Fantasy: Boyfriend, the lover

Chapter 3

Taehyung 🌹POV
I'm having a great time at my birthday party, I'm searching for tear. Been looking for her everywhere.

Tear 🌻POV
Me and jin head back to the party. After our time in the club toilet, I feel relaxed and satisfied.
Me and jin... Yes, we have a great sex life, so having sex in a public toilet is exciting.
''first time for everything''
I see taehyung waving and jumping at us across the dancefloor. I'm holding jin hand and leading him towards tae, passing through the crowned.

Jin 🌺 POV
We both see taehyung waving and jumping and tear leads us towards him. I'm still feeling excited and overwhelmed about what just happened in the toilet. I have never seen tear so excited and horny.

''Where the fuck have you two been"

I have been looking for you both everywhere.

Taehyung looking confused and he raises his right eyebrow.

Hmmm....... We went outside, got some fresh air.

Well... ''Come on guys'', let's have a drink together before this night ends.

Baby why don't you get the drinks in.

Okay, do you want the same?

Yes, please.

I kiss her on the lips.

Tear you know my drink. Taehyung makes a devilish smile.

Yes, I know and gives his a rub on his shoulder.

There's an awkward pause ans silences between us.

Taehyung..... I have a question.
He looks at me puzzled and rubs the back of his neck.

How do you feel about tear?

His face makes a squashed look, with a little smile.

She is great, she is my best friend. We have known each other for a long time. I couldn't picture my life not having her around.

I see such passion from him when he talks about tear which makes me question his true feelings towards her.
The way he talks about her like a little boy talking about his first crush.

Why do you ask jin?

Well....tae.....I have a proposal. I need you not to tell tear yet until I get the answer from you.

''It's okay'' if you say no, just don't mention this to tear.

Okay..... What is it?

As am about to tell taehuung then, tear comes back with drinks.

Here are your drinks gentlemen.

Thank you, baby.

Thank you bestie.

Tear holds on to my hand and rinses her glass.

Toast to friendship, love and happiness.

The three of us say it together and rinse our arms in the air.


So... What did you guys talk about when I just came over?

Hmm... Nothing just about the tv show what was on last night.

Ow okay, sounds interesting.

She lets a little giggle.

Skips..... To the end of the night🥂

Taehyung this was such a great night, I hope you had a great birthday.

tear, I had an amazing birthday. I'm so glad you and jin had a great time.

It's been a good night taehyung. I'm feeling the alcohol. I do need my bed.

I'll see you you again taehyung. I shake his hand and smile at me.

tear I'll see you for coffee tomorrow.

Yes definitely. It's a date. I'll pay this time.

I don't think so.

Bye, bye tae.....

Skips 30 minutes while we are both in the taxis🕛

Ahhhh... Go to be home, I need to get out of this dress and take these heels off.

I'll make you a nice hot bath with bubbles and ill bring you a glass of orange juice.

Thank you so much jin. I love you.

She gives me a slow passionate kiss, my hands are moving around her beautiful curves.
I feel her hot breath on my neck, she biting and giving me butterflies kisses on my neck. Letting out a little moan.

Now, now jin. Calm down.

Sorry baby, this is what you do to me. Go and get in the bath and we both lay in bed and cuddle and watch a movie.

Sounds perfect.

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