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"after im down with this bug i'll have my twenty thousand and a few bloody knuckles"

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camryn ray tetsuru

burning pile .
" if i, catch fire then i'll take
my turn "

show and tell .
" im on display for all you
fuckers to see"

murders .

" murders of murderers living
in fear of it "

mama .
" mama, we're all full of lies "

body terror .
" oh how they'll screw you, all
up and over, then feed you
scilence for dessert "

give 'em hell, kid .
" i took a train outta new
orleans and they shot me
full of ephedrine "

under my skin .
" i wish you were dead babe i
wish you were dead "

the cult of dionysus .
" you've lost your lust for living"

dear maria, count me in .
" there's a story at the the bottom
of this bottle "

i bet on losing dogs .
" someone to watch me die
i bet on losing dogs "

my ordinary life .
" i feel fear for the very
last time "

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