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When you finished school for the day and all the clubs were ending, you stopped off at the basketball court to pick up your older brother (b/n), when you heard shouting coming from the gym, but it wasn't a volleyball shout, it was more like pleading, but a lot louder. Confused you took a detour over to the gym where you hid behind a vending machine nearby, there you saw a two 1st years, one tall and one small. You couldn't quite get why they were hanging around the outside of the gym and you thought about going over and asking but, remembering your shy you opted out, but at the same time you wanted help so after a while of going back and forth in your head, you decided to go over there anyway because these two were only 1st years and being older meant you had responsibilities, so being the good senpai you are you marched, quietly, over there still scared of messing up, or them hating you even though you hadn't even met or seen them before today.

"Hello there, is everything ok?" You asked sheepishly "huh? Oh yeah were ok, thanks." The tall one said "OMG HIIIIIIII, HOW TALL ARE YOU? WHAT YEAR ARE YOU IN? I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU BEFORE. ARE YOU NEW? ARE YOU A FIRST YEAR, SECOND, THIRD?!?!" You tried your best to comprehend how such a little guy could cause so much fear in you and could be so loud at the same time, while also trying to answer all his questions, while trying to stay composed. Only to have the gym door swing open revealing 3 very familiar faces. Daichi, Sugawara and Tanaka. For the 1st time ever, you were happy to see Tanaka. 'Nows my chance to escape' you thought. That feeling of happiness when you saw Tanaka soon died with the words "(y/n)-chan? What are you doing here?" Now all eyes were on you. This moment felt like it lasted forever, when in reality it was like 10 seconds, "emmmmmm well, I-I," "cmon (y/n)-chann hurry it up" Tanaka said " I-I heard these t-two shouting at the door and I was on my way too oniisan so I decided to come over to see what was up and the tall one said they w-were fine and then the short one," "Heyyyy!!" "Anyway, the shorter one started to bombard me with questions and then you three came out." You tried your best not to stutter but, loads of eyes can do that to a person so you didn't think much of it in the moment, knowing full well that you were gonna hate yourself about it later at home. "Ahhh, ok. Thank you (l/n)-san" Suga said "no problemo!" 'Omfg what in holy hell made me say that gahhh! They all probably think I'm weird now GREAT!' You thought to yourself after saying something kinda awkward. But no one seemed to mind. Confused as you were you decided to move the hell on with your life and went towards the court with your brother standing there waiting all changed and ready to go.

As you waved goodbye to the team you hadn't noticed a pair of denim blue eyes staring at you.

Walking over to (b/n) you apologised for being late, he asked why and after telling him he put in his headphones and walked ahead. He was always like this. You and your brother weren't too close, for the sole reason that your family weren't all that extroverted or too touchy-touchy, you of course all loved each other but you wouldn't go around saying it all the time or really show it in anyway so naturally you didn't mind because you were like this too.

When you got back to the house your mum was at home with your dog, (dog/n), feeding him some kibble with cheese (AN:my dog buddy will only ever eat his food with a lil' cheese or chicken so I thought just to put it in too lolz) "Hey guys!" Your mum said as you entered the kitchen "Hi" "hey" you both said simultaneously.

Time skip cause this is all irrelevant

When dinner was all done, and when you finished cleaning up the kitchen you headed up to your room where you spent most of your time to practise your ukulele ( AN: soz if you don't play this instrument it makes more sense if this is one of the many instruments you play you'll see later on in the book hehehe ) and stared to right some music down because you were writing a song. After playing for around an hour you heard your phone ring, thinking it was (bff/n) your hurried over so u could tell her what happened ASAP only to be disappointed to find that it was just Tanaka ringing 'ughhhhh what does he want!?' You thought aggressively "Heyyyyyyy, and how's my favourite girl doing?" "Tanaka what do u want?" "Gasp! Jeez (y/n)-chann, why would you think I wanted something?" "Why else, it's you." You say blandly.

After a while of back and forth from the two of you, Tanaka was sitting on your bed struggling to do his music homework (AN: ino music might not be a subject but this is my book so it is now hehe 😈) while you sat there struggling not to stuff your mic stand up where the sun don't shine, luckily for him you had the instrument he had chosen to play because it was "cool" and "manly" this instrument being the electric guitar. You were quite good at it so it wasn't so much you being the problem then it was Tanaka, eventually you had taught him the basic chords or as he said "reminded" him of them. Rolling your eyes after him asking if he could borrow it, you had made a deal with him saying that he could come over certain days in the week so you could "remind him" of all the other chords and eventually teach him a song, he agreed and then FINALLY he left.
You spent the rest of the night planning your 1st dance meeting and you were sooo excited. After a while (bff/n) had rang and you had told her about your eventful 1st day, you both said your goodbyes. Going to bed satisfied with your work you slept peacefully waking up the next day pumped for what's about to come.

AN: Oof that was a chapter, I really enjoyed writing that I hope you liked reading and are enjoying where the stories going. Please tell me how you feel in the comments, reading what you have to say and giving me constrictive criticism will be super appreciated and truly makes my day haha anyway I've rambled long enough. I hope you have a great day/night my lovely's
-O.W✍️💛💛💛 (world count 1162)
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