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You set my heart aflame Dabi x Reader


To prove that her mother wasn’t in control Y/n joined the league of villains not expecting a rollercoaster of events with her villain life and life as a college student. •••• Will include: •Mature language

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:


Abbreviation notice:

M/n: Your workaholic mother who only has two things on her mind, her business and your education.

D/n: Your super understanding father who's a pro currently on a trip in America.

B/f: A super amazing best friend who's been by your side since forever ago.


Information on Y/n:

Quirk: Trance

Uses: If you make direct eye contact with someone you'll put them in a trance for 3 minutes.

Drawbacks: While you put someone in a trance you won't be able to see until their 3 minutes is up.


Background: As an only child you only had your two parents but as time went by your mom started to worry more about her job than her own child, which resulted in you having a better relationship with your dad.


You where on your way home after a long day at college with your [choice of headphones] in on the bus. While listening to your playlist the bus came to a hard stop, many of the passengers screamed in terror. When you looked out the window you noticed a bank getting robbed.

The driver opened the door to let the passengers out. The only way to your house was block off with police tape so I decided to go down a alleyway to avoid all the bank commotion.

As you walked down the alley you seen something burning. You walked closer to the burning object to realize that it was a body.

"Ah! It's a dead body!" You screamed before someone came behind you and covered your mouth.

"Shut up you'll get me caught!" The person whisper yelled pulling you behind trash cans with them.

Soon two cops started walking down alleyway. "Did you hear that?" Asked one of them.

"Yeah but by the looks of it no one's here." Replied the other. "Let's go."

"Wait I smell something burning." Both the cops slowly turned around to see the burning corps.

"Shit their onto us." Said the guy who grabbed you.

"What do you mean 'Us'?" You said in a muffled voice.

"One more thing and you'll end up like Billy over there." He pointed to the burning body.

Soon a purplish black vortex opened behind the both of you.

"Your coming with me." They said pulling you through the portal.


"Where the hell am I!?" You asked once you both got through the warp gate.

"Stop yelling the others will be here soon." Replied the guy slouching on a couch.

"Others? Who are you and what do you want?"

"Shut up and sit down."

You let out a low growl of annoyance. "Listen here scar face tell me why you kidnapped me and brought me to this dump of a rundown bar?"

"Are you over the age of 18?" He asked avoiding eye contact.

"Yeah why?"

"Then it's not kidnapping."

"Ugh just tell me why in All Might's name did you bring me here?!" You demanded.

He looked up with a hard gaze from his turquoise eyes. "We don't mention his name around here unless it's in vain."

"So what do you want me to say then?"

"Nothing." He replied.

You sat on a chair across from your kidnapper, unsatisfied with the fact you hadn't received any answers.


"We're back!" A female voice sang opening the door to the rundown bar.

You turned to see a group of people.

"I see you got us a new recruit." A slender guy with a black hoodie said. "Guess you aren't so useless after all Dabi."

"I wasn't recruited I was kidnapped." You said. "K-i-d-n-p-p-e-d."

"Kidnapping her is ever better." He said taking a seat next to your kidnapper. "So what's your quirk?"

"I'd be dead before I'd tell a group of wackos what my quirk is." You snarled.

"We could make arrangements for that." The scarred black haired guy commented.

"Now calling us 'wakos' isn't very nice." The hoodie cover guy removed his hood to reveal a head of blue hair.

"Then what am I going to call you my friends?" You asked sarcastically.

"Your new team members." He replied. "Will you join our league?"

"No. Not really the team type of girl." You replied.

"If you change your mind don't be afraid to come back." He said.

"Like I'd do that." You said as you walked out the door.
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