you’re amazing ( suna x reader )


college students

Romance / Drama
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k i’m going to sleep

"y/n come on it's going to be our first day at college and we're already late" akaashi yelled from down stairs.

you didn't wanna get ready and you went down stairs in a hoodie and sweats.

"i'm too lazy to get ready so let's just go" you said and walked out the door.

"you're a basketball player and this is how you wanna dress for the first day?"

"yep kinda" you said and grabbed your basketball bag.

you walked to your first class 5 minutes late and got yelled at by the teacher for being late.

"you're late to class next time i'm locking the doors" he said "name please"

"aomine y/n" you said and sat down in an open spot.

you were sitting and sleeping in class due to how bored you were. you slept on your hand and your arm got weak and your head hit the desk making a loud thud catching most people's attention, you woke back up and saw the teacher looking at you.

"you sleep in my class and you be late, come up here and solve this equation" he said

you went down there and took the chalk out of his hand, you solved the equation with ease and threw the chalk back to him. you sat back down in the seat and went to sleep again.


it was the end of class and some guy kept pushing you to wake up, you woke up and looked at the green eyed boy and thought he was hot. you grabbed your books and put it in your bag.

you walked out saying nothing and went to your other classes.


after the day you went back home an slept again. you woke up and wrapped yourself in a blanket.

you heard constant knocks at the front door and you opened it to see the same green eyed boy and two twins at the door.

"oh it's you" you said looking up at the guy.

"oh sorry wrong apartment"

"depends are you looking for bokuto or akaashi" you said and yawned.

"bokuto" the guy said

you opened the door wide and led them in.

"you guys can sit on the couch and wait for bokuto i'll go get him" you told the boys.

"the place is nice and clean" one of them said

you walked up stairs and slipped on the ground.

"FUCKING BITCH" you yelled in pain.



you got up and went down stair you went to the bathroom and clean your face up and put your glasses on.

you went you of the bathroom and went down stairs you dropped your blanket on the stairs without noticing and went to the kitchen.

"do you guys want tea?" you asked them.

"sure" they said.

"if you guys are bored you guys can walk around and look at stuff i couldn't careless" you said

you made them tea and put it on the counter.

"here" you said and they all looked at you.

you went back upstairs and they all looked at you.

you felt them staring at you. you looked back at them and saw you weren't wearing shorts under your baggy shirt.

"perverts" you said and stuck your tongue out.

you ran back up stairs and slipped on your blanket.

"GOD DAMNIT BOKUTO" you yelled

he looked at you on the stair case laying there sleeping.

he picked you up and took you to the living room. he put you on stool and poured water on you. you woke up, you woke up and everyone saw you. you got off of the stool and went to your room.


a few hours later you put on spandex and a sport bra. you walked down stairs and started to cook dinner.

the boys were playing video games and surprisingly there was more people which meant more food to cook.

you cook everyone a good dinner and served it.

"dinners ready" you said and drank coffee.

you sat on the couch and did assignments on your laptop as everyone ate.

you looked at the time and saw it was like 8pm. you sighed and stretched you back and cracked your bones.

you listened you music in your airpods and stretched infront of everyone not caring.

"akaashi i'm going out to the park i'm gonna practice" you said and left.

"be home by 10" he told you, you nodded.

"what are you gonna do?" one of them asked

"none of your business" you said and left.


when you came back home you were all sweaty and wore out.

"i'm back" you said

"noice we save you dinner"

"i'm skipping i'm gonna shower and sleep night" you told him and yawned






have an amazing day

- author-chan



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