Fantasy: Boyfriend, the lover

Chapter 6

Tear walks in with her head down at first.

Then she looks straight at me. Lusts in her eyes.

She then walks slowly towards me, bends down, becomes eye level and starts rubbing my thighs.

Tear gives me a little grin and then straddled me, her hands around my neck, drawing a little circles

I'm shaking underneath her. My hands around her ass.

Nervousness is taking over me.

Then she turns to look at jin.

''This what you want'' baby.

I'm just in awe that she wants to do this.

Yes...tear baby. I want this.


She looks straight into my eyes like she is staring into my soul. My arms are sweaty.

My heart is racing.

''Fuck me now''.

Her words send me into overdrive. I'm feeling turned on. My member twitching under her.

I look over tear shoulder and jin is sitting in the corner smiling.

I grab tear hair and tug, not too hard, just enough to get a moan from her.

I start kissing her collarbone. I slight moan leaves her lips.

Her hands are playing with my hair. Her hips grinding on me just a little.

"Taehyung"... Jin shouts over to me

Take our tear to the bedroom ''NOW''.

I lift her, my hands on her ass, her legs wrapped around my waist and carry her to the bedroom, kissing her juicy lips. Her hands cupping my face.

I lay her down slowly. Admire her just for a second, a smile slowly creeps on my face.

"Now taeyhung", I want you to enjoy every moment with our beautiful tear. Do what I say when I say it!

tear I want you to know I'm here. That I'm watching you.

Do you both understand.

Yes, jin.

Yes, baby.

I'm sitting watching my girlfriend about to enjoy herself with her best friend.
I feel the rush of heat going through my body. Making me go all light heading.

Tear 🌻 POV.
I'm laying out on the bed, taehyung is slowly kissing every inch of my body. He removes my shirt, the uncups my bra. Placing both hands on my breast, tugging at my nipples.

My head falls back.

He is at the bottom of the bed, unbuttons my jeans. I lift myself from my elbows, watching him remove my jeans.

He kissing the inside of my thighs, I hold on to the bed sheets tightly, Tilting my head back. Is so close to my heat but doesn't give it attention just yet.

Licking slowly, making circular movements with his tongue.

Moans coming from jin in the corner, rubbing his erected dick. His head is laid back, to the side.

Biting his bottom lip.

I look down to taehyung, now slowly making his way to my heat.

He removes my panties and throws them over his shoulder.
Using his fingers to open my fold, I make a hissing sound as he puts his tongue on my clits.

" fuck tae" I moan out

"Hmm" your so wet tear.

I start grinding on his face, my back starts to ache. The pleasure is intense.

Hearing tae moaning against my clit, turning me on even more.

I Turn to jin, he stoking his dick up and down.
His eyes rolling back, biting down on his bottom lip. He is in bliss. "Pure"

Taehyung is working his magic tongue on my clit. Making me scream out his name.

"Omg tae" I'm so close.

He doesn't speak, he just looks up at me and smiles.

He stops!... Looks at jin.

Jin smiles.

Taehyung turned me around, my arms are in front, on all fours. Gripping the bedsheets.

Lifts my bottom half, ass in the air, give me a light smack on my left ass cheek.

I give out a squirm

"Taehyung" jin speaks

give our tear a good fuck from behind. I wanna see you bang that pussy for me from behind.

I look over my shoulder, seeing taehyung give jin a little nod.

My heart is racing

He slowly rubs his tip over my wetness, feeling it sliding around my fold, around my clit.

"I moan"

One big thrust I scream out.

"TEAR" look at me. Jin shouted

All I can hear is all our moans echoing within these 4 walls.

The sounds of skin slapping.

"Harder" please tae, harder.

I can control this feeling about what is happening in my stomach.

I'm feeling every inch of taehyung dick, his thrust is getting stronger.

"Fuck tear" your pussy is so tight.

Jin walks over to me. I'm getting weak, I'm close to my climax.

Tear! His lifts my chin up with his fingers.

Do you want this dick more are taehyung?

I don't answer right away. I'm just mixed up in the pleasure I'm feeling.

Answer me!

I want your dick more are taehyung.

" tell me" you want my dick in that sweet mouth of yours.

"Yes," jin. I want your dick in my mouth

Open up baby, let me cum in that mouth. Let me feel your tongue around me.

I open wide, letting him slide his hard dick.
I can taste his salty precum. Licking around his tip, moaning onto it has taehyung keeps thrusting harder into me.

My Savile is covering his cock, making it easier to slide in and out. I look up at him, he is biting his bottom lip, running his hand through his hair. His chest going up and down.

"Touch yourself"tear, taehyung says as he reaches down and whispers in my ear.

Make that pussy cum for us baby.

I remove jin dick from my mouth.

I reach down and open my fold with my two fingers and rub my clit which makes me jolt.

Ahh "fuck"

"Put my dick back in your mouth".

Sucking down on his dick, faster and faster, jins moans are getting louder, telling me he is close.

" fuck yeah" tear. Just like that. Make daddy cum.

I let out a huge moan when I reach my climax.

I can feel my cum dripping out of me on to taehyung dick.

Jin thrust deep in my mouth, which makes me gag on my own saliva. Jin gives out one big moan and he releases his salty hot cum.

Slowly going down my throat.

He walks backwards and hits the back of his legs with the chair and sits.


"I'm so close tear" taehyung says with heavy breathing.

That's right taehyung, cum for me. Cum in this tight pussy.

That was it. Taehyung cums inside me.

He slows down and stops.

His hands both drop at the side of him and just stares.

I turn around and lay on my back. We all just stare at each other. Our heavy breathing is filling up the room.

I can't stop my legs from shaking.

Jin turns to look at me.

He just smiles.

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