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Suna is known around as a heartless fuckboy short temperd possessive toxic. Y/n l/n went through a lot from an emotional abusive ex to racism bullying etc once suna and her cross paths they know they can't have each other but everytime they clash their desire for each other grows. Started 1/14/2021 ■ uh hi I'm black and I wanna write books for black girls so we have more representation ■ so like ye enjoy ig sorry I'm hella awkward ■this book does contain sensitive topics racism bullying suic**e Disclaimerrr I do not own haikyuu in any way. This is purely for fun hope you like it all photo creds to artist someone pls tell me who it is so I can credit them also leave comments y'all I wanna hear your thought have a great dayy:)!

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Fisrt day

*Beep* *Beep* "ugh shut up" I started rolling around my bed trying to muster up some energy to get out of it. When I finally got out of bed I checked the time 7:30am "OH SHIT I HAVE SCHOOL" it's my first day at a new school since I "left" my old one people were very confused to why I left but we do not wanna talk abt that yet (we'll get to that later) I quickly hurry to the bathroom to get ready I rush into the shower and take my toothbrush with me (time management😤) when I finally finish I get out of the shower to put on some lotion and pick out some clothes and do my hair. I put on a green crop top with brown oversized pants and put my braids up in a ponytail. I grab a huge jacket and I quickly run downstairs and to get some fruit and juice to eat on the way to school "bye mom gtg" I said rushing to meet my friend outside of the car.

"Bye honey good luck at your new school" she said smiling at me. My mom has been a key part in my life and what happened to me she has always been my rock I don't know what I would do without her.

"Girl what took you so long" my best friend Kayla said. She looked at me almost with rage in her eyes. She hates being late

"I overslept sorry I love you bestie" I said giving a weak smile

She rolled her eyes at me with annoyance "y/n she groaned you better not spill juice in my car or else I'll murder you bitch"


We got to the school and and whew Chile was it huge I looked up at it "inarizaki high school" I whispered under my breath I get out of the car with Kayla and we look at each other she could tell i was nervous she's one of the only ppl that know why I left my old school. She gave me a reassuring smile that everythin
g was gonna be ok I swallow a huge lump In my throat.

I walk into the huge school scrambling around trying to find my first class as I felt a bump into a huge figure my stuff fell on the ground.

"Watch where you're going" a guy with a raspy deep voice says with an irritated tone I look up to see a guy with grayish yellow eyes brown eyes and dark brown fluffy hair with a middle looking down at me. I look down at his outfit he, was wearing a barf green sweatshirt with black jeans not too baggy a chain and some rings on his hands. 'Damn he's hot' I thought trying to hide my face from embarrassment.

"I'm sorry" I said trying to get my stuff i didn't see you there my bad" I look up to see me staring at me with curiosity in his eyes what is he thinking about I thought.

"AYO SUNA GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE" a guy with blondish hair yelled, suna rolls his eyes and starts walking away but takes one more glance at me before he leaves.

A/n : this is my first story a bit short but hope you like itttttt:) if you have any suggestions just tell me k byee. Ok hiii Every one I had to tweak somethings cuz for some reason I can't upload photos😐 but here's chapter one I'm gonna try and upload the rest of the chapters in a few days♡

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