The Purge *HAIKYUU*


"what the hell is wrong with this world?!?" "I-i don't know we need to survive this living hell" Y/n live in the United States for not so long, the volleyball boys payed a visit so they can meet her but they came at the wrong time and day even tho they been staying there for a couple weeks but they all didn't know the purge was a thing... Will they survive the purge?? Would they kill or stay in lockdown?? @my-owl-baby {COMPLETE} \(*'∇`*\)

Action / Horror
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It's been a week or so since some of the volleyball boys came to visit me.

• 5:57 PM

"Hey Y/n let's got to the store really quick me,Hinata,Yamaguchi,Bokuto and the others want to get some snacks to eat" kuroo sat next to me as he told me. "Sure let me get my keys and while be going." I put on my shoes and get my purse while the other boys got into the car.
"Ready to go??" You ask the boys,they nodded I started the car to went to store.

We got there and we saw people with mask on "what are they doing it's not Halloween yet??" Hinata pointed at the group of people with mask on. "Maybe they love Halloween that much I guess" I said as I got out of the car. "Maybe so" Bokuto got out so the others can get out as well. Everyone got out it was only 7 boys that went along with us as the other boys stay at home.

"Why are they looking at us a lot" kuroo looks bake at them 'this is odd very odd' we got into the store and saw a woman there in the
cash register she looks at us then at the tv. We got what we wanted to get and went to the register. "Hey kid's happy purge day" the lady said while checking out our snacks. We were all confused what she was talking about, "Umm what do you mean happy purge day??" Nishinoya ask the lady as I pay for the food. "How long have you guys live here??" She ask "I live here for a year now miss" I told her as I got the snacks.

"What about y'all" she ask the boys they look at me, "we only came here to visit Y/n for a couple of weeks" Lev told the lady. She smile at us weirdly and said something shocking to us "well I wish all of y'all luck to night don't get killed,good bye now" we look at each other and ran out the store and got into the car "what did she mean by don't get killed tonight??" Akaashi ask me shrugged my shoulders tell them idk "well find it on the Internet when we get back home" I can tell that Yams,Hinata and Bokuto were scared from what she said.

We got home and everyone looks at us as we ran to the computer of Kenma he got mad because he was playing a game. "Sorry buddy we need to see something really quick" kuroo told Kenma as Kenma look at the computer what we were looking up.

(This is the only thing I can fine without the words that said films or movies)

Our eyes widen we got scared because my house wasn't that big it only have two floor plus the basement. "I'm not ready to die!!" Hinata,Bokuto and Lev where yelling running around my place. "CALM DOWN we'll be fine if we just stay inside for 12 hours okay" Sugawara telling them.

• 6:25 PM

Wakatoshi sat down like nothing was happening. "Wakatoshi-kun why are you so calm"tendou sat next to him as the others people make sure things are safe and lock up, "what is the purge??" Wakatoshi ask tendou "if we die that means we don't get to play volleyball" tendou told him, wakatoshi got up and started to help everyone.

Y/n look at tendou who look back with a smile Y/n had a like that said *how the hell you did that* then she walk away to get something.

(Y/n POV)
I went into my room and sat on the floor tired from all the worrying it was 6:33 pm so it was going to start soon enough *knock* *knock* "come in" I look at the door to see Hinata, "what happened Hinata??" I got up and walk up to him "can I stay with you for the rest of the night??" I nodded as I walk out the door Hinata following me as I walk.

I went into a room that no one knew about but they'll know now I guess "what are you doing Y/n??" I look at Hinata with a smile and said "you'll see" I open a secret little square wooden bored and put in a code in, I step back and a door open from out of the wall Hinata was shock when it happened. "Keep it a secret" I put one of my fingers on my lip. He nodded and followed me in.

(Oikawa POV)
"Hey guys where's Y/n and Chibi-Chan" I ask while sitting on the floor with my legs out "yeah shitty Oikawa is right I haven't seen them around" Iwa~Chan said looking around the house a bit, "do you think the-they g-g-got killed" the owl head said as he started to panic.

"Everyone look around the house to find them if there no single of them we'll come back to the living room to find out where they have gone" Sugawara told us we nodded and started to look around the place.

Me,Iwa-Chan,Kageyama and Atsumu looks upstairs, "do you think Hinata and Y/n got killed that fast??" Atsumu ask us.

"Y/n isn't the type of person to get killed or let one of us get killed" Iwa-Chan says so bluntly "he right" Kageyama added.

We took a turn and saw a door that we didn't know about "what the hell is that" Kageyama said as we walk closer to the door that was open a little,Iwa-Chan open it all the way not giving a fuck what was on the other side.

We walk In to see Y/n holding guns while Hinata sat down on a couch, "what the hell Y/n why didn't you tell us you had this!?!?" Atsumu yell "oh I don't know why but I had it here the owner told me they had a secret door, here so I cheek it out and I found all of this" she told us so calmly while looking at the guns and knifes.

••••••••TO BE CONTINUED••••••
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