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Fantasy: Boyfriend, the lover

Chapter 2

Jin 🌺 POV.

My body is aching with excitement, the rush inside me, my heart is beating fast. We have never done sex in a public place.

We race through the crowned as if our feet were on fire. I could feel how much she wanted me, I know she can feel how badly I want her.

We stumble in the bathroom, kissing her all over. Her legs are wrapped around my waist, arms around my neck. Her kisses are getting needier, he tongue dancing around in my mouth.

I push her against the bathroom door, I reach for her left breast and suck on her nipple until it goes hard inside my mouth.

She lets out a small moan.

"Fuck, jin. You're going to make me cum already.

Don't stop daddy!

I move her to the sink, a big mirror behind her. It's so hot knowing I can see myself pleasuring her.

I spread her legs and slowly go down to her right thigh leaving small little bite marks. Her head tilts back on to the mirror. Her hands pushing my head down to her aching bud.
I move her black lace underwear to the side.

Hmm, baby, you're so wet for daddy. You want daddy to eat this pussy.

Hmmm. She replied.

Say it, baby, say that you want daddy to eat this pussy.

"I want daddy to eat this pussy. She repeats, combined with a moan.

I move my tongue around her wet clit, she tastes so sweet, her moans are echoing around me, it's like music to my ears. I insert two fingers inside, deep and slow, arching her back so I can get in deeper. She is so tight, moving her wetness around.

''Hmmm, yes jin''. I love you so much.

I love you to Tear.

She grabs my face, so she can taste herself. tear reaches for my member and starts stroking slowly. Feeling her fingers work there magic.

A moan leaves my lips. She kisses me and bites down my bottom lips, which makes me moan louder.

She whispers in my ear.

''Fuck me! Jin''. Need to feel you inside me.

I grab her hips roughly, rip her lace underwear and throw them over my shoulder and I slowly thrust inside her, letting out another moan while I enter her.

''My baby is so tight'',

she fits so perfectly, around my dick.

Her arms are holding on to my bord shoulders, I can feel her nails digging in my skin every time I thrust making my head go back, my eyes rolling.

Picking up the pace, I can feel her walls tightening around me. I know she is getting closer to her climax.

Jin! Keep going, I'm close.

I'm also nearly reaching my climax, I'm biting down on her shoulder. Our moans are turning into screams.

''Jin, I'm going to cum''.

"Tear" cum for me, cum around my dick.

''Rub your clit for me''. Let me feel your sweet cum dripping around me.

''Cum inside me jin'', feel me up with you hot cum.

''Fuck...... I'm cumming for you tear''

We both climax together, both breathing so fast after coming down from our pleasure.

My forehead resting on her shoulder, leaving hot wet kisses.

Her warm cheek is resting on my chest. I can feel her smile against me.

I lift her face to mine, look into her eyes and smile, kiss her on her lips.

"I love you so much.

I love you too jin. That was intense. I don't know what came over me.

I'm not complaining baby, that was hot but we better get ourselves ready to go back to the party, taehyung be wondering where we got to.

We cleaned ourselves up and I'm holding tear hips behind her and she opens the door. She then turns her head and looks at me and smiles.

''Hey jin, thank God we locked the door''.

I hope you all enjoyed this steamy chapter.💜

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