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I looked at his face and his eyes were glossy and have a bit of a red tint to it. I kept looking at his face staring at it a little longer than I should've. The more I looked at him the more his features surfaced. His narrow eyes had eye bags under them. His dark brown hair was combed down the sides.

"Why is he so pretty?" He stared at me with a straight face. Then I just realized what I said. I brought my hand up to my mouth and Danielle was just laughing her ass off. "Did I just say that out loud?"

"Yeahhh, you did," Suna stated holding out the yeah. I flustered up in embarrassment. Oh, shit Y/n why did you have to say that out loud. Could I be any more stupid? Danielle was still sitting on the ground laughing. "What's your name?" He faces me staring straight into my eyes.

"Y/n, you?" I asked.

"Suna, do you smoke?" He askes me, his lips curling up into a grin.

"I'm high right now, and I'm gonna guess you do too since you are high too." I turn around walking back to sit next to Danielle who finally stopped laughing. I could feel his eyes on me.

"Yep, I am and so are you." He walks over to where Danielle and I are sitting. He sits next to me with his knees pulled into his chest and his head tilted up resting against the wall. "We should get together and smoke sometime." He says side-eyeing me.

"I'm up to it." I turn toward Danielle and she mouths 'he's so hot'. I mouth back to her with a big grin 'I know right'. I grab the bag of brownies and pull another out another eat. Suna looks at me and lets out a little scoff. "Whatt?" I turn towards him.

"Pot brownies."

"Yeah?" Before he could say anything the bell rings for our next classes to start. "Ugh, I don't want to go to class." I groan leaning back against the wall, looking up at the sky.

"Well, I have to get going, I'll see you after school babe," Danielle says packing up her stuff and running off with a little grin. Her dark brown curly hair flowing in the wind behind her.

"We better get going or I'm gonna be late again." I get my bento and brownies and place them into my bag. I stand up, Suna following behind me.

"Yeah, why were you late this morning?" He catches up to walk beside me.

"Smoking." I open the door that leads to going back downstairs in the main building.

"I figured he says." I never noticed but his voice is so attractive, It's a little raspy but not too high not too deep. He sounds so relaxed. "Can I have your number?" He pulls out his phone. We turn the corner to where our class is and stop in front of it.

"Yeah, here." I pull out my phone and we exchange phones to put our numbers in. We walk back into class taking our seats at our desks. The first day of school and I already got a guy's number. I fell asleep again in class and I'm pretty sure Suna did the same.

I hear the last bell of the school day ring which woke me up. I turn to my left and Suna was still asleep. I nudge him a little to wake him up. "Suna, schools over," I say with a low voice. He lifts slowly up. We get our things and walk out of class together. I notice that he hunches a little.

"I'll text you when my practice is over." He turns to walk the other way. I just nod and go to the front of the school to find Danielle. I see her leaning against a wall.

"Daniii, are you ready to go?" I walk towards her pulling my car keys out.

"Yeah, I have homework already." She groans as we walk toward my car. I open the door getting and plugging my phone into the aux.

"Me too, and I slept pretty much all class." I put my playlist on and shuffle through some songs till I found one I wanted. "Wanna stop by the gas station and get some snacks?" I start backing out and driving towards the main road.

"Yeah that's sounds good." The song Daddy Issues came on. Danielle and I started singing.

"Go ahead and cry little girl," We sing in sync. "nobody does it like you do."

I turn the music down a little. "I got Suna's number." She lets out a little squeal.

"Oh my gosh, reallyyy." She turns towards me with such a big smile on her face. "You guys would be so cute together."

"I just met him." I pull into the gas station nearest to my house.

"And, I know, something gonna happen." We get out, grabbing my phone and wallet. Opening the door to the door we go straight to the drink section. I grab some monsters and Danielle grabs an Arizona.

"You know that shit can give you a heart attack?"We go to the snack section and get some pocky and some other snacks.

"Danielle, you act like you don't smoke." We walk to the cash register, I pull out some cash and pay for what we got.

"Andd, you know you don't have to pay for me?" We walk out of the store and back to the car.

"My treat, and soo your my best friend." I open the car getting in. We put our seatbelts on. I plug my phone back and my music starting playing. "Any song requests?" I turn towards her before I back out.

"Into it." She says as she takes a sip from her drink.

"Bettt." I put the song on and we drive back home. My mom wasn't gonna be home till another two days. We get out grabbing our bags, walking towards the door. I unlock it taking our shoes off and going upstairs. "I can finally take this uniform off." I walk to my closet scrimmaging through trying to find something comfy.

"Can I borrow some clothes?" Danielle asks.

"Yeah ofc, I think you left your hoodie here." I look in my closet for it. "Here it is." I throw it to her and I find my hoodie that had some trippy mushrooms on it. We sit down at my desk and start our homework.

After about two hours of doing work. Ding! I sit up and check my phone. Danielle shoots up "Is that him?"

"Yeah, should I wait a couple of minutes before opening it." I turn toward her sitting up against the headboard.

"No, open it now." She comes up to sit next to me. "I wanna see what he said."

I open up the text message.

suna: hey

me: hey

"Ugh, so dry," Danielle says. I roll my eyes at her. Ding!

suna: i just got done with practice, wanna hangout, i'm feeling a little stressed out

me: yeah sure, where do you wanna meet up

suna: ill pick you up now

me: okay, here's my address

suna: ill see you in 10

I left it at that. Danielle started laughing. "Better use protection." I turn towards her annoyed.

"We just met, we're probably just gonna smoke together," I say to her, she rolls her eyes and looks the other.

"Whatever you say." She gets up and gets her bag. "I'm gonna go ahead and go home, you guys have fun." I throw a pillow at her and she runs out of the room. I hear footsteps go downstairs and a faint bye. Shit, what am I gonna wear. I don't even care at this point. I kept the hoodie I had on and switched my sweat pants to some spandex shorts. Ding! He's here. I grab my phone and walk downstairs. I put on my shoes and walk outside to the car that was outside my driveway. I open the door.

"Hey." He says to me with a little grin. He drives off. He wasn't wearing his uniform anymore. He was in a black hoodie and some gym shorts.

"Hey," I say to him with a little smile. "Where are we gonna go?" I ask.

"Park maybe?" He says. "Doesn't really matter." We keep driving till we find somewhere to park.
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