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Mistakes - Dabi x Reader

Chapter 3 - Pawn not porn

"Should I even ask what your doing in a shady alley behind a cafe?" I asked trying to move my head that had been pinned to the door.

Dabi laughed and slowly let me go. "Wow, you sound different sober, much less fun. I thought you wouldn't be able to walk today."

"Yeah I'm still hungover thanks for asking, hence the fast pace toilet run, now if you'll excuse me." I said putting the key into the bathroom lock.

He laughed again slamming a hand on the door closing it so I wouldn't go inside. "I wasn't talking about how drunk you were." He said running a hand up the inside of my thigh.

Ehhh he's talking about the sex... someone's got a big ego. God this vomits gonna come up.

"Woahhhh there!" I said quickly spinning around pushing his hand away. "Unless you want to be covered in last nights shots I suggest you let me vomit."

He chuckled again taking a step back and letting me go into the toilets. After a couple of minutes I wash my face at the sink gargling some water to help clear out the vomit taste and head outside.

To my surprise Dabi was no longer standing there.

"Thank god." I said as I started walking back to the cafe.

I returned the key and sat back down with Jasmine.

"That took a while are you okay? I think your foods cold." She said looking down at her empty plate and over to my full one.

"Oh yeah, sorry still must be hungover. This food should help though." I said looking down at the food.

I slowly ate the meal stopping every time I felt a wave of sickness. We finished and head back to our apartment.

"I still can't believe Alex cheated on you." Jasmine said shaking her head as we walked.

"I know right, you think you know a guy." I said with a huff.

"He's a pretty well known hero I'm sure if you sell your story to a reporter you could make some money. Plus you could drag his name through the mud." She said with an evil chuckle.

"Yeah, I'm not about all that though." I said playing with my necklace.

"You would rather drink your sorrows away?" She asked quietly.

"I guess," I said stopping as we get to the apartment door.

We both head inside and I called it a day to catch up on some more sleep.


The next day I felt like a new person. I got dressed and grabbed the engagement ring I had placed on my bedside table. Alex has chosen it himself and it was the only thing left of his that I had.

I skip past the living room and into the kitchen quickly grabbing a bite to eat.

"Wow someone's chirpy today." Jasmine said sitting in the couch watching TV.

"Yeah gurl, imma pawn this!" I said throwing her the engagement ring.

"Shit for real?" She asked fumbling it before she finally caught it.

"Yup, it's gonna help me get over him." I said rubbing my chin.

I think...

"Oh did you see this?" Jasmine said throwing me the ring back and pointing to the Tv.

I turn my head in interest and listen to the reporter.

The league of villains are at it again this time robbing a bank on the corner of Fuko street yesterday afternoon.

Jasmine turned to me with wide eyes and her mouth agape.

"Oh wow, and I care because ..." I asked dragging my words out.

"Really? Your so oblivious to the world around you." She laughed. "That's right next to the cafe we were at yesterday!" She said enthusiastically.

"Oh shit, really?" I said looking back at the tv.

"Yeah, I could have died!" She said dramatically.

"We didn't even go into the bank." I laughed putting my shoes on ready to walk out the door.

"Yeah but what if I was in the bank." She said equally as dramatic as before.

I let out another laugh. "Bye Jas, see you soon." I said heading out the door.


I get to the pawn shop and cash in the engagement ring. I didn't get what it was worth obviously but I was pretty happy with what I got.

I was walking back through the shops when I hear some girls scream.

"Omg it's Akio!!!" They shouted crowding around a tall muscular man.

Ohh fuck that's Alex's hero name. Imma turn and walk the other way.

I quickly stopped in my tracks and spun around on my heels to face the other way. Then I hear my name being called out.

"(F/N)!, hey hold up." Alex said running over to me.

Oh if your wondering what his quirk is, it's like super strength or something lame like that.

I take a second to compose myself before spinning around with a huge smile on my face. "Oh hey, youuuu." I said awkwardly.

"Listen I'm actually really glad I ran into you." Alex said flicking his hair back all sexy like.

Wait I hate him, but I gotta admit he's kinda hot.

"Oh really?" I said trying to keep my smile going.

"Yeah, I just wanted to say that I'm really sorry with how things ended with us." He said lightly touching my shoulder.

I quickly take a step back so his hand couldn't reach.

"It's okay, I'm fine." I lied.

"No, it's not okay." He said looking at the ground. "Have you ugh, talked to anyone about it."

What an odd question.

"Just Jas." I said curiously. "Why?"

"It's just that this kinda attention wouldn't be good for me ya know, being a pro hero and all." He said looking back up to me.

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

I was about to say something when I see a girl run up from behind him and grab his arm slightly hanging off it.

I lost the ability to speak.

"Oh there you are babe, oh who's this." She asked looking at me.

I completely lost my smile and looked her dead in the eyes. It was the same girl I had seen with him the other day, he was still with her and she didn't even recognise me.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

"Have a nice life Alex." I said turning around and walking away, giving him the finger as I left.

By the time I got home I was a complete mess. My mascara was running down my red cheeks and I had rubbed my nose so many times it was red. I burst through the door and collapsed on the floor.

"(F/N)? Is that you?" Jasmine asked coming out of her room. "What happened." She asked running over to me.

"He, he," I tried to say through my hysterical crying. "I saw him," I managed to get out. "He was with her." I said completely breaking down now on the floor.

"Ohh honey," she said kneeling down in front of me giving me a hug.

After a few minutes of crying in Jasmines arms I slowly get up wiping the tears from my face.

"Will you come out with me tonight?" I said with a sniffle.

"I don't know if drinking again is the best idea." She said with a half smile.

"Please Jas, I need something to get my mind off him." I said with a sniffle.

"It's a Sunday night, I have work tomorrow." She said scratching the back of her head.

"Oh that's right I don't have a job either." I said slouching forward over dramatically.

"Fine." She said rolling her eyes.

"Yay!" I said standing back up tall.

"But only for a few hours." She said walking back to her room to get dressed.

I do the same walking into my room and looking through my clothes. I decide to wear a cute crimson dress, it was skin tight and not too short. I matched it with some cute heels and clutch. I quickly fixed my face and hair and meet Jas in the lounge.

"Remember I cant stay out too late." She said standing there in an elegant white dress that flowed down to her ankles.

"Ugh why you gotta look so much better than me." I said walking past her to the door.

Jasmine laughed as we walked down to wait for the Uber.
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