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🍃suna x reader🍃


⚠️This contains smoking, abusing, bullying, lemons🍋, lime🌱( these are the emojis I will use to tell you if they're is going to be any in the chapter)⚠️ Also I will be creating characters like: Jessica,... also this is the first time I'm going to actually post something I right so I hope you enjoy it. 🍃🖤

Other / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1.2 (Intro)

Things about you:

-You are 16 years old
-You are in the 2nd year
-You are a bad bitch
-You have some family problems
-You don't like being around people, max friends you ever had: 4
-You smoke and skate
-You are 167 cm
-You love doing stupid shit with you friends
-You usted to play volleyball
-You have a thick ass and some boobs (believe me this is going to be important for the story)


-Your mum and dad aren't together since you were 5 years old
-You had an abusive father, one day he was hitting your mum so you tried to kick him but failed so he took you into your room and started shouting at you it was normal but it never went further
But this time your mum ran away but she couldn't take you with her, so she rothe a note and gave it to your neighbours that said:
' Go to my house in 15 mins. My husband is going to be sleeping and the door is unlocked after that please go get my daughter and her things and call this number ( *** *** ***) I will explain everything after.
That was exactly what they did, but when they got to your room you were bleeding in some parts of your body so they called 911 and the police
They arrested your father and took you to the hospital, they called your mum and after you were good you guys went back home now that your dad wasent there anymore.
-After that your mum started smoking and that was also how you started smoking
-Your mum fell in love with someone else so she got help to stop smoking
-You saw him as your dad because he gave you what your biological father never gave you
-When you were 16 they sended you away from Tokyo so that you could learn how to be responsible they sended you to Inarizaki high your parents would also pay for the house you were staying at and they also send you 1000€ each month ( I dont now how much that is in yens so if you could tell me I would appreciate>-<)


Tell me if you want long chapters and also I will try to post 1 chapter each day or in the max. 2 chapters.
Also sorry for any misspelling
And if you want tell me what you think
408 words

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