brown haired boy, with these mesmerizing greyish-yellow eyes. He had this lazy look to himself, lowkey looks like he's tired all the time or high. I gotta say he was fucking hot. I walk down the middle of the class getting glances and whispers. I take a seat next to him and we make slight eye contact but I quickly look away from him and focus my attention on the lesson.

I could feel myself starting to fall asleep so I just let it happen, the sound of the teacher's lesson fading out of my hearing.


I wake up to a nudge on my shoulder. I groan leaning up. "What the fuck dude?" I rub my eyes trying to keep them open and adjust to the light. It was the guy I sitting next to who woke me.

"I just wanted to say the class was over, oh and your breath smells like weed." He gets up from his seat, his upper lip started to curl into a slight smirk. my face flustered red after he left. God, why are you so hot and I just met you. I get up and make my way to the roof, where Danielle was waiting for me.

"Y/n, what took you so long," She asked.

"Dude chill, I was only 5 minutes late and I was asleep," I say walking toward the wall she was sitting up against. I pull my skirt under me so it doesn't go flying up.

"Again?" she pulls out her bento and chopsticks and begins to eat.

"Yes again, it was boring. How did your class go?" I pulled my bento out and some brownies I made for myself.

"It was okay, boring as usual, and did you really bring pot brownies to school." She turns towards me with a slightly annoyed look.

"Yes, yes I did, do you want one or not?" I held up the bag of brownies to her face.

"Yeah, sure why not." She pulls one out and takes a bite out of it. "These are pretty good."

"I know right, I guess I am a pretty good baker." I laugh a little as we continued to eat our bentos and enjoy our high. A brunette caught glimpse of my eye. I look toward the door that leads to the roof. It's him again.

"Hey, your the guy I sit next to in class." I get up from my spot and walk towards him. Danielle looks up from her food confused about where I was going.

"Yeahhh, anddd, " He says looking down at me.

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