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After leaving the bathroom finally, all your tears and redness had gone away, lunch was over so you started to head back to class, the rest of the day was pretty boring it wasn't your favourite day of the week, so you tuned out the rest of the day and thought only of the 1st dance meet.

Time skip; after school (at the dance room)

Walking in you were early so you started to draw random (dance related) things on the board. After a while some 1st years came in, followed by a few second years, even two 3rd years! Finally the teacher that would supervise entered the room and told you to begin.

After getting to know the girls you asked them if they had any dance experience and, if they did, you asked them to tell you. Altogether there was 4 1st years 3 2nd years and 2 3rd years and you, of course. You had asked your senpais (Mai and Hiro) why they didn't want to become captain and they had told you that they had little to no dance experience and wanted to try out dance for their last year. You of course weren't complaining at all because A. This meant you had 10 members and B. You could teach them dance and help them grow, which really made happy.
You didn't want to jump into things right away because you wanted to get to know your teammates so instead you asked all the girls to go into a circle and take turns showing off what style they preferred, by dancing some of it. To say you were shocked was an understatement they were all amazing (not as good as you tho hehe) even the 3rd years were busting out some lit moves.(AN: sorry for saying 'lit' i can be cringe like that, i say it to be ironic btw hahah 👁👄👁back to it) You had written everyone's names, years and preferred styles on the board.
3dr years
Mai (n/a)
Hiro (n/a)
2nd years
(Y/n) (contemporary) captain
Saki (ballet)
Hana (hip hop)
Yuii (contemporary)
1st years
Hina (n/a)
Ichika (jazz)
Himari (ballet)
Niko (hip hop)
altogether you were very happy with a solid mix of dancers and styles 'finally this is all coming together nicely!' You thought to yourself.
After an hour or so, you let the girls go and head home. You left and headed towards the sports part of the school, aka the volleyball and basketball ball area, to get your brother and head home. You walked over and remembered that he was playing a practice match today over at Saijo, so with that you decided to walk over to the volleyball gym and watch them practise. This wasn't the 1st time you were there and it wouldn't be the last so no one would be surprised to see you there, is what you thought anyway. On your way there you had noticed the boys from yesterday near the gym. "Hey there, what are you both doing out here again- wait, omg you must be the 2 guys who took the vice principals toupè clean off, and by doing so got kicked out of the gym. Tanaka-san told me yesterday. I hope your not in too much trouble. The last time something like this happened someone got suspended for 2weeks" you sounded really empathetic while saying all that, so out of concern you didn't feel nervous to talk to them, ahh the wonderful powers of being a senpai. The small one seemed to be embarrassed about what you had just said so you reassured him that it was really no big deal, and from you could, tell Tanaka had only told you. "So what are your names I forgot to ask you yesterday!" You asked, again sounding pretty confident. "I'm Hinata Shoyo!" The small carrot-top said proudly "Kageyama Tobio" the taller one said after being taking out of his thoughts by Hinata, he had a slight blush to his cheeks and ears

Kags pov;
Me and Hinata boke we're outside the gym, volleyball in hand practicing, when a tall beautiful girl came over. 'She was that girl from yesterday' I thought to myself, she stared asking us why we were here and then reminded me of why we were out here in the first place, of course it wasn't my fault we were out here, it was that boke beside me, back to the point. While her and Hinata were talking I was looking at the way her (h/l) (h/c) locks flowed in the air or how her eyes were a beautiful shade of (e/c). She reminded me of a model with her long legs and beautifully shaped curves. As I was noticing all the wonders this girl had I was taken away from my thoughts with a wack to the stomach by Hinata, she looked at me waiting for something so I said my name, hoping that was what she was asking, which thank the gods it was. She seemed to know Tanaka so i guessed she was gonna be around here a lot more often.

Normal POV;
"Well it's lovely to meet you both I'm (l/n) (y/n), oh and by the way I'm in Tanaka-sans class if you were wondering how I knew him" you said with a smile. "Nice to meet you too (l/n)-senpai" Hinata said with excitement, luckily you were now used to his loudness and it didn't scare you anymore, now you just found it cute, to you he was like a puppy, and he actually reminded you of (dogs/n). "Oh! You can just call me (y/n), (l/n) is what everyone calls my brother" " oh ok thanks (y/n)-san" Hinata said. "Anytime, well I better get going inside, I hope you too get to play soon and don't stay out here too long wouldn't want you getting sick." You said with a wink, and with that you were in the gym.

AN: Thanks for reading! Really appreciate it. If you liked it please feel free to comment!
Have and amaz day/night my lovelies
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