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So this is my 1st fan fic. I thought of this while tryna sleep so i hope u enjoy reading it (a small part of this story came from a song by Little Mix called 'Notice' its really good you should listen 😉) You're a second year at karasuno when your friend asks you too tutor him and his teammates. You become very close with a certain raven boy, but will you ~notice~his feelings before it's too late? Read to find out 😙 Kageyama x reader Slight Tsukishima x reader Started: 24th July Ended: WIP Im dyslexic so there might be a few typos here or there very sorry about that! I dont know how often ill post on it we shall see 👀 Please enjoy! - Ellie🌺 ⚠️ i dont own any of the characters only the plot and (y/n). Cover is NOT mine, though I am working on one ;)⚠️

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You were alone in the room no one there to bother you, no one there at all, just you and the music. Anyone who asked about you would say that '(y/n) was not so much academic then she was creative and artistic' which you would complety agree with. You were dancing to the song 'notice' by little mix when you heard the door close ignoring the fact you continued with your dance.

You were the type of person to put all your passions before school and you loved that life but unfortunately for you your parents weren't too keen on that. They insisted that you put school in front of your passions.
You were a girl of many passions but your favourites were playing (any 3 instruments of ya choice) singing and doing art but your all time favourite was dancing. To you dancing wasn't just a hobby or pastime, it was your life. From a young age you loved the art, you found your love of dancing when you saw a contemporary dancer in the park. He looked like he was training for something and that's when it clicked for you 'when I'm older I wanna do that', and with that sentence you started to go to ballet in your local school and you loved it.

Years later you had moved on from ballet and had started doing contemporary and that was your favourite style of dance.You grew up to become a very beautiful and tall girl.

An:(sorry if your not tall irl but whenever I read fanfics they tend to be shorter then like Noya so I'm here to change that, in this your 5'9" anyway back to le story ;))

Because of your height in middle school you were bullied by the girls, and the boys found you intimidating, which wasn't great and it really took you down a lot and made you hate your height (an:dang this is all to real for me) although most of the girls bullied you, you still had a small group of friends your best friend being (bff/n) she was a very small girl so next to you it was like she was standing near the the Effie tower but neither of you minded. She was an amazing cellist which is funny considering she's the size of one. Contrary to popular belief (bff/n) was very outgoing while you were quite shy around people you didn't know, but once you were close to them you were just like (bff/n) which some people wouldn't like and then would say that you were 'over baring' or 'annoying' which wasn't true, because of this you kept to yourself. Don't get me wrong you went cold to anyone in fact because you weren't liked so much you tried your hardest to be nice to everyone and everything around you.

Time skip to 1st day of your second year of high school

You were attending Karasuno High which you weren't mad about. You had chosen this school after being offered a scholarship to Shiratorizawa because of your musical talent but you declined it because you felt that that school was 'stuck up', when in reality you were just to damn lazy to get up a little bit earlier to get there, boy were you stubborn. You were walking in the gates of the school when a tall lanky blur zoomed pass you. To say you were shook was an understatement this thing had so much force you fell over. And these small skirts were no joke. You were just happy you were early because of club, so no one was around. Is what you thought anyway, let's just say that there was a certain skin-headed boy directly behind you 'Tanaka' you grimaced internally. You had known this kid since you were 3 and BOY WAS HE ANNOYING.

"Ahhhhhhh (y/n)-channnnn, and how might you be on this fine morning?" "Hello Tanaka-san." You said, clearly not up for his BS this early in the god damn morning. He helped you up anyway and you thanked him of course. He lived right next you and his sister used to babysit you and your older brother (b/n) and Tanaka being the same age as you would always tag along, so because of this you had to deal with him all the time. GREAT!

As you said your goodbyes to Tanaka while he headed to volleyball and you to music club you had noticed there was a sign up for a dance team/club it read 'looking for a captain/leader for a dance club must be in 2 year or 3rd if interested please come to room ***** and further action will take place' 'OMFG ARE YOU KIDDING ME AHHHHHHHHHHH' you sang happily in your head with that you ran, ran as fast as you could not caring of the fact you needed to be somewhere else or that there were people everywhere. Finally you made it to room ***** and oh boy where you happy there wasn't anyone else in there besides a teacher and a few 1st years with some new 2nd years you hadn't seen before. The girls all looked so happy to see you and after you had realised the outburst you had made you immediately remembered how shy you were and shrank. You started to apologise immensely and after a while you were hushed by the teacher she said "(l/n) calm down it's ok, I assume you're here to audition to be part of the team?" "Well actually," you tried to say why you were here but the teacher interrupted you (which u were used to considering how shy u were) "you'll have to wait here like the rest of them because we don't have anyone who can captain the team..." she continued on but you had tuned it out trying to find the courage to tell her that was the whole damn reason you were here, but in a lot more respectful way, "SENSAI I CAME HERE TO ASK TO BECOME CAPTAIN OF THE TEAM" you shouted while Bowing at a nighty degree angle "oh well why didn't you say so" she said with a toothy grin on her face. 'I was trying but you kept your mouth running' you thought while trying to act a lot less pissed then you actually where

The teacher had asked you to you preform a lil' something which you of course did, to see if you were qualified. And OH BOY were you you qualified. Everyone was delighted and so were you finally you could create a dance team and you have all the directorial advantages with creating beautiful routines for your girls. 'This is the start of something new 'you thought to yourself and something new was right you spent the rest of the 1st day getting to know your new teammates and just having a great time looking forward to telling (bff/n) when you saw her next (she goes to Shiratorizawa, I mean duhhh have you heard her play cello).

AN: hiii so I'm really happy with the 1st chapter it's kinda long (I think I don't really know hahaha) any who I hope you liked reading it and I'll deffo be updating very soon hehe
Have an amaz day or night lovelys ✍️💛💛 -O.W (word count 1231)
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