In a world where Erik's dramatic ass wasn't so prideful as to refuse T'challa's help. It's much more interesting for villains to rise above that dark place and live with their actions. Erik 'Killmonger' Stevens and his wife [Name] [Last Name] have issues in their relationship. contains; smut, cheating, angst, mature language, and repeated use of the N word READER IS BLACK

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Erik was never really the type of nigga to be in relationships. Everybody knew that, he was a fuck boy, a nigga who didn't care about nobody but himself. One would describe Erik Stevens as distant. He's smart, book smart and street smart. If trouble was a place, erik would be the king of it. You met him your sophomore year in college through a mutual friend and swore to never let him hit. Everyone knew Erik, like I said, he was a fuck boy.

Some girls even said Erik had demon dick. So when he approached you at a fraternity party you immediately knew that he was bad news. Erik Stevens was a sweet talker, and you let his no good, toxic ass sweet talk you out your underwear. When you woke up the next morning in a foreign room, with your body entangled with a not so foreign muscular body, it hit you. You slept with Erik Stevens.

You tried to avoid him after that. That worked for about three days, but that nigga was so hung up on you, that he learned your sqeduele and tried to talk to you every chance he got. It was strange for him to "follow a bitch around" in the words of his homeboy Isiah. One day, it was raining outside and you left your umbrella back in your dorm.
"Fuck" you complained out loud.
"Need an umbrella ma?" A deep voice, one that you recognized asked from behind you. Erik...
"Um... Yeah, thanks." You said reaching for the umbrella that he handed to you.
"You been tryna steer clear of me, I see." He noticed how you quickly picked up your shit and left his off campus apartment last friday night.

"Something like that." You admitted, he was known for embarrassing girls, or girls embarrassing themselves tryna get them to notice them after they hooked up once. "I ain't even get no kiss bye, no number or nothing."

"Be honest Erik, you would've called?" You finally turned and met his gaze. You forgot how fine this nigga is.

"Maybe so, you got some good pussy on you girl. I was all in yo shit." He said chuckling, "You really ain't shit nigga." You started walking, and he followed close behind. "Would a 'ain't shit nigga' offer a girl an umberella and make her cum 4 times in one night?" He asked and smiled. HIs grills showing. I see why they call this nigga demon dick Erik now. The devil himself. After that day, Erik would always call you his girl. Everybody seemed to know that but you apparently.
"Erik, I can do whatever the fuck I want. I'm a grown ass woman." You argued. You and Erik had been talking and fucking for months at this point. It was summer instead of winter.
"Lose the fucking attitude or imma fuck it out of you."

Erik was mad, beyond mad, he was pissed the fuck off. He hated how you made him feel. "Now yo ass quiet? Fuck that." Y'all ending up fucking everywhere in his apartment that day. He made sure you knew you were his. Every thrust hitting deeper than the last. "Ahh, shit E." He grabbed your braids and wrapped it around his hand, pulling your back to meet his chest. "Who pussy this for?" He asked, still stroking you. Your mouth was wide open as you let out little whines. "Bitch, I know you heard me. Who pussy this for?" He asked, going harder. "Ahh. Fuck, yours. It's yours Erik." you cried out. "Good girl. Good fucking girl. You gonna let me nut in my pussy?" He asked still deep inside of you. "Yesss. Please give it to me E."

You and Erik had so many pregnancy scares. But everytime he was always there to hold you and reassure you that if you were to get pregnant he would "handle his shit". As time progressed, you and Erik grew closer. He genuinely cared for you and you cared about him too. He made sure you knew. Always giving you gifts, fucking the shit out of you and making sure you were always good. Now all those thoughts and doubts you had about Erik were distant memories and now you only saw them as rumors. At the age of 25 Erik proposed and at 26, y'all got married. Erik Stevens and [Name] [Last Name]

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

Based off LEMONADE by BeyoncΓ©
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