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Mistakes - Dabi x Reader

Chapter 2 - Doing the dirty πŸ‹

When I heard the door lock it sent shivers down my spine.

Ohh sheeeiiit... did he just kill James... wait why do I care, that dick was just about to ... ugh ... wait what was I thinking? Fuck I'm drunk.

"Am I a bad person if I said that kinda turned me on." I said still slurring my words. I sat up on the seat trying to pull my top together to hide my bra.

"Probably." He laughed walking over to where I was sitting.

I gave him a pout then shuffled over a bit so he could sit down next to me. My heart started racing when he came and sat down next to me and I felt the heat building between my legs increase. I quickly cross them causing my skirt to lift higher in the process.

"You don't work here do you?" Dabi asked sliding his hand up my exposed thigh, his fingertips touching my skirt and stopping there.

"Does it look like I work here?" I said with a hiccup. Then I looked down at my outfit. "Why you worried imma charge ya?" I said confidently.

"Your pretty confident, still wanna find out what I'm packing?" He said gripping his hand on my leg digging his fingers in.

I look down at his hands on my leg ... wait why do I see three? Oh that's right I'm drunk.

Maybe he's right, I know I had a shit week but should I really just be sleeping with some random I just met.

His touch was sending shock waves through me and left me wanting more.

Fuck it.

I turn and sit on top of Dabi straddling him as I pushed my lips onto his. I could taste his cigarette as I slid my tongue into his mouth. He grabbed onto the back of my thighs with both hands and dragged them up hoisting my skirt up in the process. I ran one of my hands around the back of his neck and locked my fingers into his dark hair. As the kiss deepens I run my other hand down to feel his erection through his pants. I pull away from the kiss and look into his eyes.

"Bigger than what you expected?" He asked with a smirk.

"No I just.." I gulped and it must have been loud enough for him to hear as he let out a light chuckle.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips against my ear. "Come on babe, let me help you relieve some stress." His hands slid up to my waist and thrust me onto him. His erection now throbbing through his pants onto my now moist clit.

Ohhhh shit this is really going to happen, sober me better not be too angry tomorrow morning.

He removed his hands from my waist and ripped open my shirt sending the rest of the buttons flying around the room. I started to grind on him as I took the shirt the rest of the way off and threw it behind me. For some reason the cum stained chair didn't bother me anymore.

"Fuck yeah, that's more like it." He said slapping me on the ass hard enough to leave a mark.

He started to suck on the nape of my neck leaving a hickey as he pulled the straps of my bra down off my shoulders. I let out a soft involuntary moan into his ear confirming the pleasure his actions were giving me.

I push off him getting up to stand in front of him. Keeping eye contact I slowly unzip my skirt and pull it down throwing it over near my shirt. I had underneath a matching black lace g-string as well as the suspenders holding the stockings up.

Lucky I wore this cute lingerie set today.

I watched him bite his bottom lip and adjust himself while sitting there watching me. This only added fuel to my own fire raging between my thighs. I could feel how wet I was down there and couldn't deal with this foreplay anymore.

Maybe he's not as ready as I am. I might have to try a bit harder.

I place a hand on my stomach running it down to my g-string and pull it to the side. I then slowly take two fingers and run them along my exposed clit collecting the juices.

"Ahh shit, you sure you don't work here."Dabi said under his breath as he quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants and boxers down. His dick sprung out and he gave himself a few pumps while he continued watching me.

Yeah that worked, damn I've got more game than I thought. Drunk me defiantly has more confidence.

I remove my hand from myself and move forward to grab him, covering him in my juices. I climb back on top of him in a straddle position again.

"Shit this guy has a hugeeee dick, I probably shouldn't tell him that though might boost his ego too much." I said with slurred words as I pumped him.

He laughed at hearing me accidentally say that out loud as he grabbed my ass pulling me up on top of him more. "Your so fucking drunk, are you sure you wanna do this?"

"Wait what's so funny? Yeah duhhhh, didn't you just see my sexy foreplay just then." I said giving him a wink.

He snickered to himself as he pulled a condom out of his wallet.

"Oh don't worry about it! I'm sooo protected, no babies here." I slurred grabbing the condom from him and throwing it over to where the rest of my clothes were.

He laughed again, "Fine, well don't say I didn't warn ya."

"Warn me about wha?" Before I could finish talking in one swift move he pulled my g-string to the side and thrust himself into me.

I let out a both pleasurable and painful scream as Dabi held onto my hips and started to bounce me up and down.

Oh fuck, this guys gonna tear something if he hasn't already.

"Fuck, that's really deep. Maybe you should ease up a little." I said through moaning.

"Sounds like your enjoying it though." He said as he stared panting slightly out of breath.

I tried to push against the thrusts to reduce the amount of himself that he could fit in me but cause I was so drunk I just ended up giving in which only added to the force of the thrusts.

His speed increased and I felt myself about to climax. He must have felt this and started to undo my bra so he could play with my nipples.

That had me done and I came onto him while he continued to pound me. I let out a high pitched moan and threw my head back.

He pulled out of me and lifted me up spinning me around and bending me over the table in front of us.

"Now it's my turn." He said while he reinserted himself and grabbed onto my hair.

I let out another cry and he continued to thrust with a rhythm.

After a while he finally gripped my hip digging his fingers in and thrust into me holding in that position while he blew his load in me. He let out a grunt and pulled out of me pushing me down onto the table.

Holy shit.

"Thanks for the ride babe." He said smacking my ass one more time. "Oh what was your name?" He said pulling his pants back up and walking over to the door.

"(F/N)," I huffed still collapsed on the table.

"That was fun, we should do it again sometime." He said as he left the room and closed the door after him.

"Shit I need to get changed." I pick my clothes up and quickly put them on.

"Fuck my shirt buttons are all gone," I noticed once I had put it on. I grabbed the two ends and tied them together to at least cover my boobs and slipped my skirt back on.

I tried to adjust myself as best as I could and walk back into the club out of the room.

I look around and still notice a few people still dancing and drinking.

"Fuck it, I know already I'll have a hang over so why not." I stumble back over to the bar and get another shot.

"Oh your back," the bartender said as she grabbed my usual shot. "You missed it hun, some guy ran out of here on fire." She said as she gave me the shot.

"Oh shit really?" I said before taking the shot. I pulled a face after taking the shot trying not to bring it back up. "Thanks heaps for the drinks tonight darl but I think I'm done." I said slapping my hand down on the bar.

I got up and walked through the club and spot the girl from the bathroom earlier. She waved me over and I join her for a dance.

After another hour or so I left the club. Got in an Uber and make it back to my apartment, luckily I didn't wake my roommate.


The next morning I was a mess ... as you can imagine.

I had my head hung over the toilet while my roommate Jasmine held my hair back.

"I'm so sorry," I said spitting into the toilet trying to get the rest of the vomit up.

"Hey it's all good gurl, we've all been here." She said trying not to look while I vomited again. "Is everything okay? You normally don't get this drunk?" She asked thoughtfully.

"Not really, I lost my job." I said coughing over the toilet. "And Alex broke up with me." I said unleashing another round of vomit into the toilet.

Jasmine got up and flushed it for me and knelt down behind me again. "Shit girl I'm so sorry." She paused for a moment not really knowing what to say.

"Asshole cheated on me Jas, then my dickhead boss who makes me wear those stupid clothes fires me for some younger chick with huge tits." I said throwing a hand up on the air.

"Did he seriously cheat on you? That's fucked up." She said pinning my hair up so she could move her hand.

"Yeah, we ran into her at the shops the other day and she's all like. Is this your sister? And I was all like wtf no I'm his fiancΓ©. And then she's like, you told me you were single." I said slowly sobbing into the toilet.

"What an asshole, I'm so sorry (F/N). Please tell me you didn't do anything stupid last night." She said rubbing my back.

"Define stupid.." I said trying to recall last nights events.

"Obviously you were drunk, did you hook up with any guys? Cause I know you might feel like you need to get back at Alex by jumping into bed with someone but I dono maybe just take some time to heal first." She said taking a deep breath in. Possible due to the smell of vomit that now filled the room.

"Oh yeah, totally. I'm not that dumb." I laughed awkwardly.

"Good, well how about you get yourself cleaned up and we can get you some food to cure that hangover." Jasmine said getting up and opening the bathroom door.

"That sounds great give me 5," I said before I felt something else coming up. "Maybe 10." I said before puking again.


We slowly make our way to the shops after stopping for a tactical vomit along the way and arrive at a cafe.

"Time for some breakfast!" I yelled rubbing my hands together. It was a miracle I actually even felt like food after all the vomiting I just did.

Jasmine laughed, "It's 3:30 in the afternoon babe."

"Time for some afternoon tea." I said revising my meal choice.

We sat at a table and the food finally comes out and is set in front of us. I suddenly feel the urge to vomit again looking at the food.

"Ugh excuse me for a moment." I said running to the cafe desk and getting the toilet key.

Of course the toilet was at the rear of the cafe down an alley. I was walking with a purpose and get to the door fumbling the key as I tried to hurry in.

Suddenly I feel a body press up against me pinning me to the door.

"You look different with all those clothes on." Dabi said grabbing a handful of my ass.

Oh shit, not this guy.
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