My fallin angel

Chapter 4

Vanya was helping five with his wounds.

Five; you know what I found in the future... nothing. Everything was gone. You know the life time supply of twinkies, well thats utterly bull shit. We had to do everything we could to survive. Eating rotten candfood, cucarachas, anything we could find. I thought I was the only one alive but not until I meet Alex.

Vanya; I can't imagine.

Alex could remember that day, all too well.
He hated that day thinking that his father sent him to the apocalypse for a punishment or for no parent reason. Not until he also thought he was alone until he meet the 13 year old back then.

Five; you got anything stronger?

Five and Vanya went to the kitchen as they were talk amongst themselves. Alex looked at the window looking at a certain bright star.
Alex; *whisper* oh alli, what are we gonna do...

Before Alex could talk to himself, he hears fives anyond sounding voice.

Five; you think we're crazy.

Vanya; no, its just a lot to comprehend.

Five; what can't you understand.

Vanya; how you two got back but look like kids?

Five; I already told you, I miss calculated the jump. You know what, I should've come here. Your too young, too niave.

Five went to get Alex and was about to leave before vanya stops them.

Vanya; no wait five, look im sorry. I havent seen you in a long time, why don't we talk more about this tomorrow. I have lessons tomorrow morning and its already late. Why don't you two stay for the night.

Vanya grabes two pillows and a blanket.

Vanya; I hope this is okay.

Five; thats fine, thanks Vanya.

Alex; thanks.

Vanya; ill go to my room, goodnight boys.

Five/alex; goodnight/ night.

Vanya leaves to go to her room and rest.

Alex; well I guess that conversation went well.

Five; shut up.

Five was about to leave but was pulled back into alexs chest.

Alex; we should sleep five. We haven't gotten a goods nights rest in awhile.

Five; I can go out while you rest.

Five pulls out the eye from his pocket and stares at it once more. Remembering the terrible memory when he found his family and their bodies.

Five jump way too far and into the apocalypse. Scared and afraid he calls out his siblings.

Five; ben,Vanya, dad... anyone!

Before he could do anything he finds a news paper that was on the ground. He reads it before looking for his family, hoping that their a live and okay. Once he did he was devastated of what he found. He then looks at luthers hand, and took the eye that Luther was holding. The eye that just might be the cause of the apocalypse. All he needs to do is stop it from ever happening.

Five was out of his day dream when Alex pulled him closer. He felt safe in his husbands arms. Alex would hold him protectively and had wolf ears when they slept in the apocalypse. Alex felt like something could happen so he wanted to be prepared to protect five. Five looks up at Alex. Already Alex had his wolf ears out, a force of habit when they both went to sleep.

Alex; ill make sure to protect you, my love. And we still have time to stop this together. So let's get enough sleep so we can stop the apocalypse from happening.

Alex kissed fives head, as five cuddles closely to Alex.

Five; okay, goodnight love.

Alex; goodnight honey.

*the next day*
Five and alex woke up early and left to the umbrella academy to change clothes. After that they both went to a huge building that manufacturers the eye, five has. The two boys walked in, hand in hand. Waiting for someone to talk to. Before then the man comes and walks in front of them.

Lance; what can I do for you two young gentlemen.

Five; I was wondering if you can give me the name of this persons eye for me.

Lancd; where did you get.

Five; why do you care.

Alex pinch him for his husband choice of words

Alex; we found it at a play ground

Five; yeah, must have popped out.

Lady in front desk; aww, what a cute generes couple.

Five; look up the name please darling.

Lance; well I can't give you the name because it is confidential meaning that—

Five; yeah we know what it means.

Lance; well what I can do is give the eye its rightful owner

Lance trys to reach for they eye but fives pulls the eye closer to him.

Five; your not touching the eye.

Lance; excuse me young man.

Before Lance was about to speak, Alex trys to use his demon powers to negotiate with him.

Alex; come on Lance its not hard to just give a name

Alex made sure to make eye contact with Lance, if not it won't work.

Alex; what is it that you want lance. I can get it If you tell me what you want then you can give me the name.

Lance; i-i want

Before Lance could tell Alex, five was getting really annoyed about Lance taking forever to tell them the name, and also jelause how close his husband was getting. Five grabs a fits hold of lances lab coat.

Five; listen here Lance, give us the name so we can leave and I swear to God, if you call us young men then ill shove you to that wall.

Woman; uh oh

Lance; c-call security

Alex; don't worry about that we will be leaving.

Alex drags his husband out the building. Once they were out Alex shoves five against the wall.

Alex; what is wrong with you! I was that close to get the name five.

Five; oh im sorry but I didn't want to stop my husband to get any closer to that useless man who couldn't give us the God damn name.

Alex; are you jealous?

Five; maybe I was, what are you gonna do?

Alex; you are God damn lucky I don't fuck you in front of theses people but then again you wouldn't mind it.

Five blushes and trys to pull away but he was too submissive to Alex.

Alex; maybe I'll give you a punishment next time but until then, don't test me baby.

Alex bring his hand to fives and brings his face closer to his face.

Alex; do you understand?

Five; yes I do, just please kiss me

It didn't take long for Alex to passionately kiss five. Five moans as he could feel is husband shoving his tongue into his mouth. They pulled away before they could any further.

Alex; so whats the plan?

Five; we go back to the academy and find someonebto act as a gradian.

They went to the academy and found Klaus in his room.

Five; hey kalus, I need you for something.

Klaus; mmh I don't know

Alex; don't worry Klaus, we'll pay.

Klaus; 20 bucks.

Five; okay now go find something professional. And meet us at my room.

As they two teen went to fives room, Alex flops on fives bed.

Alex; that was easy.

Five; yeah it was.

Klaus comes in the room the room, before they could talk anoy further about fives plan. Vanya was calling out for the boys.

Five; go hide klaus.

Klaus go's in hide in fives closet. Alex and five try and act normal but it was just five leaning into Alex chest.

Vanya: oh their you guys are. I was worried.

Five; sorry that we left without saying anything.

Alex; yeah sorry, didn't mean to scare you.

Vanya: no I am sorry, five was right. I was too niave.

Five; no vanya, you were right, I mean the man did say that time travel can mess up the brain.

Vanya: you know I may not able to help but I do know someone who can five.

Five; thats okay, I'll just rest here. Its been awhile since we got a good rest.

Vanya; okay then, I'll leave you two to rest.

Alex; thanks vayna.

When she left, they made sure she was far away from the bedroom. Klaus loudly gets out the closet.

Klaus; aww that was sweet about family and love

Five; shut up she'll hear you

Klaus: I'm moist.

Alex; I thought we told you to wear something nice or professional.

Klaus; what, this is my nicest outfit.

Five; we'll raid the old mans closet.

Klaus; so basically all I have to do is to pretend to be your dady while Alex will pretends to be your boyfriend?

Five; yes.

Klaus: well whats our back story? Was I really young when I had you?

Five; sure why not.

Klaus: your mother, I meet her at.... the disco.

Alex; yeah, whatever rocks your boat.

Klaus; your mother that slut and oh my God the sex was aamazing.

Five: what a disturbing image you have in your so called brain.

Klaus; hey, don't make me put you at time out.

Back to the building they were before.

Lance; look, the same thing I told your son and his boyfriend that I can not give you the name of the pacient without their consent.

Alex; how the hell, do you think we can get the consent if we don't know who the eye belongs to.

Lance; its not my problem.

Alex and five were very close to killing the man.

Klaus; but what about my consent.

Five/lance/alex; what.

Klaus: who gave you consent to put your hands on my son and his lover?

Lance; I didn't touch your son or his lover.

Klaus; oh really, then why does my son have a brused lip and why his lover has a bloody nose.

Lance; what they don't have—

Before Lance could speak, Klaus slaps five then punches Alex so hard that is gave him a bloody nose.

Alex; ah you motherfucker.

Klaus; I need the name please.

Five walks closer to his husband.

Five; are you okay honey?

Alex; yeah I'm fine, just surprised that I'm bleeding.

Five: what do you mean?

Alex; I never bleed before...

Alex ignores fives question, they both looked back to Klaus and Lance.

Lance; your crazy

Klaus; oh you have no idea. Oh look, love and peace how cute.

Klaus smashes the glob right to his face.Before Lance could call security, Klaus takes the phone.
Klaus: help their has been an attack in the big bosses office.

Klaus hangs up then looks at Lance.

Klaus; you have 50 seconds before they come in and see what you did. You'll be sent to jail.

Five and alex had a proud look on their faces, realizing that Klaus had a plan already. When Lance went to find the name of the eye, he was confused.

Lance; this doesn't make sense

Five; what is it.

Lance; the eye, it hasn't been manufactured yet where did you get that eye from.

Alex; just forget it.

The three walked out the building.

Alex: should've known it wasn't manufactured yet, we did get it from the future.

Klaus; thats cool but I was amazing, I was like " what about my consent bitch".

Five; well that wouldn't matter Klaus.

Klaus; yeah, can I get my 20 bucks now.

Five: your 20 bucks?

Klaus; yes my 20 bucks.

Five; the world is ending and your more concern about getting high?

Klaus: yeah but I'm also hungry.* makes stomach sounds*

Five; your useless, your all useless.

Klaus; oh come on five, hey I know why your so uptight. Your horny as heck, I mean being alone must screw with you head. I mean you have Alex to help you.

Five; I wasnt alone Klaus.

Klaus; ooh tell me the tea.

Five; I had Alex oblivious. We been married for 30 years.

Klaus; wow, and I thought you guys were just friends... you know I been with someone for 3 years but thats only because—

Five took alexs hand and teleported to a cab. The driver was confused about two teens randomize appearing in the car.

Five; don't stop, just keep driving.

They both looked at the window were they see Klaus, realizing they left.

Klaus: hey-HEY what ABOUT MY MONEY.

Alex was thinking about what Klaus said about five. It has been awhile since they did it but thats only because five was more concerned about stopping the apocalypse. As Alex was thinking to himself, five was also thinking about what Klaus also said. He did had thoses needs of his husband making love to him but he was more concerned about stopping the apocalypse. Maybe when they stop it from happening, they could do it. He knows that Alex won't force himself onto five but he knows that he has thoses needs too.
Five was pulled out form his thoughts when Alex spoke.

Alex; are we going to get her?

Five; yeah, I mean she is our bestfriend.

Alex: she was your ex wife?

Five: we decided to be friends And besides she told me herself.

Alex: I'm not saying she can't be our friend but I'm just reminding you of who she was.

Five; whatever.

Alex and five were in front of a clothing store.

Alex; you ready?

Five; yeah, we been ignoring her so let's go get her.

They both teleported in the store. Five grabing a flash light and started to search for Delores. Alex would us his wolf powers but he knows well enough that Delores was a municione. Once the search was done. Standing in front of them standing high is Delores herself.

Five; hey Delores, its been awhile... yeah he accepts that you can be our friend... yeah but that was in the past.

Alex; um Delores I really don't care if it seems wired. I mean he was alone for awhile.

Before they can talk more, Alex sense that they were not alone.

Alex; five hurry and get Delores.

Five; what why?

Alex; because were not alone.

Right after Alex said that they both turned around to see chacha and hazel.

Five: Noo

Chacha and hazel started shooting. Five and alex got down, five bringing Delores with him. Five teleports them away from hazel and chacha.

Alex; okay, you two get out of here while ill so kick they're ass.

Five; what are you crazy. Ill go and help you, im not leaving you Alex.

Alex; well I gotta do to protect my husband but knowing you that you will still come and help no matter what,So just don't get hurt.

Five; fine, Delores we will come back for you.

As they both went two different directions, Alex going to hazel while five went to cha cha.

Hazel; oh look, gloves are on sale.( I forgot what he said.)

Alex shocks hazel, making him go down. While five stabs cha cha. Before they could do more damage cha cha and hazel started to shoot at random items in the store.

Chacha; just shoot whatever moves.

Hazel; alright.

Five went to get Delores and then tried to find Alex in the process of not trying to get shot by hazel or cha cha. Alex then went to five side once he saw him in the corner of his eye. Alex grabs a hold of fives shoulder as five trys to jump them out of the store. But unfortunately five powers were to weak to transport them anywhere. Alex then looks at five, seeing him with the distress look on his face. So he picked up five, while five had Delores in his arms. Alex made a run for the counter. Cha cha and hazel started shooting where they heard the noise was coming from. Alex had five and Delores in his arms. Protectively, putting an arm around fives head as five held Delores closely in his arms. Before hazel and chacha could get closer to the two teens. The sound of sirens of polices cars started getting close. As they were dealing with a way of not getting caught. Alex held his shoulder and to see that he got shot. Five notices then teleports them to the academy. As the walked in, five was dragging Alex to his room to fix him up.
Walking up the stares their standing their was Luther and Allison.

Luther; where were you two?

Allison; are you guys okay?

Five; we're fine

Luther; are you sure, we can help.

Five; no,no, theirs nothing you guys can help with.

As five and alex walked away, allsion and Luther looked at each other, worried about their brother.

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