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WARNING ⚠️ ANGSTY, there is mention of body dysmorphia and guilt self hate, so if that makes you uncomfortable I completely understand just skip this chapter, and please remember your all loved and if your ever feeling trapped, if you weren't meant to be here the universe wouldn't have put you hear 💛

Waking up, you felt fresh and ready, which is strange because you're usually VERY groggy in the morning. You got up, had a shower, ya know the usual morning things, putting your hair, up you went down stairs and decided, seeing as you were early you made yourself and your brother a bento, but not breakfast, I mean cmon he has to do some things himself he's 17 not 7, moving on,,, he had come down stairs and was dressed and ready to go, you handed him his bento and he grunted (which of course means thanks!). Leaving together, you had a spring in your step. Ready for what the day had for you.

Time skip: to school

You walked into home room, still really happy, being this early you decided to draw a little bit. You weren't drawing anything in particular so it was really whatever was in your head. After you were drawing for a bit actually enjoying the morning, Tanaka walked in, 'ughhhhh always here to ruin my good mood' "Hey (y/n)-chann, how are we toda- wait, what are you drawing?" "huh, oh nothing really just whatever, anyway what do u want?" You say with narrowed eyes "(Y/n)-chann, can't I just say good morning." "I guess but, I don't know, your usually up to something..." you answered with suspicion "wellllllll, since you asked I might as well tell you," 'ugh I knew it.' You thought, kinda not surprised. "So I was telling the volleyball team about how your teaching me guitar, and well non of us are really that good at music and you are soooooo..." "so what, if you're gonna ask me what I think you are then stop! Because I don't have time, I'm not sure if I told you but I'm the new captain for the dance team here and you're already taking way to much of my time with the fact that your too stubborn to learn the guitar yourself!" You said, well shouted back at him before he could even finish his question. Tanaka was really shocked normally you wouldn't burst out like this, usually you would comply with anything anyone would ask you, this was strange, you were being strange, but then and again you had known him for a while now and sometimes you would do this, but you basically shut him down before he could even finish. When you realised what you had done you quickly apologised and told him you didn't know why you did that, and told him you would think about doing a group music session with his fellow team members. He of course was still shocked but thanked you all the same.

At lunch:

You had brought your ukulele with you to school today because you wanted calm yourself down before the 1st dance meeting, so you found an empty classroom and started to play OCEAN by Anuv Jain (an: start playing the song now if you want to hear it, ino it's a male voice but just imagine, it's really just for the ukulele and his voice is lovely, so I had to put it in). As you played you really fell into the song with every word you fell more and more into yourself and found some well needed peace. With each strum of the instrument you became more and more relaxed, so relaxed in fact you didn't know that there was someone watching you while you sang.

Tukishima pov

I was walking towards the lunchroom when I heard a noise coming from one of the rooms, so I walked over because it was getting annoying, when I got closer to the door I could hear a sweet voice sing. I slid the door open a little so I could see the face behind this voice, and when I looked at her I couldn't believe my eyes, she was so beautiful and so into the song she was singing, so into it in fact she didn't know I was there so, I stayed and listened. It was amazing I wanted to ask her who she was but I couldn't move she was almost, hypnotising me, and I actually enjoyed it. It was like she was singing to herself, almost like she was telling he past self that everything would be alright, I related to that almost, I could hear the hurt in her voice which just showed how powerful her voice was. 'I wonder if she knows I'm here, I mean what if she doesn't what will I do, ugh what's happening to me I'm never normally like this, ugh this is so uncool of me' I thought to myself, but I still don't really care she makes me, not care, jeez I really need to know who she is.

Normal POV

While singing you had your eyes closed and started to really get into your feelings and, started crying, tsukishima had noticed but he didn't want to disturb you and let you be, he didn't find it funny he just, watched. You couldn't help but cry this song, brought you back to your worst and lowest moment, it was really difficult at this time, your parents were separating and it all felt like it was your fault, you were having extreme body dysmorphia which made you hate your body even more then before your "friends" had stopped talking to you because they said you didn't fit in with group anymore, they would call you fat and ugly (which you weren't, but because you hated how you looked you believed them) they were all like this excluding (bff/n) she was the only one who loved you even when you couldn't. When they would say all theses terrible things to you, you didn't say anything to anyone so as not to bother them. So this song guided you and helped you even just a little bit, and although things had gotten better for you, you still struggled sometimes but, again, no one knew not even (bff/n). So you sang and sang tying to stop crying but the tears kept coming which after some debating, you just accepted it and continued with the song.
While singing, the song also made you happy, it was all very confusing to you which really captured the essence of the song for you anyway, and made you sing it with even more passion, when it ended, you opened your eyes with a long shaky deep breath, after you did, you locked eyes with a person who was in the room with you with you, you didn't know who this guy was, and how long he was there for, did he see you cry, oh god was he gonna tell everyone and embarrass you. To your surprise he didn't do anything, like at all, all he did was stare at you and you did the exact same. You were way too shy to say anything so all he did was tell you that your song was very meaningful to him and thanked you. Still shocked, all you did was smile softly and then excused yourself because you felt very embarrassed and could almost see the blush glowing on your cheeks.

AN: well that was very angsty, I needed to write that. Idk why it just felt right, I know this has nothing to to with dance but shit has gotten real for me atm but I'll deffo start so add in more dance and Kags content ;), I just though having someone else interested in (y/n) would make this a lil' more spicy ya know hehehe anyway I hoped you enjoyed and I'll try make the next one fluff okii,,, any who if you liked it please comment and vote! Thank you my lovelies!
-O.W✍️💛💛 (word count 1356)
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