Fantasy: Boyfriend, the lover

Chapter 4: the meet up

Jin....... Jin........ Are you up?

I open my eyes, the sunlight is beaming through the curtains. I raise my hand to cover my eyes.

I hear tear shouting my name in the distance.

I open the bedroom door and head to the top of the stairs.
I answer back........

I'm up baby........ I'm heading for a shower.

Okay, I'll make coffee and breakfast for you.

Thank you, baby.

I head to the bathroom to clean myself up. Turn the shower on, I feel the hot water already relaxing me. I put my right hand on the wall in front of me. The water falling on my back. I let out a little moan.

Time skips 10 mins🕢

I walk down the stairs with just my loose grey pants. Tear set out the table and my juice and breakfast are there ready.

There is a note on the table next to my newspaper......

Hey baby.📄
I hope you enjoyed the shower and I hope you like the breakfast.
I have an emergency call from work.
I was meant to meet tae, can you do me a favour and meet up with him.

Plus it's good for you both to catch up.
He will be at the coffee shop down the street at 09.30 am
I love you so much and I'll see you soon

Time skips.....🕙

I grab my coat and my keys and head out to meet tae.

Tear sent me a text this morning, saying she can't meet me today, Emergency work call.

So I'm meeting up with jin, plus it's an opportunity to get to know him.

At my party, he wanted to ask me something but tear came over so it was not mentioned after that.
I grab my leather jacket, wallet and keys and leave.

Skip 10 mins.....

I walk into this small but cute coffee shop. I look around to find jin.

Then I spot him in the corner booth, next to the window. Already with a coffee in hand.
He sees me and waves me over.

''Hey man. Thank you for meeting me.

No problem, anything for tear. Plus it would be nice to get to know each other.

''Look jin'' I don't want to be rude but I'm going to get straight to the point!

What were you going to tell me at the party?

My heart starts to beat fast, I guess I knew he would bring it up if we met.

I'm planning taking tear to this beautiful cabin at the lakes for Valentine day.

I want you to join us......

'I can see he is very confused'.


Taehyung...I want you to seduce tear and sleep with her........ Then I'll watch it.

His eyes are wide, mouth open. He lifts his right hand and starts rubbing the back of his neck.

Let me get this straight... You, tear boyfriend wants me, her best friend to have sex and you to watch........ Have I said that right?


''Jin have you lost your FUCKING mind''.

He stands up..... Both hands on the table in a fist, Looking in disbelief.

What is all this, why would you let another man, sleep your girlfriend.

Why ask me....jin.

Because... You're her best friend.

''Come on'' Taehyung I know you have some feelings for her. I know that you thought about it.

''Don't lie to yourself''.

When you see her, you don't think about how she looks naked or what she would look like underneath you.
Hmm... How you would like to taste her when she cums. It's such an amazing sight.

He eyes go even wider, biting down his bottom lip hard.

JIN... Why... Do you want this?

Because taehyung..... It's my fantasy. I wanna see my girlfriend fucking someone else right in front of me.

I get off the fact that someone else is enjoying being with her, making her feel good and who better to do this than her gorgeous best friend.


I hope you enjoying this so far.
Well, well jin has asked.
Do you think taehyung will do it?
How will tear handle it?
Will jin tell her or let her find out at the moment.💜

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