INFINITY- [k.sugawara]


Sugarwara x non bionary reader short story kinda mentions of bullying, self harm, and suicide used to be i'll see you again

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❝i'll love you for infinity❞

The golden streaks blazed through their h/c hair. The bright glaze of the sun shone brightly in their e/c masking the sadness that hid in them.

The wars rays iluminated on their beautiful s/c skin making them look as though they were a angel. No one truly knew of the pain hidden behind the seemingly happy e/c eyes, they masked it too well, they wanted no one to know but they also did.

The silent cries for help, the dark nights that seemed to never end.
it could be too much

somewhere a silver haired boy stood clueless to what would happen, a weird feeling filled his stomach, a feeling that he felt like he couldn't explain.

It was a feeling of protection and sadness, a strange feeling some would say yes but to him it wasnt all that strange.

It was strange mix of feelings but he couldnt get rid of them, it would seem as though the feeling would lead him on, but to what..?

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