Fantasy: Boyfriend, the lover

Chapter 5

Valentine days in two days, I have booked us a beautiful cabin near the lake.

I wanna make this day special for tear. I'm also nervous about taehyung joining us.

The tear doesn't know about it yet, I'm planning on telling her at dinner.

I just want her to approve about this, my fantasy of her having sex with another man.

Taehyung agreed to do it, I know it's wrong. I just can't keep my fantasy to myself anymore, I wanna share this with her.

The excitement is building up.

Skip 2 days

''Jin this cabin is beautiful'', I can't believe we are going to spend the weekend here, you went all out for Valentine's day.

''Anything for my beautiful girlfriend" she blushes from my comment, covering her face.

Baby, I have another surprise but it's not until tonight.
Also... Can you wear this......

I give her a black and grey bag, inside was a red lace bra and matching panties.

Red is mine and tear favourite colour.

(*Also taehyung favourite colour * )

Plus her skin just blooms in red. I want to make this special.

''Baby..... Thank you''

Now, let's go and freshen up..... Then head out to a nice fancy restaurant.

I cup her face and kiss her sweet juicy lips.
I slowly lick her bottom lip, ''she tastes so sweet''.

I make my way to her collarbone licking up and down, holding tightly to her waist.

She lets out a moan when I just bite down on her neck. Her fingers playing with my hair, tucking gently.

''Right, I'm getting carried away, I want to wait for tonight but tear, I can never control myself around you.

I'll go for a shower and be down in 5mins.

I'll give her another kiss but this time on her forehead.

15 mins later:

'Baby, are you ready''.....

Yes jin, I'm coming down now...

Taxi out front waiting. I'm near the front door, I can hear her heels.
I turn around and I'm just in shock.

''Wow'' tear. Fuck me... You look stunning.

The way the dress fits her curves.

Tight in all the right places on her body. I wish I could just fuck off the dress and go straight upstairs.

Do you like jin, I was worried that you wouldn't like the dress.

Tear! Your beautiful, I'm a very lucky man.

I take her hand and we walk together to the taxis.

What's going through my head is how I'm going to tell tear about taehyung.

I don't want to freak her out and lose her.
If she not into the idea of her having sex with taehyung I will understand and never bring it up again.
I rather lose my fantasy than losing the love of my life.

We pull up to the restaurant, I get outside from the left door, walk fast around so I can pull out tear door.

"Jin this place looks lovely". I bet the food will taste amazing.

Well,l that's the first surprise tear... I'm the new owner of this restaurant and we have the place to our self for tonight.

Omg jin..... ''You kidding me''. I'm so proud of you.

She jumps up to me, she wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me so slowly.
I'm just lost in the moment. Right here, it's just perfect.

What can I get you guys tonight?
I'll have the lobster, with fresh vegetables.

May I please have the same, please?

Right...okay. Anything to drink.
Yes...Can we both have a bottle of Chardonnay?

Very good sir...

I'll come back with your drinks in just a moment.

''Jin'' this place is just beautiful. I know you wanted to own a restaurant but this is just... Magical...

I wanted it for us... So we will always have a place where we can share great moments.
To give us a future, I'm planning on buying more restaurant but this is for us.

Skip an hour...

Well jin, that was beautiful food. You did make the right choice.

How about we get out of here and show you your next surprise.

I look up to her face, full of excitement and nerves, I wish I could share then types of feelings now.

Text- Taehyung:🌹 I'm here, I'll be waiting in the living room.

We get out of the taxi, my knees are shaking. How am I going to tell her?



''I need to tell you something.''

Okay, what is it!

Come and join be near the lake before we go inside.

We walk to the lake, the moon is high in the sky, shining on the lake so beautifully.

Tear... (I hold onto her hands.) I don't know how to say this. So I'm just going to say it. I love you so much, don't forget that.

Taehyung is here, at the cabin.

I see her face go pale like the moon. The confusion, the colour leaving her face.

''What... Why... What''...

Tear, let me explain back at the cabin. Taehyung waiting for us.

YES. Please explain.

We both enter the cabin. I take my heels off near the door and kick them to the side.
I already see taehyung, his longs arms laid out on top of the sofa.
His head tilts to the side as I walk towards him.
He looks up and down, which he has never done.

Hey, tear...

Hey, taehyung.

That sudden awareness that some tension is building between us.

''Right guys'' what's going on... Why you here taehyung.

Jin, can you explain, please.

Tear, my love. There is something I been wanted to tell you for a while. I have been hiding it from you for a long time.

(*Omg my boyfriend gay*)

Are you gay jin?

What! No baby I'm not gay.

Then what is it...

Tear, I have a fantasy. Well, a kink is a right way. I don't know. Anyway.

Okay, what is it? You know am open to this stuff jin, so I don't understand why your hiding.

Baby, my fantasy is that you and other man fuck and I will watch.

My mouth just dropped. I'm frozen in shock. I'm playing with my fingers.

So... The reason why taehyung is here because you want me and my best friend to fuck in front of you


Can I just go outside a minute

Yes of course baby.

I'm still in shock, my mind is doing 180. I love taehyung but I never thought about sleeping with him.

I didn't know jin had this kink and I wish he opened up about it to me.

He knows I'm an understanding person. I'm not shocked as much but I'm more upset that he kept it from me.

I'm still standing here, what to do. I love jin so I want to do his fantasy.

I'm going to sleep with my best friend.

She going to do it and It's a steamy one.💜👍

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