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5 WEEK LOVERS- denki k.

⁎*- keep quiet, yeah?

"IF IT ISN'T OUR ALL STAR Y/N!" mina said with a glimmer in her eyes as if you've just saved her. "mina don't get ahead of yourself right now, me all-star?" you gotten the nickname from being a somewhat top student. you were surprised yourself, you barely studied and when you did you came out with good grades. looking around you can see it was still your lunch period; kids walking out of classrooms, studying and more. a typical friday before your final exam.

"y/n, I need your help I know your going to say no but you owe me!" mina exclaimed.

"hmm... mina if I'm going to say no then what's the point of asking?"

mina was your best friend since you got accepted to U.A. coming in close second the hothead bakugo. you were known for being in the bakusquad, you didn't hate it they were great people in there own way. well except one denki kaminari—


"oh I- I'm sorry, what were you saying"

"sometimes I wonder if you even care for me" mina pouted "hmm well anyways help me study please"

"mina you know I don't do studying your wasting your time asking"

with a hand on your hip you looked at her sideways. why was most in your class like this you thought? they knew you didn't study but still cared to ask.

"I know but still, you always get good grades just spill your secret"

"what secret? that I'm just a lucky person?"

"ugh fine then at least girl, spill that other secret with you know who" sitting across from you, her eyes stayed pierced through yours. looking for something a reaction of some sort and oh did she get it.

the words "you know who" made you freeze up. if anything mina wasn't stupid when it came to secrets especially romantic ones, she knew everything.

you just so happened to allow denki to fail his final exam. until the retakes. so here you are meant to be his slave for weeks— I mean his lover

"how did this happen to me"

pinned against the door y/n had no escape.

"hey I think you'd better keep it down. it's a new classroom, so it's soundproof but..."

y/n was anxious, she had never been this exposed before, especially knowing anyone can walk in whenever.

"since you're leaning against the door so much won't everyone hear you in the hallway" he continued.

his body pressed against hers feeling the cold door colliding with her now harden nipples, his one hand exploring her mouth, while the other explored below. feeling his slender fingers wander from her curves, breast and thighs. she couldn't handle the pleasure; she knew it wasn't right but it felt too good. she hated to admit it but she wanted more of him deeply.

"please...just do something...fuck"

her moans they gave him pleasure; just watching her submit was enough to cause his pants to seem a bit tight. flipping her around to face him he placed her down near the door. trailing light airy kisses from her neck to her stomach.

watching her tremble from the slightest touch, edging her till you saw tears prickled from her eyes was amazing for him. he slipped his left hand through her skirt and inside her panties; and dipped his fingers into her warm folds. y/n gasped at the sensation of his fingers pumping inside her; shaky moans trying to escape her lips but she bit them shut.

"is this the place?"

"ah... which room was it?... they told me once but I was too sleep deprived to remember."

from in through the room the pair could hear students walking by. denki not caring one bit decided to tease her some more, his mouth against her entrance sucking at her clit. lewd noises echoed through the classroom. pushing her too release he bit her clit softly causing her to let out a moan.

silence. she knew they were near the door listening; to make it worse denki had no plan on stopping. her body aching as her release was close and not being able to make noise, she wanted nothing more than to moan his name right there, let him know he was doing gods work but she knew better. she held it in until she heard those footsteps travel father way. right then the only thing on her mind was him, the way he was so focused on her and only her made it hard for her to breathe.

a certain spot that his tongue hit; swirling inside her as if his own was in control. it was to much for y/n her body twitched and shook violently as she released inside his mouth. being the tease he is he gave her a few kitten licks on her pussy just to get more of her taste.

"you know y/n, you taste pretty sweet"

just watching him suck on his thumb finger as if he was licking frosting made her feel fuzzy. your shirt was sticky you'd can tell you would need to go to your locker for another the smell of sex was still lingering on you. feeling your eyes be covered by something soft you saw his sweater and a now shirtless denki.

"why'd you give this to me?" you questioned.

"well sunshine did you want to walk into class looking like you got your back blown out right?"

hearing that you dashed out the room. stupid boy ugh... why do I feel so strange? is it the mood of what we just did! no why can't I get it. speeding past students to get to your next class your faced flushed from embarrassment; sunshine— why sunshine out of all names.
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