Fantasy: Boyfriend, the lover


Tear has the perfect boyfriend (Kim seokjin) treats her like a queen. Then there's Kim taehyung (best friend). she has always been confused about her feeling towards him. one night, it all changed. seokjin knows about these feelings and he offers Y/N deal with what she can't turn down.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Jin! Are you ready yet? We are going to be late for the party.

Baby, I'm coming. You know I'm always late with sort of things.

“Yes I know, after 2 years I know you by now.

Being this handsome Tear, you need to take your time.

“Rolling my eyes with his comment, I do love this man to death. He such a beautiful person, his personality is insane. His dad jokes send me crazy, It's never a dull moment with Kim seokjin. He just makes me so happy.

After losing my mother to cancer year ago, he has always been there, every step of the way, to wipe my tears, every hug and every kiss. I am very grateful for the love he gives me.

We moved in together a few months ago, I'm still getting used to it, up to now it's going great. It’s always the little things you notice when you move in together, little things you are starting to love and adore.
The way he cries at stupid parts in movies. The way he brushes his teeth. He always makes the bed every morning.

Baby, come on! Hurry up.

Taehyung is not going to be happy that fact his best friend going to be late for his birthday party.

I and taehyung have been friends since we were 5 years old. Never been apart, he also my partner in crime, my soulmate for life.

He is turning 25 and we are having a big party for him at this new nightclub. One of our good friend Namjoon owns it. Just had it all newly refurbished.

Jin has always been concerned about our relationship, being so close and we have never been a couple. Never had them feelings for each other.

I love him too! “yes I have always had a crush on him but never pushed it towards a romantic relationship. I don’t even think taehyung thinks of me in that sort of way.

Taehyung tells me all the time he likes jin, but he is worried all the time that he will hurt me. I do understand why he thinks like this. I have been hurt so much by men I the past and taehyung always been by my side through all my bad relationships, coming to my house in the middles of the night with snacks and goofy movies, he never going to stop looking out for me.

I would do the same for him, but taehyung has never had a serious relationship, he mostly has one night stands, and sometimes they turn out bad.

He always says to me that he waiting for the right woman to come along.

~At the party~

I and jin walked into the club, the music is loud and the whole room is smokey. I see everyone who I know.

I see taehyung greeting everyone, he spots me through the crowd.
Comes running towards me, my arms are out ready to welcome a hug.
He lifts me and spins me around.

"You are 5mins late bestie, I'll let you off.

"blame jin'', it's his fault.

''Jin, man, come on''. You can't be late.

Sorry dude.

Come tear! let's meet everyone.

He grabs my hand and drags me into the crown.

Tear! What drink do you want? I'm heading to the bar.

"I'll have rum and coke baby.

~Jin🌺 pov~

I'm at the bar and I see Tear and taehyung talking close and dancing together.
I'm not jealous, I just have this hidden desire, this needs inside me what I have not told Tear about.

I see an opportunity, don't think I can past on it anymore. I can't hold back any longer.

"Rum and coke and vodka and coke, please.

Coming right up sir.

I lean against the bar, watching Tear laughing, smiling. Having a great time. My heart just flutters. These butterflies never leave my stomach. I'm in constant excitement when we are together.

I love seeing my girl like this. Her smile just lights up a room. The way she moves her body to the music. Her dark brown hair moving side to side. Her deep caramel skin how it glows in the lights.

Makes my dick hard!

"Here are your drinks sir.

Thank you very much.

Heading towards her, she welcomes me with a warm loving smile. Kisses me on my lips.

Your drink baby.....

She whispers in my ear which always sends shivers down my spine.

Thank you, darling. Are you okay? Are you having a good time?

Yes, thank you... It's just very loud in here.

I'm not really into clubs or going out and getting drunk but it's my girlfriend best friend birthday so I just didn't want to let her down.

"Jin come and dance with me...

She grabs my hand and we go to the dance floor.
He arms wrapped around my neck, my hands on her round juicy bum.

I call her bum (my peach 🍑 ) my nickname for it

Her hips move so well to the music, licking my lips. Her bum rubbing on my dick.

I'm getting so turned on right now.

When she looks up at me, with her big green eyes and shows that sexy smile. I fall in love with her over and over again.

I kiss her forehead, her left-hand travels down to my chest, tugs on my shirt a little. Then down to my dick.

Rubbing on to my jeans, biting her bottom lip. I look side to side to see if anyone is watching.

I feel heat going all over my body. The sexual tension inside me is about to burst. Rubbing my dick faster, letting out a small moan. Then she grabs the back of my neck and brings my ear to her lips

She whispers in my ear seductively. Licking the bottom of my ear.

"My baby is so hard for me. I want you, daddy, right here right now. I want you deep inside my pussy.

Come to the bathroom now!!! and fuck me.

She then takes my hand and we remove our self from the dance floor heading to the toilets.

I hope you all enjoyed this first chapter 💜
Tear likes to be forward.

I decided to call my character Tear...
I'm sick of Y/n at the moment.

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