My fallin angel

Chapter 5

Five pulls out the bullet from alexs shoulder. Then he started to fix alexs wounds.

Five; you know... that was hot... you know, what you did back their at the store.

Alex laughs a little before talking again.

Alex; like I said, I had to protect my friend and lover.

Alex and five slowly moved closer to give a soft, peck on the lips before continuing to stich alexs wound.

Alex; so whats next on the agenda.

Five; well were going to do a look out. I don't believe that Lance was telling the truth.

Alex; okay that's fine.

Five was done, he still wanted to talk about the things he wants to do with Alex intamently.

Five; hey.. Alex.

Alex; yes sweetie.

Five; do you... um you know have feeling about something...

Alex; like what?

Five; well about making... um just forget it.

Alex; no no, I think I know what your asking... about me making love to you.

Five blushes knowing that he sounds stupid but he couldn't help but being cirous about what his husband was feeling.

Alex; I do, once in awhile but I'm more worried about the apocalypse.

Five felt guilty that he wasn't pleasing his husband just because of saving his family.

Five; Alex, I'm sorry that I can't please you.

Alex looks at five before getting up and went to hug five.

Alex; five, I don't really care if we do have sex. I rather do it once were done with the apocalypse. I mean yes I do want to be more intimate with you, but saving your family is more important than what I want. I didn't marry you for that.

Five starts tearing up of what Alex was saying. Alex notice and wipes fives tears.

Alex; I married you because you were the only and I mean that literally mean only person who wasn't afraid of me or even scared of me. I was living in literal hell, alone and their was no one to love... I thought that I lost my love forever before I meet you. And I'm glad I did. So don't be sorry for anything. Okay?

Five wipes away his tears before giving Alex kiss on the lips.

Five, okay, and I am glad that my gardening angle was you. I love you Alex.

Alex; I love you too, now let's rest for tomorrow. And let's hope we can stop this thing from coming.

The two went to bed (happily sleeping), knowing that they were together no matter what came towards them. As the next morning came the two boys got ready to start their stake out.

Alex; hey babe, you ready to go?

Five; yeah, just need a minute.

Alex went out the window of fives bedroom. climbing down the later. Below him their, stands Klaus in the dumpster.

Alex; um hey klaus... what are you doing in the dumpster? I mean I know drugs are taking your ass to hell but in the dumpster is a very sad and a pathetic way to be seen. And ben here is well being a good boy and done with your shit.

Klaus jumps and then looks at Alex.

Klaus; oh, its just you. And i don't know what your talking about.

Alex; I mean yeah, unless your expecting a angel and God himself, he's kinda busy at the moment. But also I can clearly see Ben.

Klaus; wwwhhhaaat

Ben; wow, but how? Only Klaus can see me.

Alex; well I have more then one power benny boy. What are you doing here in earth by the way? You should've been in heaven by now.

Klaus; are you religious? I mean you talk about Jesus or anything that involves God.

Alex; um... don't think so. Just that he's my father.

Klaus; soo... your religious?

Alex; oh just forget it.

As they were talking, five was carrying a bag on his back, then looks underneath him, seeing his brother andvhis husband having a conversation.

Five: I wonder what you doing Klaus, but it came acured to me. I don't care.

Klaus: hey hermano, I was just talking to your hubby here.

Alex; don't call me that.

Five; yeah don't call him that. Only I can. So, hubby what are you talking about with klaus?

Alex; nothing really important.

Klaus; hey do you guys need any help. I can reschedule.

Five; no, you look busy.

Alex: yeah, I don't want to fight a raccoon.

Klaus; no, its fine I was trying to find something. Oh look, found it.

Klaus takes a bit out of a donut. Five and alex looked at Klaus with a disgust look on their faces.

Five; im done funding your drug habits. come on Alex let's go.

Klaus; hey I love you hermano, even if you can't love yourself.

Five was getting in the passenger seat while Alex was at the diver seat. They drive off to the building where Lance works at. They parke a crossed the street, where they can clearly see.

Alex; so, basically we are going to play stocker?

Five; no love, we are just gonna watch him for now. I don't trust him, or his words about the eye. I have a feeling that he was lying to keep himself alive.

Alex: I mean I know we need to find this guy but what if he was telling the truth.

Five; who are you going to listen to? Your husband or Lance, the eye doctor?

Alex; well that depends if I need a fake eye or if I want to get laid and sleep on the same bed with my loving husband.

Five just smirks then leans to kiss alex. Five then remembers about Delores because he was more focused on looking out for Lance.

Five; sorry Delores, i kept you in their too long.

Alex; hey Delores, how you doing.

Five and alex have been drinking for a while.

Five; we're not drunk...we are working.

Alex: what he means is that his a little tipsy and am not.

Five; yeah its the same guy, Lance.

As the hours went by, five was slowly drifting to sleep. Alex notice this because he knew five would wake up right after a few minutes when they went to bed. Alex would get up with him, to help him out with any equations. Alex didn't say anything, but let five drift off to sleep. Alex reached into his pocket and took out a bottle and two photos. One was a photo of his first love and the other, was something else. On the first photo was a girl with a beautiful white dress and a yellow and white flower crown on her head. Even though, Alex moved on, his heart still yearned for his first loves touch. Alex never told five about her because if he knew the truth. He was scared that five will leave him, or be afraid of the thought of five getting hurt. He remembers the days he spent his life time with the girl. The girl he loved. Allison harper. She had brown hair and brown eyes that shined in the sun. Alex loved her so much, where to the point he only told Delores. Alex caress the photo of Allison then looked at the back.

My love, my devil. I will always be in your heart, whether or not, they tear us apart. I love you and will always love you.

Alex still remembers when he had her in his arms. One last time, before she past away. Keeping his promise he made with Allison...Her dying wish.

~Daydream ~
It was an horrible day for Allison and Alex. His father sent Alex to hell against his will. Alex was trying to stop his brothers from taking him to hell, but that wasn't his worst nightmare. Before he knew it. Infornt of thousands of angels, stand Allison.

Unknown; my children, today we have a traitor in our home. Allison harper, have been in love with the devil.

Everyone; gasps

Allison (screams); yes, it is true.

Alex (whispers): Allison, what are you doing?

Everyone was in shocked and confused. Allison was known to follow the rules in heaven. She belong there. Allison then screams in pride

Allison; i am in love with the devil. And his name is Alex Wasabi!

As everyone talk amongst themselves about her decision. In disappointment of her behavior.

Unknown; you are not my faithful angel Allison. You know the rules of angels and devil's.

Allison; I don't care about the rule. I am in love with Alex and you can't take that away.

Unknown; no, I can not. But I can take away what he loves most.

As Alex father, points at Allison.

Unknown; you.

As Alex twists and turns trying to get out of the hold of his siblings.

Alex; let go of me.

Unknown; because you, Allison... have disobey me, you will take your punishment. And your punishment is losing your life.

Alex screams out, pleading his father to not take the only thing that made him happy.

Alex; please don't do it father. I'll take her place, she doesn't deserve it. Please.

Unknown; silence son. You will be sent to hell where you belong.

As the guards hold their bow and arrow locked and loaded. Aimed at Allison.

Allison; at least let me have my last words.

Unknown; to that I will grant you.

Allison walks closer to Alex as he was released from his hold. Holding on to Allison one last time.

Allison; Alex... promise me that you will find someone new and love as much as you love me. Even if you don't like it my sweet devil, you will always find love whether you like it or not. I will forever be in your heart. I love you Alex Wasabi.

Alex; please Allison don't leave me all alone. I love you so much.

Allison; I know you do... but its time that we have to let go from each other. Goodbye Alex... my sweet...sweet deviled boyfriend.

As thoses words left her mouth, she quietly went back to her spot. Closing her eyes as she could hear Alex screams. The other men that werr holding Alex, tide him up. So that Alex doesn't stop the punishment, Allison was given.. the Unknown man signal The armed men were told to take their shot. Alex screaming and crying.

Alex: ALLISON!!!

And that horrored scream that echoed over the palace. The at that moment, everything was quite, but the echoes of Alex crying were heard. Allison was now dead, knowing the consequence that lead her to loving the devil. But how can you stop, when you found love in a hopeless place called hell. But what Alex found out later that day. Which alex cried nd morn almost for thousands of years.once he was thrown into hell, he felt in his pocket was two certain photos that Allison gave to alex. A picture of her and a picture of their un born baby's ultrasound.


Heard banging form the car window. Looking over five, stand Luther. Alex looked down and see five slowly waking up from his horrible nightmare. He quickly put away the photos and his bottle he didn't drink into his pocket before five could see.

Luther; five, five...FIVE.

Five; w-what are you?

Luther opens the passenger seat door, he was signaling five to move. Five moves and seats on alexs lap. Alex wraps his arms around fives waist.

Luther; you okay?

Five; you shouldnt be—,How did you know we were here?

Luther; Klaus told me.

As Luther points at the back of the van. Their sitting with Delores was Klaus.

Klaus; hey can you guys give us some privacy here, we were hitting it off back here?

Five throws a can at Klaus.

Five; get out! What do you want.

Luther; um, grace might have something to do with dad's death. We need you to come backbto the academy, its really important.

Alex rolls his eyes.

Alex: Luther, you have no concept of something being important.

Klaus; hey, did you guys found the one eyed man yet?

Luther; what is he talking about?

Five; does it matter, its Klaus.

Luther; look, we need to have a family meeting... expect for you Alex.

Alex; well technically I am in the family meeting, im fives husband remember. So I'm family.

Five; he is right Luther. We're married and that makes Alex part of the family.

Klaus; hey, did I ever tell you guys of the time I waxs my puedhair with chocolate putting? It was so painful

Alex; gross

Five tries to not laugh at his brother.

Luther; what are you even doing here Klaus?

Klaus; what, can't I spend time with my brothers and my brother in-law.

Alex; I appreciate the gesture Klaus but I think they need to talk about something.

Klaus; aww, your my favorite.

Luther; look Klaus, I think you should get out. This is serious.

Klaus; what, you guys think I have no capability to be serious?

Five: yeah luthers right, you have no remorse of being serious.

Klaus; fine, I don't like any of you, expect for Alex.

Klaus walks out the van and walked into the store.

Luther; look, just come home when your done with... whatever you two were doing.

Five; look Luther, we have more important things we need to do. We don't have time to go home and talk about dad.

Luther: you know whats your problem number five.

Five; well I'm really hoping you'll tell me.

Luther; you think your better than us. Even since we were kids. But your just as messed up like the rest of us. We are the only things you have

Five; I don't think I am, I know am. And besides I done things you couldn't comprehendm.

Luther: yeah.

Before Luther could speak, he was cut off by the sound of Klaus's voice.

Klaus; hey bitches

As Klaus runs away with snacks in his arms. Luther, Alex, and five looked at Klaus.

Alex; I don't think we made the right choice of letting him go.

Five: agreed.

Its been late at night. Alex and five were both looking at Lance.

Alex; their's our guy five.

They both watched Lance, walking up to a car and giving someone a briefcase.

Five; yeah. What is he up to?

Alex; not sure. But knowing that their is six days left, ill go back to the academy to finish what we started.

Five; or you could go to my room and rest. You haven't rested in a while.

Alex: don't worry about me honey, ill be fine.

Five; Alex, please... go home and rest.

Alex; okay fine,your the boss.

As five and alex kissed each other before going to two different directions. Alex felt something was going to happen.
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