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Soulmate AU where when you write anything on you skin shows up on your soulmate's skin as well. You can't erase what your soulmate wrote. Proper nouns only appear when you know exactly who your soulmate is, even if they don't know who you are yet. Once you erase whatever you put from your skin, it disappears from the other's skin as well. In this story, you are a girl with pronouns she/her. Disclaimer, all media and characters I use are not mine and I, in no way own them. I know it seems like just a reader insert at first, but I promise that I'm trying to have more Iwaizumi in it. It IS a slowburn so please be patient. Updates are once a week and typically seven days apart, but I may miss updating on some of them because life, and especially work, is keeping me busy.

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Chapter One - The First Morning

It was just another day for you. Dragging yourself out of bed, you slammed your hand on your alarm clock. You realized it might be weird to place your alarm clock away from your bed, but it’s the only thing that keeps you from instantly going back to sleep after you turn it off.

Looking out the window, you saw that it was a gloomy day. One of those where you just want to stay in bed, maybe binge watch your favorite show.

You groaned realizing that it was only the first day of school and you were already complaining. Rubbing your eyes as you walk down stairs, you saw a tall, familiar figure at the table pouring himself some cereal.

“Morning Tobio.” You managed to say through a yawn.

“Good morning Nee-chan.” Tobio said without looking up from his food.

“Are you ready for your first day at Karasuno?” You said as you sat across from him pouring your own bowl of cereal.

“Yeah, I guess.” He replies with a partially tired expression.

“I’m super bummed that you’re not attending the same school as me though.” You pouted a little.

“Me too, but there’s no way I’m going to Aoba Johsai. Not while he’s there. He’s so good, it’s scary. Plus, I’d never get to play as a setter with him there.”

“Tobio, I swear. Is beating Oikawa all you think about? What about making your darling big sister happy?”

“One: I would be totally fine if he wasn’t your best friend. You two hang out way too much. Two: Darling? You can’t even get a boyfriend. How in the world can you consider yourself dar-”

“Okay, okay jeez. You don’t have to pull that card. You know I’m just waiting for my soulmate.”

“Yeah, yeah spare me.” Tobio says grabbing his things. “Karasuno is a bit farther than Aoba Johsai, so I’m heading out now.”

“Have a good first day, Tobio!” you yelled as he rode his bike away. “And remember to SMILE, BOKE! YOU WON’T MAKE FRIENDS IF YOU KEEP SCOWLING!!”

“SHUT UP!” he yelled back right as he bikes out of sight.

You sighed and looked at the clock. You had a good hour before you needed to start walking to school, you made your lunch, a cute bento, and put it in the refrigerator.

Forty five minutes left. Hopping in the shower, you sing your usual set of songs before you finish.

Fifteen minutes left. You gathered the rest of your school supplies and checked all the doors in your house. They were locked. You checked the stove and oven as well before heading out. No one used it today, but a couple incidents in the past... including nearly burning down the kitchen... made you overly cautious about the safety and security of your home.

Five minutes. With nothing left to do, you figured that you could leave a bit early today. As you walked to school, you took out an easily smeared gel pen and wrote on your arm.

“Hey! How are you today?”

Capping your pen, you waited a couple moments to see if your soulmate would respond. After walking a couple more minutes, you felt a slight tingle on your arm, meaning your soulmate responded to you. Almost excited, you pulled your sleeve back up to see what he had written.

“Pretty good, but I was in the middle of morning practice when you wrote to me. All the guys were being nosy about it.”

You smiled seeing the familiar hand writing that had been on your arm your whole life. You didn’t talk much to each other when you were younger, mostly just little doodles together. You only started really getting to know each other a couple weeks ago. Even in that time, you both seemed to be quite busy. You weren’t sure what he was doing, but you had just been chilling with Oikawa and Iwaizumi.

Aside from idle chit chat, all that you knew was that he was a male, the same year as you, and played volleyball. Supposedly on a very good team. Reviewing what you already knew, you realized you weren’t the best at asking people questions. You sighed for what must’ve been the fifth time that morning and rubbed away your writing from your arm.

Writing over the now smudged and faded ink, you replied. “OMG. I am so sorry. I completely forgot that you might have practice. But wait, isn’t it only the first day of school? Your team is already practicing?”

This time, the reply came almost immediately. “Well, it’s not an official practice, but our captain insisted that we start as soon as possible to prepare the incoming first years. Speaking of our captain, he’s causing some trouble again. Talk to you later.”

The last sentence caused you to giggle a little bit. He seemed to really care about that captain of his. If he ever talked about anyone it was that guy. They must’ve had a really strong bond.

Checking the time, you saw that you had 15 minutes until your first class.

Strolling through the school gates of Aoba Johsai, your mind wanders into a state of reflection. It’s been two years since you came to this school. You couldn’t believe that it was your third year already. Over the past two years, you’ve made a lot of memories.

You started out as a nervous first year. Looking star eyed at your senpais. Half excited, half dreading the next three years. Your first year was a bit rocky, but you made lots of friends that helped you get through it.

Your second year was really fun. Your popularity skyrocketed and you became a model student (because you are a self confident queen, periodt). You were practically perfect in every way (Disney please don’t sue me).

You were so popular to the point that you received about three confessions a day! Your status even rivaled that of one of your best friends, Oikawa Tooru.

(A/N: hi- so I’m rereading this like months later and it’s so bad. I promise it gets a little better. a little. oml I swear, this is so cringy to read...)

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