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The Special Agents of Karasuno ❥

Ϲհɑթեҽɾ Օղҽ

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

It was your first week at the Karasuno Behavioral Analysis Unit, it was a big change from what you were doing before. You used to be a PI (personal investigator) but was spotted by the FBI and offered a high clearance job at the KBAU.
The building where your unit worked was huge, just getting inside was a journey. You had to go through metal detectors, thumb prints scans and your credentials had to be checked at every door. It made sense though, your job wasn't an average job. The FBI is highly secure and secretive corporation. Confidential information and high profile people walked throughout the building constantly and security was a top priority.
You wore a basic pencil skirt with a white long sleeve button up shirt and a blazer over it. You had your black brief case filled with paperwork and files in it, unfortunately it was unnecessarily heavy.
You made your way through the building scanning your card and walking through metal detectors. You finally made it through and went into the elevator pressing the 8th floor button. Elevator music played softly in the background as you rode up to your level.
The elevator opened and you were greeted by Yachi and Tanaka, both of them were also special agents like you. The peppy blond said "Unit Chief Daichi wants to meet you in his office" "okay, thanks" you responded smiling. This was a fake smile, Chief Daichi was nice but had this intensity to him, everyone said you will eventually get over it but it still was only your first week so this uneasy feeling was still there.
*knock knock knock* you lightly tapped the door on Daichi's office. "The doors unlocked" you entered the room and Daichi was at his desk filling out paperwork, "please take a seat" you nodded and sat at the chair on the opposite side of his desk. "I just wanted to talk to you for a second and make sure you settling into your new position okay." Relived by his question you responded "I'm really liking it so far, everyone in this unit has been super nice and helpful" "I'm glad to here that. If you ever have and questions or concerns don't be afraid to ask me" you smiled and responded "thank you sir" and you got out of your seat and exited the door.
You returned to your desk and started filling out paperwork and entering data into the system when suddenly you heard Daichi's door open then close. Daichi's office was above where the agents desks sat, there was a stairs that lead up to a half floor. This floor included Daichi's office, the conference room and the Technical Analysis room. The hall that connected these rooms had a railing on it so there was a balcony that looked over the desks below.
Once Daichi left his office he announced to the agents "everyone conference room, we have a case."

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

Everyone made their way up the stairs to a conference room, inside there was a large oval table and projector. The door opened again and Yamaguchi the technical analysts walked in with a computer and files for the 7 field agents. Yamaguchi set up the computer and projected his screen onto the wall and took a seat next to Sugawara.
Daichi cleared his voice "2 weeks ago In the town Aoba Johsai a young women was found dead stabbed in the heart by the side of the river. Local authorities took it as one time murder but three days later in park another young woman was found dead with the same pattern. A week passed and one more women was found in an ally way stabbed in the heart, but this time there a note attached, look in the file in front of you to see it."
You all grabbed your files and opened it to a photo of a note written in permeant marker saying All humans die the same. The place they go after death isn't decided upon by a God, it's nothingness.
"This note was the local authority's last straw before calling us to take over the case." "Hmm it looks like the killer wants people to see his work, he's not hiding the body's, they are in plain sight for anyone to see. The note just proves that, he wants attention... but attention from who" Tsukishima said sighing pushing the file away from him.
Tsukishima was not an outgoing person, he was pretty quite and didn't seem very close to many of the other members besides Yamaguchi. He's a genius though, maybe that's why he's quite all the time, he's too busy thinking to be having trivial conversations.
"Yes exactly Tsukishima, this is what makes this killer dangerous, he want attention and will continue killing to get the attention he desires. When we get to Aoba Johsai Yachi, Hinata, Sugawara and y/n will interview a victims friend that was with her the night we suspect she was killed. Tsukishima, Tanaka and I will create a geographical profile at the police station. The plane leaves in 30 minutes so everyone grab your to-go bag."
You were a bit scared, pushed your negative feeling down and tried focusing on the present. You unlocked your drawer and pulled out you glock 19 and secured it in your holster. The FBI had a large budget fortunately so your team had a private jet to take you to your cases. Everything in front of you was so foreign but a new feeling started forming within you. Determination.

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

A/n- Hey! I hope you guys liked the first chapter, I'm sorry if it's moving a bit slow I'm just trying to introduce the characters/plot a bit more. If you didn't notice the quote written on the note was Ryuk from Death Note I just felt that it fitted well into the story! I'm excited to continue this story :)
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