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So Sweet and Achingly Innocent


As a favor to his mentor, Charlie Weasley returns to Hogwarts as a professor. His sinful desires get the best of him when he falls in love with a beautifully shy student. Innocence has never tasted so sweet.. *Warning-Detailed smut and swearing; includes an age-gap relationship. Story for mature audiences only.* Enjoy. ❤️

Romance / Erotica
Tempest Rising
Age Rating:


"You know that I'm obsessed with your body,
But it's the way you smile that does it for me."
-Cigarettes After Sex

I'd only been back at Hogwarts for a week, accepting a position for a semester as the Care of Magical Creatures professor while my old friend, Hagrid, took a sabbatical. I arrived towards the end of January and would carry on the lessons until summer, then go back to Romania to continue with my career as a dragonologist, which is my true passion. For the time being, I would miss it, but I was happy to help out the person who helped me learn and achieve my goals, putting me where I am now in my life.

It was amazing being back, the memories flooding my mind as I walked through the halls of Hogwarts for the first time in almost 10 years. Being immersed back in the excitement and wonder of what it was like to learn magic all those years ago, instead now to teach my passion of magical creatures to the next generation, which was already feeling rewarding. I felt at home here.. It was as if my heart never left. Especially when I walked back onto the quidditch pitch, where I relived my glory days as seeker and captain of the Gryffindor team. Being able to enjoy a quidditch match again was amazing. Now I would get to play every now and then, joining in a game with the students on weekends, offering my advice and techniques that helped me win so much when I was younger.

Using my knowledge about magical creatures, being in the outdoors, in my element, made me feel overjoyed. But what I wasn't expecting was to fall in love when I came back to Hogwarts.. Accepting this temporary teaching position changed everything.


"Professor Weasley?.. May I bother you for a moment?" A soft, sweet voice spoke from the doorway of my office, making my cock shamefully harden instantly. I look up, and my eyes are met with the kind, beautiful, and intense green eyes of Michaela Peralta. My favorite student. She was an angel. One who's innocence I wanted to be mine..

I felt the urge to kick myself every time I saw this stunning beauty. I'd only had a few classes with her but was already thinking about her constantly. She was in my advance classes, being a 7th year, and set to graduate at the end of the semester. I had her in my regular 7th year class in the mornings, then she and four other students who wanted to advance into a serious career with magical creatures would come at the last two hours of the day, studying the rarer animals.

The first time I laid eyes on her, my breath caught in my throat as I was giving my introduction to the advance class that first day, making me stutter and blush, something I never do.. She smiled up at me from her spot by the fence, where I was teaching class out near the forest that morning, and my mind went blank.

Sparkling, sea green eyes, full, pouty lips, and an ivory complexion dotted with the cutest freckles made up the most beautiful face I had ever laid my eyes on. Her hair was a gorgeous shade of natural red, like a mixture of colors from the leaves in autumn. The thick, dark auburn ringlets were long, cascading down her back like a waterfall made of fire.

It felt like I had stared into her eyes for an eternity, but had only been a few seconds, and I shook my head, catching myself, continuing on with the introduction to my new students.
I was surprised at how well I made it through that class, trying to keep my eyes and mind off of the young witch who had captured my focus so quickly. I got to know my new students, and discussed the curriculum for the rest of the year, explaining what I expected out of them, then brought out some creatures for us to study.

While I supervised the class as they worked and took notes on the animals, I took a small chance to glance over at Michaela while she worked with her friend. This class was a mixture of students from different houses, but from the school scarf around her neck I quickly worked out that she was a Hufflepuff. It was January, so she was dressed in her winter robes and with cute, yellow earmuffs over her ears. She had the most beautiful smile, and the girl she was talking to said something, presumably inappropriate, because she blushed deeply, making her cheeks redder than the cold had already done.

I had never been attracted to women much younger than me before.. I normally was too focused on work and my family to have a relationship, and since the Battle of Hogwarts a few years earlier that had taken my brother, Fred, I hadn't had the emotional energy for anything serious with a woman. I had my needs met with short flings, but other than that, no woman has ever caught my attention enough and held it to make it last. I felt guilty for treating them this way, but I made it known up front when I took a date home that I wasn't in it for long term, which made things easier.. most of the time.

Being 28 years old and unmarried made my mum quite unhappy, and since losing Fred, with all the other kids grown up, and well on the way to being married if they weren't already, she focused her energy on me. I got owls every week, sending a letter about an acquaintances' daughter she wanted me to meet, or a lovely girl she met while out shopping in Diagon Ally. I appreciated her caring about me settling down, but I just wasn't ready for it yet..

Hearing a commotion from another group tore my attention away from Michaela and thoughts about my past, and I hurried to help a young man that had aggravated his group's creature and gotten himself bit. After taking care of his small wound and sending him to Madam Pomfrey, class had come to an end and my chance to learn more about the Hufflepuff girl who had captured my attention so easily was stalled for the time being.

By the end of the week, I had learned a few things about Michaela, which made my affection for her grow. She was extremely shy, but good natured. Though she didn't put herself out there to talk to her peers much on her own, students seemed to want to be her friend. She had a glowing personality and lovely smile that made you want to get to know her better. Along with her beauty and demeanor, her American accent made her interesting to talk to. Being the only student from the states was intriguing, even though she had been there for years now. People, including myself, were curious about her.

I wanted to know how she came to be here at Hogwarts instead of studying at Ilvermorney, but I forced myself to engage in as little conversation with her as possible, because I knew being attracted to a younger girl, nonetheless a student whom I taught everyday, was something I couldn't do. It made me feel like a pervert in every sense, even though she was of age. She turned 18 a few days ago, which I had learned while overhearing a conversation with one of her friends after class one day. So far I'd only spoken politely to her enough to give assignments and teach, but the need to get to know Michaela grew every minute I was around her.

She was smart, impressively so, and her dedication to magical creatures matched my own. She wanted to work with dragons, and also write novels once she graduated, I had discovered about her as the class went around making their own introductions to me that first day, explaining what they wanted to do when they left Hogwarts. Michaela's response made me smile, and the idea of her working with me on the dragon reserve in Romania was becoming a pleasant fantasy I indulged in every night as I laid in bed.

So far, besides the polite, professional conversation, I had yet to be alone with the sweet girl, but that was inevitable now, as she was standing in front of me, hovering in the doorway to my personal office. "Professor.. d-did you hear me? I'd like to speak to you about our homework assignment, if that's alright.." Michaela said in her adorable accent, a nervous, shy edge to her tone as she addressed me again. I blushed, embarrassed to be caught staring at her, and quickly began to apologize. "Yes, please, come on in, dear. Take a seat. I'm sorry, my head is a bit in the clouds today. Working inside because of the storm has thrown me off some. I'm used to being outdoors constantly." I smiled as I explained, and motioned to the seat by my desk. "How can I assist you, Miss Peralta?" I asked while leaning back in my chair and turning towards her.

As she sat down, I took in her attire, and my face heated all over again. Though I may have fallen for her sweet, innocent face, I had only seen her in the winter robes that were worn while outside in the cold, bundled up in a scarf, gloves and ear muffs. But today, being inside the warmth of the castle, she wore her school uniform, a more relaxed version since it was Friday, and classes had ended. I had never seen her in a skirt before and Michaela's toned legs were doing things to my body that I hadn't felt in years, if ever.

She was a short girl, only about 5'2, and her head barely came up to my shoulders. I moved my eyes quickly over her form, enjoying the view immensely. She wore her white school shirt, a few buttons undone with her Hufflepuff tie hanging loosely around her neck. The barest hint of cleavage was visible, and made my heart beat faster as I continued my gaze downward. The tight shirt accentuated her breasts, and I was sure they were perfect handfuls, enough to fill my large, calloused hands with. They looked full, perky, and made my mouth water, because I could see her tiny nipples straining through the light cotton fabric. My office had a slight draft, and the fireplace mainly heated the other side of the room, so I assumed she was somewhat chilly. She left her shirt untucked, and it flowed over her black skirt, which seemed shorter than I remembered them being when I went to school here. It fell gently over her thighs, and landed a few inches above the knee. Michaela had an hourglass figure, not extremely skinny, but instead had sexy, luscious curves. Her hips and tight ass were extremely noticeable in the little outfit she wore.

Adding to the school girl fantasy, her gorgeous auburn curls were done up in two low hanging pigtails, with a few strands framing Michaela's pretty face and gently falling over her shoulders. To top off the look, she wore long black socks that went up over her knees, leaving a delicious amount of skin showing on her thighs, enough to tease and flame my sex drive. 'The face of an angel, and the body of a goddess..' I thought to myself as I prayed I could stave off my erection until she left.

She sat down, bending slightly in front of me first to sit her school bag on the floor, and the sight of her ass in that tiny skirt made me want to get down on my knees and worship her body like it deserved. 'Check yourself, Charlie, you god damn, perverted git.' I mentally scolded myself and then turned on a more serious expression before she turned around.
Michaela blushed as her eyes met mine, and the shy, adorable smile I'd grown to enjoy and desired to be in the presence of threw me off my game again.

She had another look in her eyes, something rather warm, and tempting. Her soft lips parted and she took in a breath as her eyes went up and down my body almost too quickly to notice, but I did, and my body heated at the thought of her being attracted to me too. I knew the effect I had on women. I'm modest but not oblivious to the looks I get. Working in the field that I'm in, I have to be in shape. My body is strong and toned, with large, muscular arms. The white, collared work shirt I was wearing with my black slacks did little to hide my chest and abs.

Along with my sleeves rolled up to my elbows, I could see why Michaela's perfect mouth parted in surprise. I had yet to showcase the tattoos and various burns from dragon fire that were permanently etched into my skin to any students. I had even more on my back and chest. An intricate swirl of dragons, flames, and scars covered my body underneath my shirt. Not exactly professional to be showcasing them to everyone, so I normally wore long sleeves and jackets to hide them.
My famously reddish/orange hair that all Weasley's were known for was long, most of the time unruly, so I tried to keep it tied back. Since I was grading papers, I had been a little frustrated and kept running my hands through my hair, so some of the strands had come loose from the tie that I used. So yeah.. I may be qualified for this teaching position, but I'm far from looking the part.

"Uhm.. I w-wanted to ask.. y-you.." she stuttered nervously, which I found adorable. Looking down into her lap, she twisted her hands, fiddling with a garnet ring she had on her right ring finger. "I'm sorry, sir.. I-I mean Professer Weasley. I don't mean to s-stutter. I.. get nervous. Around new people, I mean." She explained, her cheeks heating even more from embarrassment. I felt bad for making her nervous, but I'm not going to lie to myself about how hot it was, hearing her call me sir. I've always had a dominant personality in the bedroom, and seeing this shy, achingly innocent young girl made me want to take her to my room and see how sweet and submissive she could be. Fuck, being alone with her was proving to be difficult, and it had barely even been a few minutes.

"Don't worry, Love.. it's quite alright. My younger sister used to be shy like you. I'm used to it." I explained with a reassuring smile as I rubbed the back of my neck, then made myself do a quick stretch of my arms since I'd been cooped up at my desk for too long. "It's very endearing. But I want you to feel comfortable around me. You can come to me about anything you need to discuss. I want all of my students to feel welcome."

"Th-thank you, Sir. I was.. um, having trouble with the essay I need to write that's due on Wednesday. I don't feel like my notes are sufficient enough. Do you have any books you could recommend? I've only found one on the subject, but it's not very.. updated." Michaela questioned, a cogitative expression on her face. She was very studious when it came to her work. Before I could answer, she moved to cross her legs, and from where I was sitting, I caught a glimpse of skin and something light blue underneath her skirt. I gulped, trying to force myself to breathe, which was becoming more difficult the longer I sat in this small room with Michaela. The movement also caused her tiny skirt to slide further up her legs, gifting me with more of her body to look upon.

"I.. uh, let me think.." I pretended to contemplate a book to save face, like I just hadn't seen the flash of paradise that I was dying to bury myself in. "Oh, I think I have a few books in my inventory. Here's one of them." I said as I opened up a drawer in my desk. It was one I had read a dozen times, so I knew the exact pages she needed to read.

"The other book I have is up in my room. If I see you around dinner time, I'll hand it off to you. Let me get a piece of parchment and I'll write down the chapters with the most information. Though you can keep the book as long as you need, Miss Peralta. It's informative and a very good read. I'm sure you'll enjoy it."
"Thank you so much, Professor." She said gratefully, with that enchanting smile I was coming to need in my life everyday.
"Not a problem, Love." I accidentally let the endearment slip again, and I bit my lip, worrying about being too informal.

"Let me write a few of these down. Do you mind staying here a moment, so we can compare what you know already? I'd hate for you to have to go over information you've already learned." I spoke, stupidly trying to come up with a way to keep her here with me longer. I didn't want her to leave just yet.. "That would be great, though I don't mind rereading this stuff. It's great to review." Michaela reassured me. "Perfect. Could you slide your chair over here so you can see more clearly?" I asked, to which she agreed and began to move closer. This turned out to be a mistake on my part.

The proximity of her took over my senses. I felt the energy between us, or imagined it, possibly, and the smell of her shampoo drifted towards me, making me breathe in deeply. Michaela smelled of Lavender, one of my favorite scents, and whenever she turned towards me to talk, I detected a hint of cinnamon. Everything about her was mouthwateringly intoxicating.

I began to explain the subject matter, jotting down some notes for her to go over later as we flipped through the book together. Michaela leaned in closer, eyes on the page we were looking at, and I felt her thigh press into mine, but she didn't move away.. I don't even think she noticed, but every nerve in my body felt awake from our first physical contact. "So, uh.. all this information seems fairly new to you but it's pretty easy to understand. Think you'll be okay?" I asked, realizing that I probably needed to get some air. Or stroke my cock to the thought of her spread out on my bed... Whichever calmed down this erratic energy I was feeling first.

"Yeah, I think I got it. I really appreciate your help, sir.." Michaela offered her gratitude again, and my cock perked up once more at the sound of her tempting voice calling me sir. I moved to offer her the parchment, finally looking Michaela in the eyes since she sat closer to me, and I realized just how close she was sitting. My face was mere inches from her own, and her beautiful green eyes went wide at the realization, causing that tempting mouth of hers to open some, quickly giving me another fantasy of sliding my cock between those soft, plump lips.

I knew I wanted her then, and I don't think I would be able to stop myself unless she told me no. I had to figure out how to make her mine.. My eyes moved from hers, down to her sweet lips, hovering there for a moment, then I dragged them up to face her again. I noticed she had some of her pale pink lipgloss, barely smudged by her hand, which I had seen shining somewhat on the left side of her hand earlier, now connecting the two. Feeling like I was in some kind of trance, my eyes stayed locked on hers as I brought up my right hand to take hold of her chin lightly, tilting her head up to face me. I heard her gasp quietly, but couldn't bring myself to stop as I very slowly slid my thumb along the bottom edge of her pouty lips. I was in no hurry to stop touching her, my gaze locked onto her mouth, holding my hand there gently, and I then caressed her cheek before clearing my throat and pulling my hand away from her flaming skin. The heat from her blush still felt real on my fingertips as I moved away, and I offered up an explanation for my reckless display of highly inappropriate affection.

"S-sorry, dear. You had some, uh, lipgloss, I believe. It was lightly smeared from your hand earlier, I'm guessing. Barely noticeable, but I just.. thought I'd fix it for you. I apologize for invading your space, I wasn't quite.. thinking clearly." I confessed as honestly as I could properly manage without outright telling her my feelings. My voice sounded dark and heavy, deeply full of lust that I'm sure was just emanating from me. My cock felt unbelievably hard by this point, and I shifted in my seat, trying to move it before she took notice of my condition.

This shy, little girl before me kept blushing, but managed to speak finally. "It's okay.. thank y-you for f-fixing it." That adorable stutter made another appearance, and I was curious of whether or not she would stutter again if she was moaning out my name while I had my hand buried inside her light blue panties, stroking her innocent skin. These sinful fantasies just kept on coming like a runaway train, and I needed to work through them if I was ever going to be able to get through this conversation without bending Michaela over my desk to fuck her.

"You're welcome, Miss Peralta.. if you need anything at all, don't hesitate to ask. I'm here for you.. I'll, uh.. be sure to track you down in a little bit to give you that other book." I offered again, the thickness in my voice not fading. I craved her and it wasn't going to cease for tonight until I went to my living quarters to pump my hardness until I came to the thought of Michaela in all of these indecent positions, under my control. I handed her the book with the paper inside, and our hands touched again. I felt sparks and she locked eyes with me once more, and this time I knew she felt it too. Her tongue darted out to lick her lips, and she took a deep breath, taking hold of the book and hugging it to her chest as she got up to leave. "I'll uhm.. see you later tonight, Professor. I appreciate your kindness." Michaela smiled sweetly, a look of slight confusion on her freckled face.

She stood there another moment, contemplating something, and all I did was watch her, curious about what she would say next. I made the move to glance down her sexy body again, not hiding my gaze, and I saw her actually squirm some as I stared her down, and witnessed her squeeze her thighs together for a moment. I would bet my life that her little pussy was wet for me. I've seen that squirm before, but never on a girl as young and beautiful as Michaela. The thought of me being the cause of her pretty panties getting soaked sent my world spiraling. I licked my lips, feeling a need to quench my thirst, but knowing water wouldn't do.

"Did you need something else from me, Sweetheart?" I asked her, need for Michaela evident in every syllable I spoke.
"N-no.. I.. just wanted to tell you that, uhm.. I like your tattoos. You shouldn't cover them up, Professor. They look amazing." That exquisite blush of hers graced Michaela's cheeks yet again, this time spreading down her neck, and I glanced down, seeing her perfect nipples were undeniably hard under her shirt.
I gave her a smirk, enjoying the unexpected compliment. "Thank you, Miss Peralta.. I'll keep that in mind. I'll see you tonight..."
She nodded, picking up her bag, and gave me one more delicious view of the most perfect ass I'd ever seen, then walked out the door.
This little girl was going to have me wrapped around her finger, and she didn't even know it yet.

I was absolutely screwed.
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