"Stripper Bitch" Dabi x Black Fem! Stripper (Y/N)


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Chapter 1- Meeting Again 🥺

(y'all are like 22,23)
"YO JAYLEN!" You say coming into the club on Saturday when it's empty. "YO (Y/N)!" She say coming up to you. You and Jaylen were bestfriends since highschool. "What's up girlieeee!" She says hugging you. "Nothing. You still dating my big brother?" You ask her. "Yeah." She says getting a lil smile on her face. "Awwww look at yo lil smile." You squeeze her cheek. "Stoppp." She says. "Come get ready with me I don't know what I wanna wear, cause' your brother's coming to the club." She grabs your hand and drags you to the dressing room.

"Hey girliesssss!" You say greeting everyone. Everyone greeted you back and got back to talking and hyping each other up. "Girl I don't know if I should wear the pink ,red ,or black." Jaylen said. "Wear the black you haven't worn the black in forever." You say and get your stuff out.

You put on some teal blue lingerie and stripper heels. You had a long wavy wig on and natural makeup.

"Bro (Y/N)." Jaylen says until she sees you "OOOOOOOO PERIODDDD.OKAY HAIR! OKAYYYYYYY!" She says hyping you up. "NOOOO JAYLEN YOU LOOK FINE AS HELL!" You say hyping her up too. "Y'all are so cute." Another girl said to y'all. "Thank you." You both say. "LETS GET THIS BREAD THIS HEAD THEN LEAVE LOVES!" You say leading the girls out to the club. "PERIODDD!" They say behind you.


You and the girls stretch your legs and drink water and soda because club rules say that you can't drink alcohol until after your shift. At about 11pm people start coming to the club and you and your girls do your thing. You got the most tips because you mostly had private rooms the whole night,but at about 2am you come out of the private room and back on stage you see this man.

This man with scars and black hair and bright blue eyes. His stare following you made your knees weak,but it gave you an adrenaline rush. His blue eyes reminded you of someone. Maybe you met him somewhere, or used to date him? You weren't sure and wanted a closer look ,so you went to the person that controlled the music and requested for them to play P*$$Y Fairy by Jhené Aiko.

The lights lowered down to a purple color and you slowly walked to the pole. You stared at him the whole time. When you were body rolling on the pole Dabi smirked at you. You were doing all kinds of tricks. At the end of the song you went to the need of the stage and did that arch thing. (Ykwim when people were doing that trend on tiktok yeah that.) and when you got up you did the sexiest smirk. It made him blush a little bit. You got up and bowed and got all your tips off the stage.

"Ooop (Y/N)!" Jaylen said. "Whatttt?" You said smiling. "I saw the way he was looking at youuuu." She said. "Nahhhh." You say lying. "You we're looking at him toooooo." She pokes you. "Yo (Y/N), you have another private room." Your boss says. "Damn." You say "Let's get this bread and this head then leave." You say to yourself.

You walk into the private room and see the dude. "Heyyyy. I'm (Y/N). What do you want me to do?" You say "Nothing." He says with his deep voice they made you get butterflies. "What'd you get a private room for?" You ask confused. "To ask you something." He says. "Well what is it?" You ask. "Do I know you from somewhere? Like Highschool." He asks. "I don't think so. What's your name?" You ask him. "Dabi,or Touya." He says and you gasp. "Touya?" You ask. "We used to date in highschool!" You say shocked. "Oh snap! Lemme see a picture of you in highschool." You say. He shows you a picture of you and him in highschool. "OH SHITTTT! That's me and you!" You say excited. "Oh shit." He says. "(Y/N)." He says. "I'm sorry, for leaving without saying anything." He remembers. "It's fine we only dated for two months anyways." You say chuckling. "But,Wow. You changed a lot Touya. Your hair's black you have these sexy ass scars. Damn." You say biting your lip. "Yeah,yeah. You're still friends with Jaylen?" He asks. "Hell yeah. Her and my brother still dating too. Damn wait till I tell my brother I saw you again." You say smiling. "Damn, I missed your smile." He says looking in your eyes and just like that you fell in love with him again. "I missed your eyes." You say getting close to him. You two were drawn to each other like the moon and the sun. You weren't thinking and you just kissed him being in the moment. He was surprised,but kissed you back putting his hands on the side of you face. Y'all just kissed like you guys didn't go 6 years without being in contact. It just felt perfect until his time in the private room was done with the ringing of an alarm. "Damn it." You say pulling from the kiss, but Dabi pulls you back in. "Wait. Are you single?" You ask him. "Oh shit." You say. "Yes I'm single. I haven't gotten you off my mind for 6 fucking years." He says to you. "Me either." You kiss him again not caring that the timer in the private room went off. "(Y/N)!" Jaylen says coming into the private room to get you. You pull away. "Uh yes?" You say embarrassed. "Hey Jaylen." Touya says. "How do you know my name?" She says getting confused. "It's Touya, Jaylen." You say. "TOUYA?! Deadass?" She asks you. "Yeah." You say. "Aight. I'll leave y'all alone." She says and smirks closing the door. "Wait,no y'all need to get out of here his time is up and I need to room for me and Tavyon." She says coming back in. "Get out get out get out." She says pushing you both out. "Okay okay." You say. "Hey lil sis." Your brother says to you. "Who's this?" He asks. "Guess who?" You tell him walking away. "I'm not guessing (Y/N). You know I hate when you do that shit." Tavyon says. "It's Touya." You say excitedly. "No it's not." He says. "It is." You say. "No it's not." He says about to cry. "Yes it is." You say. "Touya?" He says going up to him. "Tavyon?" Dabi says. He holds his hand out to do their hand shake. "1,2,3 bitches on my 4,5,6 breaking hoes like a stick." They say together. (They were like those kids that were at lunch and made beats on the table and just rapped ykwim.) "Where the fuck did you go?" Tavyon asks. "I ran away." He said. "No shit." You and your brother said. "Let me put my number back in your phone real quick. I don't want you leaving me again you know." You chuckle and put your phone number in his phone as
(Y/N)💜✨. You put your brother's phone number in there too. "I'm gonna go get changed." You say giving him his phone back.

You went back to the dressing room and showered and put on a velvet brown long sleeve jumpsuit with Louie Vuitton slides and a matching bag.

You walked out of the club and saw Dabi waiting for you in an old school black Cadillac.

"OOOOOO where you got this car from?" You ask him jokingly. "I stole it." He says bluntly. You start laughing. "Where you taking me in this 'stolen' car?" You say. "Wherever you wanna go baby~" He says smirking. "Aight." You say going to the door. "You gon open the door for me?" You ask. "Still as spoiled as ever." He says getting out the car to open the door for you. "Mhmm." You say sitting down.


Y'all drove for a long time before the cops started chasing y'all. "Touya why the fuck are the cops chasing us?" You ask him. "I told you the car was stolen." He said starting to speed the car up. "I thought you were joking." You say. "I don't joke and you know that." He says grinning. "You know what your doing right?" You ask him. "Yeah this ain't my first time getting chased by the police." He says and blasts music running every red light. "You're fucking crazy Touya." You say smiling at him.
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