My fallin angel

Chapter 3

Five and alex got in the car. Alex was the driving.

Alex; you know, your family is a very strange group of people.

Five: what do you mean.

Alex; I mean, their lost in their own world. One has a super hero complex, ones is drugged and one uses their commands for their own selfish desires, on has dady issues and none are as bright as I thought they'd be. Well besides Vanya, but she's always sad about her past.

Five looks at his husband, he hasn't told him anything about his family. Yes Alex read the book but I seemed that he knew his siblings personally then he should have.

Five; and how does my husband know all of that?

Alex parks at the parking lot, turing off the car then looks at five.

Alex; well thats easy.

Alex gets closer to five as five does the same to Alex.

Alex; because I'm the devil and I know everything. *smirks*

Five then rolls his the kisses his husband.

Five; you really need to start telling me the truth.

Alex; hmm, I could but whats the fun in that my sweet little baby boy.

Five blushes then gets out the car.

Five; you should also stop teasing me.

Alex; but I like it when you blush.

As they both walk to Giddens, Alex opens the door for five then walk to the from table. Taking their seats five rings the bell. Not to long, another man walks in and takes a seat next the the two teenagers. Alex spoke out loud seeing that the worker was taking too long for fives and his liking .

Alex; do you think they have thoses donuts that have the frosting or cream on the inside?

Five looks at his husband and giggles.

Five; probably, I mean this is a donut shop.

Alex turns to look at five and reaches to hold fives hand. Its those times that five becomes submissive or soft when they are alone. It rube off of him when Alex was with him whether or not he was with family. Yes he has his soft spot for his family but they were not with him when he got to stuck in the apocalypse. His husband was the only one who understood him. Alex kept saying that he could erase all of his memories of the apocalypse but five didn't want to because he didn't want to forget when he feel in love with Alex. As five rang the bell one more time. A woman walk over the three with her notepad.

Woman; sorry the sink was clogged. So what would you guys like today?

The man told his order, then the woman ask a question, towards the teens.

Woman; can I get the kids a glass of milk or something?

Five;*smiles* the kids want coffee. Black.

Alex; also can I get those donuts that have cream inside them please.

The woman gave wired look then looks at the man again.

Woman; cute kids.

Both five and alex gave her a smile before she could get their order. Five then starts talking.

Five; don't remember this place being a shit hole. Me and my siblings would sneak out the house and come here and eat donuts until we peuk.

Alex; mmh well its better then nothing, I mean I been to worst places than this. But my siblings would only buy one donut each and we had to chose wisely... it sucked but what can you do when you were an angle before everything.

The man didn't know how responde. He was confused about what they just said. When the awkward wait the worker came back with their order.

Man; ill pay for them.

Five; thanks

Alex; thank you sir.

As Alex was eating his donut, five looked at the man's jacket.

Five; you seem to know you place around here.

Man; I sure hope so, I been driving around town over 20 years.

Five; good because I need directions to a place.

As the man was done with his food and giving the information five needed. He was about to drink the rest of his coffee. When a group of men with guns came walking in and pointing their guns at them. Alex knew they were their from the moment they got to the donut shop. It pissed him off when he could smell their scent.

Five; well that was fast. I thought I had more time to spare.

Armed man; look the boss wants to talk to you and YoU, the boss wants us to get ride of you.

Alex; I mean my dad tried but didn't work, so how are you gonna do that.

Five; I have nothing to say.

Armed man; you really think I want to shot two kids and leave without my conscious.

Alex; heh, thats really funny. * evilly smirks*

Five; yeah it is because you won't be going home.

Five slowly grabs the nife that was on the table then stab the man. When the rest start shoting, Alex made the bullets hit the other men. Five teleports then Alex got hit because he missed one of the bullets. Alex looks down at the hole of his suite.

Alex; HEY, that was an expensive suite and look you put a hole in it you asshole.

As five and alex started killing the men, it felt like minutes has past since they lost fought with each other. As the both where right in front of each other twisting the heads of the gun man's. Alex walked up to five as five as well walked closer to Alex. Beofre Alex could say anything five grabe Alex's callar and kissed him. Alex was supreis but kissed back. What felt like hours, they pulled away and looked at each other with so much love in their eyes. Before anything one man gasp for air, five walked up to the man and snapped the man's neck. Five then walks up to the counter and grabbed a nief and proceed to cut his arm. Alex walked up to five and went to take out the tracking device. They both walked out the shop and destroyed the device. They walked to the car and the drove away from the scene.

Alex; so where we going my devil prince?

Five; where going to vanyas place, so we can talk.

Alex; okay, but do you want me to heal you or are you going to go in like that.

Five; just keep driving asshole.

Alex; love you too honey.

As they drove to vanyas, the were in front a apartment complex. Five teleports to the second floor.

Alex: excuse me but your forgetting something honey.

Five looks down.

Five; just climb or fly up here.

Alex looks up.

Alex; oh I would fly up but did you forget that MY WINGS WERE CUT OFF YOU ASS!!

Five forgot that Alex doesn't like talking about his own past and how his wings were a very touchy subject.

Five; s-sorry honey bear, I forgot.

Alex sighs then softly spoke.

Alex; its fine, I never talk about it a lot. I'll just climb up.

Once Alex climb up, he was impraced in a hug. He hugs back knowing that five feels bad about what just happened.

Five; im really am sorry babe.

Alex; I know but thats in the past. Look maybe one of theses days ill tell you everything but until then, let's stop this apocalypse form happening.

As they waited, five was on the chair near a lamp, while Alex sat near him on the couch. Five and alex looked at each other then nuzzle their nose together. They forgot that their both a bunch of assholes, but had very cute moments like theses. They both heard the door open. Vanya walks and and five turns the lamp on.

Vanya; jesus.

Alex; sorry I'm not him unfortunately.

Five; you should have padlocks on your windows.

Vanya: I live on the second floor.

Five; rapist can climb.

Alex at five and glares at him. Five gives him a apologetic smile before looking back at Vanya.

Vanya; you two are wired.

Vanya walks closely to the two boys.

Vanya; is that blood?

Alex; well its not ketchup.

Vanya; what are you guys here anyways.

Five; well I need to tell you about something important.

Vanya; why me?

Five; because your ordinary.

Alex glares at five because of his choice of words.

Five; because you will listen... the world is gonna end in eight days and we don't know how to stop it.

Vanya; ill get the coffee ready.

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