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Human Perry x Reader (oneshots)


Congratulations you fell head over heels inlove with him and finally told him when you gain the courage he felt the same way but didnt tell you instead he signed to you that he loved you too

Other / Romance
Noah Wolf
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When I first met Perry he was nothing but mute, I ask him when did he become mute and he signed 'I don't know ever since i was born?' I sighed and pushed him onto the sofa his back hitting the soft cushions causing him to blush softly, I laid on his chest causing him to wrap his arms around me.

I rest my head on his chest and listened close to his heart beat, he stroked my hair and i blushed softly, all he could do is make noises like grunts, hums, ect but he just couldn't talk which made me a little sad knowing that I could never hear his voice.

He made me face him and pulled me into kiss, I kissed back as he rubbed my hips and i sat up so did he, he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into another kiss except more passionate causing me to blush, he slid his hands up my shirt slowly, feeling his cold hands touching my skin, I let out a sensitive moan and he look shocked then smirked devilishly as he rubbed my back softly.

I bit my lip softly and he continued to move his hand up my back causing a shaky breath to leave my mouth.

Finally he kissed my neck, covering it with soft butterfly kisses causing my face to heat up, I let out a soft moan and start to unbutton his vest, he smirked and pulled my tanktop off causing me to look away and he chuckled and slid off his vest he stood up causing me to land on my back as he took off his dress shirt and I started to pant softly.

It was quiet all I could hear is our pants and hums with satisfactions, finally we were left in our under garments, I looked up at him seeing him smirk with satisfaction about all this and enjoying gazing down at me, he leaned down and placed a gental kiss against my lips.

He rubbed against my entrance a soft gentle moan leaving my lips causing another chuckle to leave his lips god I just wish he could talk to me, he softly rubbed my shoulders then leaned behind me, unbuckling my bra he placed my bra on the side table next to the couch and pulled my legs around his waist, grinding against my entrance causing a moan to leave me again then finally he took off my panties, seeing how wet I was from all his teasing.

Finally he took off his boxers and looked me in the eyes almost asking me if I'm ready which I nodded in agreement then he pressed his member to my entrance and slide into me causing me to arch my back and moan out in pain and pleasure.

He let out pants and waited politely and I motioned him to move he started out in a slow pattern causing me to bite my lip, I gripped his shoulders as he started to speed up his thrust forcing him to go deeper and I couldn't hold back my moans anymore.

I felt pleasure rush through me and I wrapped my arms around his neck as I felt his hot breath on my neck as he thrust into me, know that this isn't our first time but it still feels a little painful when he slides in, soon he started to get rougher and moans started to pour out of my mouth.

He pulled me into a kiss, sliding his tongue into my mouth exploring the corners of my mouth causing me to moan out in pleasure, he pulled back a string of saliva connecting as I gasped out "AGH~ h-harder~" he leaned down, his hot breath on my ear and then he whispered softly "anything for you doll~" my eyes widen as he slammed into me causing me to let out a loud moan.

I digged my fingers into his back as he nibbled at my neck leaving soft red marks, he kneaded at my breast and finally I held him tight as I finally came, after a few seconds he finally came as well and I panted softly then looked him in the eyes "y-y-you can talk?" He pulled out and weakly signed 'once every 3 months cause i use a lot of energy too' he pulled a blanket over us and we cuddled close to each other.


We we're awoken by a beeping noise only for Perry to hold up his watch to see Major Monogram "Agent P we ha- OH MY GOD I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE!" he covered his eyes and Perry quickly took off his watch and chucked it against the wall shattering it against the wall as he just held me close and hid his face in my chest as we went back to sleep

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