My fallin angel

Chapter 2

Everyone is inside the kitchen, five grabs a cutting board and a nife with the taller boy standing right next to him.

Five; whats the date, the exact date

Vanya; the 24th.

Five sighs

Five; of what?

Vanya; of March.

Five; good.
As five placed two slices of bread on the cutting board.

Luther; are we not gonna talk about what just happened?

Five says nothing, while the tall dirty blond had a bored look on his face. Then Luther angerly stands up.

Luther; its been 17 years number 5.

As Luther was about to stand in fornt of five, a loud grawl sound was coming from the tall looking kid. Five then puts his hand on top of the some what bigger hand. The taller boy stops then looks away. Five then turns to Luther.

Five; its been longer than that.

Five teleports to the top shelf where the marshmallows were.

Luther; I havent missed that.

Diego; where did you go?

Five; to the future, its shit by the way.

Klaus; called it

Five then teleport back to were he was, placing the marshmallows on the table. The he moves to get the peanut butter.

Five; I should have listened to the old man. You know, going through space is one thing but going through time is like tossing a dice.

Five looks up at his siblings then looks closely at kalus.

Five; nice dress.

Klaus; well danks

Vanya; wait, how did you get back?

Five; in the end I had to project our consciousness forward and into a suspended quantum state of ourselves that exists across every possible instance of time.

Diego; that doesn't make sense?

Taller boy; it would have been if you were smarter.

Diego then stands up and was about to hurt the teen before he was stopped by Luther.

Diego; besides who is this kid anyways

"Well this kids name is Alex Wasabi and I am fives good looking husband. Get it right next time, knock off version of batman".

Five; Alex we talked about this, its alex Hargreeves.

Alex; i like five Wasabi better or we can go by Alex and five wasabi Hargreeves then.

Alex smirks hearing five silently laughing. Diego glares at Alex.

Luther; how long were you two their.

Five; well for me, it was 58 years give or take.

Alex; I would be 59 years into that shitty future.

Five glares at Alex, while Alex playfully smirks at five.

Luther; wait are you saying that your 58?

Five; no, im saying that my conscious is 58 but apparently my body is now 13.

Five looks way from everyone.

Five; Delores and alex kept saying my equation was off but I bet their laughing now.

Alex; oh yeah, I rather be back in my 14 year old body then to go back to hell. And look at us right now baby.

Everyone; baby?

Five looks at the news paper.

Five; guessed we missed the funeral.

Luther; how do you now about that.

Alex; what about the future do you not understand.

Luther was about to say something before he was cut off by five.

Five; heart failure, huh?

Diego; yes

Luther; no.

Then five grabes Alex's hand and started walking to his old room.

Five; nice that nothing has changed.

Allison; what thats it ,that's all you have to say?

Five; what else is their to say.

Alex; its the circle of life sweetheart.

As the both walk away, every one else stayed their confused.

Luther; well that was interesting.

Five looks in his closet to find some clothes to wear.


Alex; well that looks promising, that all your clothes look the same sweetheart.

Five rolls his eye as he grabe his old uniform.

Five: oh how you don't like seeing my clothes.

Alex laughs before walking to five.

Alex; well I prefer my style of clothing but no matter what you wear, you look cute in it.

Alex wraps his arms around fives waist while five warps his arm around alexs neck.

Five; actually I look sexy in my school shorts thank you very much you asshole.

Alex and five slowly kiss while walking towards the bathroom door. Five pulls away, while Alex starts to pout.

Five; sorry love but I want to take a shower.

Alex; why can't I take a shower with you? I mean, we are married you know.

Five; yeah but I would like my husband to understand privacy when needed.

As five pushes Alex away and locks the door before Alex could walk in.

Alex; fine but its not like I haven't seen anything.

Alex changes to something to his perfrence clothes. Which was a full on black suite with a red tie.After they were done changing their clothes, they both walked in the library where fives painting was hanging. They both see vayna and decided to talk to her before the funeral started.

Five; well its good to know dad didn't forget me... I read your book by the way. All good to be considered that you told the family secrets. Alex read it but said nothing about. He told me that I would like his response so I didn't really ask his opinion about much.

Vanya; they all hate me.

Five; well their more terrible things that can happen.

Vayna; like what happened to Ben?

They stayed quite while Alex was thinking to himself.

Alex pov.
Well this is the famous vanya Hargreeves, the only "ordinary" kid. I also know what happened to ben. I think that no one notice obviously because I could see Ben right their at the table. I mean, I am the devil with more than one power. He should have been in heaven but now I know were he is. I was supposed to meet him on the other side of the light when Klaus was supposed to open the portal for the dead but I guess he kept ben by his side. I decided that the atmosphere was to sad to be in and its gross to be knowing what happened to the Hargreeves. I decided to introduce myself.

Alex; um hey, I'm Alex. I'm fives husband.

Vanya looks at him and then shakes his hand.

Vanya,; well hello Alex, I'm vayna.

After they shook hands, Alex wraps his arms around fives waist.Five looks waist. at Alex and gives him a small smile then looks at his painting of himself. Vanya then looks at five.

Vanya; dad never lost count of days you were gone.

Five; well look what happened to him.

All the Hargreeves siblings were outside, Luther holding the ashes(?) Of their father, Allison with their mother while everyone else but Diego had their umbrellas. Five and alex shared theirs and Klaus with a pink and clear umbrella. Pogo then walks in.

Mom: did something happened?

Allison; dads dead. remember?

Grace : oh.

Allison im gets worried then ask Diego a question.

Allison; hey is mom okay?

Diego; yeah, she's just tired and maybe she needs to recharge.

Pogo; all right ready when you are my dear boy.

Luther opens the lid and then pours out the ashes onto the floor. Klaus winches.

Luther; would have been better with some wind.

Five looks up to his husband then tighten up his hand that was holding his dear husband hand. Alex looks down then sighs knowing that look on fives face when he wants something. Alex then moves his hand to another direction which he creates a gust of wind that moved the ashes of the siblings father. The siblings were surprised by this but said nothing about.

Luther: thanks um

Alex; don't say anything, I didn't do it for you.

Pogo didn't say anything about it but decided to move on on what happened.

Pogo; anyone wants to say something,

Everyone stays quite before Pogo starts talking again.

Pogo; well I guess I'll start. He was my master and Master Reginald Hargreeves was a good man. He gave me a home and—

Before Pogo could finish, diego cut him off.

Diego; he was a monster.

Allison; Diego!

Diego; my name is not Diego, my name is number two. He made mom make names for us.

Luther; you need to stop talking.

Grace;anyone wants some cookies?

Vanya; no, its fine mom.

As Diego and Luther start arguing, Klaus moved his arm to protect his brother and his lover. Alex looked a fended, while five smoked his arm away.

Diego; you should be on my side number 1 after what he did to you

Allison; guys enough

Pogo; stop this at once.

Five and alex decided that it was time for them to leave.

Five; we don't have time for this.

Alex; such a stupid and sad family.

Everyone started to leave when Diego and Luther started to fight each other. As they did, Klaus was... being Klaus,

Klaus; hit him HIT HIM!

Luther swings his arm to push Diego but messes and broke bens statue. His head was broke off form his body. Diego then pulls out his nife and throws it at Luther.

Vanya; Diego no!

But it was too late, the nife was able to cut luthers left arm. He then leaves to go inside.

Vanya; you just don't know when to stop do you?

Diego; have enough for your scope

Vanya; he was my father too.

The last two started to walk back inside. Diego with their mother and Vanya alone. Vanya decided to go back to her apartment feeling like she didn't belong in the house anymore.

A few minutes later Klaus was sitting at the table with a guitar, Alex sitting at the end of the table looking at his husband who was looking for something. Moments later allsion walks in to the kitchen.

Allison; where did vanya go?

Klaus; oh shes gone.

Five; thats unfortunate.

Allison; yeah.

Alex starts smiling, trying to hold back his laugh because he knew very well that, five wasnt talking about Vanya.

Five; an entire square block, 42 bedrooms and 19 bathrooms but no, not a single drop of coffee.

Allison; dad hated caffeine.

Klaus; well dad hated children but he had plenty of us.

Five then looks at his husband giving him a signal that they were getting to leave.

Five; im taking the car.

Alex walks next to five and grabs his hand.

Klaus; where are you going?

Five; to get a decent cup of coffee.

Allison; do you even know how to drive?

Five; I know how to everything.

Five and alex teleport to the car.

Klaus; I would stop them but I'm curious of what's gonna happen.

Allison; he has his... husband i think they will be okay.

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