My fallin angel

chapter 1: we only see each other at weddings and

In October,1989. 43 woman gave birth at the same time. None of them were pregnant when the day began. A man adopted 7 children who had incredible power. Which they are known as the umbrella academy.

Third person
August 24th, 2019

It was a rainy day and on this faithful day. The man himself Reginald Hargreeves past away. Because of the news of his death, all of the siblings decided to come back to the umbrella academy to reunite, even if they didn't care about their fathers death.

Number 7 know as Vanya Hargreeves walks in very consusly because of a certain book she wrote about the family's secret. When she walked in, she meets here sister number 3, Allison.

Allison ; hey vanya, its been awhile.

Vanya: um yeah it has.

Allison; so how you been sis?

Vanya, um its been good I guess. How are you.

Allison; thats good, I thought you weren't going to make it. I been okay I guess. But you know, how my husband and I are.

Before vanya could talk, she was cut off by her brother. Number 2, diego Hargreeves.

Diego; what the hell is she doing here? She doesn't belong here

Allison; shut up diego. You really doing this today,

Vanya; yeah, he's right.. I should go

Allison; just ignore him, you belong here.

As everyone walked around the house, remembering their childhood past. Luther (number 1) decided that he should start a family meeting with his siblings about a missing monacal and the funeral of their father.

Luther; okay, first order of business... I think we should hold a memorial event (sorry I don't know what their called) at dad's favorite spot.

Allison; dad had a favorite spot?

Luther; yeah, under the oak tree.Have you guys not been at his favorite spot?

Klaus; will their be refesment? Tea?scons? Cucumber sandwiches are always a winner.

Luther; hey put that thing out, dad didn't like that if yoi smoke in here.

Allison; is that my skirt?

Klaus; oh this thing, yeah. Its very comforting around the bits.

Luther; hey guys focus, anyways another order of business we need to talk about is how the way dad died.

Every gets confused

Diego; here we go.

Vanya; what do you mean, they said he died from a heart attack.

Luther; well theoretically.

Allison; theoretically?

Luther; yeah, I think dad wasn't alone when he died. The last time I called dad, he sound very strange and told me that I should be careful to who I trust.

Diego; hew was a very paranoid old man Luther.

Luther ignores Diego and then looked at Klaus.

Luther; look Klaus, i know how much you hate doing this but I need you to talk to dad.

Klaus; what? Look i can't really do so, I mean I'm not in the right mind set.

Allison; your high?

Klaus; yes, that is right and what will that do, I can't just ask dad to... stop playing tennis with Hitler.

Luther rolls his eyes.

Luther; and last on the agenda is dad's missing monacal.

Diego; but that monacal is useless

Luther; yeah and some took it. Some one who was close to him and probably had a personal grudge on dad.

Klaus: what are you implying?

Diego; isn't it obviously Klaus, he thinks one of us killed dad.

As Luther says nothing, but he was wasnt denying it.

Klaus; you do think that.

Vanya; how could you ever think that.

Luther; no, I wasn't

As everyone gets up and leaves, Luther trys to explain himself.

Luther: no guys wait, guys.

Klaus; yeah no, ima go kill mom now.

Luther; Allison wait.

Allison looks at Luther, shaking her head, then walking off. Diego walks and then said.

Diego; way to lead luther.

Then walks off.

Luther; well that went well.

*I'm not gonna write what happens because I have a bad memory of what happened so sorry about that.*

The siblings went to their rooms to think over what Luther had said. They couldn't help listen to the song "I think were alone now" by Tiffany, that was playing on the radio. As the siblings start dancing like no one was watching , a blue like portal starts to form out the Hargreeves house. Every walks out wonder what it was. Diego opens the back door while everyone else walk outside as well.

Vanya; what is it

Allsion; don't get close!

Diego; yeah no shit.

Luther; I don't know what it is, its probably a temporal anomaly or a black hole. Its probably one of the two.

Diego; pretty big difference Paul Bunyan.

Klaus; out of the way!!

Klaus runs infornt of Luther and Diego with a fire extinguisher. He then throws the fire extinguisher into the portal.

Allison; what is that gonna do?!

Klaus; I don't know.

Then thunder struck sound scared Klaus and the others.

Luther; get behind me

Diego; yeah get behind us

Klaus; I vote on running, come on.

Everyone stays put and in the port two like human like people try to get out of the portal. Right then on lands on their feet while the other lands on their stomach. Their were two boys, one being 13 while the other a 14 year old kid.

Klaus; is it just me or do I see little five and a boy standing their?

The two boys looked at eacher.

Both boys; shit.

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