My fallin angel

Chapter 6

⚠️ warning, lime or somewhat smut will happen at the end. You have been warned.⚠️

Alex walks to the Hargreeves house and climb up to the roof. He had a feeling he would meet someone. Someone that stabbed him in the back. He heard gun shots in the house but he wasn't interested in stopping hazel and cha cha. He knew that fives siblings can handle anything. They trained their whole Iives. Alex knews when to go help, but he still had his deviled habits. Alex had been feeling wired and and whenever he left with five he had a feeling someone was behind them. As Alex waited, everything around him stopped. Like as if time just froze. Alex smirks knowing who was behind him. As he heard wings flaping, the person lands on the Hargreeves house, looking straight at Alex's back.

Mistery person; its been a while brother.

Alex; not long enough Amenadiel.

Amenadiel: where is she?

Alex; what are you talking about?

Amenadiel; you know what am talking about. Where is lizy?

Alex: oooh little Liz, yeah... about that... why do you want to know? Did she not go to the hiding spot you two meet, on the left side of the gates of hell.

Amenadiel; h-how did you.

Alex; because I know everything and everyone. So why are you here? She's not here you know.

Amenadiel: where did you hide her Alex.

Alex; ooh I'm scared, do you know who your dealing with here? I can kill you in a second so don't test me brother.

Alex eyes turned red with flames around them. Alex hands started to burn into flames.

Alex; if you want to know so badly, you won't see her any time soon. Why is she soo important to you? You know the rules that demons and angles shouldn't be together.

Amenadiel; thats ture but love can handle anything.

Alex; not until one of you is dead... oh dear brother, what will dad do if he found out?

Amenadiel; you wouldn't dear.

Alex; oh I do but I won't say anything until the times comes. Now if you want to see her ALIVE then I suggest you leave. And make sure you send this message to good old daddy... heaven and angels will fall down. Devils and hell will rise up and to my control, heaven will be burned down to the ground. Paying your sins for what you done.

Alex and Amenadiel glared at each other.

Alex; tell him my message and don't pussy out... or ill tell my subjects to kill her right now. Her life will depend on your hands, so unless you don't do it, you will never see lizy ever again. I will also know if you did it or not. Remember ... I know everything.

Alex cools down, then walks inside. Knowing that what he said had an effect on his brother. So he took the time walk into the living room seeing that the chandler was about to land on Luther. As he heard his brother flying away to heaven, he kicks the chandler away from Luther then starts activating his electrical power. As time went back to normal. Alex makes a graninterst, he zaps cha cha and hazel away from Luther Allison, diego and Vanya.

Both hazel and cha cha; ahhh

Hargreeves siblings; Alex!

Alex; sorry that bit took me awhile. Had to deal with something.

Hazel and cha cha got away but that didn't matter to Alex.

Deigo; when did you get here Alex?

Alex: I been here, i was just on the roof.

Allison: why didn't you come help us?

Luther; didn't you hear the gun shots?

Alex; oh I did, but I also know that you guys can handle it. I mean you guys did train your whole lives.

Diego; how did you know we trained? We never toldbyou anything

Alex; I know everything.

Luther; you probably read vanyas book.

Vanya looks down.

Alex; who said I read her book? Five never let me read the God damn thing. But either way I would've know what happened.

Everyone had shock faces.

Alex: if you don't mind, im going to head out again.

Alex walks in front of Vanya. He reaches to vanyas head, healing her wounds.

Alex; be careful and one thing.

Alex leans to vanyas ear.

Alex; be careful who you trust. Not everyone have good intentions.

Alex walks away to find five.

Before Alex walked out Luther calls out his name.

Luther: alex,

Alex turns and says nothing.

Luther; how can we trust you. Your just some kid that follows five like a lost puppy.

Alex walks towards Luther and leans to his ear.

Alex; of course you can. Not everyone one wants to know that Reginald Hargreeves stick a needle of Pogo blood into you number 1.

Luther eyes widen, he never told anyone his secret.

Luther; h-bow do you know that.

Alex smirks.

Alex; I know everything luther... because I am a devil. And by the way, your welcome that your secret didn't get out. But don't let your guard down because sooner or later, everyone's secret will come out.

Alex walks out and follows the scent of his lover, that he missed so dearly. It took awhile to find five. He had been walking for eight hours. He would've teleported to five but he was tired from dealing with his brother and helping fives family. Alex was looking up the sky as he walked towards five. He knew that in his heart that he needed to let go of Allison but all he wanted was to show his dad, that his actions were wrong. But he was still going through his plans. As Alex got closer to his destination, he got a letter from his subject that was leading many other devils into heaven. Alex reads the letter as he started to smile. He quickly wrote back saying that they still need to stay in their spots. Alex plain was to raid heaven with devils and make sure that everything turns black and dead. He was going to go talk to his dad once he stops the apocalypse. As Alex walks to five. He decides to scare the shit out of him. Alex quietly sneaks up to five then howels like a wolf.

Five: holy shit!

Five turns around and sees Alex smirking. Five smacks alexs shoulder.

Five: I fuckung hate you, you ass. You scared the shit out if me.

Alex rappes his arms around fives waste, as he gives five small pecks on his face.

Alex; I (kiss) am (kiss) sorry (kiss) for (kiss) scaring you (kiss).

Five starts giggling then kisses Alex.

Five; fine, I forgive you but why are you here? You should be resting.

Alex; I didn't feel right and besides... I don't feel safe and I'm worried about you honey.

Five smiles softly then hugs Alex.

Five; okay love. You can stay, and besides. I found his house so we can wait in the van.

Alex and five walked to the van and got in. As they both sat in the van in total silence. Alex turns to five and stares at him. Seeing five look more and more handsome as the the moons light was shining on him. Fives eyes were more brighter and beautiful, his lips that look more kissable under the moon light. As Alex stared at five, Five looks at Alex, tilting his head wondering why his husband had a goofy smile on his face. Five looked around before realizing that Alex was staring at him.

Five; what are you staring at?

Alex; at my cute husband.

Five smiles then climbs into alexs lap, wrapping his arms around alexs neck.

Five; I love you Alex, and I mean it.

Alex leans in closer, rapping his arms around five before speaking up.
Alex; and I love you so much, all the way from hell to earth

Thoses words were five and alexs vowels to each other when they got married. Five knew what he was getting into but he was willingly to deal with it. Not matter what his siblings think about him. Alex and five started to lean for a passionate kiss. Alex slowly moved his hand and grabs fives butt. as five moans into alex mouth, five uses one of his hand to grabe alex hair to get more closer to Alex. What was supposed to be a passionate kiss turned into a heated make out session. As they continued to make out, they both forget about Delores being in the same place she was in when they both left. If Delores could move, she would've left but no, sadly she was their being a manacen. Being in the same place with two crazy and horny teenagers. Delores was looking out the window when fives coat was thrown over Delores head, covering her eyes. And thank the gods that Delores didn't have to see what they were doing. As everyone around the neighborhood was sound asleep, the streets were quite but the only the sound of moaning and groaning and a random plumbing van moving back and forth.

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