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So Sweet and Achingly Innocent


"Untouchable, burning brighter than the sun,
And when you're close I feel like coming undone"
-Taylor Swift

After finishing the last few papers that needed grading, and taking the time to return to my room for an overdue session with my right hand, my mind still couldn't get rid Michaela's face. It was like her image had taken up all the space available, causing me to barely handle thinking of anything but her.
I had stroked my cock, edging myself, trying to enjoy the pleasure of imagining the dirtiest images possible of my delicious, little Hufflepuff naked in my bed.

Just even thinking of her as more than my student had guaranteed me a ticket straight to hell, and this innocent angel was going to send me there first class. Wondering what Michaela's perfect moans would sound like as I toyed with her clit and pushed into her sent me over the edge, causing me to deeply groan her name through my gritted teeth.
It had sated my urges for a little while, but by the time dinner had come around, I was ready to go back to my room for round two.

I saw Michaela there, eating with her friends, and she looked as beautiful as ever. I tried not to stare too much, especially since Professor Flitwick had sat down next to me and struck up a conversation about the frog choir songs he decided on for the next performance. I attempted to be polite and listen in, but even glancing at the sweet girl as she ate was becoming a problem for me.. Michaela had scooped up some cream from her dessert and then delicately placed it onto her tongue, licking it slowly to savor the taste, then lightly sucked the remainder of it from her finger. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen, and she wasn't even trying to be sexual. If this young girl ever tried turning me on purposefully, there's no telling what it would do to my libido. Michaela was already ruining me for other women and I couldn't even have her.

She talked to her friends some more, and I ate my dinner, trying my hardest to seem interested in the conversation I was having but was more than grateful when Professor Sprout began talking to Flitwick, which pulled the focus from me. I was lost in my own thoughts, thinking about the letter I needed to write back to Romania about updates on the new rescues, when I chanced another look at Michaela's table again. She was taking a sip of her water, and then looked towards the Professors' dining tables, causing our eyes to lock on one another.

I witnessed that beautiful blush spread to her freckled cheeks, and she glanced down quickly before looking back up into my eyes to smile shyly at me. This gave me a delightful feeling, knowing that smile was meant for no one else... I bit my bottom lip slightly for a moment, then smirked kindly back at her as I nodded my head once in greeting, which only made the young girl blush more. Michaela then held up the small paperback book I had lent her, then mouthed the word 'book' at me with her eyebrows raised. Nodding once more I picked up the other book I had brought with me and pointed to it, smiling at her again.

The dining hall had begun to clear out at this point, with everyone wanting to go spend the last of their time before curfew elsewhere. I began to get up but realized Michaela was holding up a hand, motioning that she would be back, since her Hufflepuff friend was dragging her towards the door. I figured I would find her later to pass on the book so I gathered my things and walked out. As I was rounding a deserted hallway on the way to my room, I ran straight into a small figure, who almost fell backwards from the impact, so I quickly reached out and steadied the person with my arms wrapping around their waist, pulling them close. Only to realize that it was the object of my affection that I had caught..

"Miss Peralta, are you alright?" I managed to speak evenly, concern showing in my voice, even though Michaela was right in my arms. Frankly, I was surprised that I was even standing at this point, because her flawless body was pressed tightly to my chest, and when her bright, green eyes stared into mine it felt as if the entire world was in my hands.
Her face was inches away from mine, and I wanted to bring her even closer..

"Y-yes p-professer, Sir. I think I'm f-fine." The adorable stutter she possessed worsened some from our new and intimate encounter. Michaela's eyes never left mine as I held her in my arms, causing me to get lost in a sea of green that I was more than happy to drown in. "I'm sorry, Love, I wasn't watching where I was going.." I trailed off, hands still holding on lightly to her curvy hips. It took me a second to clear my head and come to my senses, but I quickly, albeit regrettably, took my hands off of her. "I-It's okay.. I wasn't either, ya know?" She blushed again, and I smiled, enjoying every moment I was able to cause her lovely face to heat up.

"And I'm s-sorry I kinda r-ran off a little while ago.. My friend needed help finding her wand. She's always losing it." Michaela smirked and let out a small giggle, covering her mouth to hide her smile as she did so. I noticed when she laughed or felt more at ease, the nervous stutter would start to fade some. In the back of my mind I thought if I helped Michaela to become more comfortable around me, maybe it would cease to exist. I also wanted to find out what made this smart and beautiful young woman lack the confidence she so deserved to have.
I wanted her to see how enchanting she was in my eyes.. and in everyone's.

"It's okay, Michaela, it's good that you helped your friend first." I said, offering a gentle laugh at her friends forgetfulness. She seemed surprised for a moment, making me wonder if I had said something wrong.. "Oh, you know my n-name? My.. f-first name, I mean?.." She stumbled over her words, cheeks darkening, dropping her eyes downwards. "Of course, dear, you're one of my best students. It's hard to forget you.. But I'm also very good at remembering names, even though I mostly call people by their surname to make it easier. Would you prefer I call you something else?.. I don't mind, Miss Peralta." I reassured her, offering a charming smile while putting emphasis on her last name. I enjoyed saying it as well, because it sounded enticing and rolled off the tongue so easily..

I didn't think it was possible, but Michaela's ravishing ivory skin turned an even more deep, rather alluring shade of pink.. I could imagine her underneath me, unable to hide any of her emotions, giving them away to me by the telltale sign of her skin as she wrapped her legs around my hips. Even the most simple act of needing to make love to her consumed my thoughts, especially at the most inopportune times.. "Uhm.. M-Michaela is f-fine, Professor. I like it, c-coming from you." And she froze, realizing what she just said. My salacious inner heat for her grew, but I kept my face neutral as she went on. "W-what I m-meant to say, is t-that I.. Well, I don't get called that by my t-teachers a lot.. You're a bit more.. informal. Which is delightfully refreshing, if I'm being honest, sir.. I just wanted t-to let you know, even though I do miss Hagrid, you've been a nice.. change of pace. For all of us. It's easier to, uhm, relate to you, I guess.." Michaela trailed off, unable to look me in the eyes after her confession.

Placing a hand on her shoulder to express my gratitude, I thanked her. "That was so kind of you to say.. I didn't realize how much I needed to hear that, dear. I've been worried about taking up this position and wasn't sure if I was up for the task.. but it warms my heart knowing that you and the other students enjoy my lessons. I'm honored to have the opportunity to teach you all." I finished, my voice becoming a bit raw with emotion that I didn't expect to bubble up. I don't normally like to let my insecurities show, but with.. With Michaela, I was feeling more comfortable around her every moment she was near. Maybe I was the one that needed her help to feel better about myself..
Just being in her presence made my soul feel lighter.

She looked up into my eyes, and took my breath away, smiling appreciatively at me. I realized I could stare forever, allowing myself to be swept up in her gaze for as long as she wished.. In the distance, a clock suddenly chimed, signifying that it was almost curfew for the students. "Oh my, I might be late. I forgot the time. I have to go all the way to the dungeons.." Michaela furrowed her brow, concern showing. "It's alright. I'll escort you to Hufflepuff House. If your prefect gives you any trouble just tell her I had to go over one of your assignments with you. Which reminds me, Love.. Here's your book." I passed her the item that I had forgotten in my hand.

"T-thank you, Professor Weasley.." she said softly, our hands briefly touching as she accepted the book. "But, sir, you don't have to escort me.. I don't want to put you out. You've already gone out of your way to help me." Michaela tried to be polite, but I wasn't going to have any of it. "Dear, it's late, and I have the time. Also, your house is right next to the kitchens, and I was tempted to go get some tea and biscuits to take with me back to my room. I plan on staying up a little late tonight, reading." I offered, and Michaela seemed to concede. I placed my hand on her lower back, urging her to walk in the direction of her house, and we began to make our way down to the dungeons.

After moving my hand back to my side, I could have sworn that Michaela had a slight look of disappointment, but she hid it fairly quick and smiled at me as we started to talk some more. "So, Professor.. c-could I ask you a few questions about the dragon sanctuary in Romania?.. I-if you have time, I mean.." She bit her soft, bottom lip, waiting eagerly for a response. "What would you like to know?.." I smirked, the excitement building in me at the idea that my fantasy of her coming to work in Romania could become a serious possibility.

"Well.. I'm hoping to have the opportunity to work there after I graduate Hogwarts. P-possibly begin by apprenticing one of the Dragonologists. I was just unsure if they had any openings.. I thought you would be the best person to ask, sir." Michaela looked up at me with timid, but hopeful eyes. My heart felt as if it were doing somersaults, and I tried to calm it before I revealed how excited I'd become. "Actually, Love, when I go back, I'm most likely going to need to hire an assistant. Basically a trainee, but you have to work with a fully trained Dragonologist for almost two years before you're qualified to become one yourself." I explained. It wasn't a lie, since I had originally been without an apprentice for three months before I came back to Hogwarts. Murtagh, a young man from Scotland, had to go home to take care of his mother who had fallen ill. He was a great worker and I had yet to find someone to fill his shoes.

"So you're saying there's a good chance that I'll have the opportunity to apply as your apprentice?" Michaela's voice sounded higher than before, her own excitement evident. "As long as you keep your grades up this semester and pass your final exam, which I don't see being a problem at all, then you'll most likely be my top choice.." my offering clearly had an effect on her, because the normally shy and reserved young girl before me let out the cutest, most endearing squeal of excitement I had ever heard. This action then led to a surprising embrace, when Michaela pulled me into a hug by wrapping her arms around my waist, squeezing me tightly.

I patted her back, trying to be appropriate when all I wanted to do was pick her up and take her back to my room.. "Thank you, Professor Weasley. I-I know it's not a guarantee.. but I am so grateful you're giving me the opportunity to prove myself to you. I won't let you down, sir." Michaela said as she buried her face in my chest. I looked around and realized we had stopped at a secluded corner in the dungeon near the kitchens. Seeing as it was empty, I let myself give in to the embrace from my student, if only for a moment.. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders, giving her a light squeeze, and rested my forehead against the top of her head. The lavender scent began to pull me in and I had to deny myself the need to kiss her hair..

When she pulled away a few seconds later, it felt as if my heart had fallen. But when she looked into my eyes, what I saw made it break in two. The sweet angel had tears in her eyes, and one had slipped down her cheek. Michaela tried to turn away to hide herself but I pulled her back by her hip and brought my other hand up to turn her chin to face me.
"Sir, I'm sorry, I need to-" she began, but I didn't let her finish. "Why are you crying?" I demanded as gently as I could, and brought my hand to her cheek to wipe the rouge tear away. "Tell me, Michaela. I'm not allowing you to go back to your dormitory until you do.." Though I wasn't sure if I could actually make her tell me. But it would kill me not to know why she was upset. I would do everything in my power to bring that smile back to her face.

The intensity from my gaze must have been too much for her, and she lowered her eyes, squeezing them shut to prevent more fresh tears from falling. But she spoke then, which was further than I thought this conversation would get. "I was worried I would have to go back home to the states after term ended.. I love my family, don't get me wrong.. and my Great Aunt Charlotte from London, whom I moved in with when I was 10 so I could get my letter and go to Hogwarts instead.. She said I could continue staying there if I wanted. But I didn't want either, and was trying to figure out what I desired to do after graduation.. The need to be on my own, to go on a new path, has been weighing on me. For months now I knew I wanted to go to Romania to research there but had no idea how to go about that.. but then you practically fell down from the heavens. I was terrified to talk to you about it though.. but you seemed so kind and made me feel confident enough to ask and now you're letting me apply. I can't believe I might actually get to do this.. I'm sorry for crying, Professor, but I just felt overwhelmed with gratitude. I've never been this hopeful about something before. I feel like my dreams aren't insane for once.." She trailed off, then covered her face in her hands, embarrassed and letting a few more tears slip down.

I reached up again to pull her small hands away, then swiped more tears from her face, smiling, trying to put her at ease. She giggled, and I slowly caressed her face again, the logical side of my brain giving up its power to the reckless side. God, her skin was so soft in my hands..

"Michaela, listen. Please.. don't ever think that any of your dreams are insane. They make us strive to do better, to live and experience whatever our hearts and souls desire in the world. Even if they are insane, you can do whatever you put your mind to. And don't be afraid to ask for help to get there. Even Hagrid would have been able to assist with any questions you might have had before I arrived. Hell, he probably would have sent a letter to me the moment he found out someone had the same enthusiasm in dragons as I do, and wanted to work in Romania. You most likely would have been given a job on the spot." I took a breath after explaining and let out a happy chuckle. "As a young boy, I was completely and utterly obsessed with anything to do with dragons. Now I've just turned into a man who's passion for them is still going strong. Sometimes our dreams work out. You just need to put yourself out there to achieve them, Love.." Trailing off as I looked into her lustrous green eyes, I realized my own advice could apply to me as well.

Putting off romance of any kind, especially flat out giving up after Fred died.. had been foolish. I had closed my heart off to any possibility of finding someone to spend my life with. Now this stunning, inspiring young woman who was standing in front of me seemed so perfect, and I already knew I was falling for her. But I couldn't have her. And even touching Michaela as I was right now was most likely taking advantage of her because of the age difference.

Yes, I definitely needed to put myself out there more, but the fact that I was finally feeling my heart open up to someone who had barely been 18 for just a little while was absolutely dangerous. I had to sort out my feelings before I ended up hurting Michaela..
Unable to stop myself, I caressed her face once more, even going as far to push a strand of hair behind her ear. She gasped; a sweet, little sound that made my heart ache, and I knew it had been a mistake. Especially since the sound she had made caused my cock to harden for her, making it happen at least the third or fourth time that day alone. I was beginning to lose count..

"Okay, dear, you should be off to bed.. I'm sorry for giving you a whole spiel about not giving up on your dreams. I really know how to go off on a rant, don't I?.." My voice sounded gravelly as I attempted a sad play at humor to get rid of the tension I had caused. Sexually charged on my part, and probably uncomfortably anxious on Michaela's.

"Sir.." The fiery-haired beauty started to speak, making my hardness pulse just for her. That word was now permanently linked to Michaela, and no one else but her could turn me on more than she could by addressing me in such a way. "I promise that your rant has made me feel more self-assured and capable than any other teachers I've talked to. I was so unsure about my future before today, and now I have a solid plan in motion. I have hope.. because of you. I can't thank you enough, Professor Weasley." Michaela took my hand and gave it a soft squeeze as a show of appreciation, and let it go as quickly as she had captured it, taking my heart with her too.

"Sweetheart.. you are too kind." I blushed and pushed my hands into my pockets, needing to do something because otherwise I'd be using them to grab Michaela's again just to drag her back upstairs. "Um.. if you need anything else, I'll be in my office for a little while tomorrow working on next weeks lesson plans after lunch." I offered, and she smiled up at me. "Yes sir, I'll try to find you if I need any.. assistance.. And I hope you sleep well." Biting that deliciously, plump bottom lip again, she looked me up and down, and whispered, "Don't forget your late night snack." Then my innocent angel winked at me and walked to her door down the hall, tapped the Rhythm of Helga Hufflepuff on the barrels, stealing one more glance at me before making her way up the stairs.

I realized I was grinning like a love struck fool while I watched her little skirt sway back and forth as she left, and I rubbed the back of my neck, releasing a breath I didn't recall holding in. I thought about the entire interaction we'd had tonight over in my head as I grabbed my tea and snack from the kitchens, and made the way back to my room. Every time I told myself that I needed to stop obsessing about the Hufflepuff girl, my thoughts made their way back to her. I attempted to finish the book I was reading while enjoying my tea, but after that I couldn't concentrate. I took a long shower, hoping that would help me fall asleep, but while I laid in bed, every time I closed my eyes, a flash of bright, auburn hair and freckled, ivory skin would dance behind my lids. I still smelled the lavender somehow, as if it had attached itself permanently to my skin..

'One more time..' the voice in my head said to me. 'Think of the sexy, little skirt that you're dying to lift up slowly as you bend her over your desk.. Imagine kissing down her beautiful neck, hearing those sweet, innocent moans while you know her tight, wet heat is clenching at every caress from your lips.' I groaned as I felt my hands slip my hardness out of the pants I had worn to bed, and I started stroking myself while allowing my inner dialogue to take over.

'Mhmm.. remember those pretty, pebbled nipples that hardened from your gaze earlier today?.. You know that young, little tease wasn't wearing a bra. She doesn't even know what her body does to a man like me..' I practically growled to myself, pumping harder, feeling the need to shamefully come already. Even in my head I didn't like calling her a tease.. it wasn't a very female friendly statement, and I knew my sweet angel was far from being one, but the dominant side of my brain, the side that wanted to take her innocence, didn't care at the moment. What I craved right now, was to turn this little girl from being deliciously naive into my personal slut, and make her beg to be fucked. I wanted to do all sorts of nasty things, to make her blush that perfect shade of pink as I made her play with her own pussy for my viewing pleasure. I desired to taste her beautiful cunt for the first time, to watch her eyes widen in surprise while she watched me tease her tight slit open with my tongue.

"Fuck, baby.. yeah. You're mine, Sweetheart; my naughty girl.." I moaned, fucking into my hand, my fantasy quickly switching from licking her young, innocent skin to fucking her tight, possibly virgin hole as I massaged her precious clit. My dark thoughts had almost overpowered me. My fist pumped my thick cock, letting me remember Michaela's lovely gasps as I lightly touched her cheek or pushed her hair behind her ear. Oddly enough.. thinking of my finger slipping in between her luscious, plump lips as she sucked on it is what pushed me over the edge...
"God yes, Love.. take it, Michaela. Take my cock, you stunning goddess. Fuck... my sweet, little angel. Such a good girl.. such a good. Little. Fucking. Yes! Oh, Michaela.." I climaxed hard, stroking until I couldn't stand it any longer.

The aftershocks felt amazing.. I could barely stand, so I waited until they dissipated before I cleaned myself up. After gulping down a glass of water, I laid back in my bed, turning over to admire the night sky. The stars shined brightly through my window, and I pondered the feelings I had struggled with today.. I kept telling myself I couldn't try anything with Michaela, to give up on these emotions and wait to find someone else once I got back to Romania.

Except now.. I had basically offered her a position as my new apprentice. Depending on if she felt the same way.. if a relationship didn't spark here then something was bound to happen when we both traveled back to the dragon sanctuary. I might have been full of myself, believing that this charming young woman had even a little bit of mutual attraction towards me. But regardless, I felt the need to find out or else I would eventually drive myself insane.

I began to doze off the longer I thought about it, but while I hovered in between consciousness, I somehow made the decision to at least try to get to know her more and figure out if she felt anything, then go from there. A few weeks I could handle..
I just needed to avoid all physical contact.. and staring into her lovely, green eyes.. also ignoring how sexy her body looked in her uniform. The way she laughed..

Even as I drifted off, the last thought I had before I completely conked out was how fucked I was. This perfect angel had gotten under my skin and I needed to know more.. I just hoped my desires for the radiantly, fascinating Hufflepuff could stay in check until I worked out my next step.. I just didn't realize how hard it would be to wait.
And this young woman wasn't going to make it any easier..
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