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Mistakes - Dabi x Reader


After living through a week from hell a drunken one night stand with none other than Dabi leaves you forgetting your shit life and wanting more. After that you find yourself running into Dabi more and more trying to resist the urge to jump back into bed with him, also what will you do when you find out he's a villain?? And your recruited to join the league???...... Warning this story contains: Lemon 🍋 Drug reference and use Alcohol abuse Blood and gore Cover by: lilytrii Thanks so much for making this awesome cover art 🥰 My hero academia and all of its characters are owned by Kohei Horikoshi

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1 - Drunk

I continue to stumble down the busy street between other drunken bodies trying to find the next club or bar. I accidentally bump into a few people along the way while trying to keep myself upright.

Finally I spy a club that was still open. I spot the bouncer out the front of the club and before he sees me I duck out of sight to compose myself leaning against a wall.

"Okay, I'm not's really drunk." I tried to say out loud without slurring my words.

"I've only had one," I stopped to hiccup. "Maybe two drinks." I said out loud trying to sound convincing. "Shit, maybe as a last resort I should just....." I said unbuttoning my shirt so that my cleavage was on display.

I had literally come straight from work so I was wearing a shortsleeved white button up shirt luckily with a super cute black lace bra underneath that you could now just see and a short black pencil skirt barely leaving anything to the imagination. I didn't usually wear stockings to work but I had for whatever reason decided to today and they were thigh high being held up by a pair of suspenders also visible due the short skirt. I did however change into some black heels to complete the look, I usually wore flats at work. Yes , this slutty outfit was my work uniform ... I'll tell you more about that later.

I pushed myself off the wall and stumbled my way over to the entry line and queued behind some other young girls. One of them turned around looking me up and down before giving me wink.

I blushed and tried to look away from her as the line continued to move forward. Finally it was my turn.

"Okay, can I see some ID?" The bouncer said holding out his hand.

"Oh sure," I said handing him some ID. "I'm 20 but I guess I do look kindaaaa young, ya know." Omg stop talking.

"Sure," he said scanning it and handing it back opening the door to let me in.

"Oh wow your actually letting me in?" I asked in shock.

Why the fuck did I just ask that.

"Yeah, why shouldn't I?" He said giving me an odd look.

"No reason, thanks." I said skipping in before he could tell me otherwise.

The club was dark and the music was loud. I walk straight to the bar to get a drink. This place was packed with mostly men and it was only when I sat down at a stool at the bar that I realised where I was.

"Oh this is a strip club." I said looking around at the half naked girls dancing on tables and the stage at the front. "Ehh, I'll take what I can get." I said out loud turning back to the bar.

As the night continued on more people appeared to come in when an older guy in a suit sat on the stool next to me. He looked over to me as I took the last shot I had in a line up and slammed the glass back down on the bar table.

"Wow someone's having a good night." He said turning over to me.

At this point I was pretty sloshed. I ignored the man not actually even hearing him and look sadly at the 5 empty shot glasses in front of me swaying slowly in my seat. I fumble with my purse to try and find my credit card when the man next to me grabs my hand. This gave me a fright and I jumped in my chair.

"Watccchouut man, thatssss my wallllet!" I said slowly trying to focus my eyes on him.

He chuckled and let me go quickly. "Oh sorry babe, I meant no harm just wanted to ask if I could buy you another drink." He said looking at the empty glasses in front of me.

He didn't seem to be drunk or as drunk as I was but hey... a free drink is a free drink.

I move my head back still trying to focus my eyes on him having no luck. "I guess so." I said putting my wallet away.

The bartender came back over to where I was sitting and let out a little laugh. "Same shot babe?"

"Yes pweasee, but this mannns buying me." I tried to say.

The man laughed, "I'm not buying you, just shouting you a drink. Give us a couple of those shots doll face." He said to the bartender.

She placed two empty glasses in front of us and started to pour [your favourite spirit or other shot].

"I didn't sayyys you was buying me." I say slowly getting worse with my speech.

She finished pouring them and slid them closer to us. Before the man could even pay I had necked mine spilling some on the side of my cheek and onto my exposed cleavage.

The man laughed and pushed the other shot over to me. "You looked like you enjoyed that one." He said licking his lips. "Here have mine too."

I grab the shot and was about to down it when I heard a voice in my head.

Don't take that shot idiot! Your super drunk! What if he tries to take advantage of you.

"But it's a freeeeee shot." I said out loud looking at the empty seat next to me. "Maybe I wantsss to be taken advantageeeeed of." I said out loud again.

I wasn't too sure if the man next to me could actually hear me. I quickly stood up taking the shot and turned away from the bar.

"I needa pee free shot man, wait for me." I said pointing a finger back to the bar at him.

I stumble to the bathroom and pee for what felt like 10 minutes. While washing my hands I catch a look at myself in the mirror. "Yikes," I said trying to fix my make up. All I could smell was the alcohol on my breath as it fogged up the mirror.

Suddenly the girl I saw from the queue came out of one of the cubicles and was washing her hands next to me. I look over to her as I swayed around holding onto the bathroom vanity.

"Hey cutie, need a hand fixing your makeup?" She said as she opened her bag pulling out some make up.

"Yeah I think I needsss lots of help." I said looking back at the mirror. "Why are you at a strip club? Your too pretty to be here! There's so many sleazy men!" I said while she attempted to fix my make up.

"I was just about to ask you the same thing." She giggled as she pulled out a tube of lipstick running it over my lips.

I let out a sigh and covered the poor girl in my alcoholic breath. "I've had a shit week, like for reals." I said swaying around as she tried to steady me.

"You should meet me on the dance floor later if your up for it." She said putting her lipstick away and giving me another wink as she left.

Was she hitting on me? Nahhhh... hmmm maybe.

I stumble out of the bathroom door and look around, the place looked different maybe it had more people in it.

I try and stumble back to the bar to get yet another drink until I run into a tall man.

"Hey!" I yelled swaying back looking up at the man I ran into. "Watch where your goingsss." I said poking him in the shoulder to turn him around to face me.

"Wow your in a state." The man laughed turning around to face me.

I was almost taken back from his appearance, he was covered in burn scars under his eyes and his bottom lip that ran under his shirt.

"Your mums in a state!" I yelled back feeling slightly threatened by the man. "Yeah you heard meeee!" I said feeling proud of my lame comeback.

He just laughed at me when I see the man from the bar who had been waiting for me come over.

"This punk bothering you babe?" The man from the bar said placing a hand on burn mans shoulder.

"Ohh I ugh, I dono." I said swaying awkwardly backwards.

"Omg are these two about to have a fight over meee? This is such a turn on, I mean they are both pretty cute I guess I wouldn't mind if either of them won."

The man with the burns started to laugh. "You know you just said that out loud right?"

I turned red and quickly put my hands over my mouth. Shit.

"Want another drink babe, I have one on the bar waiting for you." The guy from the bar said still with his hand firmly in place.

"Oh yeah, you had me at drink. What's your name by the wayys." I said stumbling forward to the man from the bar.

"It's James," he said with a smile. "Come on babe," he said grabbing my arm.

"Then wait what's yourrr name?" I said turning to the man with the burns before walking off with James.

"Dabi." He said bluntly without any emotion.

"Wow that's hot, I wonder what he's packin." I said looking down at Dabi's crotch. I looked back up to his face and see him laughing again.

Shit did I say that out loud again, maybe I need to stop drinking.

"So forward, come with me and you can find out." Dabi said giving me a smirk and a wink.

Oh yup I sure did say that out loud.

"Hey back off buddy, I've been grafting this chick all night. Go and find another one to pull." James said pulling me behind him.

"Heyyy assshole that hurt my arm." I said stumbling behind the man to where he had pulled me. "And ain't no one pulling me or anythinggg." I said ripping my arm out of his hand. "Besides I have a uhh oh yeah I have a boyfriend."

"Your kidding?" James said turning to face me.

"Well I mean I used to," I said as I hiccuped. "Once upon a time."

I could tell James was getting pretty pissed off by my comments.

"Yeah dude I mean I wanna get laid and release some stress but your just being an ass and I have standards." I said almost without a slur.

"What the fuck? You said that out loud too bitch," James said.

"Yeah that wasn't an accident." I said giving him a wave and walking back to the bar.

I could hear Dabi laugh as I walked away.

I sat back down where I was sitting before and take the shot that was waiting there for me already paid by my lovely friend James.

"Boy troubles?" The lady behind the bar asked.

"Something like that," I said trying not to look back at them. "Can I has another one." I slurred again as she nodded.

Suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder that pulled me backwards off the chair and threw me to the floor.

I hit the floor with a loud thud and look up to see James standing over me.

"Your not getting away with playing me like that babe." He said lifting me up and walking me over to one of the booths in the club.

Ohh fuck maybe I pissed this guy off a bit to much.

I tried to struggle in his arms hoping someone would see, but to everyone else it would have just looked like I was too drunk and being helped out. He threw me into the booth and I went over the table and onto the seat on the other side.

I notice the gross stains on the seat and realise it smelt like old sex sheets.

"Yuck are these cum stains?" I said picking myself up off the seat.

"Sure are, yours will be on their soon too." He said about to close the door of the booth.

Oh fuck I need to get outta here.

"I just don't think she's that into ya," I heard a voice say from behind James.

"Oh fuck off mate, I said go get your own..." before James could finish he was set alight by Dabi. The blue flames covered his body as he screamed and ran back out towards the bar.

I sat up on the couch and realised my skirt was almost showing my panties and most of the buttons on my shirt had been ripped off showing my bra fully. I tried to fix my skirt by pulling it down.

Dabi laughed as he came into the room and closed the door behind him.

"You still looking to get laid?" He smiled locking the door behind him.
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